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    I'm a young at heart nerd with the collecting gene so... Anything Scifi and Fantasy is right up my alley. As are Video games. AD&D and miniatures of course.

    And a Hockey fan.(Go Canucks!)

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  1. My bats more of a toothpick these days.
  2. I'm on a Very short lunch break at work and have to admit I wasn't prepared for ordering this today, but I don't want to take a chance and wait for the other minis to become available and miss out on the bag. Long way of saying swag bag ordered!
  3. Anyone know which mousling is in the swag bag. I heard there were two versions. Dont see it in the bag description but I thought the concrud zombie was also included.
  4. Timbits and Babyback ribs. And I applaud your good taste in your effort to make this thread about me. Well done!
  5. For those who are unfamiliar, The 12 Days of Reaper is a December promotion where a different free mini is included in qualifying orders on each of the 12 days. Limited edition holiday themed minis are also available to order. Plus the Anniversary mini of the month promo will still be on offer. So as soon as you spend your pennies on the Reapercon minis, the new October releases, and then the new November releases, you'd better start saving more pennies for the 12 Days promo.
  6. I see that, but I'm hoping to get her with a swagbag.
  7. Well you tell klarg1 that it's Sophie Says and not klarg1 says. You're not banned from playing until Sophie says your banned.
  8. Grrreat to see you back Argentee!
  9. All right. You had to go there. That does it! No Frosted Flakes For You!
  10. Looks like frogs legs are back on the menu. Tonights special: 2 for 1
  11. In that case, M.E.O.W. will take frog legs off tonight's menu.
  12. I totally agree with you old chap.
  13. Fireteam Zero

    I'll be watching for how yours turn out as I have assorted scifi "infected" minis from Sedition Wars as well as from Mantic that I still have to decide on colour schemes for,