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  1. Wow!  People want to complain about Reaper not sticking to the concept art?  Go look at what this KS has done with the last two figures!  ::o: The latest sculpt bears NO resemblance to the concept art!  Cancelled THAT one out of my order as well.  While he's stated he's instructed the 'sculptor' to stick closer to the concept art for the last couple, I should probably go back and cancel the other that's in my order.  Yeesh. :grr:

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  2. I'm hoping we make it to 60k for the free bases, but the 65k bust doesn't do anything for me.  At this point I'm not likely to increase my pledge.  How much I may add in the Pledge Manager may be a different issue!  Ended up adding a couple of 75mm figures during the Steampunk KS just because the price was too good to pass up on (essentially 3 for 2 deal).  Money is a lot tighter this time around though, so we'll see how it goes.

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  3. 12 minutes ago, Tripleh5133 said:

    Appears to have been cancelled on 10/27.


    @Darsc Zacal


    Yeah. I'd noticed that a day or so ago and failed to mention it.  I'd looked in periodically and the campaign was basically going nowhere.  Stalled out at ~$1400.  Don't know if they were forced to cancel because of the Mouse, or they just saw the writing on the wall and realized it wasn't going to fund.

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  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674003445/chibi-siblings-of-conflict-miniatures?ref=friends_launched




    The siblings  of conflict are here!

    Attack! this interstellar army of hardboiled girls are ready to conquer your tabletop! Assemble unique squads with powerful weapons, led by brave leaders. They're cute, they're rowdy, they are the siblings of conflict!



    We're planning amazing, unique hero characters, and more! Surprises await! New Stretch Goals will appear as the campaign advances!


    Chibi miniatures!

    Chibis are adorable characters that have lately have made a splash in the boardgaming and miniature community with games such as Super Dungeon Explore, Arcadia Quest, Ninja All-Stars and many others. They're also featured in collectible figurines and in other geeky paraphernalia.

    This is the NINTH Chibi KickStarter run by Impact! Miniatures and Impact! is partnering with  Märchen to bring you some incredible, new Siblings of Conflict chibi miniatures along with sci-fi allies & enemies for them to combat!

    The funding goal will pay for the sculpting & 3-D printing of the miniatures.

     The Miniatures    

    ALL miniatures in this KickStarter are provided unpainted. Unless otherwise stated after the name of the miniature, all miniatures offered with this KickStarter will be high quality 3-D prints done on a top end 25 to 50 micron printer (you should not see print lines after priming and paint).   As stretch goals are reached we will unlock additional sculpts.  The miniatures will require light clean up, being primed before painted and might need some assembly (although we will do our best to keep the figures with as few pieces as possible).  

    You can use your reward dollars to get any of the miniatures in the listing above.

    Miniature Quality

    While many of the miniatures in this KickStarter will be 3-D printed, the quality will be a very high level since they are 25 to 50 micron 3-D SLA prints which are very different than ABS prints.   Below is an extreme close -up example of a printed figure and how it shows no print lines when primed and painted (with no other prep work).    Many thanks to Yeji Kim for her painting of Vanguard Leader Anna (top row) and Jason Turner for the painting of Vanguard Leader Anna and Vanguard Trooper #3 (bottom row)!



    Shipping will be charged in the pledge manager after the project.  At this time we are estimating $5 for US backers, $13 for Canada and $17 for Rest of World. Shipping of the KickStarter will be EU Friendly and should not incur any customs fees.  



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  5. I'd backed the previous KS, and jumped in for the 54mm plus a few of the 32mm in this one.  I'd thought about getting Lautyr in 54mm but went with MAW.  After seeing what happened when the the 3D artist produced the render I'm glad I didn't go with the 54mm for her!  I'd posted my disappointment when the render went up and it seemed like the majority agreed with me so I held off cancelling her out of my options until we heard back from the creator.  He finally responded today that future sculpts would adhere more closely to the concept art.  Went to cancel the model out of my order... and backerkit is locked so you can only change the address!  At the time the render was shown you could still make changes, now you can't.  Grr... :angry:


    **Okay, after seeing my comment on KS, the owner was kind enough to unlock Backerkit so I could go in and amend my order.  Kudos for that!

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  6. A kickstarter I was really looking forward to is experiencing difficulties and is looking at offering STL files instead of resin product.  There have also been a number of other terrain KS that have looked really cool, but are STL file only.  All of this has piqued my interest and I'm curious if anyone here owns a 3D printer and or has enough knowledge to make a recommendation.  I know enough about the subject to know that the higher the resolution you want the more you're looking at spending and that the various media make a difference as well.  



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  7. Well crud!  Just got the latest update and it looks like it'll be hit or miss as to how much of this get fulfilled.  I'm REALLY hoping to get the kits out of this, but we'll see.  Also it would seem that the company, as it is currently configured, will cease to exist and just become a STL creator.  :(  Too bad since they're on of the better manufacturers out there for resin.

  8. 11 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:

    It's not every Kickstarter project that has a Broin's Right Arm add-on.




    True!  Although Scale 75 does seem to like to leave arms off and then charge you to get them back.  I know they did that with one of the Naughty Gears ones (Jessica Thunderhawk?).  Guess they're having an arms race? ::D:

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  9. 6 hours ago, Cyradis said:


    Even considering shipping? $40 on shipping international can be brutal. 


    They've never charged me anything close to that to ship figures to Colorado.  So yes, even with shipping it's been cheaper to go through Spain.  Back in 2017 it was 13-14 Euros.  They may have jacked up their rates since then.  I'd have to go play with the cart to see.  Also, I've only ever ordered figures from Spain.  Paint being considerably heavier would necessarily be more expensive to ship.


    Just as a pet peeve (not necessarily directed at Scale 75)- I really dislike websites that make you create an account and sign in just to get through the transaction to the point where you can see how much they're going to charge you for shipping!  You want an address?  Fine & understandable.  I have to create a log-in ID just to check shipping?  Grr.

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  10. 1 hour ago, NecroMancer said:

    I'm in for 1 right now, probably will move up to 2 but I just have to figure out which ones I want.


    Sounds like they will add some paint add-on options in the PM.


    Just be aware that they HAVE charged shipping for paint in the previous Kickstarters.


    15 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Oh yeah, they're definitely reasonably priced, it's just... Having the money, lol


    Edit: how large are the busts anyways?  I didn't see mention of sizing other than 1:12 scale. 


    Here's a pic with the Greebo YUGE Grandma Wolf bust, a Young Miniatures 1/10 one, and then a Scale 75 from the Naughty Gears KS:


    29103720177_ef208cd593_n.jpgGreebo Scale_02 by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    Each square = 1"/25mm

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