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  1. Or you could drape a skeleton over the bent ones like he jumped off the roof and impaled himself which bent the fence. Seriously though I don't know if the boiling method would work but I think it probably would, it's just plastic.
  2. Live

    Yup same here, I'll diy my hedges and barricades if I think they need to be used. I'm already moddeling up barricades from the barrels and boxes from the Bones KS. Some skewers will make fine spiked barricades. As for value, I'm betting on the Not-Stranger Things stuff to be very valuable same with the Bursters. It's surprising how many people end up wanting this exclusive stuff after the game delivers. So easy to make back most or all of your investment, that's why I like exclusives. And the Song of Ice and Fire are figs from Dark Sword so I expect this game will be overpriced and expensive as hell. If the models were 15mm I'd be all over it for "What If" battles of whole armies but this looks to be a skirmish type game at this scale. Large battles would require a lot of table space and likely be an investment I'm not willing to bother with since I have games like this already (BfME etc) at a scale I prefer for large battles. An easy pass for me. I might find a copy of the rules and proxy everything with 15mm stuff I already have if I want to play this.
  3. Great paintjob on him. Gives me some inspiration on how to do mine. Know where I can get some replacement guns sized to fit these models? I'm not a fan of the ones made for them plus they are really soft and floppy, I'm afraid the paint will peel off since I'm using them for gaming and will be handled a lot.
  4. This is how I'm considering my zombies, there's just sooooo many.
  5. The different types of marble are the only rocks you'd need to give the special treatment. I know I saw someone around here with a tut on painting marble.
  6. Live

    Agreed skippen. This expansion should have a couple tiles in it as well at least. Time to spam it in the comments I guess maybe CMoN will cave in.
  7. Live

    Yup love that Gorgobomination. And of course, it's exclusive so if you wanted more than 1...CMoN knows what they're doing for sure. SO that's 2 non-Stranger Things characters and monster so far, any bets on the rest being SGs?
  8. Live

    I think the ogres are bigger than they appear in that pic too. Pretty much double the height of the necromancer. CMoN zoomed in on the necro to show detail. I like the box and am a fan of Adrian Smith too so yeah. Adds a bit of different gameplay too, the ogres consider the loudest zone to be with the Lord of Skulls and olny attack survivors when they are in line of sight. So here we have a necromancer with bodyguards, should make some interresting scenarios. Not like you couldn't house rule the same thing but it's nice to have ogre undead.
  9. Live

    I'm very glad cmon made the Bursters an add-on as well. Now how many boxes to buy for resale...? cause you just know there's a bunch of people who will cancel their pledge and regret it or some who miss the KS entirely and want to get them. They'll be $40-50 a box on ebay I bet.
  10. I recently discovered, while painting the 2 bones plague rats, that the Breast cancer awareness pink goes over a flesh base coat to pinkify the tone very nicely. It actually took a couple coats, watered down a bit for translucency. I washed in the shadow color paint and had to apply another pink coat to bring it out again. It was all experimenting and turned out surprisingly well.
  11. Funded

    Sorry, jumped to the 'free shipping in the US only' conclusion. If you have no problems with availability in your country then yeah, its better to wait.
  12. Hit the candy store, find some easter eggs the size you want and make some oyumaru casts off them, then just lay down some sculpting material like greenstuff for softer shells or procreate for harder ones. You don't have to fill the whole mold just make a shell on the concave parts. That's how I'd do it. Easy. Edit; oh and you might wanna freeze the chocolate eggs because the warm oyumaru might deform them by melting
  13. Live

    I agree, these feel like out of place filler SGs. People in the comments section keep saying how this KS will reach 5mil but they keep these SGs up and I seriously doubt it. More likely people will back with $1 and carefully consider the value in the pledge manager.
  14. Funded

    Why? Availability for one. Also, you might be able to get free shipping in the USA but that's nearly unheard of in or to Canada. Unless you're buying $200+ dollars worth of games at the online store. Buying at the FLGS will guarentee you'll pay msrp+ so no cheaper there either. I've done the preorder thing before only to have my money refunded months later with the Sorry out of stock excuse, which because of up and down exchange rates, resulted in me losing a bit of money and getting nothing for it.
  15. I tried this once and within a few minutes the mix turned to a bubblegum-like consistancy. Totally unworkable. I must have got the wrong spackle or something. This is the same stuff used to fill small holes in walls right? Says Spackling on the container but I bought the cheaper one which was half the price so maybe thats the problem. Other than that, I agree cork is great for building layers. Cardboard collapses unless you have that dense type. Using foam or just Spackle doesn't hold pinning well. What I've done is build up with cork and fill out the cliffs and edges with spackle to mold terrain rocks then coat it all with wood glue a few times after, sprinkling sand and small rocks on that for texture. I guess there's probably lots of different methods.