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  1. I magnetized my KoW army, definitely recommend it, but may I offer some suggestions? Mantic's KoW bases are flat on the bottom, so I would not suggest using rare earth magnets because you'll have to drill into the base so the mini can sit flat. Kind of a pain. And if you are lining a tube with steel, I presume you'll need to cut the sheet steel, which is also a pain (and if you have my luck, likely to lead to a tetanus shot). Therefore, I propose this alternative: 1) Go to the craft section in Walmart and buy adhesive magnetic sheets. If you get the brand Basic Elements or Horizon Group USA, you get two 5"x8" sheets for $2. The sheets cut easily with a hobby knife, you can cut them to the size of the Mantic square bases, and a single sheet was enough to do 40 20x20mm square bases for me. Use superglue to attach them, the adhesive on the magnet itself is quite weak. 2) Go to Big Lots or another cheap store and buy yourself a steel cake/brownie pan with a locking lid and handle. The sheet magnet stuck no problem to it, and is strong enough that I can flip the pan upside down and not have a mini detach (granted, they will if you shake hard enough or drop it from high up). Mine only cost me $9 at Big Lots. Had a clear lid too so I can see into it. Depending on prices in your locale, you can probably do your army for under $20, maybe $25 if you need to buy two steel pans. I did this with all my Mantic undead, and worked well for me. Note: I only had plastic minis, so I can't say how well those sheet magnets will hold a metal mini if you have any. Those might still require a rare earth magnet. Hope this helps! -MvM EDIT: The brand of those magnets at Walmart may actually be Kids Craft, not the ones I listed. Go to Walmart's page and search for Kids Craft Adhesive Magnets, should pull up what the package looks like.
  2. ManvsMini

    Need help upping my gap filling game

    I think the inherent elasticity of the green stuff is the issue you are having with the tapering. I had the same frustration when I started gap-filling. You really have to continuously beat the putty and continuously work it to the shape you want while it isn't cured to get it to stay how you want it. I eventually switched to Magic Sculpt, and am starting to use Procreate putty. I really like Procreate; it tends to stay where you put it, less of that elasticity that green stuff has. I recommend a set of riffler files for hard to reach places (basically curved files). I use my normal straight files for most of my work (so have those too), but with awkward angles or moldlines the riffler set really helps. A set sized for miniatures should cost $10 or less on Amazon. Good luck! -MvM
  3. ManvsMini

    Maledrakh's Dungeon Saga Heroes

    Very nice minis. I like the dwarf a lot. I got the game for Christmas, but haven't gotten around to actually cleaning or painting yet. A question for you: several of my minis came bent at the ankles, and need repositioned. I know about using hot water to fix this, but since the bases come attached to the minis already I was worried that putting them in the hot water base/feet first might warp the base too (I am assuming the base is made of the same plastic as the mini). Did you have any problems with the base warping from hot water? I tried removing the base, but they glued those suckers on good; if I can avoid it, I'd like to not have to go to all the effort of using Super Clean to dissolve the glue. Really looking to avoid unnecessary work, if you wouldn't mind sharing your experiences? Again, looking good, thanks for sharing.
  4. ManvsMini

    Reaper Paint Safe Around Babies?

    My post is pseudo on topic to the OP's original post, but kind of isn't. From reading it, I gathered that they were asking more about the safety of dried paint already on a miniature. And while I have nothing to contribute to what has already been said regarding that, this might be of some note to anyone who wants to get into painting, but is worried about their small children getting into their paint. While doing my typical drift through Youtube, I came across a video doing a brief review of a newer paint line called Warcolours. I honestly know nothing about them other than what was said in the video (which I will link), but the part of the brand that made me post here is that the dropper bottles come with a child-proof cap. So for anyone who has children, or has friends with children, if you worry they might open your paint and ingest it, this might be of interest to you. Jay Adan's initial thoughts on Warcolours -MvM
  5. ManvsMini

    Gloomholde city section 2

    This reminds me of the city maps/zones in the original Baldur's Gate game. You'd be in one area of Baldur's Gate, and there would be a bit of the city wall visible. I love it! Very nicely done, and thanks for the nostalgia.
  6. ManvsMini

    Your favorite Youtube channels

    New additions to my original post, some that I had forgotten about.
  7. ManvsMini

    Your favorite Youtube channels

    Several that have already been mentioned, but because they deserve the exposure for being awesome I will say them again. Painting: Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic - I like the fact that he paints more than just miniatures, he also does scale model kits SchnauzerFaceMinis - more than just airbrushing, never thought of using oil washes or crushed pastels to shade before finding this oasisrising - she won a couple Crystal Brushes a few years ago, I just like seeing what she's painting here and there Kris Belleau - he's a bit wacky, but if you cut through that he does have some good tips. He does the painting videos for the guys at Miniwargaming.com GirlPainting - good tips to get you painting a respectable mini, leans more towards GW products TemplarsCrusade01 - very much GW stuff, but has reviews of a lot of Vallejo products Jay Adan - has some nice reviews, I was inspired by a tutorial on a cloaking effect for X-wing miniatures Brush4Hire - a number of tutorials, tends to do more GW and Privateer Press products, but other brands are there Den of Imagination - studio out of Poland, has a few tutorials and reviews. More "showcase" videos but still nice to look at Epic Duck Studios - Mike used to do painting videos for MWG before Kris, not really a direct tutorial channel, but has videos of him painting. He did some Reaper Mouslings :) ichibanpainting - they have some interesting tutorials, but nothing new in the past year or so Sculpting: Tom Mason - Tom sculpts for Megacon Games (Mercs and Myth), has some really nice tutorials. Terrain: theDMsCraft - good cheap D&D terrain and items TheDMGinfo - similar to theDMsCraft, only Aussie! terrainaholic - more "traditional" wargaming terrain, particularly like his Frostgrave stuff Terrain Wench - more wargaming terrain, hasn't posted lately, but there are some gems there - MvM EDIT: 1/31/16, new additions in blue
  8. ManvsMini

    Don't blink.

    Excellent models and reference. Thumbs up.
  9. ManvsMini

    Citadel Lord of the Rings - Moria Goblin prowlers

    Always nice to see some of these. I have about 100 Moria goblins that have been primed and waiting for paint for the past 4 years. At one point I had plotted a paint scheme out for the skin, but long forgot it. I may just steal yours, it looks so good. :)
  10. ManvsMini

    Campaign minis: Huge task/WIP

    I'm the same way, I prefer my campaign minis to be painted and ready for gameplay. Good luck!
  11. ManvsMini

    Lorelei, Dryad

    Very nice mini. I really like this! I was looking through your CMoN gallery, you definitely have talent, with both a brush and sculpting. Me likely.
  12. ManvsMini

    77015: Beugbear Warrior. Bones 2 #2

    I really like him, especially the skin. Thumbs up!
  13. I respectfully disagree, you don't HAVE to use plastic glue on styrene models. I use super glue for every mini, metal, resin or styrene. I don't like my plastic models welded together for all time; I like to have the option to disassemble them by dissolving the super glue. I also think it is common courtesy if I sell my older models: the way I assembled/cleaned them might not be the way whoever buys them likes, and with super glue they have the option of starting over. Can't do that with plastic glue. Some plastic glues can also have a steep learning curve; you might melt more plastic than intended if you are inexperienced. Granted, I am also careful with my minis and don't drop them, so I don't need an indestructible bond. YMMV. Everything has it's pros and cons.
  14. Love that lightning effect. Trying to determine from the pictures, did you do some lightning around the mouth, to make it look about to breath lightning? Or am I imagining (or wishful thinking )?
  15. +1 for Dr. Faust. His videos helped me when I was getting into the hobby.