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  1. I will never forget BadMotorfinger. Such a good album and such a great musician. This is a sad day for music. RIP.
  2. Some pigments are more chalk-y than others. The easiest solution is to thin them more and apply in more layers. Alternately you can thin chalky paints with a 20% flow release/aid solution.
  3. Quick Tip #57 - Basing: Lava Pool New this evening.
  4. How to Paint Gemstones
  5. Yes. It releases in 3 weeks. I just cover the armour though. Just a sharp Xacto blade for the resin bits and a standard file for the metal. You'd be surprised what you can hide with paint..... I am a firm believer that anyone can master the technical ability required to paint minis. All it takes is practice. Just be persistent and you can paint to whatever level you desire.
  6. Couple things for Patrons: Anson Durst: Zaal:
  7. I'm making some changes and improvements for Patrons. Go take a look.
  8. I'm waiting for my Massive Darkness pledge to arrive so I can demo zenithal priming and 'juicing' the model a la Thomas David. It's a great method for getting quick and yet high quality results. I did a written article 6 years ago Here. I have a naked man and woman coming from Uncle Mike soon, which will feature in some flesh and hair videos. As for wider variety of models featured? Already taken care of.
  9. That's one I should re-shoot with some better models. I need to get some near-nude models for the flesh tutorials methinks. Seems the best way to demonstrate. Anyways, don't go into it with high expectations.
  10. We all hate our first work. That's just the way it goes. Nobody is awesome right out of the gate. Nobody. We all sucked at some point. Maybe this will make you feel better: First mini with acrylics: Last week's mini:
  11. Your brushes are too small for your humidity levels. Environment plays a major factor in how your brushes perform and how the paint behaves. If the paint is drying on your brush whilst painting, it's too small. I don't use anything smaller than a 1, and a 2 for blending. My humidity levels are around 60 - 80% daily. It's something to look at and consider - it could be that the air itself is causing the brush to dry out and lose the natural moisture in the hairs. Which then results in a crappy tip that no longer goes to a point. The bigger brushes have an easier time retaining that moisture. You could also try conditioning your brush after painting, and see if that helps. Honestly though? It sounds like you have really low humidity and your brushes aren't performing well more because of the environment than anything you're doing wrong. EDIT: Seeing you're in Florida, it's more likely the heat - a bigger brush should fix that, except you'll just have to practice more with it. Expect the first few tries to be sloppy. I always suggest going with a bigger brush - the biggest you can handle, and are most comfortable with.
  12. I'm going to try again here, and just leave a link to my channel. I have almost 100 videos at this point, and have covered a lot of stuff. Production is improving with each video. I'm a one man operation whom started filming about a year ago. So, you will realize very quickly that the newer videos are much clearer, more in-camera, and concise. Patrons are 3 weeks ahead of the regular release schedule. I release a new video every week. Ghools' Channel
  13. Works great for water and lava. You just need to paint over it.
  14. With a piece of non-fraying synthetic cloth slathered with lib balm. Press it into the soft putty and voila! Instant cloth weave. A bandage wrapped around your finger also works.
  15. Harrison Gibbs for Warmachine. I went with purple to focus more on his Laelese nature. And as a result of the need for complimentary colour contrast, the cat ended up orange.