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  1. Live

    Sculpt wise - if the figures match the digital art - the figures are much, much better than the wild orc KS from a bit back - which had incredibly bad sculpts. There are a few that I rather like - but then you have the one carrying a banner while her trous drops. But the Hussar, and the Centurion... actually useful miniatures. The Auld Grump
  2. I had forgotten about the gratuitous shower scene.... There were a few good scenes in the film, but as a whole... Megan said that it showed that Lucas was losing it, long before the Star Wars prequels.... As for fiendish - I had already subjected her to... The Star Wars Holiday Special.... it is hard to get more fiendish than that. The Auld Grump
  3. And Dr. Strange becomes one of the few super heroes to lose an argument with his own cape.... I really liked the movie. The Auld Grump - Cumberbatch did a great job of playing Dr. Strange as an arrogant jerk....
  4. We... are watching Howard the Duck tonight. I warned Megan of what to expect, but she wants to know why I groaned at Howard's cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy. She will learn... yes, she will learn.... The Auld Grump
  5. Live

    The video really is pretty danged stupid - and likely to cost them customers, at least from those that actually watch the videos on Kickstarter. (I am one of those people.) Not a matter of being a 'snowflake' - it is a matter of not wanting to be treated like an idiot. Gods know, gamers have enough of a bad public image without an idiot adding to it in the name of marketing. It is not a matter of objecting to the sexy minis - I bought my good lady wife a bunch of figures from Wargame Exclusive that are much more cheesecake than these models. (A naked Tau sniper was the first 'just for fun' mini that Megan painted.) I kind of like the hussar - and would have liked it better in a somewhat less sexy pose, but at least it is a sexy pose that kind of makes sense - she is adjusting her spur. Other than that... I cannot help but feel that the Bombshell Babes fill the same niche, better. *Shrug* The Auld Grump
  6. On the other hand - in my case the clear minis - unprimed and unpainted - were the first models used out of the Bones III box. Used to remind the folks in my kids game that their characters were currently invisible/disguised - then replaced with their regular mini when they took an action that dispelled their invisibilty. (Mostly firing off fireballs.) Which is why I would not need each and every model in transparent Bonesium - it was only for as long as that effect lasted. The witch that had used Disguise Self to fake being a goblin was surprised when the giant proved just as willing to squash goblins as humans, elves, and dwarfs..... The Auld Grump
  7. An ex-military friend of mine called it 'Getting Amsterdamaged' Such is the run of humanity.... I remember an article, about... fifteen years ago? that one of the biggest crimes in the Netherlands, in terms of cost, was the theft of agricultural equipment, in particular tractors, stolen for selling in eastern Europe. And that it ran into the billions, each year.... *EDIT* On the other hand, finding out that King Willem-Alexander is also a commercial air pilot, flying a couple of times each month... is a much nicer political surprise than most countries get. The Auld Grump
  8. Well, Dain is playing a dwarf pirate - so there is no reason it wouldn't be both.... Going through my PDF collection on RPGNow... I have a lot of stuff for pirate adventures.... There really is no excuse for my not thinking of it earlier. Heck, I'm somebody that ran a Skull & Bones - Cthulhu Mythos campaign for about a year.... (Guest appearance by The Terrible Old Man - as a Terrible Young Man....) The Auld Grump
  9. Legendary Games is a publisher - I would have linked, but Reaper's commerce rules. And they have both print and PDF products. They actually pop up in our local Books-A-Million, so this is not that obscure a company - try looking for 'Make Your Games Legendary' or 'Adventure Path Plug-Ins' and it should pop up on Google. They are not allowed to use the actual Adventure Path titles, so you get things like 'The Red Queen Adventure Path' to refer to 'Curse of the Crimson Throne' and 'Kingdom Building Adventure Path' to refer to 'Kingmaker'. One guess what 'Pirate Adventure Path' refers to... They also have a lot of stuff for Mythic Adventures, but that seems like something that would be difficult to port to 5th ed. *EDIT* I will be going with Mongoose Publishing's Book of the Sea for the ship rules in The Pirate Adventure Path.... The Auld Grump
  10. Live

    I... honestly have no idea what Megan would think of those.... For myself... no need of any of them - nor much desire, I'm afraid. (In spite of actually wanting a figure suitable for a female winged hussar....) So, shifting it to Megan, and letting her decide. The Auld Grump
  11. Hmmm, I almost like Megan's take on what is going on with Bonami and Goodfriend more than what I have planned.... (I was focusing more on romance, or at least my poor attempt thereat.) I might have to add another fae into the mix, perhaps with a name like Christopher (or Lee) Summerisle, just to freak Megan a bit. There is no reason not to use my plotline and what Megan came up with at the same time. So far, Jenny seems to like Goodfriend more than Bonami - which is kind of the opposite to what I had expected. I expected his boisterous nature and casual sexism to make Bonami seem a better choice. (She still kind of thinks that Bonami might be a vampire....) Instead, she is plotting a bit with Goodfriend - who calls her 'Little Lady' in a booming voice - to keep an eye on the smarmy and patently manipulative Bonami. And yes, the haunted house really is going to be haunted - since Jenny's character is supposed to disbelieve in the supernatural at this point. The Auld Grump
  12. Interesting, went to visit Legendary Games - which makes products that are compatible with specific Pathfinder Adventure Paths - looking for stuff for both Skull & Shackles and Curse of the Crimson Throne... and found out that they make 5th edition products for the Pathfinder Adventure Paths.... converting the monsters and NPCs to the 5e rules. Looks like Pathfinder and 5e will be able to live in harmony. The Auld Grump
  13. Oh, good lord - Duncan knows how this is going to go but The Auld Grump - there is no way at all that is going to go horribly wrong, is there?
  14. Hmmm... I just got two character submissions for the Skull & Shackles game - from two of the kids that aren't even in this state! Looks like I may need to keep this running, even after the kids come back from vacation. The winner for roleplay at the kids game this week was Dain - who managed to fit a whole lot of character into one word...leaning forward, opening one eye wide, while narrowing the other, and dropping his voice as low as a nine year old can go... 'Gold....' My reaction was to say 'Well, there is no way that is going to have repercussions in the future...' and give him a hundred XP. (I do that at every game - bribery works well to get the kids to role play.) *EDIT* Anyone think that Dain has seen The Hobbit one time too many? *EDIT* Samantha has been very, very good at playing her fairy princess - and she seems to be doing just as well with her slightly wicked witch.... I am actually thinking about adding a second bribe - a 'Players Choice' award for role play - asking the kids who they think did the best at playing their character/did something cool. The reward will be a d6 that can be rolled once in the next game, and added to any roll - and the player does not need to use it on one of their own rolls. A variant on Karma Dice. Right now we are waiting for my good lady to show up for the grown up game - she has kindly volunteered to pick up the pizza, since Leonardo's is not far from her school. (Well, closer to MECA than it is to Westbrook, at any rate.) Leonardo's makes a great pizza, and I have a hankering for their Thai Peanut Chicken pizza, on whole wheat. At the Romance game we had Greek food from the festival.... Such are the vagaries of the gamer diet.... The Auld Grump
  15. Megan is a bad, bad influence on me - I came this close -] [- no making a comment about having a magic staff, with a knob on the end, not a magic wand.... The Auld Grump - I actually like the idea of having two threads - I can steal poke fun at listen to Megan's ideas! (I am soo gonna regret that line! )