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  1. I was at Diecon and considered playing but ultimately opted not to as several of my friends attended and wanted me to game with them. Also my army is only partially painted and my grasp on the rules is somewhat weak. Maybe next year i will get the nerve up to play.

    But I am still sorting through all the stuff from Bones 3.
  3. Thanks so much for the advice. I am gonna give it a go today.
  4. I am looking to expand my painting skills by trying out two brush wet blending. I have primarily used layering for my color transitions. The main questions I have are 1.what if any paint additives should I use?And what if any are the pros and cons of using additives? 2. Do I want to pre-thin my paint? I have seen a few videos where it appears to be straight from the bottle.
  5. That's a great conversion you did there. Made me giggle.
  6. Those look like miniatures from Westair UK The ones i have i bought at various castles and museums in the UK.
  7. The Evernote app is what I use for this sort of thing. it lets me include photos and since it's on my phone it's always handy even when at a convention.
  8. Got most of mine. Reaper speed paint, They Might be Giants concert, and Dr Who rpg are the main highlights.
  9. Just got mine in. It will take a while to sort everything out. So many minis.
  10. My very earliest memory is of Star Wars. I vividly remember sitting on my grandmother's floor sitting far too close to the TV when Darth Vader and his boarding party of storm troopers cut through the door of the Tantive4. I was hooked. My brother and i watched our copy of the theatrical release dvd that walmart released in 2004 to celebrate Star Wars 40th birthday today.
  11. Got my shipping confirmation today. I am really excited to get the minis in.
  12. They do have parking passes you can get from the con. The walk was pretty far last year, but they do run shuttles. They are more than what I have paid some years for parking but less than my most expensive year.
  13. Gencon events go live for registration on Sunday. What events are you excited for?
  14. Just bottled out of my second game a 4 player marathon session. My purestrain genestealer died running for the promethium cache. My heavy managed to shoot the the neophyte I was using as his meatsheild. When I shot at a Space Wolf terminator. That's the first hit I have scored in two games. My dice have been better when it comes to rolling recovery and for skills. I managed to get ambush on my heavy which is really great with Genestealer Cult kill teams.
  15. Well I lost my first battle pretty bad. Never hit anything. But only lost one figure and got 2 skills in the end game.