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  1. WOW! That is a really neat effect. Thanks for the insightful tips too, I've been too intimidated by the tranparent bones to give them a try yet but when I do I'll follow your advice.
  2. Got distracted a bit but now finished assembling all the worms and riders. Also primed them and I find I have no idea what or how to paint them exactly. A couple have curls in their bodies that will make it dificult to reach with a brush so I want to keep it simple. Besides for worm #3 with sculpted extra detail on the legs I modified #6 with extra parts I had left over when I converted all their weapons to scythes, a bottom jaw beak and 2 tyranid/arachnid legs. I started adding some basecoats to #5 (going with a deep blue and pale blue scheme) and #6 (black head carapace and dark red body with a pale underbelly) other than that I'm waiting for inspiration to strike me on the others. I'm thinking #3 with browns or greens, #4 with pale fleshy or pink skin, #2 with light greens and blues, #1 with browns and blacks or greys maybe. On some of my scythe builds I used some milliput yellow-grey and I can tell you this great stuff for making weapons because you can really smooth it perfectly, much easier than procreate.
  3. Live

    Monolith did Conan. I think it's the same factory though. Monolith and Mythic did the Mythic Battles: Pantheon which is still on the boat to the hubs. Latest MB:P update shows a few minis and they look pretty good. I have no doubt Joan of Arc minis will be good quality and paint worthy even for plastic. I think I paid $90 for War of the Ring 2dn ed. and that had 176 or so minis in it of "decently ok" quality. This game has a lot more, far better looking ones, so I'm very into it from a wargaming perspective. As far as I know from what they've told us is what we're seeing out there in vids and such are the pre-production models.
  4. Live

    Depending on how this KS pans out I may be very interested in the tiles and/or the Bombard from you guys that just want the Dragon. Pretty sure I won't be the only one.
  5. Live

    The fact that they wrote and then scrapped Legends over and over amd over means they didn't really have much of an idea what they were doing with it when they started and thought what they had in mind was good enough. Those are where the real delays came from, as well as the horrendous organization of the entire KS made it difficult for them to fit everything together coherently, 3 games became 4 games, one of which was just a reprint, they had to hire a fresh perspective (Justin iirc?) to put it all together. I don't see how something like this would impact the Starfinder production though. My complaint about this KS is that there is no option for someone like me to just pick up a few minis that I would like to paint without forking out $100-$180 to get more than what I want. Wait for retail I guess, but there's a lot of competition for my money there, this one will likely lose out. Anyone who is getting into it; enjoy and good luck.
  6. Live

    Yeah still waiting on SDE: Legends. Wave 1 promised soon, no date set, no production samples yet either. People posting they are upset to say the least about this Starfinder KS without fulfiling SDE:L yet but Soda Pop claims it is a different team/people working on this and sculpting for SDE is long done. It's not looking good for their reputation. I have faith they will fulfill but God knows when.
  7. This is a job for milliput, magic sculpt, procreate, greenstuff, any modelling putty really. You might want to avoid any putty that requires oven curing though, I'm not sure what that would do to the miniature. This is beginner teir modification as long as you have the courage and dexterity to follow through. A sculpting tool or 2 might also help. Or Kuros' suggestion of finding some boots from another mini and transplant them, which is even easier.
  8. Love that Anyaral world and the weird creatures. I wanted to get in on the kickstarter but the timing was bad and the UK to CAD conversion was even worse.
  9. Nice vibrant colors, very cool wings. I think the scales could use highlighting and the whites a brown or black wash to define them more but for tabletop it's great.
  10. Funded

    That's exactly what my wet pallet is except I have the glass version not plastic. I'm curious about the foam. Sometimes I get paint on the towel when I need a bit of extra water to dilute, is the foam washable I wonder. The Painter version is twice the size I need but I like the wavy thing. Bit expensive for me though considering what I have is good enough and dirt cheap. What is that foam made of anyway?
  11. Definately the best Ironman I have ever seen. Excellent work.
  13. My Dollar store has these little candles that have battery powered led to illuminate them. I thought I might grab some and see if I can light up the figures but I think it might not be stong enough, but I have tons of fibre optic cable if I can drill into the model without ruining it I can hide the cable inside and light up eyes and such, drilling might be tricky though and I'm not sure if a drillhole would be very visible or not. Don't have time to experiment with it right now. I planned to use the leds and cable for Kaladrax from the bones kickstarter to light him up from inside or something..
  14. Live

    They've kindly added an unlimited Book of Set pledge which is expecting a delivery in Feb since the community freaked out that it was a limited supply and a lot of people didn't get one. Talk about underestimating the demand lol. I don't know why they didn't just have a wave 2 pledge with the unlimited from the start. Could have avoided a turdstorm.
  15. Might be too much water but it sounds like you need to break the surface tension of the mix with either flow improver/retarder or a bit of dish soap. Personally I use a bit of both but only when I need to make a lot of wash for batch painting. For anything like a single figure I just put a dot of dish soap on my pallet and dip my mixing brush into it to mix into the paint because you only need a little, this is where experience comes in. So cut back the water a bit and add a tiny bit of soap and see if that helps.