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  1. Thanks! And the WOOF Secret Service is always welcome to ask me painting questions! Also, I'm now just a base away!
  2. Just to echo your "this is a bad idea" conclusion, we have a staying at my steel mill: "Water on steel, everything is okay. Water under steel, extremely dangerous!" Steam explosions underneath molten metal have caused fatalities in my industry, and you just wouldn't believe how dangerous even a water bottle-sized object can be if it manages to get underneath molten metal!
  3. Hi, hdclearman! Ian here (just in case you didn't know that Ian Markon = Kuro Cleanbrush ), and I'm glad that my technique (which is essentially just Rhonda Bender's technique as she taught it to me) is working well for you! When it comes to blending very different colors, I actually still use exactly the same technique I showed you in class, but I often have to create even more small steps in between the color mixes in order to get things to blend nicely. It may take more steps than you're used to, but, as long as each step is small enough, you really can make any color transition you want. As an example, on my current mini (which you can see in the Work in Progress section of the forums, if you are interested) I transitioned between very dark green through orange-brown up to almost a Caucasian skin tone all the way to white on the mini's sword handle and pistol all using only this technique (i.e., no glazes or wet blending). Now, none of this is to say that there is not merit in other blending techniques, but I simply wanted to reinforce that you really can make any color transition with this technique!
  4. More character! I'm taking the opportunity to really push myself with this mini while not spending infinite time making everything "perfect". That being said, hopefully he's looking cool to you all!
  5. I always love to see your work; amazing job, as always!
  6. Finally; a bit more progress!
  7. Hi! And welcome to the forums! First off, I have to echo that, especially for only your third mini ever, that is actually remarkably good! At this stage in your painting journey, you are already doing the most important thing of all: getting paint of the right color in the right places. And that alone is the single most important thing for painting good miniatures! It is, of course, up to you, but I am a firm proponent of NOT cleaning miniatures with the intent of starting over. The surface is just never quite as good, and you lose an excellent example of some of your earlier work which you will one day enjoy looking back on and thinking "Wow! This is where I started, but look at me now!". As far as ways to improve the mini, others are right in that quick washes of black or brown over the darker areas of the mini will help to pull out some of the detail. Likewise, washes of somewhat lighter colors (like a sepia or light orange-brown) over the hair and skin can help draw things out there too. I'm assuming that is what was meant by a "soft" wash (as opposed to a darker, "hard" wash?). Alternatively, that could have been a reference to Army Painter's line of inks/washes which have names like "Dark Tone", "Strong Tone", "Soft Tone", etc. By the way, those Army Painter washes actually are pretty good compared to the other offerings on the market (and WAY better than the current GW offerings, in my opinion) and a great tool for this stage of your painting journey. Keep up the great work, don't get discouraged, and be sure to ask lots of questions! If you do those things, you'll be better than you even thought possible before you know it!
  8. I can indeed decipher that And, after viewing it again, it doesn't look like I carried the highlight down far enough. I'll have to get it tomorrow! Thanks for pointing that out! Maybe his topical treatments are being somewhat effective! Honestly though, I'm kind of at the "I'll do better next time" stage. (Which is something that I sadly resort to often as I don't like to revisit areas on a miniature very frequently. And also because, as a wise man once said: "Finished, not perfect.") Plus, maybe now that his hair is younger-looking, reading as freckles is not so bad of a thing.
  9. I think the hair significantly helped the mini, but my greatest fear is that, with all of the textures and effects I'm doing, perhaps I'm drifting away from the fundamentals of extremely high-contrast blending. However, I then think about how the miniature would look with even more contrast, and I'm not sure that I like the mental image. And then, to top it all off, I am very confident that all of this uncovered white primer is washing out the miniature. This textures stuff is "wrinkling my brain"!
  10. If it's anything like I had to go through when cutting down tin ingots to fit in my crucibles, then I should warn that that process ended up being a major pain in the rear and much more difficult than I expected. I was doing it by hand with a hacksaw and vise, though, so maybe a reciprocating saw would have been the way to go. In the end, however, once I had the large ingots cut up, I generally melted them down and made my own, much more crucible-friendly ingots using the leftover metal at the end of each cast.
  11. Here's a bit more progress! I tried for some age-spots, but now I'm not sure if he has enough shading in his face. Perhaps I'll know better when I finish his hair, as all that white can really mess with one's perception of contrast.
  12. She looks awesome, and you did very well with very difficult colors! Also, that base is looking super cool, and I cant wait to see the whole composition come together!
  13. Those look great! I've been eagerly awaiting each of your new posts in this topic, and these were certainly worth the wait!
  14. I personally think things are looking quite amazing, so definitely keep going and know that we all believe in you!!!
  15. Hello again, everyone! Life has been busy, but I'm finally back to painting with this fun old warrior from Scale 75's Smog Riders line! Unfortunately, it is quite late and I'm quite tired, so this will be just a photo-drop post, but I'll be back with more info soon! Thanks for looking; I hope you like him so far!