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  1. Learned about this in a post by Kobold Publishing - and am posting it here simply because it is downright nifty. Midiaeval-Fantasy City Generator. The Auld Grump
  2. Ordered the Pathfinder expy for Megan (Starjammer), and only then realized that she will almost certainly expect me to actually run it! In my head, I was going to give it to Megan for St. Valentine's Day, and then she was going to run it! Now, cold reality has crept into my mind, and I discovered that I have no idea, whatsoever, of what makes for a good Spelljammer game. (If Megan runs it, odds are, I will be co-GM.) I never ran Spelljammer, played it, or even really looked at it! So, what does make a good Spelljammer game? The Auld Grump
  3. Learned about it on Facebook - from Kobold Press - my only complaint is that on my old laptop it is painfully slow - and apparently does not work on Chrome at all. Avast seems to think that the website it is on is safe, so... while it is on a weird Domain, it is pretty legit. The Auld Grump - my left knee is not happy with me right now....
  4. Fulfilling

    It is an entirely appropriate use for a hill giant. I have been forbidden to open Megan's box if I chance to see it before she does - it contains my birthday present (me precioussss.... *Gollum*). She cheated though, and her box is going to her mum's. (Leaving me to run through scenarios in my head as to what Bones figure Megan does not want me to see until September. Which I think is the point.... ) The Auld Grump - The Sledgehammer? Tiamatthew?
  5. Though I have seen the word codecii used. (Because Greek plurals can be confusing, and it seems that there are folks that think codex is a Greek word?....(It isn't.)) The Auld Grump - yes, I have been one of those people....
  6. Wait, based on the first and second editions? Dang it, I was looking forward to being cranky and complaining! This takes all the wind out of my sails! Very glad to hear that. The Auld Grump
  7. A command from She-Who-Knows-Me-All-Too-Well - No Adam West impersonations! The Auld Grump - what can I say - she knows me, all too well.
  8. Fulfilling

    Locally, Surepost is the best way for a package to never reach where it is supposed to be going - a few months back, I had a package from Reaper that was sent Surepost - and was annotated 'Left on porch' by the deliverer. We don't have a porch. Then trying to get either UPS or the USPS to take responsibility was annoying, in and of itself. For the record - the Reaper folks were a whole lot more helpful - and did a very solid job, making sure that I got my order. The Auld Grump - rumble, rumble, rumble, mutiny, mutiny, mutiny....
  9. The trap did not work at all as planned - what happened was I described the slope, and told the kids about the goblins rolling out the barrel, and the wizard immediately shouted 'Ohcrapit'sabombFIREBALL!' All as one word... then rolled a twenty on Initiative - so I am pretty sure that was also what came out of the wizard's mouth in game. There were two more barrels of alchemist's fire up there when the fireball went off - the whole party took 1D6 fire damage, halved for a successful REF save - but that was to make it look like the wizard had just saved them from a death trap... because it was funny! In the process, the wizard also killed the goblin alchemist that was going to be throwing fire bomsb at them, after the barrels went *BOOM*. They had all taken some pretty crispy damage by the time they retreated for the night - and when we left off, the party had decided who was going to be keeping watch - good thing, since the goblins will be hunting for them, come nightfall.... And the Barghest is hungry. The Auld Grump
  10. Fulfilling

    I swear, she enjoys her stuff most when it used to be my stuff.... (She swooped down on my Bones II order with a gladsome cry, and carried off both Hill Giants.... Then used them to squish my army when next I played against her in Kings of War. ) *EDIT* Hey! This means that I can swoop in and steal her giant! The Auld Grump
  11. Fulfilling

    Megan's box is Wave 4, mine is Wave 7... not sure how that happened, she pledged later than I did, but neither is going out this week, methinks. The Auld Grump - wait, I did add to my pledge later, maybe that changed the Wave? Or did Megan just luck into an earlier spot when somebody else backed out? These are the questions that plague men's minds while they are waiting for the pizza delivery to their game....
  12. Because I am but a plaything for the gods of irony, my old SCA armor, that I sold twenty years ago, is being offered back to me.... Megan wants me to buy it back, while my left knee is reminding me as to why I didn't wear it much, even twenty years ago. While my twice broken right pinky finger is telling me that 'no, it was totally worth it!' My right pinky finger seems to miss holding a mace, for some reason... I made need to sit down and have a talk with it. I actually miss my old shield more than the armor - but the shield, the helm (made from a freon canister, back when that was tourney legal), the gambeson, and the tabard are all long gone. (By the time I sold my armor, the gambeson had taken on a life of its own... a stinky, stinky life of its own....) The Auld Grump - hey, if Benjamin Franklin can have an argument with his gout, I can have an argument with my right pinky finger....
  13. For me, first and foremost, Sir Roger Moore will be, always and forever, Simon Templar - the Saint. He brought to the role a joyful insousance, and a casual disregard for the mores of others. Fare thee well, Sir Moore, the world will never know your like again. The Auld Grump - there is a Devil Emoticon, yet no Angel....
  14. Going for the sillier possibility for this character - this is the Vigilante side of the character when I play him - And this is the vigilante side of the character when Megan plays her - As you can see, it is nearly impossible to tell them apart! The Auld Grump *EDIT* By any objective standard, Jack of All Trades was a terrible, terrible show - but it is so damn much fun!
  15. I have a much easier time with the risk management in Necromunda than I do with that in GorkaMorka. In GorkaMorka, it is when pushing for speed that my assessments fall flat - I am overly conservative, and averse to risking my vehicles. The Auld Grump - tonight is the kids game for Pathfinder... I have evil to perpetrate....
  16. Megan thinks that I should call the campaign Tradewinds.... Since a good deal of the time the PCs will be merchants - Merchant Adventurers. Which brings up an odd bit - Hazards. Do I want some for of Space Storms? (There are 'winds' and 'currents', so....) I already know that I want to have a doldrum - a backwater where the currents do not flow, where ships can be stranded forever.... Do I also want something like hurricanes? Whirlpools? Do I want gravitic anomalies? (Black holes, by any other name....) Reefs are easy - asteroids. The Auld Grump
  17. Fulfilling

    So, anyone set up a pool on how many pledges get shipped and on which days? /Nobby Nobbs The Auld Grump
  18. Huh, learn somethin' new every day. If I had thought about it at all, I would have assumed that it went the other way. The Auld Grump - wasn't Barbarella a French comic before it became a movie? or am I thinking of something completely different?
  19. Fulfilling

    Is it the Bones through the nose that gives us away? The Auld Grump
  20. Your biggest problem was the All Alone rule - you may have noticed that I sent the Gentlemen out in detachments of three or so - none of them had to make an All Alone check , which meant that your ladies were at a disadvantage. I was also able to take your Heavy Stubber out early - which left weapons that weren't so good in regards to doing damage. You were hitting a lot, just not wounding as often. So my boys were going down, then getting back up again. You also need to take more advantage of Pinning - there was a point where you had one of my fire teams pinned, and could have taken the next turn to cover ground without much fear of my shooting at you. Necromunda is all about mobility, at least until you can afford some of the scarier weapons - Pinning removes that mobility. And, last - I won because I kept my mind on the victory condition - so I focused on getting your gang off the table, not on how many times I could hit. The Auld Grump - The Gentlemen Gangsters is my gang *EDIT* My leader is named Richard Turpin....
  21. Just a month and a half late, we ran a game for the kids today, introducing four of the players to fantasy wargaming. Two boys (brothers) and two girls. This is not the scenario for Pathfinder game - just introducing them to the game. (That scenario is pushed back - I still really like the idea, but the kids should learn how to play before facing a serious battle.) It went a whole lot easier, faster, and painlessly that I would have dreamed - no major rules quarrels. Some... kind of dubious tactics, mind... (protecting the chaff units by putting them behind the units that they are supposed to be protecting, and unsupported cavalry charges being the prime problems). A lot of 'move forward as fast as you can, so you can hit them before they can hit you!' - except for Dain, who was playing Brettonians Brotherhood - where the army is kind of built around 'move forward as fast as you can, and hit them before they hit you!' - he had a lot of knights on the table, and no infantry to speak of. I loaned him a Bones water elemental to give him a monster, and loaned Iain a Bones dragon turtle for the same purpose. And I mostly had the kids playing each other, not me or Megan. Which means that I can make the scenario battle kids vs. kids. It turns out that Kings of War is really easy to teach kids Iain and Dain had their father's armies - lizardmen and Brettonians, from a long ago set of Warhammer. I had never seen the lizardmen in use for KoW before, but they are actually kind of cool - I want to see that swashbuckling lizard leader. And now, a 'quick' game of Necromunda - since it looks like I will be getting drafted into running a campaign, since there is a rumor that Necromunda may be coming back into print for Christmas. (I don't believe the rumor - but I would love it to be true.) The Auld Grump
  22. Waiting for the hardcover of the second edition of Kings of War, and playing from the PDF.... Loving the game - it feels right. It creates the sweeping battles that I want, and plays out quickly - with a lot of depth because of how important maneuvering is in the tactics. I am using Mantic minis for the bulk troops, mostly - Reaper minis are in use as character models and as monsters. How do others feel about the game? The Auld Grump
  23. Fulfilling

    When I was in 4th grade, our science teacher had a portion of the plans for Skylab - specifically the waste management system, with the words 'As far as I can tell, it's supposed to hit the fan'.... It is a fact of life that time will be found for communication both more easily and more frequently when the faecal matter is not impacting the rotary impeller. When the impact does occur, all hands are either trying to stop the resulting deluge, or taking cover from same. The Auld Grump
  24. Little Wizards by Crafty Games is one possibility. I am currently running Pathfinder for a group of 9 year olds - I started with the Beginner's Box, but some of the kids already had characters generated using the full rules. As for HeroQuest... my good lady started gaming with HeroQuest when she was a bit younger than 7 - so I would say try it before deciding the young folks won't get it. If you have, or can dig up, a copy of the original Warhammer Quest, give that a try - I have, once upon a time, used it for an RPG for very young folks. It is amazing how quickly kids can learn to go 'Oh, oh!' when the wizard rolls a 1. The Auld Grump *EDIT* Megan claims that she was playing HeroQuest before ever she played Candyland or Chutes & Ladders. And her mother supports the claim.
  25. Fulfilling

    To avoid future problems, Bones IV will be shipped by launching the orders from a trebuchet. Reaper employees are already practicing, to improve their aim - using large pumpkins. When the Bones IV miniatures arrive, they will be loaded in large pumpkins, and then lofted from the largest trebuchet that Reaper can requisition. The Auld Grump