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  1. Any markings on the bottom of the base?
  2. Great video! One request: I have partial hearing loss from my time in the military. I could hear Kyle just fine, but I had trouble hearing Christie. Can you mic her up for future videos so her speech volume level is on par with Kyle's?
  3. DM Scotty has a bunch of great DIY vids on his youtube channel "The DM's Craft". They can be a little a cheesy, but he odes have some great ideas. Here's one where he made a torch from a cotton swab: And some with LEDs from tea lights:
  4. Was it this one?
  5. This tutorial from Chrispy on CMoN may (or may not) add to the Wappel tutorial: **edit - and per usual, Bloodhowl is late to the party, as Sirithiliel has already finished it...
  6. Looking good! Sounds like the wing gap was more of an issue of the assembly line worker not pushing them down far enough when they were glued and less of a molding/design issue.
  7. I don't like extra work. If the wing geometry looks fine (it does to me, YMMV), just gap fill the fit to the body. If you want to change the posture of the wings, then boil them and adjust as necessary.
  8. Secret Weapon washes were, at one time, Lester Bursley's wash recipe. They still have the same names Les used, but the formula may have changed over time. Les' recipe used artist ink, matte medium, distilled water and flow aid. Video on how he made them is still on youtube: Different recipes for the different washes can be found in his DakkaDakka post. Link is on the video page.
  9. Here's the official picture form the Reaper store: Not curved. Although I think having it curved like a an old Persian dagger makes it look more assassin like.
  10. What about crushing up some of those crystals used for making EZ Bake stained glass? This article used them to simulate real gems, but crushing them up might give you the look you are going for?
  11. Hopefully Tiniest is feeling better and can find time for all of us that want to see the light!
  12. I googled Komodo and Chinese Water and I found lots of pictures of dragons.
  13. A method that works with green stuff is to slather vaseline on the part being fitted in (wing, arm, shield, etc...), fill the gap with green stuff and sculpt to match the surrounding area, let dry. Once dry, you should be able to separate the pieces as the vaseline will have prevented the green stuff from sticking. They key is to let the green stuff cure before pulling the parts apart. Once that's done, wash the parts thoroughly with a grease cutting dish soap. Prime and paint at your leisure. You should have a nice tight fit with no gap when you fit them up for final assembly, with minimal touch up to the paint as long as you are careful with the amount of glue you put on.
  14. This thread was almost lost to obscurity in the depths of the WIP forum! The Pope of Disapproval....disapproves. ./\|+|ಠ_ಠ
  15. What are you using to lubricate your tools? I use vaseline to keep my tools from sticking, If I don't wash it off between layers, it also prevents the next layer of putty from sticking.