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  1. Arkady

    Westfalia - The Dark Eye RPG Miniatures

    Classic DSA is actually rather human-centric, with exotic races actually being, well, exotic (admittedly, that's grown gradually less over the years, and the spin-off setting Myranor was rather obviously trying to cash in on the higher-than-a-frat-party-on-a-jet-plane fantasy trend of the time). I'd expect to see elves unlock before dwarves, given the setting's elves are somewhat unique, while the dwarves are, well, dwarves. Even in the full roster of 40 miniatures, I'd be surprised by anything more than 5 non-humans.
  2. Arkady

    Westfalia - The Dark Eye RPG Miniatures

    Well, mostly Germany's (and Austria's) go-to fantasy RPG, And if by "several" you mean "over 30", I guess yes. The game was launched in Fench and Dutch (and I think Italian, but not 100% sure about that) in the mid 1980s, but those versions died a quick death. They did launch an English version, The Dark Eye, 15 years ago, but that never gained much traction as far as I'm aware. Can't say I was surprised, though, that English version was for the bean counter's wet dream 4th edition rule set. I'm a bit surprised at seeing a DSA miniatures Kickstarter given there's a pretty extensive DSA miniatures line currently available from Ral Partha Europe, including some rather characterful and unique sculpts. In fact, I wonder what this KS will mean for that line; I might have to place an order with RPE for a couple of figs I've been putting off getting for ages just in case this project means the old DSA/Armalion lines will be discontinued.
  3. Arkady

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Well, one batch went live after I went to bed yesterday, the next sold out apparently five minutes before I got home today. Nothing left but see if I can scrounge up enough stuff to make that $70 order with just a Sophie I guess :(
  4. Ah, so that's what happened to the Ataribox. Guess this time at least they didn't yank pre-sales the day before they were supposed to start. Still, between the December 2017 shenanigans and Atari having turned to some considerable extent into a gambling brand over the last couple of years, my wallet says no to betting on this one.
  5. Arkady

    What was your favorite D&D game hack ?

    Back in AD&D 2e days, I once started a campaign about a world essentially going to war over an elf having become a paladin. Group scattered into the four winds before I could take that to its planned conclusion, which was to be a rather cosmos-shattering even that would make 'forbidden' race/class combinations the norm. Unlike the actual transition to D&D 3rd ed., mine would've also seen gnomes become master reanimators obsessed with the Necrognomicon.
  6. Arkady

    Warrior angel miniatures

    @NecroMancer, you might want to specify whether you're after a particular look. Because the Reaper line alone has just about everything I can think of, even the "male armored but without a helmet" (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/angel/sku-down/03066) style that I had trouble finding for a bit.
  7. Arkady

    Traveller Character Generator Game

    Army Trooper Xia Sun 886576 Age 22 1 term Cr10,000 Skills: Air/Raft-1, Rifle-1 Service History: Attempted to enlist in Army. Enlistment accepted. Denied reenlistment after first term. Well, that's an uncharacteristically short, boring, non-lethal career by Traveller standards. EDIT: Hit refresh and got another rather atypical result: a scout who uneventfully lived beyond 30. Scout Hamza Lee 927798 Age 34 4 terms Cr100,000 Skills: Air/Raft-1, Electronics-1, Jack-o-T-2, Mechanical-1, Navigation-1, Pilot-1, Vacc Suit-2 Benefits: Low Passage Service History: Attempted to enlist in Scouts. Enlistment accepted. Voluntarily reenlisted for second term. Voluntarily reenlisted for third term. Voluntarily reenlisted for fourth term. Chose not to reenlist after fourth term.
  8. Arkady

    Your impression of space mouslings ?

    I've always wanted to mod a mouseling with a robe to carry a force sword: Darth Squeaker.
  9. Arkady

    Raging Heroes: Dark Elves and Sisters

    Having just frustrated myself a bit with the atrociously tooled bad resin stuff, I can safely say RagingHeroes has knocked that company from Nottingham off my personal Overpriced Crap Never To Buy Again throne. I also feel a certain urge to peddle bridges in Brooklyn to folks actually buying this at retail...
  10. Arkady

    Feral Elves by Westfalia

    Same here. They look like they should make pretty nice 'normal' wood elves, but they don't seem to me like they're savage enough to be feral.
  11. Laced shoes? Might be a bit unusual, but would not be unheard of. As for the stockings, they don't seem to be sculpted, so just don't paint them on. So ultimately I'd be more concerned about the skirt being a bit out of place for the periodd on a model that does not have a word like "strumpet" in the title ;)
  12. I literally cannot think of a reason to do a project like this without also having a blue bird tending troll available. Also, I ad no idea the man would look this awesome as a burger munching halfling.
  13. Arkady

    The Barbarians Warband

    I like some of these, but I really don't think I'll ever buy from a company that says shipping single miniatures from Spain to the EU costs $15.
  14. Oh dear. Just what I've been putting off finding good stuff for. My poor wallet.
  15. Arkady

    Fantasy RPG Pre-Painted Miniatures

    So totally that. In fact, the human adventurers had me thinking there were MageKnight figures looking almost exactly like some of them. (Though I suppose the paint jobs on those were even more mediocre.) None of the poses seem particularly interesting or unique, either. Most importantly, ah... these don't really look better than Legendary Encounters, are in the same price range at best, and Reaper has discontinued that line. I can't quite see there being enough of a market for similar pre-painted plastics just because transparent bases.