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  1. Well you tell klarg1 that it's Sophie Says and not klarg1 says. You're not banned from playing until Sophie says your banned.
  2. Grrreat to see you back Argentee!
  3. All right. You had to go there. That does it! No Frosted Flakes For You!
  4. Looks like frogs legs are back on the menu. Tonights special: 2 for 1
  5. In that case, M.E.O.W. will take frog legs off tonight's menu.
  6. I totally agree with you old chap.
  7. Indeed.
  8. Fireteam Zero

    I'll be watching for how yours turn out as I have assorted scifi "infected" minis from Sedition Wars as well as from Mantic that I still have to decide on colour schemes for,
  9. Sophie and the Concrud mini are listed as an October 23rd release. (see my post early in the thread)
  10. Fireteam Zero

    Just my own preference, and you might want to go in another direction, but if it were me I'd lose the yellow and go lighter with the green.
  11. Fulfilling

    Looking at these photos of the huge black boxes I feel an unboxing video needs to be done with Sprach Zarathustra playing while sprues are being thrown up in the air.
  12. Fireteam Zero

    Welcome to the Reaper Forums! Theres no subforum for new folks, so just keep on posting. Upper bodies look good so far although I would say they appear a bit too colourful with the greens reds yellow and what appears to be purple.
  13. Came across this over on FaceBook. Looks like it was posted 2 days ago.
  14. Reaper changed the way they handled ReaperCon tickets and swag bag sales a couple of years ago or so. Swag bags used to be available online with preordered tickets to the con and swagbags would be mailed out afterwards to nonattendees. However Reaper now requires that nonattendees wait until any remaining swag bags from the Con are made available for online sale. This helps Reaper ensure their expected number of attendees is accurate. An important thing as Interest in ReaperCon continues to grow and attendance climbs.