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  1. Live

    They have commented that you can get a $1 pledge then add on what you wish from the add-on section.
  2. Live

    Just for info, Eric Mona's title is publisher. He is pretty high up the tree at Paizo, just under the two owners, Lisa Stevens and Vic Wertz.
  3. Love the whole look. I am planning on stealing the way you have put the colours throughout the body when I do mine...eventually
  4. Complete all zones,

    I also got a blob face.

    Mmmm...3am for I get up, grab the core then sort it later, or just grab whatever is available when I get up....decisions, decisions.

    If it is anything like the last three Bones KS, Reaper doesn't do early birds that give you a discount, but the earlier you pledge, the earlier you ship. Depending where you are situated in the world, be aware that the wave shipping has broken down for the ROW backers in nearly every shipping period.
  7. Woo hoo....and a Happy Birthday I did have!! I got a test tube agitator, otherwise known as a paint shaker, from my husband....much paint shaking in my future :)
  8. Complete all zones,

    I now have all three of my pledges in the house....yay. have done an initial audit and currently only one miscast. Haven't dry fitted all the multi-part beasties yet however.
  9. That is a cool looking concept. Cool as a male, would be even cooler as a female :)
  10. Complete all zones,

    Though some AU orders have gone out and the tracker is not showing them, so it is broken somewhere.

    Or as my daughter calls them...gerbil bats. We also have to play Ride of the Valkyries whenever they hit the table. Back on subject, I am hopeful for some of the Alien Starfinder races.
  12. Complete all zones,

    Aussie here, got my Wave 10 email for shipping. However, not my wave 1 :) Looks like the distributor is going backwards in wave order. Maybe that is how the container was packed..
  13. Complete all zones,

    I personally have split my order into 3 separate orders to make sure I was under the duty amount as customs use the exchange rate on the day of arrival to calculate the taxes, and who knows what the exchange rate is going to look like a year out. I would think that most Aussie backers with large orders would do the same.
  14. Complete all zones,

    It actually doesn't work that way for Aussies, we don't currently pay import fees for anything under $1K. Though that is set to change in the near future. So for the Aussies, we have paid premium for fast postage in wave order, and instead got a slow boat in non-wave order.
  15. Pre-launch

    And may also be waiting for all the pledges to be posted....says the Wave 1 Aussie....