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  1. Darsc Zacal

    Critit Animal Companions Miniatures

    Wow there’s a lot of nice looking stuff here, even if most of it appears to be renders. Does the surface of the mini and it’s base in the physical pic of the TRex look grainy cause it’s a 3D print? It’s an odd and eclectic assortment of creatures that’s for sure. Still... Will have to keep an eye on this.
  2. Darsc Zacal

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    It’s not just newcomers who feel that way. Its also people who couldn’t afford it at the time and people who heard about it too late. Never mind those companies who make people go through so many hoops to get their exclusives you begin to feel like a circus animal performing tricks.
  3. Will provide a link when it’s live on kickstarter.
  4. Darsc Zacal

    Critit Animal Companions Miniatures

    I only found the one pic of two sculpts but they do look good.
  5. Despite the mention of undead in the title, this ks is mostly about dwarves along with an elf and an orc. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chappellm/pirates-of-the-undead-seas-fantasy-pirate-miniatur/description -
  6. Darsc Zacal

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Ah. Okay. I didn’t have my usual good luck this year and didn’t get in until the very final round of swag bags.
  7. Darsc Zacal

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    When did you place order? Canada post tracking says my expected delivery date is still 7 days away.
  8. Darsc Zacal

    Dungeon Accessories

    Anyone here still waiting for theirs to show up?
  9. Darsc Zacal

    Kev!'s RBJ Game - Kyon the Schnauzer

    Aww. Who’s a good little centurion...
  10. Darsc Zacal

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I’m not sure what waves are what anymore. All we’ve had arrive locally are the initial releases and now a second wave has arrived. Its the one with the owl bear and the rust monster. Don’t know it it’s THE second wave or if we missed some getting here. Anyway. The original release was priced at $5 cdn in the local stores. With the new minis that just arrived my FLGS has raised prices by $1, but other game stores are still charging only $5 for the new minis.
  11. Haven’t seen this one mentioned yet and it does seem a bit different for the zombie survival genre of miniatures games: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1519152481/z-war-one-exodus?ref=creator_nav - Theres a bit of a discount for those backing in the first 72 hours. I’ll admit I find this interesting. Like the ships and docks setting. Dice Sports also had a previous kickstarter for a different game, Damnation, that is set in the same world. I’m not familiar with the company or their previous game. If anyone here has had experience with either I’d like to hear what you think.
  12. Darsc Zacal

    Kings of War: Vanguard

    It is! And I ordered 3 of them! I’m going to name them Fee, Fie, Foe, and... Oh broccoli! I should’ve ordered 4.
  13. Darsc Zacal

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    For the StoneHaven fans out there or for those who have yet to discover them.
  14. Darsc Zacal

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    And this is why mine is still unopened.
  15. Darsc Zacal

    EU/US/ROW Candy Exchange

    I’d be willing to do a candy trade with you Beagle. Haven’t read through this thread yet to know what the details are.
  16. Darsc Zacal

    Reapercon Sophie

    At one point Reaper would offer some past Sophie’s through the 12 Days of Reaper promotion. Might want to wait the 3 months to see if Reaper offers any up this year. Though it does seem they are concentrating more on actual holiday related minis the past couple of years as per the pics below: 2015 - 5 Sophies 2016 - 0 Sophies 2017 - 0 Sophies
  17. Darsc Zacal

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Mine is coming USPS. At least that’s where the tracking info, such as it is, is coming from.
  18. Darsc Zacal

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    It could. While I have had quicker shipments from Reaper, 3-4 weeks is not uncommon. Longest was closer to 8weeks, but that’s pretty rare. I’ve only had 1 shipment go missing completely.
  19. Darsc Zacal

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Being in Western Canada it could be weeks before I know if I received the correct paint. Fingers crossed I did or that there will still be paint available for exchange if I don’t.
  20. Can’t see any pics. Anyone else?
  21. Darsc Zacal

    Reaper Con 2018 photo thread

    Wow! That’s a lot of forumites!
  22. Darsc Zacal

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    Just want to point out that Reaper did have an exclusive Sophie for their very first Bones kickstarter but haven’t offered any exclusives since then. I like what Mantic did with their The Walking Dead kickstarter. They did have ks exclusives during the campaign but also stated pretty early on that they would also be offering different retailer exclusives when the game hit retail so that even if backers went all in for the ks they’d still have to go to a retailer to get everything. In fact Mantic has now released all the ks waves to retailers and are just about to release the first wave of releases that weren’t part of the kickstarter so it should be interesting to see how those sell.
  23. Darsc Zacal

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Hmmm... Could have been an over enthusiastic person sitting in a restaurant in the middle of eating his, or her, burger and not seeing their cart update so hit the swag bag tab 1 or 2 or 7, too many times until they corrected themselves.
  24. Darsc Zacal

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    FINALLY! Thank you Reaper!