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  1. Live

    That would be a awesome center piece for a battle, that's for sure.
  2. Live

    I suspect the pictures are from their existing lineup, although I couldn't find them on a quick look through their web page, and are included as a 'proof of concept' to give you an idea of what you vehicles will look like. They DO have civilian vehicles available on their web page, but that isn't what this KS is about. The Skunk description states it's an "active denial system" so I would think it's a mobile ECM platform.
  3. Live

    After their latest update I failed my Will save and upped my pledge. They should hit the 23k for the printer set-up, and I'm hoping we make it all the way up the Mastodon. I've had a thing for Mechs ever since watching Robotech back in the day.
  4. I will be wandering the wilds of Wyoming with my In-laws. Hopefully I'll return with my sanity intact...
  5. Live

    I finally caved and backed. I REALLY want an Eagle, but I can only afford a Kestrel. It'll look so cool sitting on my Warsenal Landing pad. :) So far I'm making my will saves to resist upping my pledge...
  6. Live

    I JUST got an email from help@reapermini telling me that Bones IV launches TOMORROW. I guess we're all confused...

    Strangely, there isn't anything live yet...
  8. Good to know. I'll be happy to get these, but given the issues, I doubt I'll be doing much with the 15% code...
  9. Live

    Looks interesting. Might have to pick up a few to use in Gates of Antares.
  10. Funded

    I had some folks that went in on this with me add some more stuff after the KS ended. The weird thing is, my original card which worked for the initial charge, came up as not allowed for the follow on's, so I had to go and give them a different card to pay for that stuff.
  11. That's gorgeous. Love the smooth shading and color choices. Just gotta say that from a reality perspective, her hair would be a seriously tangled mess riding with it that long and loose.
  12. Thanks! I appreciate it (and I'll try to be more patient with my computer in the future, and not keep hitting the submit button).
  13. Live

    Okay. Well, glad I helped fund the figures so you could buy them at retail. <shrug>
  14. Live

    Yes, it's allowed. I'd started out at 7 and swapped out to 12 a while back. I think I cancelled the "7" and re-clicked for the "12". Not a big deal since they aren't running any 'early bird' pledges so you aren't losing a place in the queue.