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  1. TheAuldGrump

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I managed to get to the mail before Megan, for a change, and there was the 'missing' pieces from the camp set! (Packaging said one thing on the outside, but only had the spaces for what came on the inside.) So, another bedroll, chest, backpack, campfire, spellbook, scroll or map, and messenger bag. It took a lot longer than I had originally been told, but it did eventually come. Between the Terrain Crates and this set, I have plenty of camping gear for the games. The Auld Grump *EDIT* PVC seems to work just fine for terrain pieces - and O am discovering that I really like having terrain.
  2. TheAuldGrump

    Richard Pett's 'The Blight'

    Being a PC ship would be the only way that I could justify the expense. Preferably for my own PC.... The Auld Grump
  3. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Beer should be drunk warm - the only reason to drink it cold is to mask the 'flavor' of Budweiser.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHwbzPUhENA The Auld Grump
  4. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Rain held off until we were getting ready to leave - then we had a downpour. I thought we should wait it out, but younger heads prevailed... and then it stopped raining about half an hour later. I had a good time - I ran a game for the six kids, and Sam ran her game for the five kids and me - I played my singing paladin. (Two highest abilities - Charisma and Intelligence.) I brought jerked chicken, and Megan made sure we brought some good beer. (Not a fear that I shared - Jamie is a SCAdian. There was going to be beer.) I think Megan made the mistake of swimming to close to the ducks, and she has a bit of a rash forming. Brigid... may not be the world's biggest fan of camping. But she did try to join in the sing along. For some reason, I ended up singing songs about ghosties and beasties. The Auld Grump - we will have to dry out the camping gear before the Retreat in August. You say that only because you have not sampled the local SCAdian meads... Being unfair, really, but the ones that stick in my mind also stuck in my craw. The best local meads that I have tried were both made by my minister/Megan's high priest and his wife - they make an awesome fire mead, and a really, really, really delicious cinnamon mead. (Literally award winning. ) *** Sam's game began with our coming into town a day after a carnival opened... never a good sign. The Auld Grump
  5. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    The first drive through was a tavern in Pine Barrens, New Jersey - handing beer to the drivers of the coaches, so they could drink while driving. The Auld Grump - bags packed, tents stowed in car... I remember when camping meant taking only what could fit in your backpack.... And having a separate tent for our stuff? Mind - blown.
  6. And 'shart' said the fans.... The Auld Grump
  7. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Yeah, I managed to catch the tail end of Heroic Maps' anniversary sale - 60% off was pretty sweet. Looking at others now - really happy with what I got, want more.... Probably some Ditchbury. The Auld Grump I used to play with a folk music group - and at one time we had a choice between instruments, but could not have both at the same time.... One played the cello, the other the floor harp - and the person driving had a compact car.... The Auld Grump
  8. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Trying to feel bad that I purchased a bunch of PDF floorplans for the camp out game, which are kind of useless for the pirates game it has changed to. (I thought that Sam might be behind the e-mails, but no - it was Dain and Iain.) But, well, now that I have the toy furniture, I know darned well that the floorplans will be used, one way or another. Plus... they were on sale, and I got them for under $2 each, so even if I could make myself feel guilty, I couldn't make myself feel very guilty. Kind of nifty - they were originally designed for use with Hero Quest - so, no furniture, doors, or windows, making the furniture and doors that I have more useful. I'll just use them later than planned. Image is from one of Heroic Maps free samples. Most of what I bought was in their Wardenhale setting - it will be seeing use for The Blight. An older set - but close to what I want. One of the better features are the black and white GM versions of the maps - which I used as the GM's keys for the game that will not be run this weekend.... The Auld Grump *EDIT* Megan tried to warn me.... but at least I will be running a game this weekend, just not the one I planned on. (Sort of - I was able to salvage a good bit of the scenario.)
  9. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I would make an excellent Dread Pirate Roberts. The downside of the camp out - Megan isn't running her game this week, and we will be skipping it again two weeks later for the retreat. Sad monkey. The longer you go without posting, the easier it is to continue not posting. And I know that I have seen you lurking, from time to time. Or, you know, you could try posting from the PC instead of the tablet - tablets are the devil! (Or at least the annoying neighbor who never turns down his stereo.) The Auld Grump
  10. TheAuldGrump

    Overturn Rising Sands

    Dang it, I was hoping for the rhinocorn.... The Auld Grump
  11. Given a choice between a Snyder style Darkly McDarkerson Teen Titans and a Cartoon Network style Teen Titans, my suggestion is... save the last bullet for yourself, just like in Call of Cthulhu. The Auld Grump *EDIT* Even their animated movies have been bad, lately - after being so good for so long....
  12. TheAuldGrump

    D&D books?

    The seventies - when a digital watch cost more than a Ford. The Auld Grump - the Pulsar cost a million billion trillion dollars more than $2,000....
  13. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Hmmm, Facebook is showing me videos of Kentucky Fried Bacon... basically chicken fried steak, only with 1/2 inch slabs of bacon in place of the steak.... Pretty sure that video was supposed to go to other members of these forums.... The Auld Grump
  14. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Weird fact - I am looking on the Amazon Kindle for a book by Jodi Ambrose - who mostly writes books about sex and intimacy - hoping that she has done a sequel to her cookbook. (Not a euphemism - the book Darn Good Eats has seen a fair amount of use by both of us - the writer's husband loves to cook, she doesn't - and they both have recipes. I highly recommend it. Not a sexy cookbook, just, well, darn good eats. ) The Auld Grump - I would never have bought it - but we got it for free from Amazon, and now I would happily buy a sequel.
  15. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I get to have some quality time with Brigid Danger - but she is spending most of it fast asleep, with a smile on her lips. We were among the way, way, way too many people that took advantage of the Build A Bear sale - and I don't think Brigid has let go of her bear since. (We went with a classic bear. For hugging, not display.) The Auld Grump A technique that you can try - roll out a bit that is wider than what you want, let it start to harden, but is still pliable - then cut it with a sharp blade. Even better, for straight straps, is a single edged razor blade - straight down. Then secure it in place with super glue - the super glue speeds up the curing of the green stuff. The Auld Grump - do not try this with Miliput. I am picturing a few dozen teeny tiny baby spiders, all yelling 'Daddy!'.... The Auld Grump