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  1. Perfect timing! The party managed to figure out who would know about a gate to the First World, just as the pizza guy got to the door! I don't know why it took them so long - it's not as though they had never talked to The King Under The Wood.... (Twelve foot tall giant, green, with antlers, and magical abilities.... Subtle he is not....) The Auld Grump
  2. Live

    Use Nagas. Nothing beats Nagahide. The Auld Grump
  3. I predate the Night of the Living Dead style of zombie - closer to the classic Voudun zombie - so I do not picture zombies eating unless ordered, or the food is literally shoved in their mouths - which wakes them up. (And why the mouths of zombies are often sewn shut.) Undead that run around eating are more accurately ghouls - from the Ghul of Arabic myth (and where the star Algol gets its name...). And do not get me started on Zuvembie.... The Auld Grump
  4. Blessed be! Glad to read that you are okay. The Auld Grump - ah, the clanging thump of an MRI machine - which is nothing at all like the hum that you might expect. (Never had to have one, but I have been in the same room as one in use.)
  5. Remember - we live in an age of wonders. We live in an age of marvels. We live in an age that has microwaveable pork rinds? The Auld Grump - I really did not need to know about those....
  6. My only problem is the dwarfs are so... all over the place - Greek Orthodox cleric, buckskin clad scout armed with a musket, samurai.... The sculpts are very nice - full of character... but, as a group...? The halfling farmhands, on the other hand, are just about perfect. The Auld Grump
  7. One way to think of it is that in both cases it is the bones that is moving the undead body. For skeletons, the bones are unhampered by dead flesh, so can move faster. For zombies, the bones are protected by the dead flesh, making them harder to destroy. If anyone has seen the Disney film of The Black Cauldron, the way that the bones were being moved by the green mist, like marionettes.... But that said, remember, zombies know how to party.... The Auld Grump - Hey, nooww!
  8. Live

    Heh - it is what happens when two enablers are married.... (Our Bones III orders came to over $900 when we put them together.... With the wee one aboot, we will be more cautious, this time around - emergencies can happen.) It is now more likely that we will get three Crates, and a bunch of Libraries - she wants to do a permanent build. I do not know what she has planned, but I look forward to finding out. (But if she asks for help painting up a wizard that looks like Alice Cooper... I won't be all that surprised.) The Auld Grump *EDIT* Oh, look The Worst Internet In The World learned a new trick! Isn't it cute? (Triple post, all compiled into one.... Fixed it.)
  9. Live

    For a while, we were looking at six Crates.... Weird as it may sound, it was because of the stuff that already has duplicates between the sets - the Library and Wizard's Study... I think that Megan has an idea for a Mordheim campaign..,. (Library of Mordheim? Maybe?) The Auld Grump
  10. Live

    One of the players in my kids game is getting the Wizard's Study - for his character... which means that he also wants to build his own Wizard's Tower... really wishing that I had gone with Kingmaker for that kid.... These terrain sets have the kid interested in painting - while he had not been interested in that for regular minis. Sadly, Megan and I are in a Dueling Kickstarters situation - put money aside for Bones IV or pour funds into the terrain crates... with the full knowledge that we will both be both happy with our purchses, and disappointed with what we had to skip to invest in the other Kickstarter.... The Auld Grump
  11. The trick with conversions is 'Don't Sweat the Details' - don't try for a complete one to one conversion, go for the flavor and the monsters. When they get to the disks and chains over the chasm, don't try to figure out the original math - go for a level appropriate challenge (For that, I would go with a Hard challenge.) When a monster is not level appropriate (too low or too high) feel free to substitute - but don't forget that the adventure is supposed to have some encounters that are high or low, so only change out ones where there would be nothing that the party could do to injure/take down a given critter. When I converted Bone Hill to 3e, there was an encounter with a Wraith - a critter fully capable of wiping out the low level party - who had only the wizard that could damage it - the cleric would have needed a 20 to do anything with Turning it.. So, instead I went with a Ghost - which had the advantages of being something that the party could deal with, and that could come back after a while, even if they killed it. (I could have used a Shadow, instead, but Ghosts are more fun to role play.) The Auld Grump
  12. One of the less measurable, but noticeable, changes between editions was the steady increase in both model count and the size of capitol pieces. (Things like fliers and Knights.) Which, given the size of the table, made for very crowded battlefields. The Auld Grump
  13. One of the kids sent me an e-mail that leaves me mouth agawp in amazement... Dain, who plays the wizard, would very much prefer NOT doing Rappan Athuck, for three reasons - 1. It's a deathtrap! 2. It is way too long 3. It's a DEATHTRAP! (Yes, I am quoting.) He actually wants to try the one I was working on before I let myself get seduced by the massive tome that is Rappan Athuck - and really wants to try Kings of War. But the thing that amazes me is that while getting the free rules for KoW, he discovered and forwarded me about the Terrain Crate Kickstarter - and when he mentioned the Wizard's Study... he used the word Orrery... How many eight or nine year olds can use that word in a sentence?! So, sending out e-mails, asking the kids which they would prefer, and going with the majority. (To be honest, it was the KoW part that had allowed me to talk myself out of it in the first place- but since at least one of the kids wants to try... ) The Auld Grump
  14. Live

    Some better images - ruthlessly borrowed stolen from Dakka Dakka - if they work.... Dungeon and Town really grab me - the Wizard's Study and the Blacksmith are very nice - and the tavern... there is always a need for a tavern.... I would love it if the Mine set scales well with the Secret Weapon dungeons that Reaper was part of - though it seems unlikely. Base goal already met, stretch goals are being reached. Price... $75 for one Crate, $140 for two, $180 for three - including the Crate to keep them in. Looks like each Crate contains four sets - and the sets will be selling for $30 each - so there is a savings over retail. *EDIT* For some reason, the Battlefield terrain and the Blacksmith makes me want to have a guard that says 'I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee'. The Auld Grump
  15. The Auld Grump