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  1. Arkady

    Sci fi game universe

    Don't bring GURPS 3rd edition back from its well-earned grave. Well, unless you actually like half the party being bloodthirsty kleptomaniacs with eidetic memory, which seemed to be par for the course back then. Now, you want the adventure to be dungeon delving in a ruined alien city, essentially? I'd definitely create a backdrop where different factions are competing in exploration, trying to establish footholds and finding ways deeper into the complex. Because that lets you throw competition at the players initially, instead of having to challenge them with all alien everything from the get-go. Fast FTL communications being possible would help with that, because it facilitates a "xenoruins rush" environment (once the news gets out at all, it's out everywhere in a hurry). If, on the other hand, FTL comms are slow or non-existent, whoever finds the ruins first shouldn't have too hard a time securing a fairly substantial (months, or even years) head start for their exploratory efforts. Clearly define whether it's just the advanced alien culture that seems gone from the ruins, or whether at first glance it's all life that seems to have disappeared. If you have an extant native ecosystem "topside" there's nothing inherently surprising about creatures living in the underground ruins. The players will be pestered be the local equivalent of feral cats and dogs, not really that dangerous, just annoying - and when you ultimately introduce something truly nasty, it'll be a surprise. No ecosystem, on the other hand, would mean more creepy emptiness to explore, with every distant sound actually being foreboding. So base your decision on what kind of syle you'd prefer to run. Have a clear idea of why the underground ruins are underground. A normal city that good buried beneath debris from a cosmic catastrophe will have a different layout from one that has been intentionally built into the ground. Either option might raise questions with your players, but (hopefully) different ones. All I got for now, without too strongly duplicating stuff that's already been said.
  2. Arkady

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I remember how back when I was young, I had to walk to school through all that snow because the bus wasn't running, and nobody actually bothered to tell us students we could take a snow day until we got to school. (Luckily I'm a big city boy, so that happened exactly once in 12 years of school.) Apparently, communicating such things via public anything was not in the five year plan or something, so I guess Arnie maybe wasn't entirely off the mark when he implied he came to the US from a socialist country... ... actually, come to think about it, I did get a proper snow day once, but I had to go through the trouble of being an exchange student spending winter in America's Dairyland for that. One day that weird guy on the bus couldn't ask me to say "Ah'll beh bahk" like Arnie. Which I couldn't, actually, because I never really had that thick an accent to begin with.
  3. Arkady

    Colonel Kane's Castle Triskelion PbP

    Gayle glances at Rolf, then looks at Juriel and says, quite audibly, "Evil. Marked, if I am not mistaken, with the ghoul queen's unholy symbol. Undead, I have no doubt." She again turns to Rolf. "The last expedition turned back at the gates. I'll wager that", she points toward the creature, "is what dissuaded them from further exploration. Which, come to think about it, is some cause for concern. Surely they would already have tried to end him."
  4. Well, I really could do with some feedback on equipment so far, especially in terms of whether there's anything listed PIA wouldn't have issued, or anything else PIA absolutely should have issued, to charity, before I run wild with adding more stuff. (Incidentally, I'm inclined to say most of the money unspent is probably in "Charity's stuff", presumably stored in mom's basement down in Georgia.) I think Charity probably needs a PM pre-game, or at least PM pre-discussions, because I need to know what her "Need to Know" is, and what I should assume her orders are in terms of whether/when she is allowed/supposed to break cover. After all, if there is anything paranormal that needs investigating, once "Samantha" becomes Charity, she's technically legally in charge until someone flashes a shinier badge The bright side of having an undercover assignment serving coffee in Toronto, by the way, is that "Samantha" presumably provides Charity with some income during the shutdown. Now excuse me, I'll be over there with my ten foot pole, not actually touching that topic again.
  5. My idea from the very start was an undercover agent barista who can probably do little more than politely ask eldritch horrors to maybe behave, please. She wound up being an ex-bouncer who can threaten to judo Brazilian jiu-jitsu (because that's cooler than judo) throw them, too. If lexomatic isn't regretting letting me in, I doubt anything else will be too much of an issue
  6. Wait, we're using Monster Hunters? Now I'm tempted to have Charity have Prophetic Dreams to go along with her Nightmares... (I'm not sure where to find the points for it, though. Oh, hmm, there'd be room for an extra disadvantage. Ah, but it'd be a too-nonstandard advantage anyways.) More importantly, go over MH gear. I think that book actually has some useful non-combat/style stuff.
  7. Arkady

    Colonel Kane's Castle Triskelion PbP

    Gayle lowered both her sword and head, shaking the latter slightly. Leaving Armand would be lacking in compassion, slaying him while shackled would be lacking in honor, and freeing him would be lacking in wisdom, given how dangerous a revenant sill possessed by high intelligence might be. She didn't even have a right choice here, did she? The creature had presumably survived more than one storm, so it would last another. Showing a lack of compassion now was the only one of her disagreeable options that she might later return to try and make amends for. "Kassandra forgive me", she muttered to herself, then said aloud, "Rolf's right. Let us find shelter. We can still deal with this one once the weather clears up, but only if we haven't frozen to death." With that, she started off toward the gate.
  8. So, hope this works, then: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a4h16z1TBQR01sQvMWxuvaI1BlyuAj2z Looks like undercover agent barista girl is the most useless character in combat so far. She's still in charge unless you can find someone with a shinier badge. I figure I should wait for feedback on what PIA gear Charity must (not) have before adding more stuff, right?
  9. *sigh* Aight, I'll need a little before I'm back on my PC, I'll Google Drive the PDF then.
  10. Well, it looks like the GURPS Character Sheet tool doesn't actually allow exporting a character to anything than the online calculator, which in turn doesn't allow sharing with anyone but registered users, and only allows exporting back to CGS format. Can anyone recommend a good free print-to-PDF tool? That should work to get data from the CGS into a properly shareable form.
  11. Personally, I'd say it looks a lot more like the kind of character I like to see in GURPS. He's really good at some stuff and pretty good (keep in mind GURPS says 12+ means you can make a living with that skill!) at some other stuff. Comments: 1. Mechanic requires a specialization. Could be as every day as Automotive or Motorbike (both surely fitting for an ex-ganger), could be something like Robotics (as in industrial assembly line robots) too. 2. Climbing and Swimming were bad examples on my part, given they're more tailored toward soldier types (covering ground in non-urban scenarios). A ganger might be better served by things like Holdout (he probably doesn't have a permit for that gun), Stealth or Streetwise. That said, Climbing certainly could have its benefits making a dishonest living breaking and entering through upper-floor windows ;) 3. On a similar note, Tactics in GURPS is considered a fairly hardcore military skill. Even police (except SWAT, obviously) mostly wouldn't have it, and gang tactics like drive-by shootings don't really require the skill. If you say Raul spent time studying the subject because he thinks himself a leader it seems fine, though. 4. I would tbh consider spending a little less on skills to get to DX 12 after all. This is still GURPS, so slightly higher attributes at start are usually better long-term. You wouldn't have to stretch very far; with Brawling, Driving, Guns and Knife being bought one level lower, you'd free up 14 points by my calculation.
  12. Guns (Speciality) is a slightly unusual skill for defaults. Basic rules say "most of these specialties default to one another at -2", which is a bit higher than most defaults, and all of the ones you picked fall under that "most". So yes, by GURPS Basic rules, having one Guns skill at 16 means you have a bunch of others at 14, for free. (Weapon familiarity could throw a bit of a wrench in things, but that's lexomatic to decide.)
  13. I'd really need to see points spent to be sure here. What GURPS Lite fails to mention is that Guns skills default to one another at -2, so by Basic rules, if you spent points on rifle, shotgun and SMG (at first glance, not sure), you'd get those back. Using that rule, Raoul only actually has 6 trained skills, which is basically a one trick pony military action man guy in GURPS. So if you do have points left over and/or get points back from all those guns, consider getting some supplementary skills (e.g. Climbing, Running, Swimming) and an interests/hobby or two. Those tend to add depth, like former high school slugger in Sports (Baseball), being good at Gambling because of all those poker nights with Hawkeye and BJ, or a dirty little secret of loving Poetry. Also, technically, military careers tend to require endurance/stamina, which in GURPS is HT. As such, I favor HT 11-12 on military-type characters. Actually, let me PM you something...
  14. Technically, you're a bit above not totally useless for combat. I would know, because, yeah... no spoilers just yet. Based purely on theme, I myself would probably have gone DX 11, IQ 13 building that character; more actual nerd than actual viking. He's are-enactor; as someone with more dexterity than a brick, he was probably busy keeping the rest of the lot from hurting themselves (I knew LARPers in my day), not learning how to actually throw a punch or swing a sword for combat effect. Technically, the more appropriate GURPS skill would probably be Stage Combat. That said, I totally encourage you to keep the character as is, because I'm not the GM and my ex-bouncer barista agent can barely fight her way out of a paper bag.