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  1. Funded

    I like that you went all old school and handwrote your list on paper 'n stuff.
  2. Because...?
  3. I don't know either but there's two things that give me doubts. First these were immediately recognizable as being based on the Star Wars characters. Secondly, parody and stylized characters have become a mainstream thing that Disney/Lucasfilm have licenced out to companies like Funko and others. Based on what I've seen Disney do previously I believe that if this project shows up on their radar Disney/Lucasfilm will likely take action.
  4. I'm not familiar with this company, and this project is a relaunching of a previously aborted kickstarter, but I thought the ideas for ship and the trees looked particularly interesting.
  5. I should mention here in Canada Discovery is on our SPACE channel (science fiction) which is part of my regular cable package, so I'm not paying extra to watch it like those in the U.S. do.
  6. Live

    Okay. Pledged $1 cause dragon.
  7. I've mixed feelings about it, but I have to say I haven't watched the latest episode yet. I'm trying to manage my expectations as I remember that both TNG and DS9 both started out pretty stinky, yet ended up as solid series overall. I've been finding The Orville to be more entertaining personally to be honest. Though it too is far from perfect.
  8. Reaper still makes metal minis and have pretty regular new releases. Plus Reaper has hundreds of minis from several of their lines that you can browse through and order at their online store: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore Large minis like the newer Bones dragons you mentioned would likely be too expensive and/or too difficult to cast in metal so I wouldn't expect to see that happen. In fact several of the larger older metal dragons are no longer in production but many have been converted to Bones.
  9. The kickstarter has been cancelled by the project creator due to the low level of interest. Thread closed.
  10. Cancelled

    Thread closed.
  11. I dunno. The project creator is dancing pretty close to the edge here. I'm curious if he'll "squeak" by unnoticed.
  12. Live

    Only just got around to watching the kickstarter video. Holy carp have production values for these videos ever gone up from kickstarters early days. I'm surprised project creators aren't already having kickstarters to raise funds for their kickstarter videos.
  13. The unlikelyness of the plot and the required suspension of disbelief doesn't bother me as the show is meant to be scfilite so I expect that. I agree with you about some of the over the top and/or questionable jokes though. They do seem out of place. However there was some clever writing regarding old scifi tropes. Like when the first officer noted there were families on a planet under attack and the helmsman chimed in with there are probably a lot of single people down there too. Or when the captain asks to open a hailing channel to an enemy vessel and then immediately starts talking only to be interrupted by the bridge officer who tells him oh, she hadn't done it yet. Those were things I found funny anyway.
  14. I've wanted to back pretty much every project of theirs but their Medieval Village is the only one I was able to.
  15. Happy Birthday OneBoot! May whatever you wish for on this day come true. However, as this Birthday Wish is coming to you from Canada, you should expect to lose about 20% of what you wished for due to the exchange rate. Wish accordingly.
  16. Live

    Oh that pic! It's such a biiig dragon! Hard. To. Resist. Yeah. I'm a bit concerned over what the final production quality and material for that mini will be.
  17. Fulfilling

    And now the race is on to see if you receive your newly placed order before my kickstarter minis arrive.
  18. Delayed

    Production and fulfilment is running a few months behind schedule on this one. Nothing unusual in a kickstarter and things do look to be moving forward.
  19. The Kickstarter is live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1138228733/moonstone-fantasy-skirmish-game/description This one is for a skirmish game featuring their wonderfully fantastical minis many of which are available in either metal or resin.
  20. Fulfilling

    Still awaiting mine but living on Canada's west coast I'm usually one of the last.
  21. From a new sculptor. The Kickstarter is now live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/242681928/30mm-female-pirates/description
  22. Fulfilling

    Wow. I didn't end up backing this so hadn't been following what happened. Feel bad for the creator.
  23. Live

    The dragon for this is very cool. Too bad it's only available in a package that includes things I have no interest in. Still. For $65 I do wonder what the quality and material are like.
  24. I like the new season. Would like to see the old gang back together again though. I'm also really happy enjoying "Inhumans" which was a surprise. When I first heard about it and saw the previews I was not impressed that there was going to be yet another superhero/mutant tv show featuring characters I'd never heard of that include a giant teleporting bulldog. Turns out the show is quite good. Only 3 episodes in but It's one of the few shows that I'm eagerly awaiting new episodes for.
  25. Well, sorta. Close though. I'm surrounded by my boxes full of minis and hobby stuff. Some of the boxes are pretty big.