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  1. Got my shipping confirmation today. I am really excited to get the minis in.
  2. They do have parking passes you can get from the con. The walk was pretty far last year, but they do run shuttles. They are more than what I have paid some years for parking but less than my most expensive year.
  3. Gencon events go live for registration on Sunday. What events are you excited for?
  4. Just bottled out of my second game a 4 player marathon session. My purestrain genestealer died running for the promethium cache. My heavy managed to shoot the the neophyte I was using as his meatsheild. When I shot at a Space Wolf terminator. That's the first hit I have scored in two games. My dice have been better when it comes to rolling recovery and for skills. I managed to get ambush on my heavy which is really great with Genestealer Cult kill teams.
  5. Well I lost my first battle pretty bad. Never hit anything. But only lost one figure and got 2 skills in the end game.
  6. I am playing my first games tomorrow night. My GS cult versus grey nights I have almost 3 times as many guys as my opponent but his guys are pretty tough. Should be interesting.
  7. ReaperBryan, Your extracurricular work activities sound suspiciously like fun.
  8. Just placed my order. Can't wait to get this mini. I will have to dig out my old one. I hope he still has some paint left on him as I painted him before I learned about washing and priming minis before painting.
  9. This is the mini I am currently working on. I really like what you have done with her. This really gives me something to shoot for with my own version.
  10. Well I broke down and bought the genestealer cultists gang last night. I am gonna magnetize the leader and the heavies for weapon swaps. May do the rest of the kill team as well. Should be fun weathering up the mining equipment and playing with some non traditional skin tones.
  11. I never played 40k. So I don't have any older army's or units to use. I mostly have odds and ends I picked up over the years to paint. I have a few Tyranids that I have used for monsters in rpg games. I have a purestrain genestealer and a zoanthrope So I could pick up some genestealer cultists or maybe tyranid warriors for my gang. I do like the look of the tau pathfinders however. Decisions...decisions.
  12. A friend of mine was able to grab a box of Shadow War Armageddon before they sold out. Our group played necromunda back in the day and we have all been discussing what we are gonna build for the new release. I used to run with Van Saar but I don't think I will try to house rule them in. I am still undecided as to what I will build. Did any of you folks get your hands on a copy and if so what are you gonna build?
  13. I got a pack today as did my brother. He was excited to see more pathfinder goblins.
  14. The original version was my first Reaper mini. Or at the very least the first one I painted and used in a D&D game. I think I am gonna have to grab this for old times sake.
  15. Lovely paint job.