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  1. Music to a GM's ears - 'Is there a reason you are painting a purple worm? ' The Auld Grump
  2. Live

    The timing of the goblins was... suspiciously good.... We just added 250 points to our Kings of War league, and Megan is playing goblins as an ally for her Forces of Nature army.... The Auld Grump
  3. Live

    We just got ours last night - pretty happy with them! Three suffered from slippage on the part of the mold, and the wizard's staff was broken - but pretty easy to fix. This was my first real experience with Trollcast - and I have to say that I am favorably impressed with the material - very clean casts, and very good detail. The Auld Grump
  4. It is obvious that your Hallowe'en Grumpiness is a punishment for your many sins and failings - you must further punish yourself by watching Manos: the Hand of Fate and Plan Nine From Outer Space. Your very soul depends on this! The Auld Grump - actually, Plan Nine is a lot of fun, if your head is in the right place for it.... For Manos... I recommend the MST3K treatment - If ever a movie deserved a remake... it isn't this one.
  5. I know that last year's Dreadmere Faction Miniatures did make their way into general circulation a month or three later. And, yeah... that pirate lady is gorgeous - and not wearing high heels! Giving myself a while to argue with myself on whether or not to get the Swag Bag - and giving Megan the option to overrule me, either way. But that pirate lady will be joining our collection at some point. The Auld Grump
  6. I completely missed the point of why they are getting Sam CC3+ - they are getting the program for her for the exact same reason a daddy gets their kid Lego blocks or a train set.... It gives them an excuse to play with it. I forgot - they are nerds that are raising a nerd girl. The Auld Grump
  7. I pretty much steal my elves from Poul Anderson's Broken Sword. Elves are self centered - the best that you can hope for is enlightened self interest. For me, that is the difference between Seelie and Unseelie - Seelie will want (not need, just want) a reason to do something horrible to you. Don't give them a reason, call them Lord and Lady, and you should be fine. Do not turn down any gift they offer, but do not use it, either. For the Unseelie, they need no better reason than 'I wanted to'. Turning a group of girls who are dancing, into a circle of standing stones? Why not? It'll be funny. For the Spelljammer setting, elves are descended from humans - that the fey played with. The fey themselves... bad, bad news. The Auld Grump
  8. Hey! The 3D special effects are excellent! You'd swear that the toilet paper is being hurled from behind you! From the back row! The Auld Grump - who was Riff Raff when we did audience participation, a few years ago.... It's astounding...
  9. Having a dream about adventuring with a halfling was how I realized that I was falling in love with Megan. (In the dream, I was an ogre paladin, and she was a nekkid halfling rogue/witch. Despite copious nekkid halfling, the dream was pretty much rated G. I have a weird subconscious.) The Auld Grump For my homebrew, I pretty much do go with the Norse alfar, with some elements of the Celtic sidhe. But, hey, at least the elves are having fun, right? The Auld Grump - great, now I have Cindi Lauper with pointed ears stuck in my head....
  10. The Dwarfs in Norse mythology... were not all that honorable - that was more of a Tolkien thing. (That said - I go with the Tolkien version too... it just seems to fit. ) As far as I am concerned - this is the quintessential D&D song - And has been since more than a decade before D&D was even written.... *EDIT* Gods, I am so tempted to revive the Dwarf campaign for the kids game - they have not yet encountered the DRAGON... that gives the PCs a lecture on the nature of economics. The Auld Grump
  11. Megan has told me that my orcs are STNG Klingons.... When I started working on the Starjammer campaign, I realized that, really, in that campaign at least, they are the Maori - a lot of their warlike culture is posturing and physical braggadocio. (Coming soon! Italian orcs! (Irish orcs get drunk, then weep for the good old days.)) Even in my Beyond the Borderlands game, the Barbarian in the party gained status with the second tribe by beating their chief in a wrestling match. (But, since the chief really was chaotic evil, he cheated. Being GM means that you can have your cake, and eat theirs too.) The Auld Grump
  12. And then there is Oblivion - where you can find an orc that runs a book store. The Empire in the Elder Scrolls may have many faults, but it is egalitarian as all heck. The Auld Grump
  13. I quite like their anthropomorphic personification of Death - but then the show used the exact same theme music for Death that I had in a game.... Rising Appalachia/Jen Titus's rendition of O! Death. Full song - And, just because Hallowe'en - This is a song with... history.... The Auld Grump - there is a reason that I loathe Good King James....
  14. Find out if there are any local Wiccans? (I am Outer Court, but mostly because my good lady is Inner Court.) I am pretty much the same as the guy that goes to Catholic Mass because his family goes, and only knows when to stand and kneel because everyone else is doing so. The Auld Grump - but at least I don't go 'nur, nur, nur' to hide not knowing the hymns....
  15. It's in my miniatures case in the L. L. Bean backpack - she left it with me for safe keeping. Sam has sent out a message asking if the others will want to wear their pirate costumes to the games after the Hallowe'en party. Nerd Girl! The Auld Grump