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  1. Ghool

    A Few Cars for Gaslands

    A few more finished:
  2. Ghool

    Massive Darkness - High Troll

    There will be a couple videos releasing covering the flesh, face, and hair in a few weeks. Thanks for the comments folks!
  3. Ghool

    Massive Darkness - High Troll

    One from the base box.
  4. Ghool

    MiniCrate #1 - Swamp Siren (Try #2)

    Nice catch. I painted them separately, so it's not really that surprising. It's one of those things you don't notice until some one mentions it.
  5. Ghool

    A Few Cars for Gaslands

    That's what happens when an 8 year old tells you what to put on there. I really should put some mud or something on those.....
  6. Ghool

    A Few Cars for Gaslands

    Converting toy cars is way more fun than it should be. My kid is loving it more than me - something about modding his Hot Wheels into Mad Max cars I guess.
  7. I've painted this one before. But, as we often do, I learned from my mistakes on the first one. I am much happier with this one, and I assume the recipient will be as well.
  8. Ghool

    60082 - Vordakai, Cyclops Lich

    There's a bunch on my channel. Just check the 'Basing' playlist. My bases are deceptively easy to do. There really isn't much to it - cork, sand, owl, mushrooms, stick, grass tufts, bush clumps. And paint of course.
  9. Ghool


    Great conversions! I need to post a few of mine.
  10. Ghool

    60082 - Vordakai, Cyclops Lich

    Thanks for the comments folks. I hope the recipient is happy with it.
  11. Ghool

    60082 - Vordakai, Cyclops Lich

    I'd say what this was for. But, I'll avoid that, as the mods seem to think I'm trying to drive traffic elsewhere, whenever I mention why I painted certain models. And I really don't care to have another topic deleted because I'm providing context for the model. He was bigger than I expected, and the base was so big, I had to do something interesting. The Owl is also a Reaper fig. From one of the Familiar packs I do believe.
  12. Ghool

    Lord Tusk for Massive Darkness

    Or should we say, Lord Sans-Tusk since one has to sculpt his tusks back on due to manufacturing being unable to mold them on there. Ah well, pretty happy with the TMM and skin.
  13. Ghool

    A Bunch of Painted Stuff

    It's a speed paint and based off of the art. You're right though, some colour variation with some glazing would have worked nice. Thanks for all the comments so far.
  14. Ghool

    A Bunch of Painted Stuff

    Stuff I've painted recently.
  15. After having my thread in the 'Show Off' subforum taken down TWICE without explanation, I am not going to post here any longer.

    I have done nothing wrong, except post my work. Same as everyone else.

    I'm not sure why I'm being singled out but a number of my posts and threads have been deleted without any explanation or reasons why.


    Over the past year I've had 3 threads deleted without explanation, and I've had enough.

    Sorry Reaper forums, Ghool has left the building.

    1. Glitterwolf


      Ghool, I hate to see you go, love your work!

      Have you asked a mod?

      Maybe there is something in those particular threads that is against the rules?

      Nudity/Commercial Link/ Moving Gif???


      I think it can be solved if you talk to a mod.


      Hope it will be allright!

    2. Ghool


      I guess explaining what the model was painted for is a violation of the ToS, when I state the model was painted for raffle.


      I was just showing off and not really trying to drive anyone to my Patreon page.

      I didn't post links or anything, except the link to the video. So I really don't get why I'm seen as advertising when I'm just providing context.

    3. Ghool


      It's odd too, when the raffle for said model was already expired when I posted it.

      That's the rub.