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  1. Bloodhowl

    Favored paint handle putty

    This one? I am not a fan of poster tack/putty for holding larger models.( Mine usually fall off at some point, damaging the paint, the mini, or both). I would try super- gluing a rare earth magnet (maybe 1/2" diameter?) to the holder, and the base/bottom of the miniature (for larger minis). The superglue should be strong enough to hold it while you paint, but brittle enough to remove the magnet after painting.
  2. Bloodhowl

    What colors for hobgoblin skin?

    From my TSR Games Monster Manual, 4th Edition, August, 1979: "The hairy hides of hobgoblins range from a dark reddish-brown to gray black. Their faces are bright red-orange to red. Large Males will have blue-red noses. Eyes are either yellowish or dark brown. Teeth are yellowed white to dirty yellow. Hobgoblins favor bright, bloody colors and black leather. they keep weapons well polished."
  3. Bloodhowl

    Pre-Painting: Mini Surface Prep

    Greenstuff to fill gaps, then I prime with Tamiya fine surface primer, or an automotive spray primer and that is all.
  4. Bloodhowl

    Dragon Colors?

    Dragon's Don't Share Dragon is named Nathavarr. Dragon's Don't Share 2 Dragon is named Nathavarr.
  5. Bloodhowl

    Airbrush noob questions

    I use a spray booth from TCP Global. It's a decent size, but not sure it would work for something the size of Ma'al Drakar. Here's a shot of it open and folded up, as well as one on my worktable with the lights going.
  6. Bloodhowl

    Neutralizing Gloss Varnish?

    Using goblin math, wouldn't 20 coats be best?
  7. Bloodhowl

    Help & advise with a diorama

    I was thinking a chariot base would be perfect, if you have one. If not, you could take two of those square bases and some sheet styrene (plasticard for our EU friends) about 1mm thick and glue two of those bases down side by side onto the sheet and then fill the gap with some putty and trim to size. Alternatively, you could also square one of the slanted sides of two bases with a razor saw and then butt them up and glue them together. OR if you have a large round base (I think I have one from a Mierce Miniature critter) it would have enough space and also be round to simulate a room in a tower!
  8. Bloodhowl

    Help & advise with a diorama

    Looking at the models, I think you want your focus to be on Merlin and Arthur. Right now, my eye is more drawn to the table with the staff. I think all of those models in that space make it look a touch crowded for the size of the base. I would remove the table, or make the base a little bit larger by splicing two bases together. If you make the base bigger, you can shift Merlin and Arthur more to the center and spread out the accessories to the periphery. that way the viewer's eye is drawn more to the "action" of the scene.
  9. Bloodhowl

    Revarnish or Strip

    Try it. If it doesn't work, then give the mini a simple green bath and strip it.
  10. Bloodhowl

    Removing commercial paint

    Here is an old thread on stripping pre-paints. Might be some useful info:
  11. Bloodhowl

    Vallejo Blacks

    Model color is Vallejo's military/historic color line. Matt black will be very matt. Game color is more for fantasy/fiction models and has a slightly stain finish. I can't tell a difference between the two blacks except one is matt and the other slightly shiny. YMMV.
  12. Bloodhowl

    Painting diamonds

    Carve it out, paint with color of your choice in the depression and fill with clear resin?
  13. Bloodhowl

    Airbrush Assembly Question

    Picture from Badger website shows that gap. Is part 50-046 (needle bearing) in good shape and in place?
  14. Bloodhowl

    Citadel Shadow Grey replacement?

    I think Russ Grey maybe closer to the old Shadow Grey. GW re-did their whole line and renamed all the paints after characters/races/regions from their fluff, as well as sort of set them up in triads. The Fang Is a base paint, Russ Gray is a layer paint, with Fenrisian Grey (close to old Space Wolf Grey) as another layer for highlighting.
  15. What options did power palette give you? Or were the two olives it?