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    What is with all of the chibi hate? I will dive (oversized)headfirst into any Reaper offering of fantasy chibis!!! I always loved the SDE minis, but I was finding it hard to justify buying their whole games just for the one or two player character minis I wanted. Now, if I can just talk one of the sculptors into doing a special Solomon Kane-esque chibi mini, I'll be able to have the chibi witchhunter version of myself from my painters logo!
  2. Thanks a bunch, everyone! He was a long battle to finish on time, but all your kind comments make the race against time plenty worth it! And now, to get that sleep I so desperately need after a 3AM painting session last night...
  3. Presuming that that painter is probably pulling late nights painting, the carrot of sleep would probably be really attractive right now!
  4. I imagine whoever the painter is is painting for all their worth trying to get it done to show off before the madness starts!
  5. Thanks! And I do plan to film some tutorials again one of these days; I just haven't been very happy with my camera setup, and that makes things hard. I got some tips from James Wappel on his setup, though, and I think that acting on those will help me to get some better videos!
  6. I don't know what came over me!
  7. Thanks again, everyone! Thanks! You raise a good point concerning the facial highlighting. My cop-out response would be "makeup" , but that still would probably not completely prevent a slight shadow under the eye. However, I feel that placing such a shadow in there without making her eyes appear sunken would be challenging indeed...
  8. Thanks a bunch, everyone! You all are the best! Thanks, and comments are certainly accepted, though I pretty much never go back and revisit a mini; I just try to learn more for next time!
  9. Hello again, everyone! I've been something of a slacker lately when it comes to making an appearance on the forums, but I certainly have been painting, so I hope you'll forgive my absence! At last ReaperCon, several of the other artists were strongly urging me to finally try a larger mini than the standard 28 mm Heroic minis that (until now) comprised 100% of my collection. I responded by picking up a mini there, but, sadly, the casting of the figure was not as nice as I would have liked, and so I never mustered the nerve to get started. With this lovely miniature, however, the casting was simply wonderful, and the whole miniature was a joy to work with! Anyway, without any further ado, please meet Pyrrha (really Excelsy by Ares Mythologic/Draconia)! Thanks a bunch for looking!!!
  10. It's always an honor to see so many people signing up to take classes from me! Thanks a bunch to you all, and I hope that I can pass on all the knowledge you guys and gals are hoping to receive in those classes!
  11. Really nice work on that yellow shoulder pad!
  12. I will be pre-ordering the very instant I can!!!
  13. Not a bad idea indeed! However, as a currently-existing solution to this (though it requires a little effort on the part of the attendee), my suggestion is for each attendee to simply use the class listing. Since we each tend to teach the subjects we feel we are best at, approaching a NMM instructor about NMM or a basing instructor about basing are probably safe bets. Plus, I know that both myself and other instructors usually have no problem saying "Oh, you're interested in learning more about Topic X? Well, here is what I know, but Instructor Y over there can probably give you much better feedback than I can!" and then introducing the student to Instructor Y if they feel too shy to go introduce themselves. Also, on this topic as a whole, I just wanted to throw out there that I really don't tend to work on my own personal projects at ReaperCon. I can do that at home, so I'd much rather be spending my time answering questions and doing impromptu demos! In other words, please, please, please don't hesitate to come say "Hi" and ask for advice on anything miniatures-related! And, if I can't help you, I'll do my best to find someone who can!
  14. I understand the frustrating phases of any art project, but trust me when I say that it really is looking quite amazing!
  15. Hey, buddy! Happy Birthday!!!!!!