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  1. Live

    Mantic has stated that more sets are a possibility if the Kickstarter reaches a high enough level to warrant them. Nothing has been said if a new 4th crate would be created for them or if they'd be added to existing crates or if they'd only be available as separate addons.
  2. Live

    I don't know who you are anymore.
  3. Live

    On one of the Beast of Wars weekender shows some one from Mantic, not Ronnie, hit some of the Dungeon Saga terrain with a hammer. Dont think I'd want to do that with mine, but it is a very durable plastic. I'd say it's a bit different plastic than what's in The Walking Dead terrain. I've seen different people from Mantic say different things on the plastic that will be used though.
  4. Yeah. That came across my Facebook feed the other day and it was talked about in another thread around here. While this is something I've been wanting for a good long while, I'm not too keen on a lot of the sculpts I've seen so far. Hopefully that'll change as the game creators unveil more stuff. Also crossing my fingers for more terrain pieces like ruined vehicles.
  5. Same here Unruly. Hope you get opportunities to spend more time with her.
  6. Time to ramp up the randomness. Just a clown singing Pinball Wizard to the tune of Folsom Prison Blues the Johnny Cash Classic! It's either disturbingly clever or cleverly disturbing. I can't decide.
  7. Me and my old AD&D buddies got into Magic when we wanted to take a break from our campaign back around '95. We played MTG for a few years before we took a break and sadly never got together as a group again. A couple years ago I introduced my young niece and nephew to Magic, they both took to it right away. Those are the only times I've played in recent years. I'm not up on all the changes or new stuff but I still have all my cards and we just play for fun so it's all good.
  8. Live

    Wow. Things are getting nasty in the kickstarters comments section. Someone just asked for a tiger skin rug for the Wizards study. And here I thought only barbarians could be so cruel.
  9. Live

    Amen brother!
  10. Live

    I was thinking the exact same thing.
  11. Live

    I believe they said they'd be doing that.
  12. Live

    Well. The saying goes curiousity killed the cat, and this project does have me curious. I'll be watching for the launch of this in the morning. Hopefully I escape with only a flesh wound to the wallet.
  13. If they did undead pirates they might have me.
  14. Live

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