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  1. Rather than revive a 2 year old Group/Open thread, I thought I would just start an new thread for just my project. If your interested in some of the previous work in progress feel free to read through the original thread. You can find it here. Expect that this is going to be a slow project with wide spaced updates. I am working on Thalia as a competition project. And I have been taking my time to get it right. I was getting frustrated because a couple of key problems. First is that the dress has a hem in the concept art that wouldn't cast well. It took me some time to find the right media and technique to sculpt a hem closer to the concept. Next is that I needed to sculpt a new theater mask. Fail after fail was becoming a real discouragement. I think I have finally solved these roadblocks. Here is the theater mask. Sculpting it on a dollie was the key to relative success.
  2. Looking over what's available now, and that Derek is one already on the schedule, I noticed that Painting Expresive Faces isn't one of his classes this year. It may sound odd, but his Monochrome class could be a better choice anyway. It's more than just a study of value and contrast. It delves into expressing textures with paint techniques without the complications of hue. That particular class is on my short list this year. And Ronda's Level up class is fantastic. She has been refining the class for a couple years and the handout is excellent. It's more of an overview on how to critique your own work and how to interpret others critiques of your work. Then practical application.
  3. Yeah, the photos make it a little hard to give you a fair critique. In the future try using a different backdrop. The white paper towel makes the camera f-stop down. The result is a figure that is "under lit". Over all, the paint is excellent. It looks like you could push the value range a bit further. His teeth show there is quite a range of lighter values left unused. Even if you push up your highlights, it can still be gritty.
  4. I found that taking a class on a different paint style helps me alot. I may not convert to "shaded base coats" (Wapple) but that class changed how I buy paint brushes and how I mix paint. There can be a lot of intangible things you pick up from the instructors you weren't looking for when you booked the class. The classes will also list a target audience. That can be an indicator to flag you away from biginer classes. I saw your post in Show Off. Classes you may find helpfully may be Painting Expresive Faces with Derek Schubert Leveling Up with Ronda Bender Textures- Smoothness isn't everything with Jessica Rich Those classes will fill quickly. You'll need to be on your toes when booking opens. Don't panic if the class you really wanted is unavailable. Plans change and slots open up from time to time. I also recommend Google searching images of painted minis from the instructors. That will give you an idea who's style might jibe with yours. Even if you can't book a class, grab a mini you're struggling with and ask the artists for pointers at the artists tables. They are very generous with their talent and time. Your a Forumite now! The others will be happy to shake your hand, set up shop and paint a mini or two, then introduce you to artists if you're as intimidated as I was my first year at RCon. Glad you joined the gang. :)
  5. Just a heads up. Red can be one of the hues many painters find difficult. The big misconception that many have is that adding white to red will create great highlights, but it doesn't. It makes pink. Knowing that will help curb that issue. Use oranges and yellows to highlight red and you're on the right path. You mentioned a fire theme. To me that means mostly yellow with oranges and reds as shade colors. Yellow can be tricky to paint with as the pigments for yellow are notorious for translucent coverage. Getting a good opaque coverage of yellow many times mans either several layers of yellow or adding white to the yellow to give it a more opaque coverage. Welcome to the forum! You're off to a fearless start and it's inspiring!
  6. You can pick up a triad of colors for aprox $10 a set. So if you need a skin tone, grab that triad. Then pick a couple of hues that you figure you'll use allot, like leather browns or bone whites, and grab their triad. Then pick out three colors that sound fun. That should put you in at around $40ish. Order through Reaper online and you get free shipping and a bonus anniversary figure. Rinse and repeat monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly and you will have a nice collection in no time! I personally make it a point to have the Reaper Flow Improver, Brown/Blue Liner, and the HD Solid Wite. And Welcome to the forum!
  7. My first thought is that if your putty surface is tearing up as your working it, your handling the tools with too much force. A very delicate touch will make for a better result. I find that holding my tools gently helps reduce hand shaking as well.
  8. I will say that having a passport is nice. And it was something of a pain to acquire. If you want to have your passport in time for ReaperCon, get started on it now. Plan on visiting the county clerk or post office at least twice. Having all your documents and payments all correct the first time is practically impossible. You can make appointments at post offices, but the wait list can be really long and several weeks out. My family and I ended up at the county clerk to get our passports. It seemed that they were better suited to the task than the post office and no appointment needed.
  9. Fulfilling

    My box came last week and I was well pleased! I really am looking forward to putting them through their paces to see what kind of impact it will have on my paint sessions.

    My personal favorite "Reaper Slam" was... If factory A can't get the work done on time, Reaper should just talk to factory B.... You know, like you do with multi million dollar manufacturing contracts. Yeeeeaaahhhhh..... 'cuse unknown factory B, or C, or D isn't going to be just as bad or worse than factory A.
  11. I painted them too, a long time back. I didn't paint the shields special either.

    I opted in on the Mythos expansion. Mainly for the camel. The adventures and cultists made it worth picking up during the KS. I don't know why the camel was one of the most exciting figures of the whole KS for me. It just is.
  13. These guys are great. And supper fun to paint. I like the two handed sword version a little better visually, but the sword and shield ones remind me of the movie The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. *** or was it Jason and the Argonauts?...

    hehehehehe... love it.

    What was I thinking..... posted in the KS comments thinking that I could add some positive and reasonable comments. .......Must refrain from name calling......... I am not 8 years old....