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  1. For those who like to dress up their bases. 16 different flower options - woohoo!
  2. They now have a miniatures only pledge level for those who want the core set of figures without the game.
  3. Mckenna35

    Bombshell Miniatures Doom Bunny +1

    Speed painted to send off to a Niece who really like rabbits. Hopefully she likes these! Doom Bunny from Bombshell Miniatures: and a Vorpal Bunny. I've had these guys for a very long time. Made of resin. Came in a bag with about a dozen or more in it. Long forgotten who manufactured them: Sorry for the pics! Finished the wash on the Doom Bunnies Axe and then snapped a few quick pics before packing them up to go in the mail.
  4. Mckenna35

    Astrid, Female Chronicler as Grace Desirap - by Cyr

    What is this fun of which you speak? We're supposed to have FUN while painting? Interesting... I love the pain job on this. Her face turned out particularly nice. Those eyes must have been 'fun' to paint!
  5. Mckenna35

    Bombshell Miniatures Doom Bunny +1

    Well, she is a teenager, so hopefully won't freak her out too bad...
  6. Mckenna35

    Another set of Space Mouslings

    That turned out awesome!
  7. I like the work you're doing! Are you aware that Bad Squiddo out of England has an assortment of Russian Female troops? I have all of them they've come out with so far and they're quite nice. :)
  8. Mckenna35

    Chibi Capsule Magical Girls & Monsters

    Failed my Will save and backed. Going for the two Mariya's (for my Soviet BA army), Pirate & Princess (for the wife & I), Corgi Guard (for my Niece who loves Corgis) US4G1 (for a different Niece who loves rabbits) & the Open Mocker (for the wife for all the AD&D Online ones we've dealt with). Would love to pick up more, but funds are limited right now.
  9. I have a shipping notice and, in theory, I will have my cases by Friday. We'll see how it goes.
  10. My brother in law decided to drop in for a visit on very short notice. Consequently I'll be keeping him entertained instead of y'all.
  11. Mckenna35

    HF Sana

    Lovely work on this. I especially like the skin. :)
  12. Mckenna35

    Scale 75 - Heros of Fallen Frontiers

    Ended up bailing on this one. Started with four, then backed down to two. The reality set in and I looked at my taxes for this year and decided I'd better do the mature adult thing. Sigh. We'll see what they come up with next.
  13. Mckenna35

    Dragon Lords: Grenadier miniatures

    I have a fair bit of nostalgia for these sculpts, but the shipping knocks these out of the range I'm willing to spend for them, since the only cost they show for the USA is 35 euros.
  14. Mckenna35

    Jasper paints some German Panzer Mechs

    Did you wash this before assembly? The mold release oils would keep the glue from sticking to the parts.
  15. Mckenna35

    77580: Ma'al Drakar (pic heavy)

    Wow! That's some nice work there.
  16. I drop a fair chunk about every other time I'm in there. Usually on paints. Last time was a clearance Kyphraxis. Granted $35 bucks isn't a ton, but it's a good chunk for me these days. They keep dropping lines & games I care about, but they seem to be devolving into mostly cards & board games, with miniature taking a distant third.
  17. Mckenna35

    Scale 75 - Heros of Fallen Frontiers

    I have to say I'm not real impressed with the two new 75mm unlocked figures. The guy in the armor is OK, but the 'Reaper' just comes across as a big fat guy with boots, glove and a mask. Certainly neither of them screams buy me for 55 Euros/each to me! Your mileage may vary...
  18. Depends on what they are. A lot of the Magic tournaments are sealed deck things where you have to buy the deck that day, although the entry fees usually covers that. 40k & WarmaHordes tournaments, they probably sell a few more units to people. I will actually BE a GenghisCon helping a friend run the Warlord booth for Friday & Saturday, so I won't be at this months gathering, wherever it may end up. Hopefully I will a0 finish my bust & b) be able to make it to the March gathering!
  19. Backed for the last KS and got two of the smaller flyers and the Eagle DS in that one. Love the look of this, but since I missed the early bird, it's out of what I want to pay for something that would be used as scenery at ~$167. I'm afraid this ones too rich for my blood. :(
  20. Mckenna35

    Scale 75 - Heros of Fallen Frontiers

    And we're live now. Backed for four.
  21. Mckenna35

    Hot & Dangerous

    Got my "Wyslane" email this morning, so hopefully by the end of next week I should have my figures. Here's hoping I don't have the same issues I had with the Scale 75 KS where the PO ripped open one end of the package and lost the three 75mm figures I'd added on! S75 replaced them but it took a couple of months, and I'd really rather not go through THAT again!
  22. Mckenna35

    Hot & Dangerous

    Well, still haven't received anything. My order says "In progress" so there's that. I've seen in the KS comments that some folks in the States have gotten theirs. Anyone here gotten anything yet?
  23. Mckenna35

    Scale 75 - Heros of Fallen Frontiers

    Yeah, Naughty Gears was free shipping. I backed heavily on that one. I'll be curious to see what they include in this one.
  24. Mckenna35

    Life of the Party - Roll for Initiative Vol.2

    Yeah, I'd mentioned this shortly after it kicked off, but that thread is four pages back now. I'm in for this and Vol 1. Backed the calendar from his last KS. Good person to deal with. :)
  25. Mckenna35

    Jasper paints some German Panzer Mechs

    Looks good so far. The camo colors were issued as a paste, and then thinned and applied by the troops in the field so the shade/intensity could vary significantly.