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  1. Pre-launch

    Well that was informative.
  2. Theme song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pnS_7YsYzM
  3. Pre-launch

    This has my interest
  4. Fulfilling

    I've assembled the Worm Riders and began modding the weapons. Very easy to cut away the weapons from the hands. 7 of the 8 legs on one of the worms look like unfinished sculpts, I've filed them down a bit for putty application, I'll sculpt the detail on myself I guess When I saw the worm riders I thought, 'I don't have anything like that, and I think they would look awesome with scythes for weapons!' So that's what they'll get. Working with this material; it's soft (easy to drill!), brittle (don't overbend or drop or hold too tightly!) but very detailed and thick parts and most molded parts (arms, bodies, legs, ect) are pretty strong. Glue attaches everything and holds fast. These worms are like little puzzles, everything has it's place and only fits that place specifically. I have only found 1 part that didn't fit exactly, one of the worms fins on the underbody, not even a big deal. Easy product to work with, mold lines come off simply (if you can even see them) so don't be afraid to dig in. After these worms are done I'm going to assemble some death dancers, they look to be the most difficult to deal with and will give me a good idea how useable these models are for gaming. As far as I can tell so far, if you have a safe way to transport them I think you'd be ok. Just be careful not to drop them to a hard floor, I'm pretty sure they'd shatter or break parts off at least.
  5. Live

    I really really really want to know what an electric guitar sounds like made from this 50,000 yr old wood
  6. Does it have to be a Games Workshop model? I remember they used to allow models from other companies if they were modded, not sure anymore. If it's ok, get some bones hell hounds they are a joy to paint and would fit your modding needs with Chris Palmers advise.
  7. Looks great. Only advise I could give is to pick a light brown to put a wood grain on the bow or just for highlight, and a bit of highlight on the arrow to make it pop a bit. Still pretty good for a first time.
  8. Fulfilling

    So this new method without the wedges has better vents or something? That's good news but for me, disappointing, I've got my shipment and started clipping off parts from these sprues, lost a few points and tips because of the way they intersected the vent mold in a cross-shape to the model. The resin is so fragile that it causes the tip of the intersection to snap off the model with little effort. I suppose the next update will be that they discovered a better resin recipe that isn't so fragile. Giving the backers low quality models and suppling retail with good quality. I think, RH just lost me as a customer. Pics incoming as soon as I can clean up my work area to assemble. The models are nice and detailed (mostly) but so fragile these thin parts, they're only good for display I think. Carring them around for gaming will definately cause casualties unless you pack them very carefully. Dropping one on the floor would be a disaster.
  9. That's pretty cool, although I think the bear is going to regret sticking around to fight.
  10. All hail the Cheddermagi, our only saviours from the dreaded Swiss Necrocurdimancers.
  11. Or you could drape a skeleton over the bent ones like he jumped off the roof and impaled himself which bent the fence. Seriously though I don't know if the boiling method would work but I think it probably would, it's just plastic.
  12. Live

    Yup same here, I'll diy my hedges and barricades if I think they need to be used. I'm already moddeling up barricades from the barrels and boxes from the Bones KS. Some skewers will make fine spiked barricades. As for value, I'm betting on the Not-Stranger Things stuff to be very valuable same with the Bursters. It's surprising how many people end up wanting this exclusive stuff after the game delivers. So easy to make back most or all of your investment, that's why I like exclusives. And the Song of Ice and Fire are figs from Dark Sword so I expect this game will be overpriced and expensive as hell. If the models were 15mm I'd be all over it for "What If" battles of whole armies but this looks to be a skirmish type game at this scale. Large battles would require a lot of table space and likely be an investment I'm not willing to bother with since I have games like this already (BfME etc) at a scale I prefer for large battles. An easy pass for me. I might find a copy of the rules and proxy everything with 15mm stuff I already have if I want to play this.
  13. Great paintjob on him. Gives me some inspiration on how to do mine. Know where I can get some replacement guns sized to fit these models? I'm not a fan of the ones made for them plus they are really soft and floppy, I'm afraid the paint will peel off since I'm using them for gaming and will be handled a lot.
  14. This is how I'm considering my zombies, there's just sooooo many.
  15. The different types of marble are the only rocks you'd need to give the special treatment. I know I saw someone around here with a tut on painting marble.