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  1. Dan Goodchild

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Post office in a 7-11!? Where in Canada are you? I want a post office in my 7-11! :)
  2. Dan Goodchild

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    My tracking number is from the USPS and it's also working (although no details yet) in Canada Post's tracking system (meaning they're aware it's coming to them).
  3. Dan Goodchild

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    To channel my inner Janine Melnitz: I GOT ONE!!!
  4. Dan Goodchild

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I would LOVE to come next year but… August again? I don't know if I could survive Texas in August. I had a hard enough time with the heat in April. Not to mention it's the same month as Gen Con which makes my wallet ache worse than a Bones Kickstarter.
  5. Dan Goodchild

    Reapercon Sophie

    She is in the preview gallery, along with a few other goodies.
  6. Dan Goodchild

    Happy Birthday Ladystorm !!!

    Happy birthday Ladystorm, and congratulations on surviving another trip around the sun!
  7. I like that idea but it's difficult (read as: expensive) to find incandescent bulbs around here these days. That said, I do have an infrared heat bulb that's destined for a winter feral cat shelter.
  8. Absolutely correct. I think though that with a piece this large chilling it won't really hurt it. Just as with warming it up enough to restore its shape, it will take some time for the interior to cool down to room temp. A quick dip in some cold water (I agree ice is probably overkill) may help the exterior surface hold its shape and prevent it from re-warping.
  9. Yeah, with such a big piece the heat really needs time to penetrate. Before summer's gone, you might have another workable option. Leave the piece in a hot car for a few hours, let it get soft and then flatten it and chill it.
  10. Dan Goodchild

    ##### - Dragonman Rogue WIP

    Quick post before I go out Pokémon raiding… Finished the base coat on Embra (well, except for a few accessories on her belt; haven't decided what do with them yet). ETA: As you can see, I chose Red and I changed out the hands to match the Bones version. Actually, there is no left hand in this pic; I couldn't get behind it with a brush so it stays off until the end.
  11. Dan Goodchild

    ##### - Dragonman Rogue WIP

    Sorry, painting in general kinda fell off the to-do list for a while. I'm back at it now an am preparing the not-draconian to receive her paint. Here's a sneak peek at the finished base. You can see the imprint for her left foot in the cobblestones on the right. The imprint for her right foot isn't as clear in the treasure pile. On a related note, I LOVE the metallic paints in the new Bones line…
  12. Dan Goodchild

    77310 - Water Weird

    Finished version in Show Off:
  13. Dan Goodchild

    77310 - Water Weird

    Used Tamiya clear blue to coat the Water Weird and Reaper paints for the well and highlights.
  14. Dan Goodchild

    77310 - Water Weird

    I like the idea of making the base of the Weird more splashy; that seems logical. I don't trust myself to highlight the tips with as gentle a hand as it should have, but I'll give it a shot. The dark and light areas are natural and will change with the ambient lighting. The Water Weird is coated in Tamiya clear blue which is really shiny. So shiny that when I handed the mini to my wife for a look, she only handled it by the base because she thought the blue was still wet. Since the pic was taken I have given it eyes. I'm not sure about the mouth though, I'll have to have look through my inks and see what I've got. Maybe I can darken the mouth with one of those and then bring the teeth back up a bit.
  15. Dan Goodchild

    77310 - Water Weird

    So, I wanted to try my Tamiya clear blue on one of the Bones translucent blue elementals and I chose the Water Weird. So far, so good but I'm not sure how to finish it off from here. I'm thinking of trying to get a curly-wave-white-foam effect at the extremities but I'm not sure. What do you think hive mind?