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  1. Saw "Blazing Saddles" in the theater followed by a discussion with Mel Brooks.  One of those movies that is still funny, but there's pretty much zero chance it would get made in this day and age.  Fun facts: Mel's original choice to play the Cisco Kid (Gene Wilder's character) was John Wayne!  He read the script, loved it, and said his fans would revolt if he made it!  Also, Gene Wilder pitched the concept of "Young Frankenstein" to Mel Brooks while they were making "Blazing Saddles". ::P:

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  2. 2 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    Your what now? :ik_oops: I know darksword has a herd of guinea pigs (that I need), but you have a whole brigade?! 


    Bad Squiddo Games has a line of 28mm Guinea Pigs (or Peegs) and Capybara's in both normal and 'weaponized' forms, along with Bunnies now.  She's a pleasure to do business with and the sculpts are quite nice.  Given my wife is a Guinea Pig fanatic I have all of the current sculpts.  :rolleyes:

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  3. I was in on the Chibi project they did earlier this year and it was delivered on-time and the quality was good.  This looks like an interesting assortment of figures, including good deals on  bunch of Heartbreaker stuff!




    Their synopsis:


    Not All Minis go to Heaven

     Impact! believes that lost and forgotten or unmade miniatures shouldn't stay lost to the hard drive abyss they've been relegated to.  

    Whether they were from discontinued lines, failed or undelivered projects we think they deserve to be resurected, brought into the light, and that's why this project is dedicated that end.   

    Today we give you a chance to get minis that are either no longer available, or never made it the light of day.  

    Over the past year Impact! has reached out to different Kickstarter Creators whose lines of miniatures failed to fund, were never got delivered or finished, or simply were discontinued after an initial printing run.     

    We've licensed or outright purchased everything shown in this project and now all that is left raise the capital for molds and materials and bring these amazing miniatures to backers to you, your friends, and your families and for gamers on tables everywhere! 

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  4. Just did the responsible thing and dropped out of this.  Sigh.  Finances just didn't make sense for me to drop money on these.  Hopefully I can pick some up later at retail.  On the plus side, now I can wait and see some reviews after they've been released.  ;)

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  5. 18 hours ago, Orlando_the_Technicoloured said:

    Bunnies are tempting but I'd really want to get my kittens from the last project first since I've not had any of the little stuff from Greebo before, I might drop a minimal pledge to get in the PM just in case


    Edit: less of a concern about fulfilment, than a desire to actually have some of them in hand to see how much I'll be inspired to paint them (they look great when done by Greebo but will mine match up or will I paint one and give up in frustration)


    I will warn you that the bunnies from the Fang and Hood KS are pretty freaking small.  Something like 3/8" in diameter.  I backed for the Bunnies and Hell o' kittens from the Alastoran KS, and I'm currently backing for the Bunnies from this one.  Bit irked that as a Bunny backer I see no benefit from the stretch goals, unless they're going to give me a second copy of the unlocked figures.  I may have to drop unless finances improve.

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  6. 40 minutes ago, ladystorm said:

    It was a $30 item, listed in the program on the page with all of the other show specific models.

    I stocked it in the booth on the stand alone grid wall panel with the big sign that said "New for Reaper Con." on at least two pegs.


    Did they sell out, or is there a chance some will show up online?

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  7. 10 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

    My arm and glasses is still on the sprue. But I still worry about what'll happen when I decide to start cutting it.  


    Did you know that The World of Stuffed Greens have some very fine chain?  

    (I'm thinking of replacing the pewter chain with the proper stuff.)


    Didn't know that!  Cool.  I carved the chains off mine, and I think I'll leave it that way.  Good luck with yours.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Gadgetman! said:

    When I test-fitted mine the seams were all but invisible. So it seems you got particularly unlucky.  

    They really should have cast he glasses in metal.  


    Why are you using black primer, then white?  

    (It doesn't look like Zenithal priming)



    After a number of people mentioned that their glasses had broken they evidently they started sending them with the casting sprue attached to the glasses and arm to add strength to the glasses during shipping.


    The black and white is my attempt at zenithal.  A combination of the lighting in the shots and the extra white I sprayed on the apron seems to have washed it out and made it appear as though I just painted it gray.  It's a lot more noticeable in person.  It's only the second time I've tried it, and the first time was in a class. We'll see how it goes.

  9. Made a little bit of progress over the weekend.  Based him in black and then went over it with white.  It's funny that in these pictures with the lighting you can't tell that he's undercoated in black.  It all just looks grey.  ::o:


    42647164310_ee3abdfd8f_b.jpgRed primer front by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    30586617248_df1d283415_b.jpgRed primer back by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    Hope to start getting some color on this week.

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  10. 7 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

    So.... unreserved swag bags and spare Sophies... those go onto the online store when? :upside:


    I just checked my orders from last year and Swag Bags went on sale on Friday.  Probably be similar this year, since that gives them a good idea on how many they need for the Con.  Hopefully I can score one again this year.  I've only made it to the Con once (despite best intentions) but I've gotten a swag bag every year since then so I can at least have SOMETHING from Reaper Con.  :rolleyes:

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  11. The glasses broke in transit so I pinned them with thin brass wire and glued them back together.


    29103716347_6acc3d1b6b_b.jpgRed arm by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    I've had to re-glue the joint since then and it's going to be a point I'll have to watch for in the future.  All the seams needed putty work.  The arm joint in particular has a pretty big gap.


    43992293312_33ff43e351_b.jpgRed arm seam by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    43134803415_000d4e9a81_b.jpgRed arm seam lower by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    I used millliput and filled and textured the seams.


    43302265535_23634387cb_b.jpgRed Putty_02 by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    30172716188_3970582e4c_b.jpgRed finger seam by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    I also filled in a spot on the back.  I think I need to rework the texture on this spot.


    43302267155_a2fab4fff8_b.jpgRed Putty_01 by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    All in all the quality is pretty decent.  I could wish the fit was better, but it's workable.  There's a lot of annoying cleanup that isn't obvious when you first look it over.  If you look at the previous post, and the pictures of the back, you'll see that a lot of the hairs have little blobs on the ends that stick out.  Chasing all those down, trimming them and smoothing them out has been a pain.  I had to trim one of the tabs off the bonnet ribbon to get it to go in, otherwise there really wasn't a way to get the two ribbons to go where they're supposed to.  They don't have any really clear pictures of what the area is supposed to look like either.  Anyway, I'll hopefully finish the cleanup tonight, and be able to get some primer and base coats sprayed on this weekend.

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  12. The bust has a chain cast onto the body, and supplies a couple of metal cast chain pieces that are supposed to connect from the body to the glasses the figures is holding:


    30172712458_4a638eca8f_b.jpgRed with chain back by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    30172708788_559dc9d161_b.jpgRed with chain front by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    I have the worst luck with trying to get stuff like this to line up, plus I figured it would be a real pain to paint around, and I'd probably knock one or both pieces off, so i decided to carve the chain off the figure, and do some minor carving to redo the texture.  I think it turned out pretty well.


    30172706248_8dfb66f170_b.jpgRed without chain back by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    29103706997_6d5999eb00_b.jpgRed without chain front by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    FWIW, this is a pretty hard resin  Not really brittle, but it's definitely some of the harder stuff I've tried to carve.

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  13. 1 minute ago, Glitterwolf said:

    I actually found out too late about this one.

    Wanted one of these as well.


    Happy to see one get paint!


    BONUS POINTS for painting a WOLF!


    FWIW, they've stated they'll be selling more of them on special occasions.  By my reckoning they should have at least a couple hundred more to sell, if they made the quantity they said they were going to.  They didn't offer it as an option in this last kickstarter, but if it shows up I'll try to let you know.

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  14. I went all-in on Greebo Games "Fang and Hood" Kickstarter they did at the end of last year,  One of the items included is a bust for Grandma Wolf that I couldn't resist working on.  It's one BIG chunk o' resin!  Here's a picture with it next to a Young Miniature 1/10 scale bust and a Scale 75 1/12 scale bust from their kickstarter:


    29103720177_ef208cd593_b.jpgGreebo Scale_02 by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    I was trying to figure out how I was going to hold this thing while I worked on it.  Finally I cut the heads off a couple of nails, drilled holes in the base and glued them in with 5 minute epoxy:


    30172713048_d100618f57_b.jpgRed pin_02 by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    Then, to hold that, I cut a couple of 3/4" thick x 6" lengths of 2x4, drilled a couple of holes, and clamped together with a pair of carriage bolts, nuts & washers:


    30172720518_7967a19ab8_b.jpgRed clamp by Mckenna35, on Flickr


    So far it's worked out really well and been quite comfortable to hold.

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