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  1. Beautiful work, great colours!
  2. Beautiful work, really nice colour choices and execution.
  3. Awww, that is awesome.
  4. Beautiful work!
  5. Wonderful work.beautiful colour choices.
  6. Nice work, I just finished him too! But haven't completed basing yet.
  7. That looks awesome, and great idea to use a metal keychain!
  8. Awesome work! Love the colours, and that you did the chain in the same a great overall spectre look.
  9. Wonderful work! Love the colours. The dress and shoes are my favorite part.
  10. Here is my entries for the Valentines / Love theme Contest. I couldn't think up a nice, sweet went with a theme....Playing with Your Heart. I was in luck that Fangaud, included in my Secret Sophie gift the Familiar Pack XI. Which had two perfect minis to customize a little for the contest. I love all the Familiar Packs, they have such cute lil figures, with so much detail, in tiny lil packages. First One.....Lil Demon, Playing Heart Hopscotch.... Second One....Cute Demoness, With her Heart Yoyo....the ups and downs of love... This lil Lady needed a dress sculpted, as she was a little indecent for the theme. Then I green stuff-sculpted the anatomical hearts. Didn't get the yoyo one quite a small as I wanted, but not sure if it would have "read" as a heart if I had done it smaller. C&C always appreciated !
  11. The game of Love, Playing with Your Heart, (part two).... Another figure from 03578 Familiar Pack XI (On a bit of a theme....)
  12. Love can be a many splendour thing unless someone is just, Playing with Your Heart... From the 03576 Familiar Pack XI
  13. Awesome! Great idea and execution, love the colours too.
  14. Another awesome piece. Love how you do your basing/greenery, it looks so real.
  15. That is wow! Love it ! Great job!