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  1. Darsc Zacal

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    Agree about those renders. Some of the best skeletons I've seen. I'll be curious to hear reviews when backers receive the physical production minis.
  2. Darsc Zacal

    Limbo Miniatures Metal Head

    Just to clarify. Project is Live,
  3. Darsc Zacal

    RIP Gardner Dozois

    Sorry to hear of your and your husbands loss Pingo. Your husband was very fortunate to have known Mr.Dozois and to been under his tutelage.
  4. Darsc Zacal

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Agreed. Thats at least the cost of an arm and a leg.
  5. Darsc Zacal

    Scenic Grass Tufts and Flowers Kickstarter

    Speaking as a Canadian who is affected by the exchange rate and higher postage fees, Id have to say that the appeal here is not in a great value on pricing, but rather the variety of tufts on offer. Especially in the coloured flower tufts.
  6. Darsc Zacal

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Speaking of John Wayne... It was his birthday yesterday, here's the housebthe grew up in, now a museum.
  7. Darsc Zacal

    Diorama, Little Cthulhu Rising

    That's such a creative idea and you've executed it wonderfully. Amazing, especially given the size of the little C'thulhu mini. That towns got to be so tiny.
  8. Darsc Zacal

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Huzzah indeed! Well done on your work at the paint and take!
  9. Darsc Zacal

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Another Great Moment In Cat History. Mademoiselle Fifi and her human John B. Moisant (accompanied by mechanic Albert Fileux) made the first passenger flight across the English Channel on August 23, 1910. The first solo flight across the channel was accomplished 13 months prior by Louis Blériot.
  10. Darsc Zacal

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    I don't think Mike had sculpted the ferret yet. Or if he did he hasn't posted a photo of it.
  11. Darsc Zacal

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    That's what's wrong with news organizations today. Not enough usage of the word dandy and too few breaking stories about chickens.
  12. Darsc Zacal

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Exactly. Plus there is a price list by mini size on the campaign page if you want to pick and choose.
  13. EDIT: link to the live kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/hellboy-the-board-game/description The Hellboy board game will be a co-operative experience in which players face off against some of the comic’s most famous foes. Up to four people take control of iconic BRPD members, such as Hellboy, Abe Sapien and Roger the Homunculus, before exploring gothic locations and uncovering ancient artifacts. Set to make its Kickstarter debut in April 2018, the Hellboy board game will feature stunning, pre-assembled plastic miniatures that accurately capture the look and feel of Mike Mignola’s world famous comic series. “Hellboy has a great cast of characters, diverse locations and legendary monsters from the pages of folklore and myth,” said Ronnie Renton, Mantic CEO. “The comics provide a fantastic foundation on which to build an immersive, fun and fast-paced co-operative board game that will let players experience some of their favorite moments from the series.”
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  15. Kickstarter is live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/plastcraftgames/exo-mankind-reborn-board-game An upcoming kickstarter by Plast Craft games, an established maker of terrain for various genres. This is their first foray into miniatures as well as an actual game. Should note that English is not their first language, but they've been very responsive whenever I've sent a query about one of their buildings. The link below is to a draft of the kickstarter not the kickstarter itself which will launch on May 2nd. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/plastcraftgames/188567321?ref=7ixtq3&token=ba9b33cc
  16. Darsc Zacal

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    I suspect so. I'm fine with the half elves. Would like to see more Gnomes and Dwarves though.
  17. Darsc Zacal

    Moonstone Skirmish game by Goblin King Games

    I forgot all about her. No I didn't receive her either. I wonder if it's because I only pledged £1 during the kickstarter and added everything to it afterward. I don't know if that one mini is worth the hassle.
  18. Darsc Zacal

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    The initial funding goal has been reached so it's on to stretch goals. Unfortunately the first 4 stretch goals are the minis that make up the third set, which has already been shown, which takes away much of the excitement and anticipation.
  19. Darsc Zacal

    Cowboy Riding a Jackalope

    Did they raise Jackalopes?
  20. Oh I wish you hadn't told us that...
  21. Darsc Zacal

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    I hear you and agree, but having backed many of their previous kickstarters I will say that with a few exceptions, the sculpts match the concept art very closely. I think it helps that Mike is both the artist and the sculptor. If I recall correctly they stopped selling directly and only sell their minis though a third party. Hence the price increase.
  22. I don't know what it is. I didn't back but I started this thread because the minis and renders looked good and Plast Craft is an established maker of miniature building terrain. However they've never made an actual game or miniatures before, that was enough to keep me from backing. There is also the fact that they are not native English speakers which could be leading to miscommunication or misunderstanding. However when I had questions about their buildings last year they replied promptly and helpfully, though it was obvious they weren't English speakers.
  23. Darsc Zacal

    Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game

    I'm tempted to lock this thread down as "Dead" but I'll leave it open for a bit in case anyone else has info on the project or observations they want to share.
  24. Darsc Zacal

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    July 31st 2018.
  25. Darsc Zacal


    Still waiting here in Greater Vancouver. Ordered mostly docks plus a handful of other things.