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  1. Patrik Strom

    A late 2018 summary

    They're the "Warriors of the dead" from Games Workshop. I just love low hanging fruit and ghosts are about as low hanging as they come. Prime white and then apply a few washes of green or blue (depending on your preference). Base and then you're done. The fastest 24 miniatures that I ever painted :D I do plan to purchase another batch sometime and paint them as more corporeal. I think they would fit nicely as a unit of Draugr.
  2. Patrik Strom

    A late 2018 summary

    It's been a while since I posted a "Show off" thread (almost two years). I've been "on again, off again" and only managing to finish miniatures sporadically. Although, I hope to rectify that and increase my production in 2019. Starting with a late summary picture of last years haul.
  3. Patrik Strom

    03792: Krass Omenthrall, Evil Warrior

    He looks like a force to be reckoned with. I've had my doubts about this figure but seeing this paint job I'll have to reconsider.
  4. Patrik Strom

    Wizkids Owlbear

    It looks really pissed off. I love it!
  5. That's just not fair :) I wish I could produce repaints like this. Especially at just 2 hours. Not fair. Not fair at all :)
  6. Patrik Strom

    07011: Borin Ironbrow

    Stellar work! I really like the warm tone of the skin. I'm not really in the market for another dwarf fighter but I keep seeing nice paintjobs like this kind of make me want one :)
  7. Patrik Strom

    Several misc minis from December 'break'...

    I went from "Oooo", to "OOOooo" to "OOOOOO!" as I scrolled down the pictures. Splendid work!
  8. Patrik Strom

    Tips for small scale basing

    Oh, cool. I'll give it a try. Thanks! Eat it as it might be beer?
  9. Patrik Strom

    Tips for small scale basing

    I thought that was for snow. Does it work for bushes as well?
  10. Patrik Strom

    Tips for small scale basing

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll see if I can some material that works. I was thinking that maybe bits of the foam cushion that come with some miniatures could work to represent bushes?
  11. Hi! I'm hoping to the set of miniatures that come with the board game Scythe (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/169786/scythe), but I've run into a potential problem. I'm usually not that concerned with basing. My normal method includes filling the base with glue, dipping it in sand and letting it dry, base with a brown color, darken with ink and then drybrush. Then I add a few tuffs of static grass. Sometimes I add a few rocks made out of cork as well. This will work with the "hero" miniatures, but I'm afraid the static grass will look wierd with the mech miniatures. As they are supposed to be rather big I'm worried that the static grass will make them look rather tiny. I'm going to add a few rocks to the bases to avoid the monotony of just a inked and drybrushed sand base, but I'm afraid it's not going to be enough. I think I can try something with snow for the Nordic Kingdom mechs but the others are up in the air. Anyone got any suggestions or neat tricks?
  12. Patrik Strom

    77472: Rogaku, Oni

    Excellent paint job! I love the contrasts and the overall dark tone. I suffer from that as well. It's really hard to overcome :)
  13. Patrik Strom

    HCU: 77544: Frost Giant Bodyguard

    Oh, that's some gorgeous colors! And I pity that farm...
  14. Patrik Strom

    77614: Skorg Ironskull, Fire Giant King

    The cloak looks awesome!
  15. Patrik Strom

    Frost Giant 77544

    Oh, that is so cool!