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  1. Pffft! "planning".
  2. Hoo boy. Mirror Mirror Harcort Fenton Mudd (sp?) would almost have to be a useless, mid-level bureaucrat, or something, right? (Regular 'verse Mudd would probably have been executed the very first time he interacted with the authorities.) I mean, I suppose he could be a high-level administrator, since he's kind of a nobody in the "standard" Universe, but I'm not sure I see it. I do have a clue what the mirror Universe is, but I do not remember many of the details. It has been a lot of years since I have seen any part of it. Essay question: um.... I'll think on it. No promises.
  3. Stranger: Excuse my asking, but why are you carrying around a bucket of, what appears to be, congealed waste? Guindy: Waste!? That's my pet goblin. Stranger: I have to go now...
  4. Labor Day weekend is good for me for a paint day, but only 50/50 for a bbq. I'll check with Lady Klarg, and refine that. (I'm free that weekend, but she'll be preparing for the fall semester. On the one hand, she might like me out of her hair. On the other, she might not like me running off to party without her. )
  5. Right now, James Wappel's "oil slick" is top of the list.
  6. Last year, a large group of us wound up going to dinner Sunday night. I still haven't decided whether I will be flying out Sunday or Monday this year, but it was a good time.
  7. Several of the classes which I have been resisting, to keep my schedule open, and my load light are still available. Buy more tickets, people! . . .
  8. Regular Thursday gaming was canceled for tonight. I may join the hangouts for a bit this evening, if I'm not using the airbrush too much.
  9. I might be available on August 5th/6th. Aside from that, the month looks dubious for me.
  10. Notably, we have a "Michal" right on this very board, and also teaching at ReaperCon.
  11. *Comes back from lunch* *Scans through 5 pages of RIBBIT/WOOF/BARF nonsense* *backs out slowly*
  12. Actually, me too, but I decided against it at the last second.
  13. The deeper I get into art and hobbying, the more I regret not taking some visual arts classes back in college. If I had been really ambitious, I might even have cross-registered for some advanced training at the well-known-art-school-next-door. I have considerd some classes at one the 19,379,642 colleges and universities in the Boston area, but it's tricky to find a good program for somebody who has neither time, nor money for full a degree program, but wants more than a 1-off workshop. There is a non-zero chance that I will steal this name for future RPG use.
  14. Nope. nope. nope.
  15. I don't have strong feelings, in principle. I would have to judge on a case-by-case basis. I do like them better than pop-culture inspired names. I also like that my best friend's niece's middle name is actually "Danger".