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  1. 9th gate Miniatures presents Collection of Mysterious Miniature Models of Pirates Busts Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/9gateminiatures/collection-of-mysterious-miniature-models-of-pirat?ref=user_menu Lots of busts based on a certain Disney Pirate movie... :)
  2. I went all-in on Greebo Games "Fang and Hood" Kickstarter they did at the end of last year, One of the items included is a bust for Grandma Wolf that I couldn't resist working on. It's one BIG chunk o' resin! Here's a picture with it next to a Young Miniature 1/10 scale bust and a Scale 75 1/12 scale bust from their kickstarter: Greebo Scale_02 by Mckenna35, on Flickr I was trying to figure out how I was going to hold this thing while I worked on it. Finally I cut the heads off a couple of nails, drilled holes in the base and glued them in with 5 minute epoxy: Red pin_02 by Mckenna35, on Flickr Then, to hold that, I cut a couple of 3/4" thick x 6" lengths of 2x4, drilled a couple of holes, and clamped together with a pair of carriage bolts, nuts & washers: Red clamp by Mckenna35, on Flickr So far it's worked out really well and been quite comfortable to hold.
  3. Mckenna35

    Greebo Games Grandma Wolf bust

    For those who might be interested, Greebo have opened the Legacy Vault and this bust is currently available through November 5th.
  4. Mckenna35

    Heresylab - Scifi Heresy Girls - Miniature Set 1.2

    I'd backed the previous KS, and jumped in for the 54mm plus a few of the 32mm in this one. I'd thought about getting Lautyr in 54mm but went with MAW. After seeing what happened when the the 3D artist produced the render I'm glad I didn't go with the 54mm for her! I'd posted my disappointment when the render went up and it seemed like the majority agreed with me so I held off cancelling her out of my options until we heard back from the creator. He finally responded today that future sculpts would adhere more closely to the concept art. Went to cancel the model out of my order... and backerkit is locked so you can only change the address! At the time the render was shown you could still make changes, now you can't. Grr... **Okay, after seeing my comment on KS, the owner was kind enough to unlock Backerkit so I could go in and amend my order. Kudos for that!
  5. Watched "The Hitman's Bodyguard" over the weekend. Certainly seemed as though the cast had a good time making it. Different kind of role for Salma Hayek. It was a little disconcerting watching Elodie Yung since I'd only ever seen her as Electra in Netflix's Daredevil/Defenders shows. I enjoyed it.
  6. I was in on the Chibi project they did earlier this year and it was delivered on-time and the quality was good. This looks like an interesting assortment of figures, including good deals on bunch of Heartbreaker stuff! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674003445/impact-miniatures-presents-the-lost-ks-mini-projec?ref=friends_launched Their synopsis: Not All Minis go to Heaven Impact! believes that lost and forgotten or unmade miniatures shouldn't stay lost to the hard drive abyss they've been relegated to. Whether they were from discontinued lines, failed or undelivered projects we think they deserve to be resurected, brought into the light, and that's why this project is dedicated that end. Today we give you a chance to get minis that are either no longer available, or never made it the light of day. Over the past year Impact! has reached out to different Kickstarter Creators whose lines of miniatures failed to fund, were never got delivered or finished, or simply were discontinued after an initial printing run. We've licensed or outright purchased everything shown in this project and now all that is left raise the capital for molds and materials and bring these amazing miniatures to backers to you, your friends, and your families and for gamers on tables everywhere!
  7. Asked the question and the 75mm is the SIZE of the bust, so 75mm from bottom of base to top of head. The large version is going to be just over 7 1/2" tall! Wow. The figures are standard so 54mm from bottom to eye level. He added verbiage to clarify sizes at the top of the campaign.
  8. I'm in for the 75mm bust, although if that's actually the scale that translates to 1/24, which is about half the size of the Scale 75 busts which would be pretty darned small. Hmmm... Might have to ask about that.
  9. A kickstarter I was really looking forward to is experiencing difficulties and is looking at offering STL files instead of resin product. There have also been a number of other terrain KS that have looked really cool, but are STL file only. All of this has piqued my interest and I'm curious if anyone here owns a 3D printer and or has enough knowledge to make a recommendation. I know enough about the subject to know that the higher the resolution you want the more you're looking at spending and that the various media make a difference as well.
  10. Wife is out of town, no relatives visiting, weather is supposed to be good... so I'm planning on being there.
  11. Mckenna35

    US-IMF : 28mm & 15mm Sci-fi Armour

    Well crud! Just got the latest update and it looks like it'll be hit or miss as to how much of this get fulfilled. I'm REALLY hoping to get the kits out of this, but we'll see. Also it would seem that the company, as it is currently configured, will cease to exist and just become a STL creator. :( Too bad since they're on of the better manufacturers out there for resin.
  12. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    True! Although Scale 75 does seem to like to leave arms off and then charge you to get them back. I know they did that with one of the Naughty Gears ones (Jessica Thunderhawk?). Guess they're having an arms race?
  13. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    They've never charged me anything close to that to ship figures to Colorado. So yes, even with shipping it's been cheaper to go through Spain. Back in 2017 it was 13-14 Euros. They may have jacked up their rates since then. I'd have to go play with the cart to see. Also, I've only ever ordered figures from Spain. Paint being considerably heavier would necessarily be more expensive to ship. Just as a pet peeve (not necessarily directed at Scale 75)- I really dislike websites that make you create an account and sign in just to get through the transaction to the point where you can see how much they're going to charge you for shipping! You want an address? Fine & understandable. I have to create a log-in ID just to check shipping? Grr.
  14. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    The sad thing is, with the exchange rate they have set for the US website, pretty much every time I've compared prices it was cheaper to order from the European website! Even if they allow the discount on the US side it's been cheaper from Spain.
  15. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    We just unlocked the 25k goal. Interesting new figure. Certainly one of the more action packed ones I've seen. I'm looking forward to what the new diorama will be!
  16. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    You're welcome!
  17. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    Just be aware that they HAVE charged shipping for paint in the previous Kickstarters. Here's a pic with the Greebo YUGE Grandma Wolf bust, a Young Miniatures 1/10 one, and then a Scale 75 from the Naughty Gears KS: Greebo Scale_02 by Mckenna35, on Flickr Each square = 1"/25mm
  18. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    Pretty sure this is what they charged for the Naughty Gears busts as well? I've slept since that one so I could be wrong....
  19. Yeah, I was thinking that earlier!
  20. Mckenna35

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    And this just went live! Backed for two, Probably going for Aruk'ka and Lisbeth. We'll see how I do at resisting adding more later on...
  21. Saw "Blazing Saddles" in the theater followed by a discussion with Mel Brooks. One of those movies that is still funny, but there's pretty much zero chance it would get made in this day and age. Fun facts: Mel's original choice to play the Cisco Kid (Gene Wilder's character) was John Wayne! He read the script, loved it, and said his fans would revolt if he made it! Also, Gene Wilder pitched the concept of "Young Frankenstein" to Mel Brooks while they were making "Blazing Saddles".
  22. Mckenna35

    Storm Raptor, Circle Orboros Gargantuan

    Wow! That is gorgeous. I really love the blue/brown contrast you've got going on. Not something I ever would have thought of doing and it really pops.
  23. Bad Squiddo Games has a line of 28mm Guinea Pigs (or Peegs) and Capybara's in both normal and 'weaponized' forms, along with Bunnies now. She's a pleasure to do business with and the sculpts are quite nice. Given my wife is a Guinea Pig fanatic I have all of the current sculpts.
  24. Awesome - thanks for posting this. Shared to a bunch of my SCA Scribalist friends. :)
  25. Mckenna35

    Fantasy Football starbowl II chaos dwarf team

    Bwahahaha! You have to admire their audacity.