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  1. 5. I have crowd anxiety. What kind of attendance numbers do you expect? If I feel overwhelmed, what kind of options do I have, or what advice would you offer? 6. I have health issues that require a caregiver be close by. If I take a class / game, would my caregiver be allowed to sit with me? 7. Reaper is AWESOME and ReaperCon is the BEST! Could I help with setup or tear-down? How can I help?
  2. baaaa.... Green stuff cuts off really easy if it doesn't turn out. Just sculpt the boots over the feet and if it goes sideways, just cut it off and repeat until you get the results you like, or give up.
  3. 1. The classes I am interested in are already full. Is it really worth coming to ReaperCon if I can't take classes? 2. How close is the hotel to the venue? Can I walk there? What about restaurants, are they within walking distance? 3. Where can I go to find other enthusiasts that want to ride-share / room-share? 4. My ticket to the con came with dinners, am I required to attend? If not, can I give my voucher to someone else?
  4. Thanks Glen. I appreciate it.
  5. My daughter is dead set on booking the Douglas Cohen class Sculpting and Posing a Figure. I am cool with that. But I was curious about one detail. Can we find out what medium (putty) the instructor plans to use? I would like to have my kid experiment and get familiar with the medium before RCon.
  6. Yeah.... Me too. That was the one class I was intent on taking. ahh..... NM. It's there.
  7. if your a collector of tools.... then this could be a worth while investment. Search for SharpenAir. It's on my short list of hobby tools to acquire. It may not prevent you from bending a needle in the future, but it could give you the peace of mind to clean them without fear.
  8. I'm going to be doing really well if I have one entry ready for Open and Painters. Diorama and Ordinance a bit of a long shot for me at this point.
  9. Yesterday was the monthly meeting of the North Texas Figure Club. I try to attend as often as my schedule will allow. At the meeting I presented this project and addressed the challenges I'm facing. One of the problems that has plagued me is creating the ribbons depicted in the concept illustration. Got any idea what that is? That's right! It's ribbons. The guys pointed me to drinking. Specifically wine. But to hold on to the cork foil. Testing went well last night and I plan to do a full picture update of the project later today.
  10. Pshhht.... it's so obvious. You have to pretreat the joint with glue juice.
  11. I love Stephanie Law. Such a talent full of wonder! The first one had figures more suited to competition painting or display. Not so much gaming. But I backed it and wished that I had more funds at the time to pick up more. I'm in for this one! Backer 10 I think. I look forward to seeing what else is offered

    I totally forgot about Froghemoth. Yep, reviewing my order, I am regret free.

    Bones KS 4. Watch for the cart and halflings previewed for KS3 and didn't make it. I believe this hog is the beast of burden for that set.

    Pug is what J. Wiebe has for a pet (I think). He sculpted that set, so it would make sense that pug would be the breed.
  15. Fulfilling

    I like mine. The cork system is very handy and quick. For painting, I prefer the full grip handle. For sculpting I prefer the regular holder. The cool part is that swapping between the two types is super easy. So if I am painting 2 or 3 minis they are each in a cork and I can pop them into the grip as needed. So far the bar only really works for me when I am using the regular handle. I find that the bar just gets in the way when I am using the grip. And it slows me down. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I may only use the bar on the last 25% of the paint job to help out with the fine details.