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  1. Thank you all very much! Yeah, I'm a big fan of Harryhausen's work, especially the skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts. Niall of Stephaniall
  2. And I'm back. Thank you all. Yesterday I had some time to work on the other four conversions, which are now done. Firstly, I worked on the conversions of the avatars that would be done using the bottom halves of two Vandorendra figures. In this case, the Avatar of Thoth's belt accoutrements decided not to come off as a separate piece: So once I was done with these, the Avatar of Sekhmet looked like this: I had to do a bit of sculpting of scales on one side, which isn't my forte, as the fit wasn't great. Hopefully it won't look too amateurish once the fig is all painted up. Meanwhile, the Avatar of Thoth came out like this: The fit was better, but still needed a bit of greenstuffing. However, the stuff on the belt helped to make this fairly minimal. I then turned my attention to the last two conversions, using the Giant Cobras as the bottom halves: Yes, this time the Avatar of Thoth's quiver (or is it actually a scroll case?) did come off, which allowed me to vary its position a bit later. Here's the conversion using the Avatar of Sekhmet: And the Avatar of Thoth: Of all the conversions, I think that this one is my favourite, as he looks very dynamic, as if he is leaping forward, especially when seen in a group: Now I just need to figure out what to do with the six pairs of legs and the various snake heads and demon top halves. Niall of Stephaniall
  3. Thank you both very much! I handed over the scenery and these first two to my friend yesterday, and he sent me these photos of the two stalkers, now based. Now I just need to find time to work on the others... Niall of Stephaniall
  4. So, I finally got some time to work on this, so I started with the easiest-looking options, taking the Marilith bottoms and dismembering two avatars at the waist, which gave me these: I wanted to preserve the parts hanging from the Avatar of Thoth's belt, so that took some careful cutting, and in the process I discovered that the avatar's quiver is a separate piece! So, the first to get put together was the Avatar of Sekhmet: This turned out to be pretty straightforward, just putting some green stuff in the join along with some glue, then patching the spaces and cracks on the outside. Then came the Avatar of Thoth: This one was slightly more tricky, as I had to trim the Marilith's waist to accommodate the avatar's belt, then the quiver got stuck on at the back. The avatar's belt-buckle got a little damaged during cutting, so I took the opportunity to re-sculpt part of it at the front. Comments and suggestions always welcome. Niall of Stephaniall
  5. My friend decided on a range of snake bodies. The orders went in, and have now arrived from GreenStuffWorld and Reaper. So now we have the following. Scenery from GSW: These are really cool, so many thanks to Glitterwolf for the recommendation. My friend will be doing the final build of the figures for his unit, so all I need to do with these is wash them and clean up some mould lines. Snake bottoms! The Marilith rather conveniently comes with a separate bottom, so I'll be starting with those as the easiest option. Tops: There won't be too much needing hot/cold re-shaped on the figures, which is fortunate, nor do there seem to be too many mould lines, so that is excellent. Quick huzzah to Reaper for the ever-improving quality of the Bones figures! Niall of Stephaniall
  6. This is coming on awesomely. Looking forward to seeing more!
  7. This is coming on amazingly. Followed! Niall of Stephaniall
  8. This is seven shades of awesome, especially the priestess with her rhino prisoner carrier. Thank you very much for sharing! Niall of Stephaniall
  9. So yesterday I managed to pick up a couple of the Egyptian avatars that I will be using, and we already have the various snake bodies from the various Bones Kickstarters, so I was able to do a scale comparison shot. As Glitterwolf notes, the sizes match up pretty well. So once my friend has chosen the snake bodies that he prefers, I'll be able to get on with the conversions. I can post on my progress here if people are interested? Niall of Stephaniall
  10. Thank you very much for the advice, Glitterwolf! The mummy captain looks fabulous. My friend is indeed keen to stick with the original bases, so we will be following your advice about using the scenery from Greenstuffworld. Steph and I love GSW's stuff, so the idea of putting in an(other) order to them is not unattractive... Niall of Stephaniall
  11. Thank you for your thoughts, Boaz. That's a great alternative approach. However, both the TK player and I are pretty wedded to the idea of doing the body-swap, so if anyone has the figures and can post them for size comparison, that would be immensely helpful. Niall of Stephaniall
  12. stephaniall

    77322: Kassandra Of The Staff

    Thank you very much, everyone. You're all awesome. Niall of Stephaniall
  13. Greetings, I was wondering if anyone might be able to give me some advice, please? I have a friend who is playing Tomb Kings in Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and was hoping to field some Sepulchral Stalkers: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warhammerfb/images/4/4e/Sepulchral_Stalkers_Tomb_Kings_8th_Edition_Miniatures.jpg However, he has been unable to obtain the original figures, since GW discontinued the TK line, so we have been discussing how I might create some, and are currently thinking of using the following: Body: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bones%20snake/sku-down/77321 Tops: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/egypt%20bones/sku-down/77339 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/egypt%20bones/sku-down/77340 Before I go buying these and then hacking them apart, is there anyone out there who has all three and might be willing to post a photo of how they match up next to each other for scale, please? I'm also open to suggestions for other sources of snake bodies if the size match is better. I've contemplated the following, for example, but again am not sure how the sizes would match up: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bones%20snake/sku-down/77393 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bones%20snake/sku-down/77117 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bones%20snake/sku-down/77153 Thank you very much! Niall of Stephaniall
  14. stephaniall

    77322: Kassandra Of The Staff

    Greetings, We don't normally post on this forum (too intimidated), but Niall did a weapon swap on this one using a staff from the Bones Armoury of Virtue set. Any feedback would be gratefully received! Stephaniall