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  1. ManvsMini

    The 'Mere is a Cruel Mistress

    I do love that cape. And the eyes on both minis. You definitely pimped the pewter. I always worry about offering criticism, but as you welcomed it, I'll offer my thoughts? I think your colors look good overall. I can only comment on two things: The angle of the arm holding the flowers looks unnatural. I skimmed through your WIP post, I think it said that you bent the arm into position? Cutting it off and reattaching might give a more natural feel to it. I'm having difficulty seeing highlights and shadows on the crown/tiara/whatever. It might just be the photos or lighting though. I very much like it.
  2. ManvsMini

    'Meremaid Reapercon entry

    Sorry to hear the PVC didn't work for you. If I may ask, what type of mold release did you try to use with that?
  3. ManvsMini

    What's on TV?

    Hasn't aired yet, but I keep seeing commercials for the premiere of Whiskey Cavalier on ABC, and it's interesting enough to get me to watch the pilot this week. If it's as good as The Rookie, ABC has my viewership two nights in a row each week.
  4. ManvsMini

    Fat Fergus the Friar, Red Box Games, sculpted by Tre Manor

    I love Tre's sculpts, something about them demands going the extra mile when painting them, which you did with the OSL. The color you got for the actual flame in the lantern is dead on too.
  5. ManvsMini

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    Ever seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Kind of like that. Notable exceptions: no fancy restaurants, gorging myself on chinese food, and oh, revenge against my enemies. The parade scene stays.
  6. ManvsMini

    Hasslefree USA?

    Last I checked, Kev had brought on the man who used to run the Artemis Black shop, and that man's wife as well. Kev's wife used to help, but she has had a rough go with health issues. I don't know if they do on-site molding or casting or if they outsource it; if they outsource it, that may be why they are out of stock on many items for long periods of time. They seem to keep adding to their resin master copies quite frequently, so at least someone somewhere is doing production work.
  7. ManvsMini

    Ma'al drakar tips

    I don't like things to fall apart, so if I have doubts that something is going to stay together, I tend to go all out. I do not have Ma'al, but if I did I would pin him with a thick wire (if a large paperclip seems too small I've used a wire coat hanger before on large pieces), and probably use a 5-minute epoxy like JB Kwik Weld. Some might consider it overkill, but I like things built to last. Using 5-minute epoxy can take awhile to assemble (you have to hold each joint one at a time while the epoxy sets for 5-8 minutes, it always seems to take longer than 5 minutes), but when combined with pins I haven't found it to be wasted effort. I have had to pin Bones material even on substantially smaller figures before; the arm to the large earth elemental wouldn't stay on no matter how flush the joint was or the adhesive I used. One pin later and all was good. I would pin him even if I were going to use superglue. And not copious amounts of superglue, less is better to avoid a brittle bond. Just apply it like you normally would, in a thin manner. And greenstuff any gaps once it has cured.
  8. ManvsMini

    Hasslefree USA?

    This is truth. To be an enabler: they also have many Tre Manor sculpts that Red Box Games no longer offers, so if you missed out on those...
  9. ManvsMini

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    He's been mentioned numerous times, but Larry Elmore was my introduction to fantasy art, when I picked up my brother's copy of Dragons of Autumn Twilight in the '90s. And he's a very nice man, met him at Origins Game Fair convention years ago. But rather than continue to sing Larry's praises, allow me to post a growing favorite of mine the past several years: Des Hanley. Fans of Dark Sword Miniatures will recognize his concept art on several products. I think his art on the critter line gives them so much life and personality.
  10. ManvsMini

    Hasslefree USA?

    Game Kastle sometimes has them, but never the full line. Have not found this to be the case, at least not with shipping from the UK. Placed two orders from UK over Christmas and the New Year (one from Hasslefree), both orders only cost me around 4-5 pounds shipping each. Which is comparable to some domestic shipping rates here in the states.
  11. ManvsMini

    Resin nonsense CONTINUES!

    Years of planned projects/dioramas/casting creates a repository of junk in my head. Glad it could help. FYI, regarding the sizing of pvc pipe connectors, the inside diameter of a 4" connector will be greater than 4", because it accommodates the wall-thickness of a 4" pipe. Hope that isn't a huge issue. Look for Schedule 40 (vs 80), it will be cheaper and closer to 4" (schedule 80 has thicker walls, so an 80 connector will have a greater inside diameter).
  12. ManvsMini

    77057: Juliette, Female Sorceress

    I think she looks good, but I can agree with these statements, minus the dead part. I think with her eyes not being finished it comes off as cold or undead. Maybe if you do the eyes before attacking that she'll look like she has more life, then you'll know how much work to do on her cheeks? That said, a little rosiness to her cheeks is never a bad thing. Maybe her left hand could use a bit more definition between fingers, but otherwise I like it. Even without making changes to her, I'd be proud to put her on my table as is. I like what you've done.
  13. ManvsMini

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    About 3 years and some change. I joined in 2012, restarted posting again this year, and my last post before that was in 2015 I think. A lot of Life happened during those years.
  14. ManvsMini

    Resin nonsense CONTINUES!

    An option: go to the hardware store and buy a pvc pipe connector, a slip joint. They should have a 4" diameter size; my local Home Depot has a 5" for only $6, and they have sizes in 1"-5". You'll still need to use mold release on the inside, but the insides should be nice and smooth. You won't have the flex of the silicone rubber when it comes time to demold, but if you used the mold release it should be able to slip out. If you want to try this on a smaller scale to see if it will demold without issue, get a 1" connector and experiment on that. It should cost less than $1 at Home Depot or Lowes (one I bought a few months ago was $0.57). You could also use it to mold the shape of your cylinder if you decide to use the silicone rubber.
  15. ManvsMini

    Resin nonsense CONTINUES!

    I'm just assuming here, but are you interested in using said pan solely for the smoothness of the sides? Or are you also looking at it so you don't have to use mold release, i.e. non-stick pan? I can't imagine why it wouldn't work for smooth sides. Is said pan Teflon-coated? You might not need a mold release agent if that is part of your goal, because Teflon is super nonreactive with a broad spectrum of chemicals. Only would be concerned if your casting resin uses some sort of metal catalyst (which casting resin are you using?). Mold release can still be used though. If the coating is scratched, the resin will capture that detail. Regardless, I personally wouldn't use the pan for food anymore. There are other ways to make a moldbox though, smooth sides and all. The clear 5-minute epoxy resin from hardware stores is usable on metal, so perhaps? I typically roughed up the metal with sandpaper before I use it so it can grip. Never tried it on a smooth piece of metal. Or a Teflon-coated piece, for that matter.