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  1. I've looked at this figure and felt pretty 'meh" about it. After seeing how you did her I'm actually interested in picking up a copy. Nice work.
  2. After all the medical issues I started the year with, I've finally managed to finish something! A couple of the Bones Starship Generators. Generator_front by Mckenna35, on Flickr Generator_back by Mckenna35, on Flickr
  3. While I was there, my wife wasn't, so I'm pretty sure you have me confused with someone else. Since I hadn't heard anything from anyone, I left the Arena figs at home. Maybe next month. :)
  4. They replied on Kickstarter about the 'Jessica ' image, basically stating that they had the rights to that subject and could modify as they wanted to use it. Don't know about any other images.
  5. Some interesting options and changes in the backer kit. Looks like you could pick multiples of the same bust if you wanted now, which they had originally said you wouldn't be able to do. They've also added option for 3x paints/35mm figures/75mm figures for a good price. A better price than they're charging for the individual figures in the backer kit. FYI, if you go for the 3x Paint set option it tacks on a 15 euro shipping charge, which brings the price up to ~25 euro/set. You also have the option of picking up certain figures from their other ranges. Strangely you DON'T have the option to pick the 'new' bust that was unlocked during the campaign and there are no pictures of her anywhere in the backer kit. Since it doesn't close out till next month, they may add it on later.
  6. I should be there! I picked up a bunch of the Arena Rex figures at a Con last month and I could bring them if anyone wanted to check them out.
  7. Fulfilling

    Just got postage notification - woohoo!
  8. Fulfilling

    and 666 today goes to Riverbank CA.
  9. Fulfilling

    Wait - BONES VI?! Wow are we ever looking to the future.
  10. Fulfilling

    Cool. that's what I thought. I have my original payment from 12/21, and then the final update from 5/13/16, so I should be good to go. :) Just saw one from Greeley, CO which is just down the road from me...
  11. Fulfilling

    Yeah, I'm still waiting a postage notice! I'm getting paranoid that I failed to lock-in or something. How do I check that again?
  12. Fulfilling

    I could live with that! I had a moment where I opened my Gmail and there were two emails and one said shipped and the other said Reaper, and my heart skipped until I realized they were two different companies. Nice to know my Warsenal terrain is on it's way, but not the shipping notice I was really hoping for today!
  13. Fulfilling

    I locked in Wave 4, in December so I figure I'm somewhere near the end of this Wave....
  14. Fulfilling

    I find it amusing that order 666 was going out to CHAPEL Hills...
  15. Really? You must not look at prices for figures this size, cause the price they're charging for these is actually pretty reasonable. At 25% they'd be ~$10, and that's what most of the boutique 28mm figures are going for (Darksword/Bombshell etc).