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    If you actually wanted a Khanjira-sized pineapple, couldn't you just use an actual pineapple? I mean, it wouldn't be plastic, but at lease you could eat it later, right?
  2. As I understand things, that is a contentious comma.
  3. Who is Number One?

    I didn't see it until you said it, but I wish I could like this post twice.
  5. I used to watch them all the time. These days, I watch much less TV, and have relinquished most of the programming selection to Lady Klarg. *shrug* Like so many people before me in this thread, I really enjoyed Good Eats, and the short-run "Feasting on Asphalt". Like @Pingo, I found Alton Brown's later game show efforts depressingly mean-spirited. I think I see where the humor was supposed to be, but it was lost on me. I am still intrigued at the prospect of a return for the original show. I also spent quite a bit of time watching "America's Test Kitchen" on PBS. Yes! I also forgot about that show until reading this question. That show was both amusing, and charming. I miss the days when the Food Network was more about food, and cooking. Um.... Long enough that I can't remember the last time. Oddly, I visit Aquariums quite frequently.
  6. I did, although it has been quite a while.
  7. Are you invited to parties?
  8. Yeah. Fair enough. Maybe I should go get arting some place...
  9. Very nice. Is there any chance to get it in other colors? Zazzle will make them, but the artwork is always contained in a big, white, square.
  10. So far, I have stood firm with only 5 classes, and all of Friday free to tour, socialize, shop, or whatever. My resolve has wavered many times, but so far so good. Just 12 short weeks to go. I'll be fine. This is a good decision. *twitch* *twitch*
  11. Welp. You've already taught me something. *searches for a shirt*
  12. Fear not. House Procrastius will step in and put an end to the madness. ...eventually.
  13. I have heard it mentioned, and I have noticed the thread title for the announcement. Have I investigated beyond that? No.
  14. A couple of weeks ago, I went to buy eggs, and the first carton I picked up was almost half empty, and most of what was there was cracked. I'm assuming that it was the victim carton where everybody was dumping their rejects as they picked over the eggs. I couldn't find an employee to dispose of it quickly, so I left it open, hoping they'd discover it without me.
  15. Neat. I have heard of online college degrees, but didn't know online high school was a thing. I learned a thing today!
  16. Hangouts seems to be broken on my tablet right now.
  17. I might hop on for a bit tonight.
  18. Plans are in the making for my 20yr. It will happen in May of 2018. Well, I can't speak to my high school, but the college I attended has survived the past 250-ish years intact, and I imagine it will hold out another few months for the reunion to take place. There are, and, honestly, I am way more interested in my college reunion than in my 25th high school reunion, coming up in 2019. (*shudder*) Private colleges, especially, make a huge deal out of it as an alumni fund-raising event.
  19. I have not, although I have a friend who uses one of them fairly regularly. I'm sure it would be fine for a lot of basic staples, and supplies, but I like to inspect my meat, fish, and produce personally, before purchasing it.
  20. Pffft! "planning".
  21. Hoo boy. Mirror Mirror Harcort Fenton Mudd (sp?) would almost have to be a useless, mid-level bureaucrat, or something, right? (Regular 'verse Mudd would probably have been executed the very first time he interacted with the authorities.) I mean, I suppose he could be a high-level administrator, since he's kind of a nobody in the "standard" Universe, but I'm not sure I see it. I do have a clue what the mirror Universe is, but I do not remember many of the details. It has been a lot of years since I have seen any part of it. Essay question: um.... I'll think on it. No promises.
  22. Stranger: Excuse my asking, but why are you carrying around a bucket of, what appears to be, congealed waste? Guindy: Waste!? That's my pet goblin. Stranger: I have to go now...
  23. Labor Day weekend is good for me for a paint day, but only 50/50 for a bbq. I'll check with Lady Klarg, and refine that. (I'm free that weekend, but she'll be preparing for the fall semester. On the one hand, she might like me out of her hair. On the other, she might not like me running off to party without her. )
  24. Right now, James Wappel's "oil slick" is top of the list.