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  1. that's pretty much common now days. Getting rarer and rarer to see KSers that allow people to just pledge a la carte . For me it will depend on the price point but I figure, like most board game KSers, that it will be around $100 for the pledge with stretch goals, probably $80 without. Also, ya, I would suppose this isn't going to launch until the end of March at the latest. They've done pretty much no work trying to get people excited for this game and if they just state "hey, its happening in a week, it will probably bomb again.
  2. For supposedly starting a KSer soon they're really being quiet. We've only seen a few minaitures as well, though there are more concepts up on the original KSer page ( As for price, what hurt them so much last time was the cost ($125 for one faction starter that was like 15 minis) so hopefully the Reaper team up makes this much more realistic in price for both the KSer and final product. If a reasonable price I'll be in for the terrain but so far the figures and setting don't feel very conan nor do they seam to even be bothering trying to stick with the traditional setting design for most units and figures. I'm not a fan of some of the artistic direction and worry they're going more of a western high fantasy look for it (see dragon and serpent warriors)
  3. Funded

    I had the same thing happen to me. Pinned Rob and he said it's either because he's trying to send out emails to people when they have lots of stuff available to ship so you can buy shipping to get it without having to wait for everything else or you have too large of an order to ship at the 10 quid price and need a second one.
  4. Funded

    Clealy Cash is Dusty.
  5. Funded

    Beagle and I Beagle, Monkeysloth and I. I'm pretty much off KSer with this too. I've mostly only been backing terrain things for the past while and now that I have a 3d printer I really don't need that anymore (plus I have a decent backlog of MDF to finish up this year).
  6. Funded

    Most of the regular backers that are active in the KS comments have been really trying to help him but Rob is Rob and won't outsource anything to anyone but Tim. I don't think they'll ever grow much as only around 4% of their sales come from outside of KS or their website (that number was from last year) and the starter set everyone wants him to do he won't as it's too expensive to produce so decided this was the route to go. I actually don't think this one will fund--or it will be very close--as there's nothing really for the long time people to get and as have stated not very new person friendly.
  7. Funded

    Which I do and I loves me some terrain airbrushing (it's all I've been doing for about a year). But budget.
  8. Funded

    I'm really intrested in the game board but it's out of budget right now (or I don't get the pathfinder set and Hyperlight one). Over all I'm pretty happy. Lots more things came in the past week then I thought he would add. If I end up selling the pinups* the gamblers will cost me easily under $500 which is really good. *I want too, but I might be too lazy to actually do so.
  9. Fulfilling

    so the missing units appear to be a known issue and was mentioned in an erliear update.
  10. Funded

    He finally addressed the Lantern Festival in a comment. Basically it turned out to be out of scope of where he wanted this game to be. Basically, as he put it, it would require epic level rules and campaign as it would need epic level D&D characters when Monster only went up to 20. So I really do think the king and everything involved will never show up for this game and be used for the next one where people play heroes and not survivors.
  11. Funded

    This KSer is to hopefully get new people in, that's why the only real new sculpt is the bat shown above, and give Rob money to do things like get models painted. One thing he's doing for this KSer that might intrest people is real quick start rules. There will be a PDF avalible, hopefully, next week of this.
  12. Fulfilling

    Looks like I'm missing the freebe bonus units but I have everything else as far as I can tell. Was hoping to get everything at once so I can ebay it as I only wanted the KS exclusives and large elementals. Overall the figures themselves (freebe;s at least) are nice considering they're PVC. Harder then bones but still bendy somewhat but much nice detail.
  13. Funded

    FYI Poots comment to a reply about it being a genital monster: "I agree. Hence why its not final."
  14. Fulfilling

    Got a tracking number today. Kind of surprised as I really didn't expect one until second week of January at the earlist.
  15. Funded

    I'm making my Will saves on this one with a +50. It's awesome, but the new house comes first for me especially since we are just now unpacking and getting organized before family comes over this weekend. ​I built my house between KD kickstarters. You should have just planned better.