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  1. Oh dear. Just what I've been putting off finding good stuff for. My poor wallet.
  2. Fantasy RPG Pre-Painted Miniatures

    So totally that. In fact, the human adventurers had me thinking there were MageKnight figures looking almost exactly like some of them. (Though I suppose the paint jobs on those were even more mediocre.) None of the poses seem particularly interesting or unique, either. Most importantly, ah... these don't really look better than Legendary Encounters, are in the same price range at best, and Reaper has discontinued that line. I can't quite see there being enough of a market for similar pre-painted plastics just because transparent bases.
  3. Bunny girls

    Well, time to find an excuse to run a pulp game set in a 1960s gentlemen's club...
  4. Kentrona Miniatures

    On their company website, they have an actual photograph of an actual blistered miniature, offered as an in-stock product. So I guess the Kickstarter is simply meant to garner attention for the product line? That train wreck is going nowhere...
  5. Greebo Games Legacy Vault

    Am I the only one thinking Fang'n'Hood seems sort of wasted as a 32mm kit? There's no use for it in gaming, anyways, and this really looks like it'd be so much better to paint to an acceptable detail level in 54mm for those of us who're not Golden Demon/Sophie winners.
  6. So... delivery in January 2018, but not even a prototype shot? Who would ever back that? To be fair, that suggests the creator a completely clueless wannabe business man. Even a semi-competent con man would've thought of providing a more realistic delivery date.
  7. Received mine. Mostly stuff looks right fine, except the arms on one of the 32mm freebies are a pretty shoddy casting quality that probably shouldn't have slipped by QA. Nothing a good knife won't fix, mind, just something that most metal casters wouldn't put inro circulation as a matter of pride.
  8. The Hobby Equipment Organizer - THEO

    That campaign would probably benefit from having some pre-arranged set deals.
  9. What does it say about me when my first though is, "Oh look, an all-ages Kingdom Death"?
  10. Reaper Bones 3: US Zone Complete

    My Graveyard (and other stuff) has arrived. Almost everything looks perfect (within expectations, I will never buy a Bones mini for the sharp detailed face), except I can't entirely figure out whether Mrs. Bones is meant to be a multi-part figure with a weirdly semi-fitting fireball hand or whether I got a bad (air bubbly?) copy of a single-part figure there.
  11. Colonel Kane's OSRIC PbP.

    For most of the discussion with the sergeant, Gayle seemed unusually quiet by her standards, appearing mostly trying to back up Desmond while letting him take the lead. Similarly, she rather silently inspected the fish, just mumbling something that vaguely sounded like, "Should've spend a bi more time on alchemy." Even as baroness, penn and Master Cuthbert turn toward the party, Gayle seems somewhat subdued, offering a nod and a brief, "My Lady, sirs." She seems to be waiting for Desmond to take the lead.
  12. 54mm Bloodpeak Barbarians Kickstarter!

    Personally, somehow the hand made me think of an annoying red shirt with a straw hat. It may just be the angle, but it's nonetheless entirely the wronk kind of image to put ion my hand in trying to sell me miniatures.
  13. 7th Sea: War of the Cross

    My very first thought on seeing it. Easy pass then; the people I could've played that with scattered around the globe these days. :(
  14. Deep Wars - Hunters of the Abyss

    I have absolutely no use for this. I have absolutely no use for this. Honest, wallet, I totally do not have any use for this... unless... I mean, I have absolutely no use for this.
  15. Last Bullet Games Circle of Blood

    Either that changed in the last 19 hours, or, to adapt an old Apple CS response, you were looking at it wrong. Either way, you might want to give it another, Translate-free go now ;)