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  1. Not until I can get a decent cup of black coffee at the college I work at!
  2. So, I just found out there's a broadcast channel near me that still shows startrek. unfortunately I was looking for the giants game.
  3. First time I've ever seen one of these critters, normally we just have little spiders. I didn't think it was particularly dangerous, but since I couldn't convince it to go out side, it had to die
  4. There's not many that are really great matches, but here's a few of the things my group has done for dragon age minis crusader bones (sir for scale etc) as templars. dargo voss has made a few appearances as various assassins burrowing horror has been a gurn whispering tyrant has showed up as an arcane horror demilich has been an ash wraith shadow has been a despair demon thund Bloodwrack has been an avar warrior hyrekia dragon thrall has been a high level mage Kord the destroyer as a qunari rogue ghast has been basic darkspawn hurloks Amari got a weapon swap with a staff to be an avar mage vaeloth got his tail trimmed to be a qunari goldar with horns added also makes a good qunari ragnaros has also stood in for a qunari the various tre manor orcs have also gotten use as darkspawn
  5. how many months would you need to pay to equal the cost of just buying the show?
  6. Found a giant spider in the shower this morning. Bigger than a quarter from mouth to back end, little less than 2 inches from foot to foot. No idea how it got in the bathroom, or where it came from.
  7. Watching the cowboys get beat. Finished painting the two minis I had to get done this month
  8. fiber reinforced panels?
  9. question, do roadies count as in attendance?
  10. Weird spellings are not new. My dad and I have a last name that is spelled different than grandpa's last name because grandpa was tired of being told his name is spelled wrong, and made sure his kids had their name spelled the way teachers kept telling him his was supposed to be spelled. (Great grandpa spoke only Russian when he went through Ellis Island, the clerk spoke only English, we are lucky they got as close to right as they did)
  11. oh hey, koshei the deathless! as a companion. well, that's weird. wasn't ilya muromets the hero of that MST3K movie with the sampo?
  12. is that a fox, dressed to hunt fox?
  13. After sandy they had a bunch of problems with houses with wet wires having the power turned back on. They delayed switching it back on in certain neighborhoods until electricians could go house by house because they were worried about fires.
  14. a bunch of things.
  15. agggg! I have a tech problem where I can figure out how to stop it, but I can't figure out why it happened in the first place.
  16. it is 1:30. I just got to my desk for the first time today
  17. At my favorite assignment of the year. Paramedic science graduation/pinning. Another 7 of them just got their credentials.
  18. I am less worried about monetization, and more worried about abuses like it being scooped up via national security letter, and rolled into an identification database. same as I worry about the wide spread use of fingerprints as unlock codes for phones. but yes, unless it is being used specifically for medical diagnosis and then destroyed, the existence of a full sequence of my DNA seems like a bad risk.
  19. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/80076/latest/80076 has no pictures or tags
  20. Live

    I was not going to back this, but they had me at pufferfish critters.
  21. companies who's resin I like: forgeworld, anvil industries, scribor, arena rex, raging heroes (1st kickstarter), mantic (plague generation1s), on the lamb companies who's resin I have had problems with: mantic (enforcer monowheel bike, resin was excessively brittle, master was not properly cleaned before mold making), raging heroes (Kickstarter 2, extremely hydrophobic, brittle, far too thin for the material), defiance games (hydrophobic), Prodos (was not properly set, multiple mold half misalignment issues) Interestingly enough there are several companies who are on both lists. This is why I really want to know what mix is being used on an individual model by model basis.
  22. slightly burn the outside then drop the heat so the middle cooks slower. I have no idea how you accomplish that on bacon given how thin it is
  23. That seems much closer. My plan is more like this
  24. wrong hammer! though now I may need to add "the mc the ends the world" to the pile of crazy future antagonist pile.
  25. so... anyone know of a good technique for doing animal prints on clothes? because The eschers kind of need terrible zebra, and leopard prints on their clothes.