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  1. Kuro Cleanbrush

    TaleSpinner Hallmark/Trademark

    Looks really cool and practical to me!!!
  2. Kuro Cleanbrush

    Happy Birthday Kuro Cleanbrush

    Thanks so much, everyone! I really appreciate all the well-wishes!!!
  3. Kuro Cleanbrush

    [SPLIT] Discussion of ReaperCon class labeling and content

    So, my main PC is in the shop for a few more days as I wait on a replacement motherboard, but (once I get it back up and running) I am toying around with the idea of putting together a graphical, video game-like skill tree for how I envision painting skills building off of each other. Obviously, it won't be perfect and will reflect personal bias/limitations in some form or another, but (with those caveats) would that be helpful to anyone?
  4. Kuro Cleanbrush

    30014: The Grudge

    He looks really great! I especially like the leather!
  5. Kuro Cleanbrush

    [SPLIT] Discussion of ReaperCon class labeling and content

    If not knowing how to glaze well makes one a beginner, then... technically I'm still a beginner too! Many people work glazing into their layering classes a little, but I've honestly rarely had any luck with the technique myself and prefer to brute-force my way through blends rather than use some subtlety. That being said, I'd actually like to learn how to glaze a bit more too, and Erin (Corporea) and Andy Pieper (Talespinner) are two great folks to learn that skill from, so maybe we can both pick their brains a little next year!
  6. Kuro Cleanbrush

    Athena: FeR bust

    She is looking amazing! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this step-by-step too; I am just busting in to the world of busts (pun intentional ) myself, and I realize that my normal approach to faces will not be sufficient for a 1/10th bust, so this gives me some much-needed guidance!
  7. Kuro Cleanbrush

    First year thoughts

    Thanks, Kris! That does encourage me greatly, and please forgive me if I have been too touchy with this stuff! That makes me very happy that our discussion has indeed been useful to you! My goal is to always encourage everyone to enter each and every year and to keep entering!
  8. Kuro Cleanbrush

    Countess Lyssia (Reaper 02551: Monique deNoir)

    Thanks so much, Derek! That means a lot to me especially considering how much your painting has always inspired me and how much I want to be able to paint more like you!
  9. Kuro Cleanbrush

    First year thoughts

    Hi Heisler! Thanks for chiming in on this and for your excellent points! In my own defense, however, I wanted to comment briefly on two points: First, please forgive any confusion my very unofficial scoring rubric may have caused (especially regarding Open). I was just trying to put a little more rubber on the road of the official scoring rubric as I think many people are confused by what a category such as "difficulty" actually means. However, I still stand by the general understanding of a Diorama gold as requiring very nearly a gold-level paint job, so story and painting are on essentially the same level. I would actually go as far as to say that the whole team for the past 3-4 years has operated on that notion. If anything, I am actually the champion for rewarding story, so a group recalibration may be in order if you and Michael feel we have been overly critical in that category. Second, thanks for the clarification on team make-up. I was merely repeating something I had been told for why the Lovejoy-Wappel-Markon team had been formed like it had, but things make more practical sense how you described! And, lastly, as a general comment to everyone in this thread (or the other ReaperCon review thread), I want to apologize if I have taken any of the feedback concerning the judging too personally. ReaperCon is near and dear to my heart as the best miniature-related convention out there, and, while no con is without flaws, I feel that there is no con where the competition team goes out of their way more to teach, encourage, and otherwise give of their time to entrants than this one. As a part of that volunteer team, it is hard not to take acusasions of bias or inconsistency personally (or as an attack on friends) especially considering that we are all in there giving up good portions of two of our evenings trying our hardest to rank 500 entries from 200 entrants in a way that reflects well on the convention, the hobby, and the judging team! And now, with all that said, I will do my best to thicken my skin (especially knowing that no one bringing up negative critiques is actively trying to do anything other than make the competition better).
  10. Kuro Cleanbrush

    Countess Lyssia (Reaper 02551: Monique deNoir)

    Thanks! The armor is based in a gray (I think I used Stone Grey, but I can't remember) and then shaded through Burgundy Wine to Blue Liner before highlighting through Spring Green to Ghost White and finally Pure White.
  11. Kuro Cleanbrush

    Countess Lyssia (Reaper 02551: Monique deNoir)

    Thanks! The levitation is actually just a brass pin through her heel which I painted black and hid (though not as well as I wanted to) inside the Water Effect I used for the spell!
  12. Kuro Cleanbrush

    First year thoughts

    Several more thoughts, in no particular order: I agree with Doug; he speaks words of great wisdom and truth! I agree with Doug; his insights are correct! I agree with Doug; the observations he has made capture the situation perfectly! Okay, so joking aside (I do really agree with Doug, though!) here's some comments: - There is no perfect system for judging a subjective thing. Trust me, I am an engineer and about as mathematical as one can be, so I understand everyone's desire to boil the competition down into: "Do this at level 1 for bronze, level 2 for silver, level 3 for gold", but (even if such a system were attempted) it would inevitably devolve into "why did I get a 1.9 instead of a 2?". This is unavoidable whether we used weighted percentages, 0-4 whole numbers, 1.0-12.0 with fractions or what have you. At the end of the day, we judges truly are volunteers who are giving up no small amount of time (on our vacation!) to do this, and the 0-4 system with three judges is the most practical system I can really envision. - I like Corporea and Rhonda's idea about having a library of painted figures with critiques of why they would be representative of certain skill levels. However, when you stop to think about it, we all have a HUGE library of painted figures and their associated awards on the the ReaperCon homepage! While a few minis may be borderline or result in dissenting opinions, surely the vast majority will be solidly within their respective award tier. Especially with the quality of the photography getting better each year, everyone should have a very functional tool at their disposal to gauge where they stand (on average). If you are a bronze painter who wants to be a silver painter, go look at all the silver winners in a category and ask yourself, on average, "what are they doing that I am not?" If you can't tell on your own, then ask a better miniaturist to help you see! - Lastly, lest anyone think that the judges are just being elitist members of the "good ol' boys" club, I want to assure you that ALL of us have had the experience at some point or another of receiving a lower award than we were hoping for. Just a few years ago, I entered a 100+ hour diorama in hopes of maybe winning a Sophie that year (I was already a gold-level painter at the time), and, much to my chagrin, I not only did not win a Sophie, I didn't even get a gold medal! Was I happy about that? Of course not! But, as time passed, I came to see that the judges had really judged me fairly and that my entry had a lot of problems with it that I did not realize properly at the time. The next year, I put those lessons into action and won a gold! Also, I'm not alone; just ask the other judges for stories about the times they have been severely disappointed by a given award!
  13. Kuro Cleanbrush

    Countess Lyssia (Reaper 02551: Monique deNoir)

    Thanks so, so much, everyone!!! Thanks! Honestly, I picked the model primarily based on how much armor it had (since I like to paint that). I basically had the month of August to work on the miniature, and I estimate it probably took me about 30 - 40 hours from start to finish.
  14. Kuro Cleanbrush

    First year thoughts

    Several comments for me here: First, the criteria I gave are SUPER rough, and I tried to leave a caveat stating that other aspects of a miniature besides just the paintjob really could affect the score one way or the other, even in Painters. @TigerMoJo if you can indicate to me which entry you are talking about, I can try to give some more explanatory feedback as to why your miniature may have received what it did, but ultimately the best way to get feedback on your pieces is to talk to your trio of judges right after the award ceremony to get their fresh thoughts. We really are doing our best to be fair, impartial, and consistent judges, but please be kind knowing that the task we face is absolutely monumental in scale! Second, yes, I probably am one of the nicer judges. Generally, Michael Proctor tries to set up the judging teams (as much as is possible) to include one soft, one medium, and one hard judge. I usually fill the role of "soft" judge, but not as much as you might otherwise think. Sometimes I'm the one taking a hard line on a piece. Third, while there are a million different ways to judge (some mentally consider all entries a gold and then deduct from there, some consider all entries silver and then shift them one way or the other, some start at certificate and steadily add points, and some do something entirely different) in the vast majority of circumstances I believe that all of the judging teams would reach the same consensus on a given entry. A few borderline minis might shift one way or the other, but most will be judged similarly by the whole team. Also, after reading Corporea's comments (she actually judges Open, I just do Painters and Diorama), it would seem I did not give enough credence to the modification side of things in Open, so please refer to her for other questions about Open.
  15. Hi all! I am freshly back from ReaperCon now, and (though many of you will see another version of this post with more convention-specific comments on Facebook later today) I wanted to finally share pictures of my competition entry this year with my forum family directly! I was super honored to win the Gold Sophie Trophy in the Painters category this year, and I have many people to thank for that, not the least of which is my wonderful wife for letting me put in so many late nights of painting gearing up for the convention! I also had a super fun time teaching classes, spending too much money on new minis, and just in general hanging out with all of you! But, anyway, on to the mini herself! Thanks so much for looking, and I hope you all like her!