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  1. Head comparison between Ma'al and Argent.
  2. While this would work, it would only have the strength of the glue to support the 'connection'. An actual connection like they have is always going to have far more strength than just two flat pieces glued together.
  3. I'm not sure where you're seeing this? From the cut pieces it's quite obvious that there are sockets in the hut and "pins" for the legs, not flat mating surfaces... Given the apparent weight of the hut, I have my doubts about flex sheet magnets having enough power for the job.
  4. Actually, with the recesses like that, you just need to glue some rare earth magnets in the hut and the legs and you're all set.
  5. Didn't get the hut, but has anyone tried masking off the bottom with tape and taking a hacksaw to the legs? It should be long enough, and if it'll cut steel, it should cut Bones. I didn't follow previous KS thread very closely, but is this level of mis-packs normal, or does this seem higher than previous? Some of it seems to be stemming from issues at the factory where stuff was bagged up (Modern Scenics missing barrels), and others are just stuff getting picked/packed wrong (Missing Mossbeards, paints etc...).
  6. I'd forgotten that, so I thought I'd gotten them by mistake! Discovered I was wrong when I was going back through the updates looking for information on the Modern Scenics.
  7. Did they ever announce the actual contents for the Modern Scenics add-ons? Reason I ask is that I only have two of each barrel and the graphic shows three of each. They're cast two to a sprue, so they'd have to clip one off of each sprue to get it up to three each. Sprue attachment is on the sides of the barrel as well, which will take more work to ensure they're smooth, than it would if they'd done it on the bottom of the barrels. I've finished the gross check of items. Need to look at the core and Dreadmere to make sure I've got all the figures in those. At some point I'll have to start checking to be sure I have all the parts for each figure.
  8. You should have gotten everything in one big box. I'd contact Reaper.
  9. Finally got to see "Captain Marvel" this weekend. I got a bit choked up at the Stan Lee tribute during the opening. I also liked the shout out at the end of the credits for the Thunderbird pilot who took Brie Larson under his wing for training flights, and passed away before the movie released. Wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed the movie. New battle cry for "Avengers: Endgame" = "RELEASE THE FLERKEN!"
  10. Looks like our packages were spending quality time in OKC together for the weekend. Mine started moving again this morning. Still projected to arrive at my house tomorrow.
  11. I'd say give it a week to get started. By that time most of the Wave 1 folks in the US will have their boxes, so NA should be pretty well covered. Possibly some of the EU folks will have theirs as well. I'd say kick it off on the 21st.
  12. Just checked and my Bones have left Denton, and are now in Oklahoma City. Progress! Projected delivery still Tuesday in Colorado. Maybe they'll think I'm Canadian and it'll get here faster?
  13. No worries man - kidney stones suck! BTDT, rather not do it again!
  14. Looks like we might get to 700 orders today!
  15. Just hit 400 for the day so far!