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  1. He (?) looks upset that the adventures only left the little gold plaque when they raided out the treasure. Nice work.
  2. Funded

    I just want the dungeon debris. I could make my own but this appeals to my lazy side. If the option comes where I can get just that then I will but I don't want a whole crate.
  3. Pre-launch

    Hey look! This treasure chest has cool skull and tribal tattoos! There must be something wicked inside. -Famous last words. I also hope they introduce some new game altering rules or mechanics. Hoping for new decks of weapons, equipment, and spells too. All teired to your experience range would be nice. I think only Wolfsburg has weapons you can only use in the higher xp range. I'm still jumping in anyway though. It's always worth it.
  4. Pre-launch

    Their facebook page has uploaded a few spoilers of the zombies and heroes that will be in it. www.facebook.com/coolminiornot/
  5. Fulfilling

    I'm a bit worried about this "grease" stuff causing bubbling after the paint has been applied. Has that ever happened to anyone with resin before? I'm about to start painting them soon and I wonder if I should let them air a month longer to see if any extra seeps out.
  6. Live

    I see Career and Battle goal cards and some Locked envelopes as well as Event Cards. Anyone with the game, is there Character development to the game as well? It looks like an improved HeroQuest type game which appeals to my interrests.
  7. I agree with Darkmeer and would like to add, excellent work on the holy talisman and armor, it looks like someone has the favor of their God(dess?) and is receiving a most awesome blessing. I don't know what you plan with the helmet, but if you can do a subtle version of the talismans light reflecting off the metal, you may very well have achieved a masterpiece.
  8. Live

    Interresting. I see the creature/monsters are standees, is there a list available I can perview to see if I can fill them out with my Reaper Bones?
  9. Fulfilling

    They will make them, they can offer the extras for sale in their shop. This isn't just for KS backers you know. I have some of their metal minis, they are awesome and its one of the reasons I backed this.
  10. Love the suit and great job of his face. I think the gun could use some color though, even a part done in flat black would make it pop a bit more.
  11. Ever since I jammed a needle thin pewter encrusted drill bit into my thumb I don't pin hands anymore. I use greenstuff to attach stuff like that. I recently learned (on this site) that GS and superglue works well but have not yet tried it. I usually GS a bunch of stuff at once since it's not practical to only make tiny bits of greenstuff. Moral; when screwing into metal, be careful with the technique, or pain quickly follows.
  12. Live

    What crossovers? I'm not seeing an earlybird pledge. That's a shocker. I only like a handful of the minis and most of them I have no idea how I'd paint them. I really really like them though.
  13. I was just going to recommend greenstuff for this, but I'm curious why the superglue? Is it actually a better bond? I always assumed the glue would prevent the gs from connecting to the metal or create a weak point.
  14. Very interesting convertion. I see her on a sand dune base but a dungeon ruin works too. Do you have the little succubus from http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/succubus/sku-down/03187 With a bit of your sculpting skills you could make a mommy daughter scene against a monk with chopsticks trying to catch the little one for dinner. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/monk/sku-down/50190
  15. Have her do some animals or masks of some of her favorite cartoon characters. Maybe start easier and ask her to do a small clay pot. You could help encourage her by paying for her sculpts so she can buy more materials, or candy, whatever, she'll learn her work gets her something in return besides the enjoyment of it. Maybe you could set up challenges for her, sculpt a fish, sculpt a mask, clay finger puppets of classic fantasy heroes, a pretty little tree. I bet she'd have more fun sculpting things she is interested in so whatever that is, encourage it. As for how to do it, there's lots of youtube vids about it she could watch while she sculpts. Is there a Bob Ross of sculpting out there?