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  1. I'm guessing that it happened to fast. Some of the larger dragons have the turning radius of a 747.
  2. Around late high school, and on into the first year or so of college, some friends of mine had a long-running (though very infrequently meeting) game of Dungeons & Dragons. Many laughs were had, but I would say that the two most memorable (and best suited to text) would be: 1 Kira (Wizard/Rogue) needs to hide from approaching guards in a hurry. She is isolated, and not really equipped for the confrontation, if it happens Player: *looks through spell list, doesn't have invisibility prepared*: I polymorph into an invisible stalker! DM: *not missing a beat* Have you ever seen one? 2 The whole party is trying to plan a prison break, and is trying to come up with a diversion. The idea of fomenting a minor rebellion comes up, as does the point that the city's culture is very mercenary. Player 1: We could try to bribe people. Player 2: I don't think we could get enough people to make it work by tomorrow. Player 3: What we need is a way to distribute a money to a large number of people in a reasonable amount of time DM: What you need is Santa Claus! Player 2: *looks dumbfounded* I can picture it now: Player 2: Ho Ho Ho! Revolt against your leaders! Ho Ho Ho! Revolt against your leaders!
  3. Eh. Due to various circumstances, I have more or less given up on an entry this year. *shrug*
  4. I'm right there with you. I'll even eat other types of cooked greens. That said, I didn't really eat it much as a child. I wasn't generally picky, so I think my parents mostly shrugged and moved on with the spinach thing.
  5. I don't remember ever trying that, but I've heard of it, and it's something I would totally try. Haggis was pretty decent, when I finally got to try some this summer. (I can imagine how it could go horribly wrong, but a decent version is good eats.)
  6. Oooh! good one. I I ate that as a kid, but really can't take it now. Mother one for me would be frozen fish stix. I remember enjoying them on multiple occasions as a kid, but I'm not sure I could go back.
  7. What are the Texas rules for jury duty? MA has a very convenient "one day, or one trial" policy. (Obviously, if you actually get seated, nearly anything is possible.)
  8. One chicken breast, or half a chicken breast? The parts sold as "split chicken breast" at the butcher counter are half. A whole chicken breast is probably more than half the accessible meat from a modern, industrial grade chicken. Even then, a half is way bigger than my palm. (I usually break each half-breast down again into quarters, if I plan to serve them as single-portion)
  9. I do not have a list. My will to binge is also limited to at most 2-3 hours at a stretch. The same cannot be said for Lady Klarg, who has a long, and constantly evolving list, and can binge-watch like a champ.
  10. Live

    That, right there, is my dream when some funds loosen up.
  11. I can' help but feel that this device is designed to lock a miniature in place, and torture it until it reveals its secrets.
  12. Live

    I have had good experiences with Impudent Mortal's products in the past, but I think my hobby budget is pretty empty right now. I'll be sure to check these out in retail.
  13. This seems like a potential Beekeeper's question, so I think I'll go with "CHICKEN!".
  14. It looks great! Sad to hear about the casting quality, but you did a wonderful job.
  15. Stanford has potential. 10,000 years ago, Michigan was buried under a mile of ice, and would be a bad place to appear naked, and under equipped.
  16. Sadly, I started my own analysis with the assumption that preserving my own life wasn't a priority. Living in a stone-age civilization, no matter how enlightened, I would die a slow, and painful death, most likely over the course of 6 months or less. I'd rather stay behind.
  17. If it's limited to a single concert, rather than a lifetime of performances, and I want humanity to survive, I might go for a group with a skill set that is strongly skewed towards outdoor survival, like a USO concert or something. (Artist choice might be critical here, to minimize gender imbalance in that kind of locale) Something near a military hospital would also raise the odds of bringing back valuable medical skills. I'd still aim for a location that is not all desert, more equatorial than ice age glaciers, and preferably rich in natural food sources. (Bonus points for easily accessible copper/tin reserves, but those are relatively rare.) Perhaps unsurprisingly, this makes the Middle-East and south/southeast Asia good places to start civilization afresh.
  18. I know that I, personally, would not survive this scenario, so I guess I'd try to think of a musician or band that has performed in front of a large number of people. Preferably with diverse skills to maximize the odds of rebuilding. With the geographic restriction I'd probably also pick a group that does a lot of performing some place more hospitable and Ice Age friendly than Canada, Russia, or Northern Europe. Maybe some kind of Bollywood act? Somebody from Southern China would also catch a large, concentrated group of people.
  19. Sadly, I have just about given up on finding the time to prepare a painters entry between now and the con. Hobby time may be hard to come by in the coming weeks.
  20. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a good day!
  21. I'd love to claim that I know what I'll paint first, and when, but I honestly can't plan that far in advance, and I have soooo much to paint between now and then.
  22. I've almost gotten my hotel reservation set up. The Fairfield wouldn't let me book Sunday night as part of the convention block, so I'm going to have to call and negotiate the last night with them directly. I'll try to do that tonight...