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  1. Hibou

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    I first discovered Anthony Bourdain thru his book kitchen confidential. I loved the way he wrote about food and the business of making it. His writing made me nostalgic for the jobs I held in my late teens. I loathed those jobs and yet he made me miss them. He wrote in that book about traveling to France as a child and having a meal that truly opened his eyes to the world of food. I had a very similar experience in a far less exotic local on a childhood vacation. Mine was soup so good I can still remember everything about it down to the bowl it was served in. I watched his shows allot after I lost my last job. They were a sort of visual comfort food for me. RIP Tony
  2. Hibou

    ISO Reaper Gnome/halfing mini

    I am a big fan of this gnome. He has been used by a few of my players in different settings. The crossbow is very easily modded. On of them made it into an SMG for Shadowrun. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/gnome/sku-down/02959
  3. Hibou

    R.I.P. Tom Petty

    The first time I slow danced with a girl was to the song Free Falling. He was a big part of the sound track of my life.
  4. Hibou

    RIP Jerry Pournelle

    I always enjoyed whet he would pop up on the tech podcasts I listen to. He was very well researched and had some interesting opinions.
  5. Hibou

    Happy Birthday Hibou !!!!

    Thank you all for the kind wishes.
  6. We are inside the last hour. The tension mounts as the totals creep up.
  7. I've gotta get that tree man. I have a small forests worth of mageknight and others assorted tree men. That model will fit in perfectly.
  8. That kobold sorcerer might have to be a future PC for me. I always thought the reaper kobold minis straddled the tiny little dog man / tiny little dragon man line. But it looks like with the addition of the new female kobolds they have firmly placed themselves in the dog man camp.
  9. I like those bandits and the additions to the expansion set. Keep the add ones coming Reaper.
  10. I Couldn't figure out why there were palm tree graphics on the spartan statues. Then it dawned on me that they were fig leaves.
  11. I will have to double up on the apes. My friend Todd collects ape minis.
  12. Digging those armored goblins.
  13. Is the dragon Gaunth?
  14. The upside of not playing at the con was that we got to talking about bolt action again and the two hold outs in our group have decided they want to play.
  15. I was at Diecon and considered playing but ultimately opted not to as several of my friends attended and wanted me to game with them. Also my army is only partially painted and my grasp on the rules is somewhat weak. Maybe next year i will get the nerve up to play.