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  1. DSM3103 Glenraven female rogue with sword and dagger

    Lovely! I like the blades!
  2. 77553: Crusader Ardent

    I wouldn't say that; your work is fantastic, and I am always super impressed by your vibrant colors and awesome blends! You inspire me too!
  3. 01573, Mel the Chibi Bathalian

    Awesome work! That skin is fantastic!
  4. 77553: Crusader Ardent

    You guys are all just the best, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your kind comments! Thanks again so much!!!
  5. Chibi Vampiress (Reaper 77595: Tish)

    Hi again, everyone! Okay, so I know I was promising a good WIP thread, but I managed to finish this adorable little chibi up so fast that it would not have made for a very good thread. The next mini will be WIP material! I actually started on this mini last ReaperCon, where I used her as a demonstration miniature for my chibi painting class, and I ended up liking the results enough that I actually came back to her after all these months (while waiting for some supplies to arrive for a bigger project!). I simply love chibi minis, and the Reaper chibis are fantastic to work with! Now I just eagerly await the upcoming release of the fantasy-themed Bones chibis! Thanks a bunch for looking!!!
  6. My Journey into Lost-Wax Metal Casting

    Those look absolutely awesome! Great work!!! I know how important finding the right superheat was for my tin casting, so I'm glad you're getting your superheat dialed in!
  7. 77553: Crusader Ardent

    If I remember correctly, the midtone was Reaper Bones HD Void Blue with shading done by MSP Blue Liner and highlighting done by MSP Ghost White!
  8. 77553: Crusader Ardent

    Thank you all so very much; it means quite a bit to me that everyone likes him! In regard to the blue, I'm trying to remember my recipe, but I believe it was just Reaper HD Bones Void Blue shaded with MSP Blue Liner and highlighted with MSP Ghost White. In between there were obviously lots of gradual mixes, but I don't recall another intermediate color off the top of my head. Though I have to say that I got the Reaper HD Bones line recently, and those are some amazing saturated colors which lend themselves so well to a technique like this! I am actually airbrush free on this guy! However, when priming the miniature (using spray paints), I primed him in black before doing some bursts of white coming from the angle of the hammer. That helped me see just how the light would hit the miniature.
  9. 77553: Crusader Ardent

    Hello again, everyone! I know it seems like forever since I posted anything over here, but this time I had a very good excuse: the miniature wasn't released yet, and therefore I couldn't show him off! However, now that mister crusader here officially released today, I want to share him with you all! He proved to be a major lesson in OSL (object source lighting, for any of the newer folks around!) for me, as that is a technique which I have not done very often before, so I made some mistakes and learned a lot. At the end of the day, though, I'm overall quite happy with how he turned out, and he proved to be very fun to paint! His armor was especially enjoyable, and I think I stumbled upon a color mix or two that I might try to use again in the future (provided I remember exactly which colors I used!). Also, his face is simply loaded with character, and I feel like he's ready to smite evildoers with some major holy vengeance!!! Thanks for looking, and I'll try to pick a next project which doesn't have to be under wraps so I can start up another WIP thread!
  10. Captain Kelpington: Bombshell Kritterkin

    He's adorable! Awesome work!!!
  11. Requests/Suggestions for ReaperCon (2018 and Beyond)

    Hi Tristram! I only wanted to comment on your "Open Training" suggestion. I know this has been brought up in other threads, but, basically "open training" is what most folks view as access to the artist tables (the only difference being that the attendees wander around to the artists instead of the other way around), and that is already totally free! Now, that being said, I know I myself tend to spend more time wandering around among the attendee tables than firmly ensconced in my chair at the artists table, so please feel free to flag me down! If I can't answer your question or feel less skillful in a particular area of instruction than I know some of the other artists to be, then I'd be happy to introduce you to one of the artists that can help and you'll be good to go! At the end of the day, all the artists fall somewhere on the introvert - extrovert spectrum, and all of the artists travel with more or less hobby gear, so those things combine to make each of the artists more or less stationary or mobile. However, ALL of the artists are totally excited to help however they can, and I know of many instances where various members of our number have spent considerable time helping out individual attendees with advice, tips, feedback, and impromptu demos over the course of several days. So, what I am trying to say is: just take the first step of talking to one of the artists (or have a more experienced convention goer introduce you if you are a more introverted type yourself) and, before you know it, you'll be totally plugged in to the awesome ReaperCon artist support network without being tied down to any official teaching format/setting!
  12. Deadly Grace: Dark Sword Elf Warrior

    I really loved seeing this one in person; you did fantastic work!
  13. Secret Sophie 2017: Rasia, Bladedancer (02970)

    She looks great! I love your high-contrast work, as always, and I think the whole piece is just excellent!!! I'm especially jealous of your work on her hair! As far as the NMM sword goes, my main suggestion would be that you should try treating the cutting edge of the blade as a different surface from the sides of the blade. In other words, you painted the sword as if it had a triangle cross-section (two sides and a back) while I would suggest looking at it more like a very elongated pentagon (a back, two broad sides, and two small cutting sides). That would allow you to make the streaks of reflected light show up in slightly different locations between the cutting edge and the sides of the blade (because the blade is slightly curved), and that would sell the overall shape of the blade better, I think. Alternatively, you can often use the whole cutting edge as a glint surface with good results. But that is all just my two cents, and the blade really does look quite good as is!
  14. Veritus the Sanctifier

    You are too kind! Thank you so much!
  15. Veritus the Sanctifier

    Finally! I got things fixed, and the tutorial is now up here!