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  1. I'm in for a diorama entry this year. It's killing me that I don't have a wip going. I want to show it off, but I want to surprise everyone even more. It's coming along at a good clip. My first attempt at the spell effect was a total failure. So now I'm in the midst of tackling the challenge a different way. Shouldn't be too long before this project is polished off and ready for contest. Here's to hoping anyway.
  2. I'm in. DixonGrfx / Current Avatar (fig w mustche) / Wens thru Sun
  3. Sure, sounds good. I'm in too.
  4. Here is a set of pics with many of the dragons set out for comparison. These pics are from before Bones 3 fulfillment. https://goo.gl/photos/oYeVGNsMy5PSNvxn6 I really need to pull them all out again, along with the others from Bones 3, and shoot some new references.
  5. I'd like a few more giant animal/insects/monsters. Giant ant, giant centipede, giant eagle, giant hawk, giant snail, giant frog, giant lobster, giant crab, giant squid, ect..
  6. Funded

    I suppose if he has his magic hook, you'd be all set!!
  7. Funded

    for some reason I picture you daydreaming of Dwayne Johnson when you typed that....
  8. I always throw out a reminder that Dallas is a large metropolitan area with decent but spread-out mass transit. If you're used to using mass transit, be warned that it's not anything like New York or Washington DC. I really recommend renting a car if your flying in. There is allot of stuff to do in the area, but it's all pretty spread out. If you want to do something thematically Texan there are horse rescue ranches where you can volunteer to tend to the animals and take them on trail rides. There is the Rodeo in Fort Worth. Several museums, tons of shopping, zoos, and aquariums are all just a very small portion of what there is to do here in the area.
  9. Funded

    I've still got my Bones 1 KS forum badge!! <<<<<<
  10. Funded

    I'm a 4 time Bones backer. So, woo hoo!! And the more options the better. More monsters, more mooks, more heroes, more NPCs. It's all good.
  11. The PETYR BAELISH figure on the Dark Sword site would make a great Rugen with a tweak to his hair and an added finger. Lady in waiting #2 could make a decent Buttercup. PRINCE JOFFREY BARATHEON could make a decent base to build on for prince Humperdink. Add the extra sleeves, file off the crest.

    hehehehe... catdragon..
  13. I think you would have better luck finding a Buttercup figure in the Dark Sword range. They have most excellent royal ladies.
  14. GO, GO, GO!! Have fun! and good luck!
  15. ehh.... I just throw 'em in the pot and boil. Haven't had any melting issues. I am using an electric range.