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  1. Thanks!
  2. Dang, that's nifty.
  3. Nice! The gallows piece is great. What was your technique to get the wood to look so good?
  4. Thanks!
  5. Nice! I like how you really got the skin and muscle texture/structure to stand out.
  6. Orbs are good. ;) Thanks!
  7. Started on the cloak. Base coat and some of the first highlight built up. Of course, a couple rough spots on the cloak show up now. Something to put on the pre-priming prep list: really make sure filing marks and such are smoothed out.
  8. Started on the cloak. Base coat and a start on the first level of highlights. Glazing the highlight to try to keep the transition smooth. It's not the fastest method, though...
  9. Color on the rifle barrel. Did a couple rounds of glazing on the pants. They definitely look better at table top distance. More jeans look and less urban camo look. And his badge is progressing.
  10. Oh, I've seen that one. :) It's not the only hobby I hoard for...
  11. I have ideas to experiment with!
  12. I could see where 2BB might help, but I think that technique is further down the road of things to learn/try.(What? There are only like 3 techniques in this hobby, right?) NMM is higher up the list, I think. I'll have to look at it from table top distance tonight. And probably re-do the pants a bit. Thanks.
  13. Yeah, the face is a bit soft. Not a lot to do about that. :) More dilution on white-ish paints. I'll try to remember that tip. Good point on being able to do the highlights over. I tend to forget that I can just repaint them. Thanks!
  14. Thanks. I should probably judge it from further away from the figure than a close up photo. Should have time for more painting tonight.