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  1. 89032: Anti Paladin

    Good job! Celtic runes make nice cloak trim too.
  2. Nemesis Board Game

    I was kinda hoping this game would have multiple gameplay options like turning it into a bughunt besides the survival horror. Or different game types and plotlines for replayability. I mean if you have the minis why not put them to use. It's going to be boring playing the same "aliens! run and hide while doing a couple objectives" over and over again. There's a comic book with a story that seems choose your own adventureish and might be innovative, or might crash and burn. I'm still not seeing the value for the cost and the Carnomorphs add-on is half the price of the core game and no where near the content. I'll wait it out the next 10 days and see if it gets better before I back out. I need to make sure it's worth the $250-/+ its going to cost me. Probably better off waiting until it hits retail and goes on sale.
  3. Nemesis Board Game

    Looks like shipping to Canada is from Poland by boat with UPS. So... expensive shipping, 2 months later than the US, and brokerage fees highly likely. Yay. A while ago AR_Jordan Collaboratorposted on the KS page:We send to canada via postal services so backers can avoid UPS brokage fees, they will be shipped first in line with other economic shipping so they should arrive along last UPS packages as shipping will take 1-2 months
  4. recovery advice

    Work with it. That bottom pic makes me think it could be a great chance to do an ancient fresco. Like Inara says the blood can work if you darken it up some more and paint a few bloody foot prints. The heroes might have had some difficulty with the dragon after all, right.
  5. Fireforge russian militia archer

    Should just paint him a bit more roughed up, like a homeless dude, then the little imperfections would work in your favor.
  6. Nemesis Board Game

    Looks like a cool game but it's in UK pounds which is bad for a Canadian like me, terrible exchange rate, expensive shipping fees and max tax and duty on top of all that in nearly every UK package I have ever bought. Reading comments from backers of their previous campaigns isn't inspiring much confidence either. Nothing too terrible I mean nothing like the SDE:L page, just missing componets and very late delivery or missing games. Their Customer Service seems to be on it though. I'd like to get this game but it's not looking like a possibility for me. :/ Some critical factors will need to addressed before I will pull the trigger on it.
  7. Can you help a Gal out?

    Voted. Good luck!
  8. Kev!'s 77511 Xiloxoch, Naga

    Cool! Did the inspiration for the pattern come from nature or your imagination?
  9. Raging Heroes: Dark Elves and Sisters

    I'm not finding the bubbles in the resin until I'm well into painting. What looks like detail turns out to be a defect. Not so many though yet. I did get one kit with bad flash like CashWiley got but I noticed that it broke off pertty easy, mostly due to the fragility of the resin. Still, I'm not looking forward to cleaning them up for assembly and painting. Which is exactly the opposite what you'd think a miniature company would want it's customers to feel.
  10. Ryoko Sha (modified) - Bushido

    This is awesome! Good job
  11. Assembly when the parts don't quite fit.

    Greenstuff is great for that, you can even sculpt the excess to fit in with the model and once painted no one would ever know it was a separate piece.
  12. It does but if you have kids this stuff is like lego to them.
  13. 01609: Lysette, Elf Wizard, attempt 2

    That looks like some very difficult blending, looks cool, good job.
  14. Raging Heroes Worm Riders

    Taking too long on these. Have to do some touch ups and maybe a bit better highlighting on the blue one. Sorry for the terrible cell phone pics. Just to show I haven't given up on these. Each one has their own colors and patterns, I got a bit fatigued by the time I got the the blue one. Comments and criticism welcome just keep in mind they look better in person than the harsh eye of technology. Just 6 little ladies with scythes to paint now.
  15. The Cheddar Ravens

    World War Cheese II starts now! ..sets up the mousetrap force-energy ball catapults.