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  1. Put in my first Reaper order of the year as this was one mini I really didn't want to miss out on. ------- 60106: Pathfinder Explorer 02653: Slipshadow, Thief 03666: Elizabeth, Female Pirate Captain 03797: Vultures (6) 03783: Adventuring Kids #2 77080: Wall of Fire 80056: Jersey Barrier Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 1x Tristan Loremistress
  2. Spent the day outside being lazy on my lounger. Blue sky with no clouds but because there's been a light cool breeze all day it's been very pleasant. Not too hot. Just entered my first Reaper order of the year in the online store as I don't want to miss out on this months mini. Ordering minis always makes me happy so this afternoon has turned into a better day than it started.
  3. It's full of purple.
  4. This thread is unravelling!
  5. It's the end of the thread as we know it.
  6. I have a few several many lots 20 of the 4Ground building and accessory kits still waiting to be built. Love them and enjoy the assembly process too...except when I screw something up.
  7. That does look pretty cool. Wish there was an easy way to get that strong of a light source to work with a mini on a gaming table.
  8. Just heard a former coworkers husband died yesterday. Puts a bit of a damper on the morning.
  9. Join M.E.O.W. We have chocolate shhprinkles.
  10. Live

    <<< MODVOICE>>> Let's keep the comments about the kickstarter and not about the people who are expressing an opinion.
  11. Live

    I only backed for one mini, the Dungeon Master, but it was an excellent sculpt and very well cast. Especially considering it's tiny size. I'm very happy with it. I have to disagree. I think they're well sculpted but being heavily inspired by the source material of the old wood cuttings and manuscript drawings I can see them being an acquired taste as stylistically they're a bit different from what we've come to expect from mainstream fantasy minis.
  12. This is the same company that is putting out the FallOut miniatures game later this year and I have the same concern about that.
  13. Up here in Canada the new Star Trek show is going to be on our scifi channel SPACE, so I won't have to pay extra to watch it. Because of that I will be watching it because, hey, Star Trek. I'm trying to stay away from previews as I want to be surprised, for better or worse.