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  1. I Painted A...Thing

    I know how you feel as i too hate painting away from the comforts and solitude of home. But the results look great. Well done.
  2. Eli Quicknight

    I am gonna borrow your colour scheme to paint mine, hope you dont mind. Love how yours turned out.
  3. My First Foray Into Chibis

    Aww, those are so awesome, really like what you have done.
  4. 02607: Bjorn, Dwarven Warrior

    Thank you all!!! Ya man, does look a bit off, will go back and touch it up later. Thanks for your feed back!!
  5. 60182: Hakon, Iconic Skald

    Thanks! I used GW's Thorin as inspiration for the colours. Sure, I used Chestnut gold as a base and highlight with palamino gold, then lemon yellow and lastly white. I shaded with a 50-50 mix of brown liner and chestnut gold. I glazed the whole surface with very very think layer of clear yellow. I am glad you like it! Incidentally, the yellows on the tunic are exactly the same colours as well but with burgundy wine added in the shadows. Thankyou ! Thanks, i enjoyed painting those. Thankyou! Thanks, I am trying to limit my colours. Awesome! Just do it mate, its gonna be great!
  6. 02607: Bjorn, Dwarven Warrior

    Started doing NMM again after almost half a year painting my Skaven AoS army. What do you all think? Thanks in advance for any advice or criticisms.
  7. 60182: Hakon, Iconic Skald

    Hello guys! I have not posted in a while, hope you like this mini I painted last month. C&c welcomed.
  8. Bones 3 Crusaders

    Great work, I have these and plan to paint em soon too!
  9. Troll Abomination

    Wow, a splitting image of my next door neighbor when she saw what her dog did to her garden. Nice work!!
  10. Bones 77043: Eye Beast

    Looks absolutely disgusting in a very awesome way. Well done!! (a visit to a oral hygienist would be a great help)
  11. Chimera, Manticores & Scared Displaced Villagers

    Nice paint work, plus the your setup really highlights your skills in photography. Mad props to you!
  12. Ancient Male Wizard from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Good work on the OSL. I really like the neat and simple style you used on the cloth. Well done.
  13. DSM1187: Female Mage on Stairs

    Amazing work on the dress. A perfect homage to the character.
  14. Mr. and Mrs. Bones

    Awwww. Those two are such a cute couple!!
  15. Knight, Warrior, Assassin and Herald

    Wow, those are real nice. Very smooth paint work.