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  1. Dan Goodchild

    Custom Foam Inserts - WIP

    Yikes. How does a two-month old tube crap out? Trotec's tubes are really robust. I don't know if these guys can help but in case you haven't seen them already, you might want to have a look at https://www.bell-laser.com/.
  2. Dan Goodchild

    Custom Foam Inserts - WIP

    Ouch. What's wrong with it? I'm sure it will happen. It might take a while for one like this to be affordable for home use. I see good thing about the glowforge though.
  3. Dan Goodchild

    Custom Foam Inserts - WIP

    Sorry, yesterday got unexpectedly busy so no pics. Tonight however is a different story. Here it is loaded up and a shot of what goes in the trays. It's a top quality work machine, a Trotec Speedy 300. It's going to be a home machine in the new year but for now it lives in the shop of the company from which I bought it.
  4. Dan Goodchild

    Custom Foam Inserts - WIP

    Ok… This looks more promising. The finished tray: The astute observer will notice that I took this opportunity to change the layout and put the custom tool cutout on the 3" tray. It definitely fits there better but as the 2" tray was too deep for it, I couldn't justify putting it on the 3" tray. Once I split the 3" tray into two halves, that changed the calculus so everything works out better now. Consequently, there is also a new version of the 2" tray: And here it is, ready for its first field test: Either tonight when I get home, or maybe tomorrow (probably tomorrow) I'll populate it with paints and tools and show off the finished version here.
  5. Dan Goodchild

    Custom Foam Inserts - WIP

    Ok. The laser doesn't seem to be able to cut all the way through the 3" foam. At least no without going too much out of focus. New plan: cut two 1.5" layers.
  6. Dan Goodchild

    Custom Foam Inserts - WIP

    EDIT: Oops. I've been typing EPA all night. It's not EPA foam, it's EVA foam. I've corrected this in the previous posts too. Sorry. Haldir: I believe it is the same foam. My packaging reads "100% EVA". Ok, so at 2" thick, the foam is getting trickier to cut. It's not horrible, but the difficulties are compounded by the fact that this tray has the most intricate cut of all AND gets closest to the edge of the tray. Here it is assembled: Here, I took the foam from the tool cutout, cut it in half laterally and glued it back into the tray. The tool doesn't need a 2" tray, but the spray can does so this brings the depth of the tool void up to a more manageable level. As you can see, the widest point of the tool void is just a bit too close to the edges. Here's what this tray is for by the way… Now, on to the 3" portion of the tray. Wish me luck…
  7. Dan Goodchild

    Custom Foam Inserts - WIP

    The tray is made from a charcoal packing foam *nearly* as firm as the trays that came with the case. I don't know exactly what it is because it's old stock that I got as a hand-me-down. The bottom is made from 1/3" EVA foam that was originally a garage floor mat from the dollar store. That's why you can see what look like some uneven edges on the bottom; that's just the diamond plating pattern on the mat. Since these are turning out so well, I'm looking for a source from which to get more since I have many, many of these cases. Wow. Ok, so the next tray didn't take very long. This one is for brushes (paint brushes and a toothbrush for washing minis). This one is only 1" deep plus the bottom 1/3". Here it is freshly-cut on the laser bed: And here it is fully assembled. ETA: The next one, while the same size as this one may take a bit to get made and posted. It's going to be 2" deep and I don't have laser settings worked out for that thickness yet so some experimentation is in order.
  8. Dan Goodchild

    Custom Foam Inserts - WIP

    Paint tray. Charcoal foam finished on the laser. The tray for the paints is 1.5" + 0.33" for the EVA foam bottom. Pieces ready for gluing. I'm using 3M spray adhesive for even coverage and good bonding. All done! Now, on to the next tray!
  9. I have a bit of down time this week and it seemed like a great time to *finally* get around to making myself some custom inserts for Reaper's large plastic case (of which I have way too many just enough thanks to Reapercon). The idea is to get enough paint bottles and other tools in one case to make an easy-to-transport travel kit for paint nights at the FLGS. The pistol cases are nice, but they're just not big enough for my travel needs. I should have them done tonight so if you're interested, keep an eye here and I'll post as each piece comes off of the laser. Now, without further ado here's step one: the bottoms for each of the trays made from EVA foam from the dollar store.
  10. Dan Goodchild

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Post office in a 7-11!? Where in Canada are you? I want a post office in my 7-11! :)
  11. Dan Goodchild

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    My tracking number is from the USPS and it's also working (although no details yet) in Canada Post's tracking system (meaning they're aware it's coming to them).
  12. Dan Goodchild

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    To channel my inner Janine Melnitz: I GOT ONE!!!
  13. Dan Goodchild

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I would LOVE to come next year but… August again? I don't know if I could survive Texas in August. I had a hard enough time with the heat in April. Not to mention it's the same month as Gen Con which makes my wallet ache worse than a Bones Kickstarter.
  14. Dan Goodchild

    Reapercon Sophie

    She is in the preview gallery, along with a few other goodies.
  15. Dan Goodchild

    Happy Birthday Ladystorm !!!

    Happy birthday Ladystorm, and congratulations on surviving another trip around the sun!