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  1. What options did power palette give you? Or were the two olives it?
  2. Skeletal Centaurs

    NICE! Seeing the horse bodies on those, some GW horses cut off at the base of the neck with some GW skeletons would make some really nice skeletaurs! Hmmm....just gave me an idea for some of my Tomb Kings calvary when I can get time to work on them....
  3. Skeletal Centaurs

    The ones in the lower right are Games Workshop from what used to be their Warhammer Vampire Counts/Tomb Kings armies. Not sure if they still have them after the Age of Sigmar change. You should be able to find them on eBay if you search for Tomb King Calvary/Chariots/Horses.
  4. flame reflecting off of black carapace?

    I think you would paint it like OSL, but at the very far reach/end of the light source. There is a picture of a little Jedi in black robes in a Massive Voodoo article (first picture under the drawing) linked here: http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.ca/2010/01/tutorial-object-source-lightning.html
  5. Making a wash

    @NecroMancer: I didn't see it mentioned it here, but you could also use Les' wash recipe. Lester Bursley from AwesomePaintJob dot com did a on how to make washes. There was some kerfuffle about his colors with GW and he sold/licensed it to Secret Weapon. Video on how to make more wash than you will probably ever need located here https://youtu.be/dEkMnP6p08I Two years ago I bought a bunch of the stuff needed to follow his recipe and still have plenty. If you want to try some, let me know what color you want and I'll see if I have it. If I do, I'll mix you up a 2 oz bottle and send it to you.
  6. Making a wash

    The Pledge as stated, is very glossy. The gloss I believe, is one of the main features that attracted scale modelers to it. It provides a nice smooth surface for applying decals, it also dries fairly hard to provide some modicum of protection to the paint job underneath. There are several articles in the interwebs about using it to help repair scratched canopies, for decals, airbrushing etc... I have used it with some Citadel, Reaper and Vallejo paints on tank periscopes, helmet visors, scope lenses, and gems to give them a nice glass like shine without any issues. Most recently, i mixed it with some some Vallejo Model Color and water to shoot through my airbrush to paint a 1/16 Radio Control Tiger 1 tank without issue. ***Disclaimer test it out on old minis or suitable test subjects before using on "good" minis. If anything goes wrong, then do like the rest of us and blame Buglips.
  7. bones strippping help

    I put smaller parts into a small ultrasonic cleaner I bought from Harbor Freight Tools, filled with Simple Green. It usually takes 1-2 cycles to strip the paint (varies by manufacturer, I mostly use Reaper and Vallejo with a small smattering of Citadel). I then scrub the parts with a stiff nylon bristle brush ( my old All-Purpose brush for cleaning my rifle from my Marine Corps days). The paint usually comes right off, depending on what you prime with. I usually prime with reaper liner, then spray Tamiya primer or an automotive primer over it, depending on what colors i am painting. Some automotive primers can take a few more cycles in the U/S cleaner until the paint is stripped satisfactorily.
  8. Making a wash

    Pledge with Future Shine was used A LOT by scale modelers. It's been several years since I actively followed Scale Model forums, but I believe it is still in wide use. It's an acrylic clear with self leveling properties. Dr. Faust's painting Clinic has a you tube video you might find interesting: https://youtu.be/gR3aIAth5qU
  9. Paint It Black

    You could do a swatch of Abaddon black and then run it through the power palette to get the best match.
  10. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    I think the Bolter needs to contrast from the armor. It sort of blends into it right now. Maybe red or orange on the flat plates?
  11. Guindyloo VS Ma'al Drakar in 7 Days!

    Holy Crap those eyes are amazing! Tutorial once you slay the beast and complete the challenge!!! Edit: helps to read the whole post and nothing but the post...tutorial in DDS 2 thread.....
  12. I must be crazy...

    i like ours.
  13. Steel Wash

    I have not used the steel wash, and I don't use brush on sealer, so I am afraid I can't be much help. However, it does look like the wash caused a nice Damascus/Valyrian steel effect. So... happy accident? Usual questions for when things go wonky: 1. Did you shake it thoroughly? 2: How old is the bottle? (Kickstarter 3 so should be brand new for steel wash. You said sealer was fine on other minis, so it should still be good). 3. How humid was it? (Applies more to sprays. You brushed on, so assuming you did so indoors with A/C and not too humid). Hopefully some others that have used the wash or use the sealer will chime in shortly and have more ideas.