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  1. Swag

    Anyone know if you can purchase swag bags like previous years and have them shipped? I sadly cannot make it this year do to an impending move and my Pikachu hat weeps...
  2. So who is excited about ReaperCon 2015?

    I am sad to be missing it this year... My Pikachu hat weeps.
  3. help building a force

    Nice use of HG parts, LCM. Welcome to CAV.
  4. CAV 2 games at Reapercon

    I ended up picking up three sheets of Terrans last year but have yet to get around to attaching them. I would love to see your Rach with decals.
  5. Warlord Fluff?

    Thanks that answers some questions
  6. Warlord Fluff?

    Ah.... So the two areas are seperated by a good distance?
  7. Warlord Fluff?

    So I finally got around to picking up Savage North at Reapercon and I have some fluff questions. So where is the Savage North in relation to Taltos? Is there an overarching map somewhere? Also the Savage North book made a lot of references to various places and groups that I cannot seem to find any information on. Is their a book I'm missing as I could not find any reference in the Core rulebook either.
  8. CAV 2 games at Reapercon

    Thanks. All that is left on my terrans is to get the decals on which I am glad FPG still makes them.
  9. CAV 2 games at Reapercon

    Fine I'll post some pictures.... nag nag nag. I just hate using online photo sharing sites. Enjoy! http://www.flickr.com/photos/88055397@N04/sets/72157633316170880/detail/
  10. CAV 2 games at Reapercon

    I must say my games went very well with a lot of people commenting on how much they liked it. Things were very positive towards CAV 2 with most people liking that fact that it played much faster. I took some pictures that I plan to upload soon. Still recovering though...
  11. Final Location of Events?

    I can tell you all my events are at the Hilton and I am guessing it is likely the case with most of the events.
  12. WOO HOO! ReaperCon is this week!

    Oh crap... so much to do yet and so little time. Must pack and make sure the WWPD podcasts are up to date so I do not go crazy in my truck on the drive up.
  13. Reapercon Shuttle?

    So I keep hearing about the snazzy Reapercon shuttle running from the HQ to the convention hotel but how does it work? Does one have to be staying at the Convention hotel or can anyone park at the hotel for a ride back and forth? What is the schedule it will be running on? I know parking is going to suck at the Reaper HQ during the week and possibly weekend so this has me interested. I know it is late to ask but better late then never.
  14. Evilmonkey's Reapercon Events

    Another of those thinga called Bumps...
  15. Crusaders

    Hey what is everyones take on the Crusader Cav? I am debating picking some up this year to complete my crusaders but was not sure which I should pick up and how many.