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  1. Father Dagon

    That is superb!
  2. 77185 Large Earth Elemental

    Thirded! Awesome work on the crystals.
  3. Invisible Hobbit

    Wow, this is nothing short of AMAZING!
  4. 77580: Ma'al Drakar (pic heavy)

    Wow, that is really something extra. I'm stunned. Marvelous work!
  5. IMEF Troopers

    Nice! I love how you've made the figures really pop despite a simple paint scheme. Really well done!
  6. Grey Maidens

    Brilliant! I especially love the crisp work on the armor.
  7. Eyebeast - 77043

    Lovely! Best laugh I had all day :)
  8. Kev!'s Eyebeast Conversion

    Shoot, that is one scary critter!
  9. 02539 Silver Dragon

    Oh, clean! Very nice vibrant red.
  10. Ogre Guard 77456

    Wow, those colors popped through the screen and nearly knocked some of my teeth out. That is an amazing paint job!
  11. 03477, Brain Horror

  12. Northstar Skeletons

    Ohh, crisp and menacing. Great job!
  13. 77593: Fire Giant Jailor as Horned Devil

    Holy smokes, that's awesome! My favorite version of this mini I've seen.
  14. 77564: Shub-Niggurath, Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young

    Nice! Great color selection. Will probably take a sneak look at this when I paint my own.