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  1. Awesome work.
  2. Nice work! Love the colours.
  3. Nice work, love the colours.
  4. Beautiful work
  5. Funded

    Yeah, good plan, I forgot and went with one of everything, (except the art book), which wasn't my original plan, (as some of the expansions I wasn't going to take, as the minis didn't grab me)... but by the time I pledged I forgot that.... Oh well ....
  6. ^^^this^^^^^
  7. Funded

    I'm so glad I was strolling thru the kickstarters....I totally forgot that I hadn't filled out the pledge manager yet....never got the code. But all fixed now. Wish I could have had the choice of doubling up on some of the specific figures....don't need doubles of all, just the bulldog with gas mask .
  8. Nice work, like the colours you've used.
  9. Beautiful work. And great for the extra info on your process.
  10. Nice work, love the weathering on the metals, and the contrast to a beautifully blended blue cloak.
  11. Beautiful work, great colours!
  12. Beautiful work, really nice colour choices and execution.
  13. Awww, that is awesome.
  14. Beautiful work!
  15. Wonderful work.beautiful colour choices.