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  1. Oriental Pulp Minis

    Continuing my work on a friend's collection of Pulp themed miniatures has led me into his Oriental area. I decided to start off with the big bad himself, the wise old mastermind. From the very start I knew he'd have to be wearing golden robes. I'll be freehanding an oriental dragon on the chest, as well as doing something with the scroll... I just don't know what at this point.
  2. Paint Over Lunch - Learning Sketch Style

    Been working on my final color choices for the robo-lizard. Feels like I've lost a lot of contrast. Part of that is because I think I used too much white overall and didn't enforce broad contrast on each element. So I'll have to work to fix that using more standard techniques.
  3. Paint Over Lunch - Learning Sketch Style

    Last night I finished up the sketch, which means now I get to play with color! I've known since the beginning of this project that I've wanted the armor of the robo-lizard to be mostly red, which I have done a little shading on in some areas. I'm just not certain what other colors I want to use, so I'm open to suggestions if anyone wants to share. The only other thing that's certain is that the rider's cloak is going to use blue and white.
  4. Paint Over Lunch - Learning Sketch Style

    The sketching is nearly complete! Worked a lot over the weekend, because I'm really excited to start laying in the color. Drybrushing white on the tiny neck scales made it much easier to work on them. I'm going to hit the brightest spots with some titanium white tonight. One side has much higher value than the other. The lower value side will get a cooler mix of colors, as the main light source is coming nearly horizontally to the high value side. Now I'm trying to plan out the colors I want to use. From the beginning I've wanted the main scales of the robo-lizard to be red, so I'm thinking about a red, purple, and blue palette, but I'm not set on that, yet. I've got a plan for the cape, which will be white and blue, but there will be some special techniques involved to make it striking.
  5. Paint Over Lunch - Learning Sketch Style

    Haven't been able to paint on my lunch break the past couple of days, but was happily able to get back to it today! I switched off using the airbrush paint and am now using a white from Army Painter, which is much easier to work with. Only downside is that a tiny ball of paint likes to dry on the tip of my brush, so lots of extra cleanings are required. Tonight I'm going to carefully drybrush the edges of the myriad tiny plates beneath the neck of this creature. This will allow me to define them so I can see them easier.
  6. Paint Over Lunch - Learning Sketch Style

    @Kuche This was all done with a normal brush- I'm just using a white paint specifically marketed for airbrushing.
  7. Paint Over Lunch - Learning Sketch Style

    Remembered to pack up my flow improver before heading to work today, which helped. I think the real issue with this white paint is just that it's pre-mixed for airbrushing, so it's additives are different than the normal Vallejo/other manufacturers I use. I only picked this paint because I've got a ton of it. And it will work perfectly for this learning project. I went back over a number of the panels to try and increase the contrast, as well as smooth it out a bit. I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of this.
  8. Ever since I saw the Painting Buddah video for Red Chaos Armor, I've wanted to try it. This St. Mark mini has been sitting in my collection since my very first CMON Expo 3 years ago, and I figured it would be the perfect piece to try this out on. So, after eating quickly I setup my mobile painting station in the breakroom where I work and got to sketching. I'm really happy with how it's gone so far, but I realized I need to bring my little pre-mixed bottle of flow improver for the white. I'm using an airbrush white- some random manufacturer Hobby Lobby carries. It's good, but dries a tad too quickly. Once I get everything done, the robo-drake will get glazes of red for the armor.
  9. Working on a commission for a friend of mine, painting up his collection of pulp era miniatures (most from PulpFigures). The latest batch are some Nazi Rocketeers! [/img]
  10. Then my job was successful :D
  11. Check the product page- they have numerous photos from multiple painters with various angles.
  12. This beautiful, and large, miniature has an interesting past that, for me, adds to its appeal. https://stonetowerreviewsblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/22/218/
  13. KaYo Miniatures - 28mm clown army

    While the basic premise is interesting, I see signs for concern. The art style has some inconsistencies in style and tone and I find the existence of only 2 design models odd. I can't get a good feel for how the rest of the figures will look as actual miniatures. The main website for the proprietor has a very small selection of work. Some is good looking but other pieces are so stylized with limited viewing angles that I can't get a feel for the quality. It's an interesting, but very niche idea.
  14. Cute Miniature Post-off

    Truly adorable: http://bit.ly/2jmf9JH <Moderators Warning (TaleSpinner)> The above link is to the KD Wet Nurse which is one of the most explicit minis ever conceived. It is definitely not a link you want to click at work or with kids near by.
  15. The Norseman Cometh

    This kit is going to be one of my contest entries for the upcoming CMON Expo next year. Finished assembly and priming the day before and was only able to spend an hour starting on the wood hull of the ship, but I think it's a promising start.