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  1. 03584: dar dimplefoot, halfling thief

    Can't see the whole figure but the hands betray that there some killer skin tones going on with this miniature!
  2. 02712, Eyebeast on custom base

    Wow, that's the best version of the eye beast I've seen. Wonderful and terrifying!
  3. Grenadier Troll

    Cool, he looks like he's ready to rock the hell out of a hotel room :)
  4. 60053 - Blackjack

    I second the praise for the pants and the eyes!
  5. Cadirith, colossal spider

    Love it! To me the added grass makes it look like some primordial demon has risen from the heart of a dark corrupted forest.
  6. Barrow Warden Lord #03653

    Mind sharing a bit of that groove? :) I'd love results like these :) Great stuff all around but I especially like the skin

    Nice! I've had my eyes on that sculpt for a while. (I hope that the upsetting news works out)
  8. Dwarf and a Revenant (pic heavy)

    That's a great expression on the Dwarf's face. Well done!
  9. 03386 Thorvald Dwarf Hero

    You better have a degree otherwise this isn't remotely fair :) Great work!
  10. Rivani iconic psychic

    Stunning! I'm in awe of anyone who has the eye and the bravery to raise the highlights like that. I myself always chicken out way to early and never get results like this.
  11. "Wrong Turn"

  12. 60182: Hakon, Iconic Skald

    Oh, nice skin and leather!
  13. Ironhammer took the Random Rainbow Dragon Challenge

    Excellent! I especially love the claws, teeth and eyes. Very menacing.
  14. 77313: Hill Giant Krug

    "Krug very pleased with pristine paint job" - Krug, Hill Giant.
  15. Cyr didn't nitpick! A treasure chest.

    Those coins look ace!