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  1. I like the tattoos and the neon, but really sets this mini apart for me is the details on the gun and the strap. That leather has that old worn leather look. The gun looks like it’s ancient. Makes for a nice contrast with the cyberpunk clothes and armor.
  2. Hibou

    7012 Caerindra Thistlemoor

    Those freckles are a great touch.
  3. Hibou

    The King in Yellow

    Those worms are beautifully painted. Disgusting and beautiful. Good job.
  4. Hibou

    77306, Translucent Slimes

    Both of those look good. I have one left that I have not yet painted. I am thinking of using the gem color technical paints from GW. Then hitting them with a series of washes.
  5. Hibou

    77306, Translucent Slimes

    These look great. I have some of the metal ones and they don’t sell the effect nearly as well.
  6. I used to work in photo retail and we constantly had customers who noticed the differences in color between their prints and their monitors at home. Our Dlabs were balanced several times a day but noone balances their home monitors. Smart phones are even worse. They are almost all balanced toward the cooler end of the light spectrum. I always give the colors I see online alot of latitude.
  7. Hibou

    What triads to get?

    My go to triads are the tan skin triad, dark elf skin triad (mostly for metals), the dark skin triad, and the blood triad. I also end up using the liners pretty extensively.
  8. Paint properly stored can last a long while. Years ago one of my buddies and I split bunch of paints from a store that was clearing them out. They were a mix of GW and partha paints. I was at his house painting last month and was amazed to find a bunch of pots of those paints still in his collection. Those paints are at least 19 years old and were still liquid. Mine all dried up years ago. He is obviously better at caring for his paints.
  9. Hibou

    Happy Birthday Hibou

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.
  10. Has anybody tried brown or grey liner in an airbrush to prime Reaper bones?
  11. Hibou

    Wet Palette Screw ups

    Not sure if this helps anybody. I bought a cheap board scraper at the dollar store to use to flatten the parchment paper I use in my wet pallet. I turn it over a few times after I add water and use the scraper to push all air bubbles out to one side or the other. Pretty much eliminates the curling issue.
  12. Hibou

    Blood Red Skies

    The group I play bolt action with at a local store is starting to get into it. I haven’t got a chance to check it out yet. I noticed at the local gaming convention several of the historical gamers in my area where buying into it.
  13. Hibou

    Happy Birthday, Wren!!

    I am a little late to the post. I hope you had a great birthday and thanks for all you taught me about painting minis at that gencon class interrupted by a fire alarm.
  14. Reaper customer service has taken good care of me in the past. It’s part of why I have remained a consumer of their products since the late 90s.
  15. Hibou

    How to cover bases on these minis?

    I use oatey fixit stick to fill bases. It’s a plumbers putty. It has a rapid cure time so it’s not much use for sculpting but is prefect for the sort of jobs green stuff is too expensive for. A word of warning, you should wear some gloves with it as can irritate your skin.