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  1. GO, GO, GO!! Have fun! and good luck!
  2. ehh.... I just throw 'em in the pot and boil. Haven't had any melting issues. I am using an electric range.
  3. My daughter wanted to use this fig for upcoming game night. It was a fun paint. I put in about 6 hours on it total. And I concentrated on the parts tjat interested me the most. There is plenty of room for improvement as much of the metal colors have only a base coat.
  4. Oh! Cool! I get what your up to now!
  5. Two years ago I brought the whole family to ReaperCon. They all wanted to understand what dad thinks is so special about it. It was awesome on so many levels, not the least of which was quadruple swag bag plunder. Although they enjoyed the event, they were happy to surrender figures and paint as they have other interests. My wife has made an effort to paint and she doesn't mind it, she would much prefer to knit or crochet, build Legos, or zentangle. All of which we can do while in each others company, so we still hobby together, even if it's not the same thing.
  6. I scored all of my priority one classes, no need for the backup selections! Really excellent. Smooth sailing for all of it.

    I am hoping for more animals. Horses with and without a saddle. Or even better would be a horse setup like the camel where there is a removable saddle and or pack of equipment. Any other beast of burden would be great. Ox, bull, elephant, buffalo, yak, llama, ect... I'd like to see more predators like komodo dragon, or crocodile. Dire versions of boars, badgers, that kind of thing. And a giant eagle or hawk.
  8. At a minimum I would plan a 3 hour block of time for the factory tour. The drive takes 20-30 mins one way. So that's an hour. Then the tour itself won't take a full hour. Then you'll want to spend some time browsing the Reaper Game Store and the Showcase. It's pretty easy to eat up time in the Game Store and Showcase.
  9. So a bad news / good news situation has come up that effects me for class registration this year. I need to travel 350 miles to attend a funeral on Saturday morning. That's the bad news. The positives are that I have taken Friday off from work to run a couple errands, get the oil changed in the car, and hit the road sometime shortly after lunch since I will be traveling alone and don't want to drive that distance in the evening. As a pure bonus, I can now set aside class registration time without guilt. So far I have my class list and priorities ready through Saturday of the Con. I only need to look over Sunday and consult with my kid to see if she wants any other classes.
  10. Last year it wasn't as bad as I expected. There are a few classes that will fill very fast, but there will be plenty of seats for everyone to get into at least a few classes. They may not all be your first choice tho. I have bought 4 passes on my one account. And then I could have registered for up to 32 classes. I didn't, but I could have.
  11. Thanks everyone!
  12. fulfilling

    As I recall, Reaper switched over to the shipping wave pledges on the second KS in order to curb complaints from backers when shipping begins. When shipping began for the first KS there were complaints from backers that pledged big dollar amounts and felt that their rewards should be prioritized before the "Vampire Only" or smaller pledge amounts. The wave system was created to curb that type of entitlement attitude. And it does it really well. But it's not a perfect system, especially where international shipping is concerned. They may revise the KS structure for Bones 4. Even if they do, I expect that there will be unforeseen issues and changes that will upset and frustrate at least a few backers. They can only do the best they can with the available options at the time.
  13. When the banquets were at the HGI, they felt more formal because they were in a dining room that the hotel set aside. But even then it was come as you are. Last year they just set up the catering cafeteria style and everyone sat at the paint tables to eat their dinner. Certainly not formal, very much come as you are.
  14. I may, or may not have, changed my forum avatar so I would have an excuse to wear a big fake handlebar mustache this year so I would be easily identifiable for Forumite Bingo......
  15. There, I fixed that for you.