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  1. I think everybody should have a cardboard Kev's head for photos.
  2. Yes. I'm confident that anybody who sees your amazing entree will agree. you need the challenge.
  3. Fair enough if anybody is looking for a 1:1 scale ribbon, i am around, and wearing a black "nuclear krill" shirt.
  4. I am now lurking in ambush in the HGI lobby.
  5. I am officially on the ground at DFW. Now to find my checked suitcase... so excited!
  6. If you're there for lunch, and feel spendy, Yankee Pier, at the entrance to terminal 3, makes a good fish & chips.
  7. On the boarding ramp... ...the wait continues.
  8. Well, that took long enough. at least I have food now
  9. Waiting in the security line at Logan, terminal B. woooooo.
  10. Just give them the address for Reaper HQ. We all know you'll be colonizing the air ducts anyway.
  11. A cat decided to throw up in the bed yesterday evening, which we did not discover and fix until pretty late. I did not get nearly enough sleep last night On the up side, I leave for the airport in less than an hour.
  12. "Out of Office" replies... set. Noise Canceling Headphones... packed. I'm outa here in 10 minutes.
  13. If your cat is anything like our cats, check your luggage.
  14. I'm having trouble concentrating, and holding still. It's sooooo close to time for me to get out of here and finish preparation for ReaperCon. *twitch* *twitch*
  15. Good luck to her. Launching a career is hard, and doing it 6 months ahead of schedule does not make it easier. ETA: