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  1. Live

    I'm guessing 1! unless the hut is much bigger than than the mausoleum from 3.
  2. Live

    Baba Yaga would have been here sooner, but someone dropped a tray of spoons, and she had to count them.
  3. Live

    oh you really should vasalisa is such a wonderfully messed up story
  4. Live

    that is a big chicken
  5. when no one knows who's grave it is without looking inside?
  6. but can they ride minibikes?
  7. it already did. I have a small deck of the cards that were in the bottom of a lot of random bits
  8. Summer hours have ended at work, and my week is off to a bad start.
  9. Live

    Maybe those are work in progress and will differentiate later?
  11. LIVE

    Are the tree of despair vultures the same sculpt as these except in bones?
  12. Live

    Aren't the vultures the same ones that were released in metal earlier in the year? If so they're big enough to magnet without much trouble.
  13. Oh, so my stupid jokes aside, a quick check of google for superglue and heat, lead to a nice big warning that using it on natural fibers can cause a powerful exothermic reaction. So you probably should not not use it on paper products. There was also a specific warning to not use it on cotton. Just in case you were considering it. (Fire)
  14. A lounge depressor is an elephant on a couch.