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  1. Marrow Productions - Journey Wrath of Demons

    I don't know if it's under the Asmodee brand or one of the other 500 game companies they own as at gencon all of them but FFG were grouped in one area. Even Monoliths Conan, which one of the former CEOs of Asmodee works for, was unsure what label was distributing Conan. They were saying that it was FFG in the US until corrected by backers. Hell Dorado wasn't one of their games as far as I'm aware (outside of distributing the closterphobia game set in that world) and the company that killed it off was Ninja Division after they bought it off of cypher because the KSer really didn't give it the jolt people were wanting -- Sometimes games just don't get traction.
  2. Conan redux

    Got my rulebook reprint today. That's everything from this campaign for me.
  3. Marrow Productions - Journey Wrath of Demons

    Got my resins from the core set today. Also the distribution deal they mentioned in their last update is Asmodee, they were demoing\advertising it at Gencon. Should be in stores for Christmas.
  4. Mierce Miniatures - Darkholds

    its understandable though as tooling for the larger things is rather expensive and they're playing it safe.
  5. Obsidian 3D Printer: High Quality, Sleek, and Affordable.

    eh, it's nothing spectacular. Probably it's most useful feature for the price is the phone based control. As always, 3D printers have a horrible track record on Kickstarter and it's just better to get something that's available now and has good reviews then wait and hope it lives up to the hype (which they never do). if you really want to hit that $150 sweet spot just watch r/3dprinting as there are several that go on sale for that price throughout the year that people in that subreddit will post and you'll still end up getting your printer months before this ever delivers. As GadgetMan said, build plate is pretty small but fine if all you want to do is dwarven forge type of things. You'll find that for our hobby height is usually the space you run out of over width and length. You don't really need a heat plate, I never use mine as I don't print ABS as it's not worth the effort and PLA is just fine without one with some hairspray or glue sticks.
  6. I hereby declare September 25th "Monkeysloth Day".

    Sure Pingo. Just try to pretend you're not one of the people that gave my non-existent post a like. Won't work! I see through the façade.
  7. I hereby declare September 25th "Monkeysloth Day".

    Should have had the top non-existent post then.
  8. On September 25th 2016 I "won" the day with most likes despite not having any posts make it into the leaderboard that day for most likes. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/leaderboard/&custom_date_start=1474804800&custom_date_end=1474804800 Not only did I win, I crushed my competition getting more votes that day then all my competitors combined. So either I posted 279 times that day and Uber just liked all of them thus none of them showing up on the list due to low like count or I had planed on posted something really awesome that everyone would have loved but never got around to it and the forum just decided credit me with the number of likes I would have gotten with that totally awesome non-existent post. Since the forum gave me a win for a non-existent post I'd figure I'd let the forum decided the non-existent way(s) it plans on celebrating "Monkeysloth Day".
  9. Buildone 3D printer

    This. Been there, done that personally already with a kickstarted 3d printer. What was a good 3d printer 2 years ago when I backed spec wise was trash when I got it delivered this year compared to others. If you want one just buy one instead of waiting for a mythological one to appear on KSer that's what you've been waiting for price wise. If you can afford $100 that arrives in 16+ months you can save up for a $200 one and get it way before the other one arrives. Also even the one I have can print at 50 micron like this one but that doesn't mean you should (most can print about half as thin as advertised--just doesn't generally do a great job). Even this 3d printer says you normally shouldn't print that small right after you say you can so it shows that they're not being really straight forward about it. With anything that's a complicated machine it's better to get something that's already out as opposed to what looks to be a deal on KSer as not only do 3d printers have a horrible track record as a KSer so do most things that aren't tabletop or art related so we tend to look at stuff via rose tinted glasses.
  10. EPICS: Interlocking City System Terrain

    The issues I really have with basic\common terrain items like this is you can buy a 3d printer and print out something the size of this in like a month for a lot less. And then, from there on out, you have the printer and don't have to buy that again. I'm comparing this to the Duke which is a full castle for $750 usd (roughly). Good 3d printer is $300, about $50 for the plans (more if you want a more complex castle) and probably $40-$50 in plastic. If all you care about is dwarven forge sized pieces you can cut the printer cost in half. It only makes sense to but one of the large, expensive pledges, if you love the look of it (which it is very nice, but very low detail even for MDF) or something that would be awkward to print size or modularity size. I do the same. Works really well.
  11. Buildone 3D printer

    I'm just going to pop in and say if you really want a 3d printer there are really high quality ones for less then $200 that are prebuilt and have better resolution and you can get it this week instead of waiting forever to arrive (lets be honest, there hasn't been a good 3d printer KSer yet). r/3dprinting keeps and updated list of best printers for the price and new people. Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer is my recondition. It regularly goes on sale for $150-$175. It's easy to use, has a warranty (if US). I use the $300 version (larger print bed and faster speed but same resolution) and they're great for terrain and such.
  12. Conan: Rise of Monsters

    that's pretty much common now days. Getting rarer and rarer to see KSers that allow people to just pledge a la carte . For me it will depend on the price point but I figure, like most board game KSers, that it will be around $100 for the pledge with stretch goals, probably $80 without. Also, ya, I would suppose this isn't going to launch until the end of March at the latest. They've done pretty much no work trying to get people excited for this game and if they just state "hey, its happening in a week, it will probably bomb again.
  13. Conan: Rise of Monsters

    For supposedly starting a KSer soon they're really being quiet. We've only seen a few minaitures as well, though there are more concepts up on the original KSer page (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2060871444/conan-rise-of-monsters/description) As for price, what hurt them so much last time was the cost ($125 for one faction starter that was like 15 minis) so hopefully the Reaper team up makes this much more realistic in price for both the KSer and final product. If a reasonable price I'll be in for the terrain but so far the figures and setting don't feel very conan nor do they seam to even be bothering trying to stick with the traditional setting design for most units and figures. I'm not a fan of some of the artistic direction and worry they're going more of a western high fantasy look for it (see dragon and serpent warriors)
  14. Darklands: Starter Hosts

    I had the same thing happen to me. Pinned Rob and he said it's either because he's trying to send out emails to people when they have lots of stuff available to ship so you can buy shipping to get it without having to wait for everything else or you have too large of an order to ship at the 10 quid price and need a second one.
  15. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Clealy Cash is Dusty.