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  1. Great work, I have these and plan to paint em soon too!
  2. Wow, a splitting image of my next door neighbor when she saw what her dog did to her garden. Nice work!!
  3. Looks absolutely disgusting in a very awesome way. Well done!! (a visit to a oral hygienist would be a great help)
  4. Nice paint work, plus the your setup really highlights your skills in photography. Mad props to you!
  5. Good work on the OSL. I really like the neat and simple style you used on the cloth. Well done.
  6. Amazing work on the dress. A perfect homage to the character.
  7. Awwww. Those two are such a cute couple!!
  8. Wow, those are real nice. Very smooth paint work.
  9. Wow, black is a very tricky colour to work on and yours turned out great. Well done. I started my painting journey with the The lord of the rings miniatures, I have never got about to painting them. I agree totally about the scale issues and to a degree the quality levels too. Its just all over the place. Having said that, those group of minis are still among my most cherished miniatures.
  10. Very very well done!! Great work!
  11. Very smooth paint job stunning work!
  12. I would be willing to help with the shots and neutering if that's what it takes for the little fellow to find a forever home.
  13. Nice mini overall. If i am to nit pick, i would say the cloak looks very flat with little contrast among the folds. You may try any number of things in this case. A strightforeward way would be to add a brown or green to the main colour, water it down and glaze the deep folds to give it more shadows. this would give the raised folds a little pop as you have "pushed' the deep folds back. Alternatively you can add a VERY small white or yellow to the red you current use. This may make your reds look more pink or orange at first. dont worry because, if that were the case, you can apply a glaze with very watered down the red you currently use. Or you could do both those things and pop the contrast even more. I hope this helps.
  14. For some really odd reason, a newly primed miniature is always something I like to see. Sometimes more so then the finish product.
  15. I really like your painting style, would be very catching on the table.