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  1. EDIT: This kickstarter is now Live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/zombicide-invader "Humans came to PK-L7 in search of high powered fuel. They found it with Xenium, a dark, oily compound deep below the planet’s surface. But they found something else too. The Xenos attack was brutal and unrelenting, and they’re still coming. On April 10 at 3pm EST, Zombicide: Invader is coming to Kickstarter. Follow the CMON and Guillotine Games Facebook pages for regular updates on the Survivors, Xenos, Equipment, and Environments of this interstellar battle for life, and look for our interview with the Zombicide: Invader design team later this week. Grab a weapon, barricade the doors, and prepare to be invaded." Zombicide:Invader is a cooperative game where 1 to 6 players face Xenos, an unfathomable swarm of infected Xenos controlled by the game itself. Each player takes on the role of 1 to 6 Survivors in a sci-fi setting being overwhelmed by these Xenos. The goal is simple: choose a Mission, complete its objectives, kill as many Xenos as possible, and (most importantly) survive! Survivors will fight Xenos, rescue each other, recover vital data, unveil dark secrets, and much more! Survivors can be Civilians or Soldiers, each with specialized Skills. They all play together as a team, trading Equipment, and covering each other. They use whatever weapons they can get to kill Xenos and slow the invasion. The better the weapon, the higher the body count, but the more Xenos will appear, attracted by the onslaught! Survivors must also be mindful of their location as conventional weapons work fine indoors, but the planet’s oxygen-starved surface, they’ll need to arm themselves with more specialized weaponry… Lasers, anyone? Most of the time, Xenos are predictable, but there are a lot of them and they use nasty tactics not encountered in previous Zombicidegames. Only through cooperation can players achieve the Mission objectives and win." - I haven't backed a CMoN kickstarter in a awhile, but I think this one might tempt me depending on what the minis and gameplay are like.
  2. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

  3. Midlam Miniatures: Halflings - A Class of Their Own

  4. I'm still waiting for my minis. Wanting them in metal, not resin. Which reminds me. It's been a while since I heard anything from Jody.
  5. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    Typical. The one survivor pack I'm interested in is kickstarter exclusive.
  6. "Overrunners" SF kickstarter

    Hover jeip renders. Possible future stretch goal.
  7. Coming April 25th and based on the comics, not any past or upcoming movies... The Hellboy board game will be a co-operative experience in which players face off against some of the comic’s most famous foes. Up to four people take control of iconic BRPD members, such as Hellboy, Abe Sapien and Roger the Homunculus, before exploring gothic locations and uncovering ancient artifacts. Set to make its Kickstarter debut in April 2018, the Hellboy board game will feature stunning, pre-assembled plastic miniatures that accurately capture the look and feel of Mike Mignola’s world famous comic series. “Hellboy has a great cast of characters, diverse locations and legendary monsters from the pages of folklore and myth,” said Ronnie Renton, Mantic CEO. “The comics provide a fantastic foundation on which to build an immersive, fun and fast-paced co-operative board game that will let players experience some of their favorite moments from the series.”
  8. "Overrunners" SF kickstarter

    New Repto leg design. I Ike them a lot better. They look like fast movers. Bob is asking for feedback so they may not be final.
  9. Adventurescapes

    I didn't know what you were talking about but you had me worried so I checked my email for the update you mentioned. I'm a backer for the docks only too, although I did add on the portal. I'm a bit concerned about the changes but I guess we'll have to wait and see what we get.
  10. For those looking for something a little different in character and style from the usual fantasy minis.
  11. Into The Forest - Resin Fantasy Minis and Busts

    Me too, but every now and then I like something a bit quirky and different. Figured this was worth a heads up for others here.
  12. "Overrunners" SF kickstarter

    When I first saw the Reptos renders I wasn't sure if they were supposed to be reptile aliens, or instead humans wearing a reptile helmet as done in Stargate.
  13. "Overrunners" SF kickstarter

    Another upcoming stretch goal render revealed, Reptos. The only issue I have is that they look a little too much like a human in a mask. Sure the head is great but the rest of them doesn't look alien at all. I've suggested he make some changes to the legs to make them look less human, but I don't know that'll happen. Apparently dog heads will be another future option to make more aliens out of these sculpts. Maybe we'll get cat heads in the future do that I can finally get my Kzinti minis. With only 77 backers the campaign has been in a bit of a midkickstarter lull. The funding level has been reached, but only barely. Have to admit it surprises me that a sculptor with decades worth of experience who has done work for so many different miniatures companies over the years only has 77 backers at this point.
  14. Bunny girls

    Anyone here who backed still waiting for their bunnies?
  15. Giant Killer Robots - Weta Workshop does a boardgame

    Anyone here still waiting for their rewards from this?
  16. A-CASE+ Miniature Wargaming Carrying/Display Case

    I see this is fulfilling but not without problems. Is anyone here who backed this still waiting for their shipment?
  17. 28mm Female Forest Tribe

    I see this is currently fulfilling. Did anyone here end up backing? I'm curious what the production minis ended up looking like.
  18. RIP Harry Anderson

    This is a surprise. I guess I haven't seen him in anything recently so still though of him as a fairly young guy. Not that 65 is all that old. RIP
  19. Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay is a 1-5 player co-op dungeon crawl miniatures board game designed by Jonathan Phillips-Bradford and Heath Foley featuring minis sculpted by Patrick Keith.
  20. "Overrunners" SF kickstarter

    Bobs been showing off renders of some possible future stretch goals. From his Facebook page... Robots Female Troops
  21. Acquired from the Disney Store, a X-Wing Fighter pretty close to scale with my Imperial Assault Star Wars minis. Shown with a rocket pack wearing Stormtrooper from said game. Not a bad piece of terrain for $20 CDN.