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  1. This thread is too small to fit my pithy repsponse.
  2. You can do that!? Mind. Blown. I'm actually just about due for an eye exam...
  3. I like the way you think. Not that I am aware of, but I guess it's possible that I bought something formerly "as seen on TV" at a store, like Red's Regular Retail Purchase (tm) of Oxyclean. Maybe? The closest I can think of is eating food prepared on a friend's George Forman Grill, but I never bought one, or used it myself.
  4. Pre-launch

    It's OK. We have a support group.
  5. Live

    You and me both. I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile to pull out a drill, and try to retrofit a few pieces from my KS1 materials.
  6. If I manage to attend the con, will you personally sign my ConCrud mini? I can only assume it's some sort of tribute to you in hooman disguise.
  7. For those extolling the virtues of shrimp tails, I'm glad you enjoy them. Flavor aside, I would liken the experience to chewing on finger nail clippings, or plastic shards, but I accept that my experience may not be typical.
  8. Is it wrong that I take the hype over the goodie bag itself (not the contents) as non-ironic? I use my old ReaperCon bags to carry stuff all the time!
  9. Indeed. Jordan Weissman was one of the original designers for both Battletech and Renegade Legion.
  10. I'm all for shrimp in a bun, but couldn't they have removed the tails for me? I should be able to pick it up and bite into it without having to worry about removing shells in the process. ETA: Wait, is that an elfing skewer in there too? Burn it. Burn it with fire, and tell them to come back when they know how to prepare and serve food for people to actually eat.
  11. B) A plain bun, cut in the New England style. C) I do not judge what people want to place on their hot dogs. I like mustard, but sometimes I also want ketchup. Diced onions are good too. Sometimes I like to mix it up with New York style mustard & kraut. I have tried the Chicago dog, as well as various chili dogs, and they don't work as well for me. M) Beef hot dog, if we are talking hot dogs. I do quite like many varieties of sausage, including bratwurst, but I'm calling that a slightly different food.
  12. I sense a marketing opportunity...
  13. I couldn't stand the test of alcohol until past the age of 20. I also appreciate raw tomatoes far more than I used to as a kid.
  14. Awesome. A little improvement each day can add up.
  15. Conversely, my parents kept unsweetened course-ground peanut butter in the house all the time, and served it to me for lunch and nearly every opportunity, leaving me with a strange bias for creamy, commercial peanut butter. (Based on my other eating habits, you'd think I'd lean towards your preferences here)