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  1. so what's the rogue doing on top of that bookshelf?
  2. WOO HOO! I found where my missing reverand moria sniper mini went! she was in the gelatinous cube! I had been looking for her for more than 6 months!
  3. dragon age game night again! bare minimum turn out tonight so shenanigans happened. we talked our way into an avar camp just to immediately ask exactly the wrong question, and agro THE ENTIRE CAMP! I killed two wizards. our fighter was wading through a sea of angry avar. and we got to use one of the clear bones minis because another rogue kept sneaking. someone's personal quest will go unfulfilled because we stalled 3 months waiting for her to show up, but eventually we had to move the plot forward. After dealing with the avar we headed for home, only to hear the cry of a possessed wyvern. Someone, who happens to already be wearing a wyvern skin coat, me, declared a hunt. we annoyed the wyvern to death, and looted the valuable bits to fund our nonsense. Then the session ended with us walking home while our two fighters were trying to walk off a severe but nonlethal poisoning. edit: I forgot the goats! there was a dual of animal handling between the avar who was on our side, and an enemy where they kept attacking each other with goats that had been wandering around before the fight began. The one hero goat survived the battle. we have claimed this goat as ours, we are getting him tiny goat barding.
  4. traded an out of print Dark heresy book, Ascension, for the marine half of the new warhammer 40k starter.
  5. so goblin Pink Floyd fans? I approve.
  6. I have just realized the bird wizard from bones 3 is wearing a dr. strange costume.
  7. how about some of the savage worlds minis? there's a detective and a woman with a gun in there. Alternatively critters, there's a big dog, dorothy's little dog, a donkey and a wolf.
  8. The way you folks talk about these things, I thought they were hard to find in the US. But they're right next to the snickers in the check out line at Target.
  9. An episode that is nothing but surly starfleet engineering crews phasering Tribbles out of the vents on that farming station.
  10. I'd kind of want to see the continuing "adventures" of the Kirk clean up ship. Preferably with a very stodgy captain of a large slow support ship. The poor guy who needs to build federation embassies on all of these weird mess worlds.
  11. so, you are saying I need to just let him get attacked by dogs, or robots, or bees or something (robot bees?)
  12. you'd need to proxy them as something that has rules, but yes. I've seen them used as guard or marines
  13. 3 is fine with me, ideally I'd like to be able to get a wide variety of character types in clear. I'd even be good with clear versions being special editions or holiday releases. But I would really like to see some chronoscope minis done in clear. aliens, space people, mad scientists etc.
  14. meh. I've never had one I've enjoyed. Just a sliding scale of bad. The one I have now is probably the least bad of the jobs I had.
  15. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/77321 http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/77322 both of these have names for new minis, and pictures/tags for the stalagmites