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  1. Fulfilling

    Confusing update this morning. They claim to be maintaining radio silence due to NDA. What could lead to having an NDA about talking about your own project?
  2. Went to the store to buy a foam tray to organize some of my minis. Ended up buying a box of genestealer cultists while I was there. I like that there is one unmutated guy with no insignia and a pick axe, as though he just wandered into the wrong room while looking for the miners union meeting and found a pile of monsters.
  3. this thread requires some more dwarves.
  4. Leaves Eyes is a good opening act, I saw them before a Blind Guardian show.
  5. possibly a recently rediscovered behemoth of ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY, with a base larger than the footprint of my entire 3rd edition army... or you know a space marine matryoshka with 4 or more layers. Although I guess it is hard to go deeper into silly huge when you already have two returned primarch's, a titan, a gundam, and the avatar of a nascent god stalking the table. anyway I'll likely skip this, necromunda is more my speed.
  6. I recently finished Mass Effect Andromeda.I would not recommend buying it unless there is a serious price drop, or another round of major bug fixes. There is a decent but not great story, but it gets buried under poor pacing, open world and bugs. The loyalty missions take a format similar to previous mass effect games, and work well, the rest of the missions, not so much. then there's stuff that the decided to fix from previous games that really was not broken, combat powers now have ammo while tech and biotic don't they are not stronger than the two free types, a number of the guns have no reason to exist, fusion mods are universally terrible, crafting materials are random so it is possible to have researched something that you will never be able to upgrade again, and you are limited to three powers at a time with no way to effectively quick swap them, profiles are not really useful. Also it is long, absurdly long, so long you may be bored of the combat before you get to any of the good plot stuff. bugs: geometry on the later levels is a mess, and it prevents a number of powers from working. there is one kind of enemy that has an instant death radius that can kill you through walls before you can see it. dropped loot causes melee not to work. controls lag out in single player multiplayer is frequently unplayable due to lag. Audio cuts off audio from other sources, causing dialogue to get lost. Some of this could still be fixed with technical and balance patches, but for now don't bother.
  7. I wish I could say it was close, but the state of the gorilla arsenal is absurd.
  8. So far my only experience with minis made by them is the captain picard mini they gave out at gencon last year to promote their upcoming star trek game. Bones alien for scale.
  9. but not one of those weird ones made of mulched unicorn.
  10. Fulfilling

    so far, all of mine either stuff stuck after the first washing or it didn't, I haven't had any that were good, then went bad.
  11. So, I just saw that there is going to be a fallout minis game. This gives me a perfect excuse to use my totally not nightkin (reaper mega mutants), and the custom robobrains I've been building.
  12. prelaunch

    A news post on the Eclipse Phase site just announced a Kickstarter campaign for a second edition of the main rules. No exact date yet, but they're planning to release in October, so very soon. I will be backing this one.
  13. you get... buried alive... burried aliiiiive
  14. glad you like it! Because the other answers to that question were more invasive. (those wrath of khan worms, anti-magic collars, brain implants, other things...)
  15. a prison that reflexively teleports around the guy who teleports of course.