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  1. The busts from the base game of Kaosball. It is the latest in my 'Grab a Game and Paint Everything in the Box' projects. I have done this so far with 5 other board games and is a fun way to motivate myself to get more stuff painted.
  2. Quick Tip #65 - How to Paint a Colour: Yellow II An extension and expansion of the How to Paint a Colour series, wherein I demonstrate another method for painting yellow. This method will give the painter a richer, fuller, and deeper toned yellow than the first video.This is my preferred method for painting yellow, simply for the richness of tone and saturation you can achieve.
  3. I was painting today, and switched on everything to see how it performed. Live Stream Test
  4. I've been putting it through the ringer. I paint at least an hour a day, and it has lasted with a super point for the past two weeks. The quality seems higher than the W&N though. For the price, I might just switch to prevent the hit and miss quality.
  5. A little late to the party, but Here you go.
  6. Love those bases!
  7. I've recently tried the Citadel Artificer line of brushes that GW just released. Let me say that I am very impressed. It is comparable to a W&N or a Raphael. The point is sharp, doesn't split, and is made from very soft kolinsky. I didn't have high hopes and I bought a series 7 at the same time. The W&N has already split and is already being a PITA. The Citadel brush has kept it's point and lays paint on smooth as silk. They cost a few more bucks than the W&N, but are definitely worth the price. I never thought I would ever say it, but GW has made a brush for high end painters that's actually high end! The snap is slightly less than a W&N and is comparable to a Raphael.
  8. The problem with blacks, or any deep colour, is that they are very difficult to photo. In order for the highlighting to show up in the light box, it needs to be really stark, and almost white. I think if you added some pin-point highlights on the tops of the folds, creases and edging, you'd get a lot more pop and visibility in the light box. If you just take it that one step further, it'll be easier to photo, and will look less flat from a distance.
  9. Fixed all those broken links!
  10. I went for an anime look and maximum contrast to draw more attention to the face. First time I've ever painted green hair though.
  11. I'll relink them later this morning.
  12. One I painted just for video material and for funsies. I had this model kicking around for over 2 years, and I finally made the decision to paint it up. Working on improving my NMM still, and seem to making steps in the right direction. Nice model except for the assembly. I've been told that pictures showing an exposed buttocks aren't allowed. So, here's the links to said naked bottom pictures.
  13. Quick Tip #64 - How to Paint Hair: Anime Blue Another video to add to the 'How to Paint Hair' series, with this installment providing a demo for an Anime Blue, as found on many Infinity and Soda Pop Miniatures models. I demo on the Authorized Bounty Hunter for Infinity this time around.
  14. A Bonus for today.Just so everyone who's not a Patron knows what they're missing. Painting Guide - Realistic Troll Flesh An in-depth painting guide on how I managed to get the look on the flesh for the Blood Bowl Troll. Some unorthodox colour mixtures were used to achieve this effect, as I was going for a more subdued scheme and feel. Since the face was beautifully sculpted, I felt a more realistic approach would enhance the sculpt and details. All paints used in this video are Formula P3 from Privateer Press unless stated otherwise. Base - 50/50 Mix of Khardic Flesh + Cryx Bane Highlight Shade 1 - pure Thornwood Green Shade 2 - pure Cryx Bane Base Highlight 1 - Mix of Thrall Flesh, Cryx Bane Highlight, and Midlund Flesh in roughly equal proportions. Highlight 2 - pure Ryn Flesh Final Glaze - Sanguine Base The final glaze can be placed anywhere blood rises to the surface of the skin (nose, ears, elbows, knees, toes, fingers), or to provide expression and emphasis of emotion (nose, ears, cheeks, eyes, lips, knuckles).
  15. Quick Tip #63 - Flat Panel Blending This is a quick video that demonstrates both two brush blending, and a little bit of wet blending to get a smooth transition from one colour to the next. In this case, it's an easy transition most beginner, and intermediate painters can handle as red, orange and yellow are fairly easy to blend. Blue, greens, or browns will be even easier if painters are wanting to practice with colours that are even more forgiving.