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  1. Stopped by my local FLGS and someone had brought in some old 1st/2nd ed DnD books and modules along with some older Shadowrun and Star Wars rpg books too. I picked up the stuff in the pic for like $65 with tax. So, I feel like I did really well. I never had them the first time they were out, lived in a small town with no real game store back then. I also picked up Logan in 4k bluray as well.
  2. Fulfilling

    To Reaper, You all Rock and I love you for all you do! That is all. D
  3. Fulfilling

    Ironically, I am Wave 3 and locked in on Aug 19th too LOL.. I was as fast as the computer would let me lock in and I still got in the 3rd wave.
  4. Well, my local FLGS, Changing Hands Bookshoppe in Joplin, MO, Got another 4 boxes of old mini's still in blisters and even some box sets. I am attaching the thumbnails below. And I ordered some of the mini Star Wars kits from Japan and they arrived today so I'm including those too. Haha. And a new t-shirt! On a serious note if you are in the area, there is 4 heaping boxes loaded with old mini's from Ral Partha, Reaper, and a ton I never heard of even back in the day. Well, here;s the pics. Let me know what you all think. D
  5. Hello all, I have a friend that is needing either a Squirrel that is either the height of the human or several smaller squirrels to make a swarm. And additionally if that fails to find anything that fits the bill foxes. I have sent him the familars on here and what critters I could find on Dark Sword, but it's not much. I thought you your collective knowledge may be more fruitful. In case you are wondering why, I was, he is an old grognard like many of us and is working with a group of late teens or early twenties. And as you might remember they are very easily off topic. We have the saying that we picked up from the move "Up" where Doug the dog would, Squirrel! and go of topic. So, he is going to us the mini's to attack them and use the steal something attack to help break them of it.. Hopefully! It's a new way he wants to try to give them some in game consequences but, not really. So, any help you all have is appreciated. Thanks D
  6. Looks Great! Makes me want to dig mine out and get it started. But, then I remember I have things that HAVE to be done first. BUT, I will use yours for inspiration for sure. I'm looking forward to seeing several of your to do list get done. D
  7. Is there a way to stop the notification pop up window? Nothing I have tried will stop it from popping up every time a page loads. thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing on the back end to make the forum move successful. D
  8. Hello all, I am just watching the news this morning and it looks as though the folks in Texas had an eventful night last night and I wanted see if you all are ok down there? D
  9. I will say this, when I was kind of doing a rough mock up to see if all the parts were there, the Dracolich is bigger than Takhsis. in height and length. And looks to be a bear when I go to put it together and I'm betting quite a bit of pinning on it. For such a spindely kit it looks to be complex fitting thing.
  10. Yes, assuming they are not empty boxes. I paid $250 just to get my Takhisis and Soth's Charge. What number is the Takhisis? ETA - Depending on when a person was hunting, and how much competition there was, it would not be unreasonable for all of that to run $500-600 US. At $50, or $16+change each, and adjusted for inflation (that $16 now was roughly equal to $8 20+ years ago), not only did you get a deal against present collectible value you essentially got them for at least 60% off original MSRP. ETA 2 - If the boxes are in very good condition, it's likely those alone could get $50. The boxes look like they were made yesterday and the number on her is 2771. And yes they are indeed full of the advertised product and none have even been trimmed of flash. It looks like they were bought opened and then put on a shelve and then left until I go them.
  11. Just randomly out of idle curiosity, and not for nefarious reasons, but what's your exact street address, and do you have any sort of home security system? I live on the house right ff the river of Denile.. LOL Do you guys think I did alright pricewise?
  12. Someone brought in all their mini's into the local game store to sell and while there were a few other kits I thought about getting, my wallet was trying to kill me for these three. So, I just got the 3. Changing Hands Bookshoppe in Joplin, MO if you want to go by and see what's left. Some nice single old Dark Heaven green backed mini's that were 3 for $10 and then the boxes and I think there may have even been some terrain boxes. All old like from the 80's-90's. I started getting into gaming then so I had some of them ore I might have went crazier..
  13. I don't usually post here because I usually only buy groceries and meds etc.. HOWEVER, Today I found these and got them, new and unstarted, just opened. here's the link so you can see them. and I found that Wally World has the Air Hogs Millenium Falcons on clearance for $25 so I picked up one of those... Let me know if you all think that $50 total was a good deal for the things in the pic. They are my grail kits and I have been looking for them since they came out.
  14. Fulfilling

    Ah... I guess I just skimmed over it this time looking at it and it was already added... I will blame it on my M.S. and it damaging my brain.. It's true and that's what usually happens.. lol.. Thanks again. D
  15. Fulfilling

    Ok, First I want to say thank you for getting the update up but, I am way confused.. Where are the new Fire Giant on the pledge manager? I know Frost Giants are but I would like to get the new Fire Giants as well and I don't see them.. Am I just missing them somewhere? thanks D