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  1. Sanwah

    Hagglethorn Hollow

    I am also really hoping they rethink the stl file concept...postage could be an absolute killer on this one.
  2. Sanwah

    Sunshine Figures

    Yeh, the estimated shipping to Australia is more than the bust itself. Reaaly puts a damper on the excitement.
  3. Sanwah

    Hagglethorn Hollow

    It is absolutely stunning...I will be having a peek when it goes live. Somehow, I don't think it is going to be cheap.
  4. Sanwah

    Atlantis Miniatures Ogres

    We went in their Dwarves KS. They are very nice minis, and were delivered on time.
  5. Sanwah

    Reapercon Figures for Non-Con goers?

    Living in Australia means that going to Reapercon is something that is like a dream...but at least the Reapercon Swag bag gives me a feeling of being there. I try to get it every year. I was trying to work out if the swag bag comes out after Reapercon *crosses fingers*, and others in my gaming group want the Sophie and the Witch, are all three of those items available at the same time on the website. It sounds like Sophie and the Swag Bag (if available) would cross over, and Sophie and the Witch would cross over, but not necessarily all three, unless the witch gets released in metal fairly cose to Reapercon's end, when any Swag Bags are up. I can manage others' expectations that way.
  6. Sanwah

    Reapercon Figures for Non-Con goers?

    So dumb question time, is the Dreadmere witch a metal release or a resin one?? And Swag bag??
  7. Looking at the lovely Sophie and the Dreadmere witch, if you are not going to Reapercon, are they available for purchase sometime. If so, is it a limited time? And, second query, are they both in the Swag bag, and will the bags be available for non-con goers?
  8. Sanwah

    Raging Heroes: Dark Elves and Sisters

    Don't feel bad. Their first kickstarter was good. The minis are great and they were delivered on time. Still very challenging to put together, but otherwise nice. As for this one....
  9. Sanwah

    Raging Heroes: Dark Elves and Sisters

    Make that 5
  10. Sanwah

    Kings of War: Vanguard

    I wish they were more active in the comments. I am interested in the Northern Alliance for a KOW army and asked for an ETA on the book...but no reply. Guess I will just have to guess what I need.
  11. Sanwah

    Kings of War: Vanguard

    So...I am confused. If i just want the Northern Alliance is it only available in the $150 pledge?
  12. Just went looking at White tigers....may be possible. This is not going to be a quick process...I have a lot going on at the moment and not a lot of spare time to paint
  13. So I am going to do this crazy thing: Dragon: Deathsleet Colours: Pure White, Lemon Yellow and Orange Brown Challange: 3 star WIP thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/77883-rainbow-dragon-challenge-a-sanwah-production/
  14. So all the cool kids have one of these threads, even my 14 year old daughter has beat me to the punch....so here goes: Dragon: Deathsleet Colours: Colour 1: Pure White Colour 2: Lemon Yellow Colour 3: Orange Brown Shame it isn't the other way round...then he could be a tiger dragon....but alas, not to be. I am going to try for the three star, but we will see. Now off to boil up a dragon.....
  15. Don't blame me...you jumped into this hole all by yourself....