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  1. Yeah, they're better than nothing, but they aren't very good. Nowhere near as detailed as Reaper's. Plus, they're 25mm, not 28mm, so they can't be used with anyone else's stuff.
  2. I would very much like to have figures that represent the typical "space adventurer" PCs of games like Traveller, Star Frontiers, Star Wars, etc. There are plenty of armored space marines, and exotic gothic space-fantasy figures, but if you just want to depict the crew of a tramp freighter, there's not a whole lot to choose from out there. The science fiction I grew up with had a particular look: a usually tight spandex-looking jumpsuit or pants, but not the perfectly smooth ones of the earlier pulp SF era; they were textured with seams, pockets, zip fronts, or ribbed detailing. Tall boots, often a jacket or vest, and/or a belt with pouches or electronic gizmos. Long gloves or forearm guards were popular, often with a wrist computer or communicator built in. And ideally, not just one or two such miniatures, but at least 4-6, enough for a full crew/adventuring party. Some examples of the kind of look I'm talking about: Seems I'm not alone. Also, I second the many calls for aliens.