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  1. mustardgreens

    Cephalyx Overlords

  2. Package from terminalmancer has arrived at my house. I'm excited to open it when I return home this weekend
  3. mustardgreens

    Cthulhu carrying Mermaid wedding cake topper

    One of the coolest things I've seen on the forum, ever. Fantastic!
  4. mustardgreens

    02697: Yeti (Winter 2015 Exchange)

    Ahahaha -- you're right, he does look like Chewie! Thanks for the kind words everyone!
  5. mustardgreens

    02697: Yeti (Winter 2015 Exchange)

    These are some pictures of a Yeti/sasquatch/bigfoot/abonimable snowman that I painted for SamuraiJack in the 2015 Secret Sophie Winter Exchange. I'm very proud of how he turned out. And, though you can't see it, both his eyes are looking in the same direction (!) which absolutely thrilled me. Looking at it now, I could have pushed the contrast on the fur even further, but I was happy with how he looked and decided that he was a perfectly recognizable sasquatch. So there he is! Hope you like the paint.
  6. Ohhhh!! You got my package! Not sure how I missed this post I hope you like the Sasquatch. He is probably one of my best minis ever painted, and I'm very proud of him! Also the best eyes I've done, and I tried to make the base nice for you. As far as getting a quality mini from me, you did about as well as you could have I think Hope you like him! I'll make a post with my pictures in the Show Off forum right away. What looks like petrified shells is actually a sliced and polished Ammonite (similar to a Nautiloid) fossil from Madagascar. It's real, and they're common. Looks very cool and if you were inspired maybe you could incorporate it into a base or a project or something. I dunno, I just thought it was miniature-y. I'm very glad my parcel made it to you in one piece, SamuraiJack, and I hope at least some of those things will inspire you to start a new project, in or out of your comfort zone!
  7. Amazing rooftop Sophie! Can't believe what I'm seeing!
  8. mustardgreens

    Forest Shamblers (Kings of War) (Pic Heavy)

    You don't need us to tell you his awesome these are-- you already know!! Simply fabulous. You perfectly captured the essence of the unnatural perverting the natural. I'm envious!
  9. Very cute. They look great and have vibrant bases. The picture you presented is also a good comparison of square vs round bases.
  10. So, I've realized that I completely forgot to attach a note to what I shipped. I hope my recipient reads this post! My parcel is shipped in a Canada Post cube. It's winter-themed and comes from the Great White North! If you get this package, it's from mustardgreens. I'll say more once it's received (Gonna keep quiet until then).
  11. Mini... painted! Gift... wrapped! Parcel... shipped! If you're still waiting on a miniature, maybe you'll get mine
  12. mustardgreens

    Sewer beast.....monster....thing. Metal Magic/EM4 miniatures

    It's one of the lovecraftian horrors from em4miniatures. There are 3 in the set. Very cool. I thought I was the only one who had these!
  13. mustardgreens

    77210: Sarah the Seeress

    Very cool! The blue jumps out of the otherwise monochrome palette. Now I want to try something like this... The Dragonforge base looks excellent; what a good fit.
  14. mustardgreens

    77198: Barrow Rats as plague bearing vermin

    Very dirty! I can taste the pestilence. Love em!
  15. mustardgreens

    (03465) Spider Demoness

    From your blog: “For the blood splatters, I blew brown and red ink onto the base and then finished it off with GW's Blood for the Blood God tech paint.†Can you expand on this? How do you blow paint? Looks great!!