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  1. Randy, I'm sure they took one look at your squirrel costume and were like, "don't let THIS guy help carry anything in, it'll probably disappear..."
  2. Per the above, they were at ReaperCon and I'm definitely all about supporting folks that support Reaper too. Their stuff looked great! I'm going to go scope it out.
  3. Adrift

    "The Adventurers" 5 High quality Fantasy resin miniatures

    I think I might switch over from the 5x 32mm figures to one of the 70mm sized. Same price, but this way I'm getting a larger version since I'm drowning in 28-32mm figures anyhow.
  4. A good beholder...the previous version is due for an upgrade.
  5. Adrift

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    The sword of Thaal Dragon Fury very much looks like She Ra's sword in my memory...
  6. Adrift

    "The Adventurers" 5 High quality Fantasy resin miniatures

    Backed this, 5 figures for $20 is cool with me. My only open fear is the potential cost for shipping, but we will see.
  7. Adrift

    Bold - Joshua a fighter. Small KS

    Backed this immediately, easy choice. I've been wanting some larger scale figures to paint up.
  8. Adrift

    Zealot Miniatures Litchmyre Dungeon

    Touche' haha. I commented specifically for some enabling...
  9. Adrift

    Zealot Miniatures Litchmyre Dungeon

    I immediately thought of Heroquest when I saw these pictures. I want these, but I'm not sure I need these. It's set for a reminder and I'll think about it.
  10. Adrift

    23 additional September figures

    That is hvitarnor from the Red Box Games line by Tre Manor. Tre has sculpted a ton over the years for Reaper, and then also has his own line. And thank you!
  11. Adrift

    23 additional September figures

    Thanks! Every chimera always seems to be a red dragon, but I wanted to break away from that template. I had an idea to do another chimera but I need to buy one to make that happen! Maybe I'll do it at the next Reapercon since I still have mountains of Bones to paint.
  12. Adrift

    23 additional September figures

    Friends! Here are 23 additional figures I painted in September. The results are largely for tabletop, or slightly better than tabletop quality. The Dreadmere Hunter was a free miniature at ReaperCon...I hated it but got it for my son, he loved it and his little 8-year-old heart decided that it was to be his DND ranger I also painted the Barrel Mimic which Galladoria Games gave away as a new attendee this year. I painted a DGS miniature named Jhenkar (a small version of the Neverending Story dragon). I also painted two Red Box Games miniatures, Derek the Dim and Hvitarnor (first time doing a 5-o'clock shadow). Lots of experimenting with TMM and NMM. Just having fun, trying things and enjoying making progress...
  13. Adrift

    2017 and before vendor question

    Yes!! Miniature Building Authority!! Thank you my friends.
  14. Adrift

    8 Bones Orcs

    Each one of them has a permanent Feather Fall spell on them, enabling them to drop from great distances silently. The darker purple skinned orcs have abilities like Silence, Darkness, Pass Without Trace, Hunter's Quarry (ranged types); the lighter-purple skinned orcs have more offensive magical abilities like the tiefling's Hellish Rebuke ability, Chromatic Orb, Shield, etc. Haha Randy, it's all good! It was a needed breakup! Paint all the minis! Thanks Adam! I'm happy to have rediscovered speed painting, and producing tabletop paint jobs for my game!! I love painting again.
  15. In 2017 and prior years at ReaperCon there was a vendor, from Georgia that had a wizard's tower and other buildings for sale. I don't remember them being at ReaperCon this year and I wanted to look up their website! Anyone remember the name of the vendor??