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  1. Werkrobotwerk

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    Got a ship notice today. Should arrive in about a week.
  2. Werkrobotwerk

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    wait, are you talking about the stack of books, or the books on shelf?
  3. Werkrobotwerk

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Was parked too close to an enemy ship when they destroyed it. Turns out they were water breathers.
  4. Werkrobotwerk

    Can anyone think of a use for these?

    flip over, sculpt ice cream on top, use as over sized ice cream cone signs. add a pole coming out and a bead on the pole, use as stick lamps add a pole and a rectangle use as road signs add a pole, and a little sick and a bead, use as mic stands add a tapered piece, use as herald horns take a ping pong ball, glue in seemingly random locations, wide side touching the ball, attach very thin wires and a little box. atomic bomb prototype arrange on top of a cylinder place in a tank of water, use as control rods for nuclear reactor attach a round flat thing to the top, and use as bar stools
  5. Werkrobotwerk

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    are these two statements related?
  6. Werkrobotwerk

    Kill Team

    That is what the preview shows. 3d doors, 3d captain chair, big space pirate treasure chests, escape pod, engineering thing, and a flat ship map.
  7. Werkrobotwerk

    Kill Team

    they showed one, it has not been released yet.it is apparently an add on for this
  8. Werkrobotwerk

    Kill Team

    looks good. But after shadow war, and Necromunda I'm not touching this unless it's being played locally 6 months post launch.
  9. Werkrobotwerk

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    Stargate paints up well. Mantic security guard, bones cultist, and Stargate dialing device just for show.
  10. Werkrobotwerk

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    From the looks of the options they have up for preorder, looks like significantly more.
  11. Werkrobotwerk

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    In a first for a Mantic KS there are no major mispacks or QC issues with my pledge! So it is all washing hopefully I can start painting tomorrow! Also I hadn't realized the book cases stack.
  12. Werkrobotwerk

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    Mine has arrived. Still inventoring, but the quality seems about as expected. The boxes are nicer than I expected. Could see reusing them for a while.
  13. Werkrobotwerk

    Myth: Journeyman

    I need to wait until I get home to see what the damage will be to ship this. A little annoyed by summer 2019 for minis.
  14. Werkrobotwerk

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    I think our box contents are a little different than the retail packages
  15. Werkrobotwerk

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    how's the gold plastic? I had skipped that because I was worried about the tendency for some kinds of gold plastic on toys to self destruct.