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  1. Mary Read Bust by Scale 75

    We did do some brush work on the bandanna to blend some of the gradients. But not very long. We moved on to work on her bodice. The black leather parts were our next focus. Interestingly enough, we used inks to give the leather a satin finish and with the black ink we mixed in violet ink. It looks fantastic. And the last thing we had time to work on in class was the brocade. We used a blend of paint (from the Fantasy & Games line) and metal paints. The workshops were amazing. If you ever get the opportunity to attend a Julio Cabos workshop I highly recommend it.
  2. Mary Read Bust by Scale 75

    Airbrushing the bandanna: 1. Using the mid-tone color we airbrushed the figure aiming from the bottom towards the top. 2. Using the highlight color we airbrushed from the top down. 3 Using the Shadow color we again airbrushed from the bottom up. I did not take pics after each application. Just after the airbrushing was done. Then the masking came off.
  3. Mary Read Bust by Scale 75

    Once we had the face done, we next worked on the bandanna. This we were going to return to the airbrush. So I removed the masking from the bandanna. We began to paint the bodice. There is some detail in relief on the figure. But it is very subtle. In order to retain enough detail to see we had to paint the color in thin glazes. I did not take photos... We used poster tack to cover the work we did on the face and skin. Then wrapped the figure in cellophane (or cling wrap) to protect the rest of the figure.
  4. Mary Read Bust by Scale 75

    After working the eyes, we started on her makeup, blending some of her flesh. this bust does not have sculpted eyebrows so we painted them on. Her lips also have a pretty soft edge that isn't strongly defined. We painted the outline of her lips then filled the remaining volume.
  5. Mouse's Mouslings

    Try this process. 1. Load the paint on your brush 2. Wick away excess water on the towel 3. Paint a quick stripe on your thumb to test how the paint flows off. 4. Evaluate that test application before you move on to the figure. 5. If it flows well and you get the coverage you were hoping for on your thumb, paint your figure. 6. If not, make a judgment call as to what needs adjusting. Paint too thin? Not thick enough? Right consistancy, but brush belly swollen with water? Return to step one making adjustments as needed. If you watch any of the professional painters, you'll see some variant of this process EVERY TIME they put paint to a figure. The pro's get familiar with the properties of their paints. And they test before they apply paint.
  6. Mary Read Bust by Scale 75

    Before we started brushwork on the skin we painted in her eyes. Here Julio talked about paint consistency, brush selection, and precision brush control. His method for painting eyes is more elaborate than I was accustomed to, but I think part of that is due to the scale of the figure. We only painted the eyeball, we didn't even darkline. I ran into trouble with her right eye as there was some trash on the surface. So it wasn't a very clean application of paint there. I was able to make it look decent.
  7. Mary Read Bust by Scale 75

    Last week I was privileged to attend the Julio Cabos 4 day workshop. We spent 2 days on a historical figure and 2 days on a fantasy bust. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the company of like minded enthusiasts and a very generous instructor. This is the second time I have taken this workshop with Julio and it was just as amazing this time as last. Now on to the good stuff. I'll start by saying that Julio geared the class to put us out of the mindset of painting this figure for competition. He wanted us to feel free to fail and try new things, to push ourselves far outside our comfort zone. He had phrased that we should view our figure as a sketchbook. To that end, the figure was prepared, but not meticulously. There were a few mold lines and a bit of flash here and there. The parts of the figure had been glued to short thin dowels to use as handles. They used Tamiya grey primer to prepare the surface. Choosing grey was problematic. Mainly because the figure resin is grey and it was near impossible to visually verify that the surfaces had been primed as the primer and the figure were pretty much exactly the same color. So I am not entirely certain that all the parts, or even all the figures had been primed before we began. Julio discussed picking out colors and encouraged us to line up the colors we plan to use on a figure. Then on a blank white sheet of paper, paint swatches of the colors to verify that they will look good together before starting on the figure. After that we jumped in. We started with the skin and the mid-tone color. Using an airbrush, we sprayed the mid-tone aiming from the bottom of the figure towards the top. Here we were careful to avoid a solid base coat. This proved to be very difficult for everyone. We were all experiencing poor coverage as the paint was beading up and running. This was either due to the primer being hydophobic or that the surfaces did not get enough or any primer. In order to get the paint to cover we had to hold the airbrush back farther from the figure and dust the surface very lightly and then use the airbrush to "blow-dry" the paint. It took some doing and took longer than anyone anticipated. After a bit everyone had worked through getting the first color down. We then applied the skin highlight color aiming from the top down. Lastly, we added the skin shadow color, again aiming from the bottom towards the top. Julio had us mask off the bandanna because we would be painting it yellow later.
  8. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    It seems to me that there will always be some grumbling after any auction after every show because there are a limited number of prizes to auction and not enough for everyone to win something. There isn't really anything you can do about that. The raffle helps allot because it drains the pool of bucks to spend at the auction. Any other way to spend Reaper Bucks would help even the odds during the auction, possibly help those in the less than 1500 buck range.
  9. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    That would be James Wappel's Shaded Base Coats class. You wet blend several colors on the figure as your base coat where you try to block in your shadows and highlights.
  10. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    I try to catch a Wapple class every year. He is a mad genius pushing the norms of figure painting. And the shaded base coats class is a game changer.
  11. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    All the more reason to keep coming back! Getting to know everyone is a multi con project. Even so, I doubt meeting all the forum folks is a reasonable goal.
  12. What Happened to Breakfast?

    It also just occurred to me that it's a shame Siri wasn't sitting at the table with us while her dragon was on the table. That thing was like a geek magnet! Sooo many people stopped, gawked, and wanted to ask questions about it. Using painted figures as a conversation starter at a figure painting convention works like magic.
  13. What Happened to Breakfast?

    My first 2 years at RCon were class intensive. I am not terribly outgoing or charismatic. So my experiences were very similar to Siri's. On my third year I had to make a concerted effort to make personal connections with other con attendees. Giving rides has been the easiest way to make friends for me. I have a van and live local, so it's convenient. I also tried playing games at the con. Getting to know people is easier in a game than a class. Plus, as much as I want to engage with others, not everyone is open to visiting with strangers. And I try to gauge if I am making them uncomfortable with my awkward conversation starters. I fear that I come off as needy when all I really want to do is make others feel welcome. It's understandable that a hobby attractive to introverts would make socializing at a convention awkward. My second year at ReaperCon I setup on a table and started painting. Later, I was still sitting there by myself. It suddenly struck me then that I wasn't going to make personal connections huddled over a mini. I wasn't inviting people to sit down, and everyone was being courteous to the guy who obviously doesn't want to be disturbed. That's when I changed my game-plan for the next year.
  14. [SPLIT] RC2017 Rides thread

    Love Field. Oct 18th Seats available: 1. Knarthex 3:00 2. Crowley 1:50 3. Delvish 4:10 4. Silvervane 1:10 5. Pcklnt 1:20 **** You guys may want to dbl check your arrival times and make sure they are listed in the Central time zone. **** Looks like we have a full bus! Excellent. I'll be hanging around the hotels until it's time to head over to the Meet & Greet. So I can give you a lift there and back.
  15. [SPLIT] RC2017 Rides thread

    Double check your airport destination. There is DFW and Love Field in Dallas. Both reasonably close to each other, for Texas anyway. And ouch! 5 AM.... Welcome to the forum, ReaperCon, and Dallas!