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  1. I genuinely don't know how I have gotten this far in life without realizing that I needed a log raft miniature.
  2. Gooooood morning Indianapolis! Yeah, this is going to be a little-or-no painting week.
  3. With Buglips? Perhaps "Infested" Reaper Bones are available through retail distribution. Have you checked with local, or online retailers for the things you re looking for? It won't get you anything in the "retired" catalog, but it's a start.
  4. So far, I have been fortunate. I have encountered occasional fraudulent charges on my credit cards, but not frequently. To the best of my knowledge, I have not had the nightmare of a compromised SSN. (so far)
  5. D&D had entries for "Dire Wolf" and "Dire Bear" since way back, when, but I think those were mostly references to prehistoric animals. I didn't notice the bizarre redefinition of "Dire" to mean "Big and spikey" until the WotC / 3rd edition era of D&D and D&D-related artwork. Justified, or not, I blame Wayne Reynolds. Remember, here at McDungeon's, you can always get your drink dire-sized for just 15 extra copper! OK. Now I need to paint this thing up, and keep it sitting in front of my GM screen for ever and all time.
  6. I'm sorry for your hassle, Thes! Sadly, it would be difficult to construct a less secure system than the one we have in the US, where standard procedure is to read your credit card number to people over the phone, or hand your card to a stranger at nearly every retail point of sale you interact with. Online security isn't helping anything, but we're doomed from the get-go. (Yes, chipped cards are improving things, but it's still not much good.)
  7. This is my last day before a very extended (from my perspective too! My plan is endless games (Gencon), followed by travel, and not much sun.
  8. ...or microbes living inside cows...
  9. Heavy-weight sewing thread can make pretty good in-scale rope. Add a little liquid superglue, and it quickly sets solid too.
  10. Actually, just to add one more: I struggle with color selection. I look at what some artists do with color choices, and I am blown away, but I am very timid when selecting colors for highlights, shadows, glazes, etc. I want to go out there, and use creative color selection to make my main colors "pop", but my color acuity is not what I would like it to be. I don't take many color risks, because I know that what I see is not necessarily the same as what the majority of my audience sees. I keep trying to push the limits on this one, but, at the end of the day, nothing is going to make me see red or purple better than I do now.
  11. I had the same reaction, but I'm glad they put them on the path ahead. Interesting that the female statues are left handed, rather than right.
  12. I wouldn't worry. It may be a bit of a wait, but I'm betting next unlock will happen no later than Monday.
  13. 1. Time 2. Patience 3. Cognitive dissonance from having both of the above problems simultaneously. Put a little more seriously, I am at a stage where I have learned many useful techniques, and I think I know what it would take to produce much better results than I currently do, so why don't I? 1. I need practice, and that requires time. It seems like I always either struggling to get a project done in time for a deadline, or having trouble finding hobby time at all. Practicing a technique on 20 consecutive Bones minis doesn't really enter into the equation. 2. I struggle with the patience to work through the real finishing work on a competition-level mini. This problem would undoubtedly improve, if I could address issue #1, but, at the end of the day, I still need to be able to buckle down, and spend hours carefully layering and smoothing my colors.