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  1. Reaper DHL 02235 Vanessa Redstorm (mounted)

    FWIW, that horse has dark hooves, they're just covered in dust/dirt. Someone brushed the heck out of him and got him all shiny, and didn't clean the hooves, or he picked up that much dust on them walking through the gravel to get to the photo spot. I was going to take hoof pictures of my herd and realized last night that all of them have light colored hooves! For some reason I hadn't realized that until then.
  2. Fateslayer

    Interesting concept, but not my kind of ascetic, so I can safely pass on this one.
  3. Reaper DHL 02235 Vanessa Redstorm (mounted)

    Very nice job on the figure! FWIW, a general rule of thumb when it comes to horse hooves, is the hoof will be black/dk brown unless the fur above it is white, in which case it will be a light brown color. Interestingly enough, if the fur above the hoof is multi colored, the hoof will be as well, i.e. if the leg is black in the front and white in the back, the hoof will be dark in the front and light in the back. They can also be streaky. I have a black and white paint at home that has that.
  4. Holy vindicator

    I like the 5 o'clock shadow. Nice job!
  5. Too many projects?!

    Yeah those were pretty good basic books. You can find the information on the internet somewhere, but I still like to have a book to hand some days. I hate to think how many "projects" I have on hand right now! I basically have figures bought for armies, figures bought just to paint, and then there's ~500 models planes and tanks from 1/72 - 1/32 scale that are piled up for my retirement. At this point I don't even know how many figures I have that were bought for armies. If I had to guess I'd say it's north of 500 (which is down a LOT since I got out of GW and Privateer Press games). I know I have 137 figures, ranging from 54mm up 1/4 scale, that I own just to paint. I also know I have a ton of plastic & resin 54mm or 1/35 scale figures that were picked up for dioramas and to augment models, but I have no idea how many of them I have. There's a couple of big plastic totes in the garage that are full of them though! I may have a problem...
  6. Mother of Dragons

    I like a number of thing, but after the holidays I just didn't HAVE the cash.
  7. Hot & Dangerous

    Went to check on my KS order and it showed 'unpaid' which is odd. Contacted them and they A) told me it was an error on their part and B) that they should have all girls on hand early next week and should start shipping ASAP once that happened. Yay!
  8. Dragon's Don't Share - 77381 (Photo heavy!!)

    Excellent job and I compliment you for NOT using gray for the stone work!
  9. Mother of Dragons

    Yeah, I like this, but the mechanical nature of the base doesn't "feel" right. I'm really tempted by the 1/24 scale one, but at this point it'll have to wait till after Christmas to see how the finances lay out (especially since the European KS don't seem to like Discover cards).
  10. Hot & Dangerous

    Anyone received anything out of this yet? One of the updates stated they were shipping orders for figures they'd finished. I'm still waiting for Jackie to get sculpted then all of the girls I ordered will be finished. Given the wait for the last sculpt, Holiday mail crush, and two week delivery time from Europe, I'm not expecting to get my order until the beginning of next year at this point.
  11. Happy Birthday Mckenna35 !!!

    Thanks! Work, then hold horses for the farrier! Whee.... Going out for dinner at our favorite restaurant afterwards so that should be pleasant!
  12. Bombshell Miniatures Morihalda bust

    I added shots of the back in the same orientation (I think) so 1=1. etc.
  13. I've had a chunk of antler sitting in my drawer of basing materials for years, waiting for the right figure to use it on. I recently acquired the Bombshell Miniature Morihalda bust, and inspiration stuck! The antler was cut at a weird angle but I was able to use a hacksaw and a miter box to square off the top. I have the dilemma of trying to figure out a) the right orientation of the bust to the base, and b) if I want to fare in the bust pedestal to the antler using green stuff. I plan on putting a couple of pins in her base, and then matching sockets in the antler. I figure I can blank off the top of the antler with shrink wrap and then do the sculpting work (if I choose to pursue that) which would enable me to separate them again for priming/painting purposes. Anyway, I've come to you brave forumites for advice! I've got four pictures attached showing the four possible orientations of the bust/antler. Let me know which one you think is the most appealing choice! I'm partial to #3 myself, but my wife likes #4.
  14. Greebo Games Legacy Vault

    You beat me to it! Now we have Hannibal and Ash, it'll be interesting to see what comes next!
  15. What is the case in the Swag Bags?

    I got my swag bag in the mail, and there's the long hard plastic case as part of the goodies. I meant to look up the manufacturer online last night and spaced it. Anyway, what is this thing designed to hold?