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  1. Fulfilling

    Well.... my list of work tasks for today is pretty long and there is graphic work on the list. When working on graphics I get hyper focused, so the day should go by pretty quick until the UPS delivery arrives. After that... who can say... I doubt that I will unbox video. A few snapshots is all I will do. And tonight is date night so I will just have to set aside the goodies for cataloging at a later date.
  2. Fulfilling

    oooooohhhhhhh niiiiiiiiiiiicce!!!! MY PLEDGE REWARDS ARE OUT FOR DELIVERY!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! now just how am I supposed to get any work done today? My brain is so distracted right now.
  3. Fulfilling

    Pretty sure Bryan is going to hit his goal of 1000 orders by 5.
  4. Ya know... The BONES conversion classes would make a great test if you ever thought about streaming classes on a case by case basis. Or even if you did a panel on the properties of BONES, like the dos and don'ts of priming, how to "reset" the pose of a figure, that kind of thing. That might go over pretty well as a marketing / promotional broadcast. You could make a point of possibly taking questions from those watching via the internet. Just a thought.
  5. Well you certainly know best for your dog. It may be worth coming for just one day like Saturday. Then picking up a couple of classes that are still available and see how it goes. If your animal does well then maybe next year you could invest more time. If you came on Saturday, you could still enter into the paint contest and stay for the awards at the end of the day. :D *** I see now that your a Colorado resident. So it would be a major investment of time and travel to come. Well, I hope that you can make it some time.
  6. Man I wish! But no. The classes are considered to be a convention exclusive.
  7. I'll second that the human sized figures are not as crisp detail wise. But anything that 50ish mm and up have excellent detail.
  8. Here is why I love the BONES line. Monsters and mooks. That's right. As a DM I can make my hobby budget go so much further than I could with any other line of figures. I now cringe when I think back to just one year before the introduction of the BONES line and bought 15 skeleton figures in metal that cost me nearly $50. Now if I needed those same figures I can pick them up for almost half that. The added benefit to having Bones antagonists is that when my excited players knock over a figure or drop one I don't cringe like I used to. The durability of the figures is a huge boon. They paint up just fine for tabletop play. There is a degree of liberation knowing that that single skeleton figure is not going to be a $4 bent figure with cracked paint, but a $2 figure that will just spring back into shape without any noticeable paint damage. Now on the flip side, hero figures work out pretty well too. Easy to convert. Cheap to replace with a leveled up version. And again the durability of the figures is well in evidence. Do I want to use the smaller human BONES figures for painting contests? No, obviously not. But for everything else, you bet.
  9. He was showing off these craft paint brushes in class a couple of years ago. They were a #8 round synthetic (yeah, that big) in a pack of 12 for $5. Pretty darn cheap and for getting down base coats they are hard to beat. They keep a decent point and when they eventually hook or fan out you can move them over into dry-brush fodder, or paint stirs. At less than 50 cents a piece, I don't sweat killing a brush or belabor the death of one when it dies. I have adopted this brush and use it quite allot. It speeds painting up by leaps and bounds. Really, getting good detail isn't about the size of the brush. It's about how good a point the brush has. I'm getting excellent fine detail with my R&C #2 round. Brush control, paint consistency, and brush point are what I find make the most impact on quality paint application.
  10. I have been holding back on adding any add-ons. But the Book Wyrm finally got me. It's a figure that I have wanted to pick up from the moment Jim started showing it off after the TD campaign. But I was never going to spend $90 on a single figure. No matter how cool piece is. It's still a bit steep for my tastes at $65 but I doubt that I'll get the chance to pick it up any cheaper. So I'm in for the core and the Book Wyrm.
  11. It's not that Reaper can't or hasn't paid "out of hand" for new molds for the plastic lines of miniatures. The entire Legendary Encounters line was produced without KS. The initial release of BONES had no KS. Something like 32 sku were in the first run. But there is a huge upfront cost to produce a new product in BONES plastic. The KS campaigns have allowed Reaper to expand the line far faster than they could have using the more traditional methods. So it just stands to reason that Reaper will continue to use KS to expand the line so long as it continues to make sense to their bottom line. There have been discussions about the line being large enough, and with enough sales to sustain growth without KS. Only Reaper can say when or if that time will come.
  12. Oh, very nice! Volunteer contemplation started in earnest.
  13. 5. I have crowd anxiety. What kind of attendance numbers do you expect? If I feel overwhelmed, what kind of options do I have, or what advice would you offer? 6. I have health issues that require a caregiver be close by. If I take a class / game, would my caregiver be allowed to sit with me? 7. Reaper is AWESOME and ReaperCon is the BEST! Could I help with setup or tear-down? How can I help?