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  1. Darsc Zacal

    XCase Enhanced and Insert - Active Minds Games

    This failed to reach funding. Thread Locked.
  2. Darsc Zacal

    Infamy: Collectibles - The Getaway kickstarter

    I saw what you did there.
  3. Coming soon. http://kickstarter.foundminiatures.com/ The Goblin Dragon Riders, is a series of collectible miniatures, specific for painters, collectors and players, concepted by the Italian illustrator Davide Molino and sculpted by Daniele Trovato and Raffaele Stumpo. What can you expect? Dragons, Goblins, Demon Hunters, and Sorcerers Limited Edition Miniatures for people who are passionate about unique pieces and who want to play, paint and have fun.
  4. Darsc Zacal

    Infamy: Collectibles - The Getaway kickstarter

    I was looking at this earlier on my Facebook news feed. I like the idea if it was part of a more expansive line, but on its own, especially with its larger scale, it’s more of a novelty piece. And I don’t like that base. A pass from me.
  5. Darsc Zacal

    The Goblin Dragon Raiders by Found

    November 26th launch date. Took them a lot longer to prepare for the kickstarter than they thought. They remind me a bit of Moonstones minis.
  6. Darsc Zacal

    street wars female gang minis

    The tag status isn’t updated until the funding period ends. For this that’s not till Dec2.
  7. Darsc Zacal

    Canada is closed (well postaly anyway)

    There’s some of that plus comparable pay between urban and rural delivery people, more full time jobs, and job security, gender equality. Plus more I’m sure.
  8. Darsc Zacal

    Kings of War: Vanguard

    Still waiting. Postal disruptions are becoming more frequent and longer lasting. Feeling frustrated and anxious.
  9. Darsc Zacal

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    While I did receive my package from Stonehaven I am still waiting for my Vanguard rewards from Mantic. That’s the kickstarter with the really big giants. According to Mantic that should have been sent out around the same time as my Stonehaven package, through Royal Mail which means delivery through Canada Post. No tracking though. So yep. Still anxiously hoping this postal mess gets cleaned up soon.
  10. Darsc Zacal

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    For the StoneHaven fans out there or for those who have yet to discover them.
  11. Darsc Zacal

    Does Reaper have free shipping?

    Yes, for shipping within the US it’s $35. You also have to keep an eye out for special offers of free minis etc, because sometimes the dollar amount required to qualify to receive those might mean having to make a slightly larger order.
  12. Darsc Zacal

    Star Fleet Battles

    It’s been years since I played. One of my friends was really into it but I owned the game. We used cardboard tokens as we didn’t have the 3D minis of the ships. Are you looking for an answer to a specific question? I cant make any promises but I’ll answer if I can.
  13. Darsc Zacal

    Your impression of space mouslings ?

    Here’s my impression of space mouslings. ”———“. “———“. “———“. Because in space, no one can hear you “squeak”.
  14. Darsc Zacal

    Imbrian Arts Kickstarter

    I only pledged for four minis. I pledged for The King of the Ghouls, Piper, Rider, and the Ghoul with the long ears that looks like a vampire. Its the piper that’s been the holdup so to finally be done with this I just asked for a second copy of the ghoul that looks like this:
  15. Darsc Zacal

    Claustrophobia 1643 kickstarter by Monolith

    This is too funny. MisterShamWOW is actually my cousin. I got him hooked on Kickstarter with Bones 4 and he’s been enthusiastically backing projects pretty steadily ever since. I’ve been trying to get him to be more active on the Reaper forums as he and his daughter, and her friends, have developed an interest in minis and gaming. He’s not connected to this project in any other way.
  16. This is worth checking out just to watch the promotional video. Seriously. Watch the video. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dirtcheapdungeons/dirt-cheap-dungeons-portable-rpg-gaming-accessorie?ref=602797&token=e8a45d53
  17. Cthulhu kit and busts based on the world of Slumbering Oblivion. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reclusivephoenix/the-avatar-of-cthulhu?ref=hero_thanks
  18. Darsc Zacal

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I agree. More and more of Reapers minis are being modeled rather than sculpted, yet either way the artist is still named.
  19. Darsc Zacal

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Well yay! Just checked to see if I missed the bard and dog too but I didn’t find them.
  20. Darsc Zacal

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I didn’t pledge for the fan favourite expansion but after seeing the latest photos the minis I’m planning to get at retail are the efreeti and the djinni. The crab man cause they’ll work as mirelurks for Fallout. Isobael bard and her little dog too, as well as the cat folk, preferable in metal if Reaper releases them as such.
  21. Darsc Zacal

    30014: The Grudge

    Just came across this thread and wanted to say that I love your work and colour choice on the hair. He really came out great!
  22. Darsc Zacal

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Went through the box and did an inventory and quick inspection of all the minis. Everything is present and it all looks good! I’d forgotten just how eclectic this kickstarter was, but there’s quite a few very nice minis. Concepts turned out great.
  23. Darsc Zacal

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Postman just showed up with a box from Stonehaven as I’m making my lunch, I’m off today. Will go through it and post after I eat.
  24. Darsc Zacal

    Riders Of The Storm: Elves, Dwarfs Miniatures and Dragons

    Unfortunately, yes. You don’t even have to look beyond kickstarter for examples of this. Look at how many people don’t fill out their Bones pledge managers and get mad at Reaper when they don’t get their minis. I remember one backer from the first Bones kickstarter who got mad when he found out he was getting plastic minis and not the metal minis he was expecting. And don’t get me started on kickstarter creators who don’t know what they’re doing.
  25. Darsc Zacal

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Here in Canada our national department store The Hudson’s Bay has started carrying FAO Schwartz branded toys. Don’t know if that’s just for Christmas or not though.