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  1. After having my thread in the 'Show Off' subforum taken down TWICE without explanation, I am not going to post here any longer.

    I have done nothing wrong, except post my work. Same as everyone else.

    I'm not sure why I'm being singled out but a number of my posts and threads have been deleted without any explanation or reasons why.


    Over the past year I've had 3 threads deleted without explanation, and I've had enough.

    Sorry Reaper forums, Ghool has left the building.

    1. Glitterwolf


      Ghool, I hate to see you go, love your work!

      Have you asked a mod?

      Maybe there is something in those particular threads that is against the rules?

      Nudity/Commercial Link/ Moving Gif???


      I think it can be solved if you talk to a mod.


      Hope it will be allright!

    2. Ghool


      I guess explaining what the model was painted for is a violation of the ToS, when I state the model was painted for raffle.


      I was just showing off and not really trying to drive anyone to my Patreon page.

      I didn't post links or anything, except the link to the video. So I really don't get why I'm seen as advertising when I'm just providing context.

    3. Ghool


      It's odd too, when the raffle for said model was already expired when I posted it.

      That's the rub.

  2. Specter Ops - Painted

    I paint up every board game that I can. One of these days I'll have to put up a gallery. Great stuff here as well.
  3. More Massive. More Darkness.

    About 90% of the longer videos are for Patrons only. But there's a LOT of them. Thanks for all the comments so far. I should have a few more things to post by next week.
  4. More Massive. More Darkness.

    A couple more of the roamers done. I have one more on the desk, but I also have a mob of 18 goblin archers staring me down. I'll probably get to those first.... Comments are always welcome.
  5. Massive Darkness - Overseer (Beholder)

    Both. A couple white highlights then a thick coat of gloss to bring out the shine.
  6. Low Troll & Fire Elemental

    Massive Darkness from CMoN. Thanks for the comments! The troll was primed white and then glazed with colour - turned out a bit more purple than I wanted.
  7. Ottlites are the best. But, if finances are a problem, simple high CRI LED bulbs (ie. daylight) work great in regular, cheap desk lamps. I use two of those and an Ottlite, though I plan on replacing everything with Ottlites eventually.
  8. Swamp Siren - First PP Minicrate Model

    Thanks for all the comments folks! I'll have a video for her base in a few weeks.
  9. One for my Patrons that is the first model from PP's Minicrate subscription model service. This one was a fun paint, and a pretty nice model. We'll see if they can maintain it!
  10. For those of you seeking to see more painted stuff by me, I don't always post it all. In fact, I hardly photograph even half of it. However, you can check my imgur account for regular uploads:



  11. Ghools' Painting Tips

    Quick Tip - Glazing Flesh: Basic Principles I've been asked about this a lot, and it would seem that busts are becoming very popular with the number of companies producing them now. Glazing skin and flesh is a hot topic right now, and this video will set you up with a few basic rules to follow when glazing different colours onto flesh. More videos covering these techniques, and introducing more complex concepts will follow.
  12. She must be really cold. Great stuff.
  13. Ghools' Painting Tips

    Forgot to post this one here: Quick Tip #68 - How to Paint a Colour: Burgundy Another installment in the How to Paint a Colour series, and this time it's that deep red that was so popular in the 1970's, Burgundy. This method, and these colours will give you a rich, deep burgundy with a muted pink for highlights. Use these colours if you want a more subdued feel and less pink on the highlights.