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  1. Mckenna35

    Let's ... errrr ... try ... airbrushing a garage kit

    FWIW, if you can get her apart and then paint her in sub-assemblies, I think you'll have a MUCH easier time painting this. At the very least, most folks leave the head and/or hair separate until everything is painted. I could see leaving some of the skirt panels off as well. Oc course it depends on what was used to assemble the figure before you got it. If it was super glue - no problem. 5 minute epoxy or something like that? Not really sure what would work as a debonder for that. Best wishes for success!
  2. Mckenna35

    77085 Townfolk Wench

    Awesome! The beer turned out especially nice.
  3. Got this out of Impact Miniatures last Kickstarter. The master was 3D printed, and then it was produced via spincast resin. Pretty much zero clean-up, although they use a pretty persistent mold release agent. I washed it with Dawn and scrubbed it pretty well. Primed it with Badger Stylynresin and had a bunch of areas where it flaked off with the slightest touch. Gave it another thorough bath & scrub and re-primed with Badger and this time it got a grip. Base coat and initial highlights are Tamiya paints applied via airbrush. Highlights and details are Reaper and Vallejo. Then tried out some Secret Weapon and Mig pigments. There's a spot near the back where you can tell it was a printed master because after i applied a wash it picked out the striations. After highlights you can't really see it. Some of the details lose crispness where parts merge i.e. the banding around the gas tanks isn't as sharply defined where it curves down in the back to meet the hull. All in all it's a pretty nice piece! First Chibi I've ever painted, and while I got inspiration from Odin's Chibi's for the eyes, I need a lot more practice to get them anywhere as nice as his!
  4. I went for the Bushidoge and Shogun Meow, Ninja's & a badge. Would have like more, but finances didn't allow for it at this time.
  5. Mckenna35

    Kristof65's new painting/gaming area

    Okay, THAT is one freaking cool rack! What a great way to organize triads! I was going to ask where you got it, and then read that you printed it. <sigh> I SO want a 3D printer! Cool work.
  6. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    I had five picked, then deleted them one by one. As soon as I took the last one out, the shipping charge went away. Weird...
  7. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    I went with Aruk'ka, Lisbeth, Loreen (+arm), Jynz & Zhoor. I was going to get the badges for them, but seeing the extra charges for shipping I changed my mind.
  8. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    Pledge manager showed up today. FWIW if you want to do add-ons, they're actually charging MORE than retail for the figures this time. List for most of the 75mm is 41.2 Euros, but 45 in the PM. List for the 35mm is ~10 but they're 12 in the PM. Also I added one arm and five of the badges and suddenly I was paying 8.3 Euros for shipping. Deleted the badges and shipping went back to zero. Just thought I'd let folks know.
  9. Mckenna35

    Impact Miniatures Chibi Siblings of Conflict

    Managed to JUST hit all the stretch goals. Nicely done folks! :)
  10. Alright, 50 hours to go - bring on the next stretch goal!
  11. 30mm Cowboy unlocked! Now on to the 2nd Dragon Summoner.
  12. Mckenna35

    Impact Miniatures Chibi Siblings of Conflict

    And Rosie is unlocked! Onwards to Nancy and whoever may lurk beyond!
  13. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    Well, I got the email announcing the project at 09:59 and backed at 10:15, so I'm pretty sure I was within the first 24 hours...
  14. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    Had to go back an check and I'm backer #14, so I should qualify as well.
  15. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    Just be aware that they WILL charge shipping if you add paints to your order.