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  1. Echoing others, that face is amazing and the cloak is striking.
  2. That's nice! The cloak on the back and the eyes are great.
  3. I like him. Will look great on the game table!
  4. Wow.
  5. This is for my character in an ongoing campaign. The figure is a little frustrating. The texture/folds in his robes aren't very helpful for highlights. I started trying to do black robes, but that wasn't working well, so I switched to red. More of a cardinal look.
  6. Highlighting on the orange/yellow ribbon-y things are done. I was intending it to be more yellow, but things happen. :)
  7. Almost done with the figure itself. The only thing left is to make use of the super glue blob from where I had to re-attach the rifle barrel. It'll be painted up to look like darkstone on the rifle. Making a bonus out of a problematic event! Then the base and it'll be done.
  8. Cloak is done. Hilt of the sword, and the loops hanging down from the belt. Touched up the black on the mask. Next bottle of paint sitting next to him is for the mask itself.
  9. Re-did the highlights on the cloak. Still haven't remembered thin the lighter colors more. :)
  10. Agree with all the comments about the face. Really good!
  11. Those are really nice. Hopefully, they won't battle against too many bare metal warbands. ;)
  12. Your NMM looks just fine to me. Nice job!
  13. Very nice. I especially like the red cloth and the gold bits.
  14. Thanks!