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  1. Just had an epic, scenario end, battle - which for once went exactly as planned. I had fun - when the party went into the dungeon, through a ruined castle, they noticed the strong scent of dragon - but no dragon to be seen. Then on the way back out, they realized that the scent was stronger than when they went in. With the party having depleted resources - about half their hit points, and almost all their spells spent. (And a deadline - they need to get the MacGuffin to the right people in time.) They finished off two wands and all the cleric's Channels. Megan laughed - she was in a playtest of the game, and ran out of time before they got to that point. (Camping trip, showing parents what I was throwing at their kids. ) The end of the next scenario is going to be fun - that party is still split in two. The Auld Grump - used the castle from Dragons Don't Share II....
  2. Look at the face... pretty sure that figure is Ron Perlman! The Auld Grump - now a paladin using the voice of John Cleese.... that's fun....
  3. Live

    That isn't a zombie! That's lunch! (I have only had hikari twice... not a huge fan, but I will take it over turnips any day....) The Auld Grump
  4. We have been delayed a bit - Brigid drank part of a bottle of organic 'Strawberry and Cream' hand lotion.... Turns out it is not only non-toxic, but actually has some nutritional value.... (Which is posted on the label. The world, it exists purely to drive me mad.) Nevertheless, we are keeping the bottle well away from little grabby hands. The Auld Grump - bottles, in general, should stay out of her reach, along with anything small enough to fit in her mouth.
  5. Live

    Oh, yeah.... I should probably pledge, before I forget... (I think Megan beat me to it again.) The Auld Grump - I am going to stop procrastinating... when I get around to it....
  6. Megan and I are heading off to the wilderlands up near Rangely Lakes, there to commune with nature, while surrounded by about a hundred pagans and their families. I arranged the time off for this months ago - yet the manager still wanted to know if I would be willing to work this Friday, instead of the vacation that we have been planning for all this time. So, I told him that I was heading for a religious retreat, where I am on staff, so will be needed. All of which is factually true - if he assumes that by 'religious' I mean 'Christian'... not my fault. And, I have now met somebody named 'Sunshine' - but she is on the Unitarian side of the proceedings, not the pagan. (A bit younger than me - supposedly, she was conceived at Woodstock.) The Auld Grump - I am amazed that she didn't grow up to be a banker, or an executive for an oil company... just out of sheer vengeance for her name.
  7. Live

    I use a PDF arena from World Works as my paint rack - I print up new sections when we get new paits. The seating is perfectly spaced for GW paint bottles (at least the old bottles) and works well for dropper bottles as well. I used a hole punch on the tops of the tower to make a brush holder. The Auld Grump - the arena itself saw use in Mordheim as Piotr's Pit - it came as a surprise when he turned out to be a worshiper of Khorne....
  8. Live

    Has she been shown yet? I'm still catching up. I... have a use for her, if she is... we may need to negotiate on that one. *EDIT* There she is... Nice! Mortar and all. I think Baba Yaga shows up in every RPG, sooner or later.... (To heck with the Eye of Vecna - how about The False Teeth of Baba Yaga? (She wore dentures... iron dentures.) The Auld Grump - heh, we are on the same forum at the same time!
  9. Live

    Wow, that made me growl, for some reason. Jackie used to pretty much ignore my toys, and Megan will poach them from me - believe me, having a wife that steals my minis for her own use is a huge improvement. The Auld Grump
  10. Live

    No, really, it is not a very good otyugh. Reaper does have a decent version, but only in metal, right now.. The Bones Filth Beast would fit inside this critter's belly. The Auld Grump Yep, that's the one I was thinking of... The Auld Grump
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    Bones Kickstarters - Keeping Gamers Broke Since 2011 The Auld Grump
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    Hmmm too bad there isn't a 'Squinchy Face' emoticon.... Me: Hmm, those Spartan and Amazon statues could have been handy for that two part adventure, where the two parts take place hundreds of years apart.... Megan: You mean the one you wanted to play test in the kids' game? Me: 'Squinchy Face'.... I will be running the two part adventure starting Friday, at the pagan retreat - Megan has been through the 'grownup' part, so she will be in the 'kids' part this time around. (There is no difference in maturity on the two parts - the name for the parts is from when I ran it for the kids and their parents at a camp out - though the kids didn't actually play, being distracted by, well, camp out. No nekkid statues needed....) Sadly, it was the part for the kids that I worked most on - there are some parts that I am really looking forward to finally getting to play. The Auld Grump - still, I like the idea of using the new and old statues to denote the passage of time....
  13. Live

    Well, we do have a daughter... Baba Yaga's hut counts as a dollhouse, doesn't it? ::P:: The Auld Grump - we are going to be giving her a Weebles Haunted House when she is old enough - even though the Weebles have been gone for decades.
  14. Live

    In my case, I would know the trap had been sprung when I get home and the hut is already on Megan's side of the table.... (We.... may need to get two....) The Auld Grump - it's already happened with the Bones III Sophie.... I could have sworn the figure just plain hadn't been shipped, but there she was, cleaned, primed, and partially painted....
  15. Megan has accused me of... salivating. What can I say, there's no drool like an auld drool.... Really hoping they incorporate something like the Ash Wastes - I was looking at Megan's Inquisitor Mobile, while going 'Vrooom! Vroom!'... The Auld Grump - first GW game I have been excited about in decades!