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  1. Historically, I have either given away my extras for students to practice with, used them in informal demonstrations outside of class, or simply kept the few spares. It really is just up to your discretion. Have fun teaching!
  2. Thank you all so much for your kind words!!! Spoken like a true Tyranid player! Thanks a bunch! The backdrop idea is a very good point, and something I'll have to consider adding. Unfortunately, my background pool is pretty limited at them moment, though..
  3. I almost forgot to put this here, but I am finally done! The Show Off thread for his shininess can be found here!
  4. Well, it's been about seven years since I last painted a space marine, and I have to confess that seeing all the amazing work on the new Primaris Marines was making me want to give it a try again. I have long thought it would be cool to do a chrome (or SENMM [Sky-Earth Non-Metallic Metal]) Marine, so I finally gave that a shot! The technique itself is painfully slow, but I had a lot of fun, and I'm pretty happy with the results! Oh, and I did do a little bit of conversion work by swapping in some old Dark Angels bits, in case anyone was wondering! Thanks for looking! Hopefully, after ReaperCon, I'll have time to do a YouTube tutorial on how I did the chrome for those of you who are interested!
  5. I get a lot of mileage out of Black Green, Stone Gray, and your choice of Linen or Ghost White.
  6. The biggest pieces of advice on NMM I can ever offer are: 1) Place your highest highlights next to your darkest shadows, and 2) Use as much contrast as you can! He's looking great so far!
  7. Well, I forget exactly at what age I first started painting (I kind of slowly got into the hobby), but it's been approximately 12-14 years for me now. Having started as a young teenager, I had no real art background, so anything I've learned in that realm has been solely through the miniatures hobby! In my everyday life, I'm actually an engineer by trade and (outside of a couple of super basic art things in middle school) have never taken a non-miniatures art class. I was planning on saving this until I finished this guy, but here is one of my first miniatures (painted around the beginning of my time in the hobby, circa 2005): As you can see, poor cleaning, no highlighting or shading, poor area definition, and basically just many signs of being quite new to the hobby. But all that is a natural part of getting started, and I slowly improved over the next few years. However, I didn't really have much guidance besides a few internet articles, and so I only made relatively small strides forward. Those new strides included using washes and doing a bit of highlighting, and my brush control naturally improved. By about 2010, here's where I was at: Worlds better (simple brush control will get you far!) but still nowhere near where I am today. What really helped me to improve to where I am today is the classes I took when I attended my first ReaperCon in 2012! The brush control I had been developing over the years prior probably helped me to apply what I learned a little quicker than usual, but there really aren't very many truly difficult techniques in miniature painting, so (with some patience and practice) anyone can learn them!
  8. Papers sound like a great idea! Also, how about a small trail of gold coils leading towards the window that the thieves dropped in their haste?
  9. Awesome work! I love that NMM!
  10. Very nice work! And great job with the details like the icicles! Also, excellent work on the skin!
  11. Really nice work with that limited palette!
  12. Looking great; keep it up!
  13. Personally, I like the calm pose as-is!
  14. Thanks everyone! The main things that are left to do are all the metal on his gun (and in a few other small places) and his base (which needs more paint and some barbwire). The metal I am not looking forward to, but the base should be simple enough!
  15. A bit more work today! He probably has a couple more work sessions left, so I'm estimating the end of the week for his completion!