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  1. 02476: Lorna the Huntress

    This is the second time I have painted this particular model, and I really like how she came out this time. The original concept was of a huntress (druid like) living on the tundra with her wolf companion. She would be using endure elements as part of her morning ritual, and lived very simply. The base was originally going be a tundra style with some bits of snow, but I adjusted it slightly. I see her more from the southern steppes, from a place called the Crimson Plains. Its name comes from a blood battle that last fifteen straight days, and permanently stained the ground a reddish tint. As always, C&C is welcomed. Enjoy! CAH
  2. Question about cases.

    Indeed! Thank you so much! CAH
  3. Question about cases.

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place for this, and if needs to be moved I understand. Recently I purchased the box set of Mouselings (amazing!!!) and it got me wondering. The case that they came in would make a great transport for minis, and I was wondering if these boxes are for sale as blanks. I looked around the store, but I didnt see them. Thanks! CAH
  4. 14082: Margara, Dwarf Mage painted as Raegan, the Runecaster

    No, not magic lol. I use a small, low heat hair dryer to dry the layers quickly. It helps me paint metal pieces a little faster. It was almost 3hrs. CAH
  5. Bertand, Collin, Alfred, & Dwarf Halbredier

    Nice! Looks like an adventuring party ready to set out and seek their fame and fortune! CAH
  6. A piece I did today in between working on a commission piece I have going. Excluding the priming, she has about 2-3 hours in her. My wife picked the colors to represent one of her characters from WarHammer Fantasy. She's a female Runecaster. This is also one of my favorite models. I tried to catch the expression in her face. The hammer and chisel are magic; hammer being cold steel, and the chisel being mithril. As always, C&C is welcomed! Thanks and enjoy! CAH
  7. Hrmm... This could be fun. I will have to check and see if my FLGS has one in stock as well. CAH
  8. Maledrakh's 77198 Barrow Rats

    Ok.. These are sufficiently gross. I particularly like the blends in the skin tones. I feel like I need a vaccination just to look at them! Nice job on them! CAH
  9. Bones and the table top..

    I have been gaming for a vast majority of my life. I've played everything from WarHammer to D&D, and many things in between. In my younger years, before I had actual bills and living expenses, doling out cash for the latest model for whatever table top I happened to be into was not big deal. As an adult, I found myself less willing to part with substantial amounts of money for game pieces. That being said, I have found a love in the Bones sets that Reaper has put out. They are easily modded, and wonderful to paint, and the price!! Don't get me started. In my current Table top game, D&D, I have purchased and painted all of the characters for my players. Each of the players are metal models from Reaper. All of my monsters and NPCs are Bones models, with a couple of exceptions that came from other board games like Zombicide Black Plague or Descent. My players love having painted models on the table, and I feel like it allows them to be more invested in the game. I have even found myself, more recently, looking through the Bones models and building encounters in my cart online. The, I purchase and paint them up, so they are ready for the game. So I was wondering, with all of the talent on these forums, how many of you use the Reaper minis for games (other than the Reaper games like WarLord)? Do you use them for RPGs? Do you ever have trouble finding a mini that suits your needs as a character or monster? CAH
  10. 03789: Townfolk of Dreadmere - Fishwife & Crone

    Very clean work, and though I like all the pieces, I am particularly fond of the wet/slimy look of the fish and such in the barrel. Overall, wonderfully done! CAH
  11. 77113 - Eldritch Demon

    I was inspired by the Elder Signs from the game. Thanks!! CAH
  12. When Namil took ascended to the Order's highest rank, he blanketed himself with followers who held to what he believed the Order should be. Bastian was not one of them. Because he would not bend, he was sentenced to death. With the aid of another in his order, he managed to escape. Being framed for the murder of his friend, and dishonored in his homeland, Bastian set fell into despair. He wandered the land, lost and searching for something to help him redeem his honor, and clear his name. It was an old Dwarf name of Faenon who be his salvation. Now, he travels with Feanon as a friend and companion, renewing his vow of service before self. Bastian Oakstrong The WIP can be found on my facebook page here. CAH
  13. 77113 - Eldritch Demon

    Thanks. Previously, on a piece this size, I would paint him up with base colors, then use heavy amounts of washes to get the skin tones. This time I used layers of paint, thinned out. I am really happy with the result, but I still have some work to do to get it just right. CAH
  14. "Graveyard Beauty" Reaper: 14131, Elsabeth

    The cool palette of this piece is amazing. The blending and shading are great! Awesome work! I really like it! CAH
  15. 77113 - Eldritch Demon

    I've seen this mini painted many times, often in a green or purplish color scheme. I decided to go with something that I felt was a little more underwater like. His skin is very muddy, and I tried to stay away from the typical greens. I did, however, end going with some green on him, and I feel like he came out really well. This was also my first time using Reaper Brown Liner. I am addicted! There is a full WIP on my CoolAliasHere Miniatures facebook page. As always, C&C is welcome. PS - still not sure what I am going to do with the base, so for now it's must painted as a bit of burned stone. CAH