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  1. She must be really cold. Great stuff.
  2. Forgot to post this one here: Quick Tip #68 - How to Paint a Colour: Burgundy Another installment in the How to Paint a Colour series, and this time it's that deep red that was so popular in the 1970's, Burgundy. This method, and these colours will give you a rich, deep burgundy with a muted pink for highlights. Use these colours if you want a more subdued feel and less pink on the highlights.
  3. I'll show you... Brush priming. Brush varnishing.
  4. I so want to play on your gaming table....
  5. Nope. A zenithal prime with rattle cans, and then thin, semi-opaque paint over top. I should also mention that I paint for over 30 hours a week.
  6. Quick Tip #67 - How to Paint a Colour: White II More of a redux than anything, of my usual method for painting whites. This will get you a nice, creamy neutral white that can go with pretty much any colours. Demonstrated on the Twilight Knight promo for Wrath of Kings.
  7. Looks like it's a Tom Petty marathon today. I'm really starting to feel old when all of the rock icons I grew up with keep dying. RIP Tom.
  8. If you request the MSDS for a particular product, the producer, by law, has to provide them. I have done-so for all of the paints I use regularly and have not been refused by any company that produces them. So, the fact that no one publicizes what's in their paint, doesn't mean you can't find out. If you are in the hobby, it's worth your time to investigate any possible hazards and mitigate them. Nothing wrong with taking the time to make yourself as safe and toxin-free as possible. Remember at the end of every GI Joe episode? I also have my reservations about putting floor wax in my paint, whether it's proven to be toxic or not. As for the ingredients in Future...the monoethyl ether is toxic enough to be lethal when ingested. I wouldn't care to have that possibly be in my rinse cup. It's also worse when it can be inhaled, along with the phosphate, which can be carcinogenic when inhaled. I wouldn't squirt it out of your airbrush either.
  9. Craft paint + Airbrush is just asking for clogs, uneven sprays, and problems. Use something that has a finer pigment. Craft paint is not made, nor designed for airbrushing, and the pigments are far too coarse to get an even spray. As for Future Floor Finish? Think about what that's supposed to be used for. Then think about what acrylic medium is supposed to be used for. I personally don't care to expose myself to several unknown, and possibly toxic factors into my paint mix. So, I would avoid anything not specifically designed for the purpose. Future floor finish is for your floors, and it's produced through industrial chemical processes. I'd at the very least, get the MSDS sheets for it so you know what the chemicals used in the formula are, and their potential side effects. Or, you can just buy some matte medium and paint. I really don't get why anyone would still want to use chemical floor finishes for painting their models when so many other products specifically designed for the purpose are available. I might have suggested Future 20 years ago. But with what's available (non-toxically) today that's meant for mini painting, don't waste the time or money.
  10. Another one from Massive Darkness - the KS Exclusive Overseer. Which in reality is just a really alien-looking Beholder.
  11. My kid is dictating what order to paint the monsters in. So, there's no real rhyme or reason to anything I finish, aside from making my kid happy. This one took a little longer than the other speed paints, due to the white carapace. I think this was closer to the 8-10 hour range. Comments, critique, etc, are always enjoyed and welcomed.
  12. Painting it removed the creepy-factor for my kid. He was creeped out by it when it was unpainted. Weird.
  13. Thanks everyone! I did a live stream with this model where I show you how to utilize zenithal priming for speedy results.
  14. Another speed paint of around 3 hours including the base.
  15. The last three series 7's have done this to me. Simply after rinsing the factory 'crisper' off the brush, it has immediately split. The third lasted about a week before it also split. It could be humidity, or it could be the glue. I haven't had this happen in over a decade of using Series 7's until now, and it's happened repeatedly enough that I think it's a QC issue. Or, they have switched to cheaper manufacturing methods. I'm finding the series 7's to be quite hit and miss of late. I've switched to the Citadel Artificer line, and they seem to hold up well. Even with my abusive nature toward my brushes, one of these will last for about 3 months of constant use (about 30-40 hours per week of painting). The W&N's last not even half as long anymore.