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  1. Really? You must not look at prices for figures this size, cause the price they're charging for these is actually pretty reasonable. At 25% they'd be ~$10, and that's what most of the boutique 28mm figures are going for (Darksword/Bombshell etc).
  2. I'm in for all 8 plus the book and bases. I'm really hoping that we make the 15% coupon for a year! It may be interesting to compare between the Spanish and American site, because right now with the Euro where it is, the base cost of the figures in Spain is significantly less expensive than the US site. Have to play with it and see how it evens out with the shipping...
  3. Fulfilling

    Release Mal'DRakar!!
  4. Live

    Yeah, think I'm safely going to be able to pass on this one.
  5. Fulfilling

    Forgot where I'd pledged so I had to go look. Wave four so ~ 7-8 days after shipping starts. Eh, it's been this long, another week isn't going to kill me (probably).
  6. Love it! I'm going to have to acquire one of these. Nice mix of colors on this guy.
  7. White is a tough color and you pulled it off very well. Love this guy.
  8. Love the work on the Kimono. That turned out great.
  9. Wow! What is this figure and where did you acquire it from?
  10. And now for something completely different! I like it.
  11. That's awesome! Great work on the conversions and, as usual, the paint work.
  12. Fulfilling

    I got two sets of the KS Mousllings in Power Armor to use playing Space Hulk.
  13. and it's live, and funded! I failed my will save and went for the full meal deal + book. I've been wanting to do a Wild West game for a while now, and I like the look of the figures. <sigh> Now to explain the charge when it appears on the card to the missus!
  14. Bwahaha! I love it!
  15. Love this figure! The face just pops out as soon as you see it, and the shading is top notch.