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  1. Swag Bags now show up in the store! When I clicked on it, it just kept cycling around to the same page. If I entered the SKU# then it took me to the item and I could add it to the cart. Woohoo!
  2. You know, it strikes me that Reaper could solve some of this by having pre-ordered "Non attendee" Swag bags. It might not have all the freebies from the outside companies, but it would allow them to know ahead of time how many bags/pens/figures they need to make to cover the 'outside' demand. I've made it to ReaperCon once, and I've been trying to get back ever since, but life keeps making other plans for me. Getting a Swag Bag is my vicarious attendance experience. I know it's their Con, and they're crazy busy dealing with everything, but I have to say this years arrangement is really stressful for those who want to score the only piece of RepaerCon they can get. I hope that makes sense, and doesn't sound too whiny.
  3. I also want to acquire the Mouselings, since my wife loves them and I think I have virtually every one that's been produced so far. Haven't seen anything about them being available outside the swag bags.
  4. On the one hand - yay? On the other, last year it was available the day the Con started. Based on that model I refrained from getting a 'membership' since I knew I wouldn't be able to get to the Con, and I would still be able to get a swag bag. Now that may not happen, unless they a) have extras & b) I happen to look in the store at the right time to snag one. Had I known they weren't going to offer them in the store I would have signed up for the Con, and they would have mailed me one after the Con was over. <shrug> We'll see how it goes.
  5. I really hope they'll be available earlier, but it may have given them some logistical challenges in year past that they've decided to avoid this year. I'll be really bummed if I miss out on a swag bag.
  6. I know last year I was able to order a bunch of the Grim Squeeker figures and a Swag bag on Thursday, so I've been keeping an eye out for this years Mouseling and bag, since before the Con opened. Hopefully that will still be an option this year.
  7. ... and I got an email with a tracking #! Package cleared customs yesterday. They're projecting delivery by tomorrow. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Hopefully I won't end up having to sign for it, since then I'd have to take off early from work. Hopefully it doesn't show up on Saturday, cause then the wife will be there, and that could be... bad.
  8. and STILL waiting. BackerKit still shows "Ready to Ship". Looking through the comments it would seem I'm not the only one. Just sent an email to the contact they provided in the comments, so hopefully I'll hear SOMETHING soon.
  9. Funded

    Yeah, I went a little crazy on this one. Out of 22 figures, I'm getting 19 of them in 54mm. Only ones I didn't go for were Bonnie, Basia, and the original Lagertha. I wasn't impressed with Azumi's concept art, but I really like the render, so that just got added. I look forward to the challenge. I had three other guys go in on this with me, and the total is over $650. Just couldn't pass up the deal, and I had the money available. I'm curious to see when they'll update the delivery on this, since it obviously didn't deliver last month! Personally I'd expect beginning of next year at this point, since they still have four more renders to show, then there's prototypes, molds, production, & packaging still to go. One of the guys who backed with me, got to see the figures they brought to AdeptiCon and he was favorably impressed.
  10. High Plains IPMS is having their show that day, and while I'm not running it this year, I will be helping out. Consequently I'll have to miss this session.
  11. Yeah, I know what you mean. I find it interesting that they changed the name of Sarah to Sasha Kilminster after the IP kerfluffle started up. Makes you wonder. Did you get the right arm option for Jessica?
  12. Which three busts did you get?
  13. FWIW, with other stuff I've ordered from England (Warlord Games) and France (Raging Heroes) it's taken 1.5 - 2 weeks to arrive, so if your package shipped 9/29, you should have it by the end of the week. Mine is going to be heavy enough with the book and all the stands I'm wondering if they'll ship it surface, in which case I'm not going to see it for quite a while from whenever they send it out. <sigh> Just out of curiosity, how many pieces did you go in for?
  14. Still waiting on mine. Backerkit shows it as 'ready to ship' but it's been that way for a while now. Of course, odds are, since I made this post the package will get delivered today! I can hope anyway...