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  1. One chicken breast, or half a chicken breast? The parts sold as "split chicken breast" at the butcher counter are half. A whole chicken breast is probably more than half the accessible meat from a modern, industrial grade chicken. Even then, a half is way bigger than my palm. (I usually break each half-breast down again into quarters, if I plan to serve them as single-portion)
  2. I do not have a list. My will to binge is also limited to at most 2-3 hours at a stretch. The same cannot be said for Lady Klarg, who has a long, and constantly evolving list, and can binge-watch like a champ.
  3. Live

    That, right there, is my dream when some funds loosen up.
  4. I can' help but feel that this device is designed to lock a miniature in place, and torture it until it reveals its secrets.
  5. Live

    I have had good experiences with Impudent Mortal's products in the past, but I think my hobby budget is pretty empty right now. I'll be sure to check these out in retail.
  6. This seems like a potential Beekeeper's question, so I think I'll go with "CHICKEN!".
  7. It looks great! Sad to hear about the casting quality, but you did a wonderful job.
  8. Stanford has potential. 10,000 years ago, Michigan was buried under a mile of ice, and would be a bad place to appear naked, and under equipped.
  9. Sadly, I started my own analysis with the assumption that preserving my own life wasn't a priority. Living in a stone-age civilization, no matter how enlightened, I would die a slow, and painful death, most likely over the course of 6 months or less. I'd rather stay behind.
  10. If it's limited to a single concert, rather than a lifetime of performances, and I want humanity to survive, I might go for a group with a skill set that is strongly skewed towards outdoor survival, like a USO concert or something. (Artist choice might be critical here, to minimize gender imbalance in that kind of locale) Something near a military hospital would also raise the odds of bringing back valuable medical skills. I'd still aim for a location that is not all desert, more equatorial than ice age glaciers, and preferably rich in natural food sources. (Bonus points for easily accessible copper/tin reserves, but those are relatively rare.) Perhaps unsurprisingly, this makes the Middle-East and south/southeast Asia good places to start civilization afresh.
  11. I know that I, personally, would not survive this scenario, so I guess I'd try to think of a musician or band that has performed in front of a large number of people. Preferably with diverse skills to maximize the odds of rebuilding. With the geographic restriction I'd probably also pick a group that does a lot of performing some place more hospitable and Ice Age friendly than Canada, Russia, or Northern Europe. Maybe some kind of Bollywood act? Somebody from Southern China would also catch a large, concentrated group of people.
  12. Sadly, I have just about given up on finding the time to prepare a painters entry between now and the con. Hobby time may be hard to come by in the coming weeks.
  13. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a good day!