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  1. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Without having to read thru 200+ pages....what is the latest update for the Kickstarter 3 stuff to start shipping in the US ??
  2. Does anyone have any good suggestions or ideas on how to create spider webbing effects on bases and stuff ?? I am going to be working on a project for a customer and they asked about putting some spider webbing on the base..ive never done ti before so im kinda clueless...lol Thanks !! Spaztica
  3. Dragon from Dragons Dont Share Diorama
  4. Ebonwrath on Skull base
  5. Removed some pics of a Non Reaper Posting
  6. Demogorgon...the Biggin !!

    It was a little bit of a pain in the butt....the plastic is very rigid and this piece was pretty big and getting it to stay glued was interesting...i had to use rubber bands and small clamps to get it to set and allow the glue to dry...i did have to do some minor touch-ups to gaps with some putty but nothing horrible and some trimming and sanding to extra plastic left from the molding.
  7. Not sure...what happened but pics didnt attach with originial posting...tried it again QQ
  8. Demogorgon...the Biggin !!

    Reaper...forgive me...this is not one of your awesome figurines...BUT I just wanted to show it off cause...well....its a damn cool figurine...lol This was a piece from GF9 that I did for a customer.
  9. So...this may seem a little strange and kinda pointless but it seemed like a fun idea at the time...lol I had the minotaur guy lying around that was missing his left arm, so...out of creative boredom and an urge to paint something, I attached a large gun and missle pod from a CAV Emperor piece, to his left arm and made some hoses coming off the back of the gun and attaching to his shoulder in the skin. This is my first larger mod I have done so its a little sloppy looking I think but cool nonetheless....lol