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  1. Mine are all sorted into ziplock baggies by type, and then the baggies put into a IKEA storage box. The boxed stuff into a different storage box. There is still room in the boxes, so I think I am all set.
  2. Fulfilling

    As a wave 1 Australian it will be interesting to see what the time difference is between the USA wave 1 shipping notice and mine. I suspect mine will potentially be a lot later. My friends also have a wave 4 and a wave 10, be interesting to see if wave 1 gives me any advantage
  3. Fulfilling

    Got my notice for it to wing its way across the ocean
  4. They have revealed a new stretch goal, a Phoenix. The concept art is very cool, and I am hoping the sculpt is revealed before the may just push me over the edge into pledging.
  5. Fulfilling

    Update to mine: I was missing a figure, and asked for a refund...turned around in 24 hours, even though they are meant to be on holidays. Impressive response.
  6. Fulfilling

    I just got mine here in Australia....very nice. Though a little disappointed that they didn't come in boxes, but thanks to Balgin over in the KS comments I could work out I had all the sprues. I am missing the Dragon Rider I have ordered, but have emailed them and am pretty confident of getting that all sorted. Now to wait til the next KS.
  7. As for miniatures, I am still hopeful for non-prepainted character figures from Reaper, though, I am less worried about starships. I am interested to see how the starship combat plays out.
  8. My understanding is that it is being badged as Science fantasy, and Paizo is quoted as wanting it to be to Sci fi what Shadowrun was to Cyberpunk. If you wanting pure Sci Fi, I agree, this probably isn't for you. I personally am excited for it. basically, what happens to a world with Magic available after a few millennia, you still have magic, but you have technology as well.
  9. And what the paint jobs are going to be like as they are all pre paints
  10. Fulfilling

    Woohoo...Just got mine here in Australia
  11. Ironically the closest figure that I can find to a Vesk was a Reaper Banquet figure that I have at home, but cannot find a picture online
  12. It is the Vesk in particular that I cannot find a decent substitute for. There are many Reptilian races out there, but they all have long crocodilian noses/muzzles. Nothing seems to have the short iguana-faced look of the art.
  13. So with the announcement of the new RPG is there going to be official support from Reaper? Unlike Pathfinder, where a lot of general fantasy minis can be used, it is going to be difficult to find representations of some of the announced Core races. It would be nice if Reaper could get some general PC minis of the more unusual races out there.
  14. I am in hospital with a minor surgery, but with a midnight start for us Australians , my husband has been given his instructions :)