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  1. Happy Birthday HornedTurtle !!!

    Happy birthday
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  4. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    The forest, fresh cut grass, the smell of a thunderstorm, burnt gunpowder.
  5. Happy Birthday HenryRequiem !!!

    Happy birthday
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  7. Post Your Hobby Wishlist Items

    You have some points. But to be fair he didn't say he only uses amazon or that the list was solely mini hobby.
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  11. Post Your Hobby Wishlist Items

    Those look useful. As for myself, I'd like a Daewoo K2, a 20" Steyr AUG, a Israeli heavy barrel FAL and a KRISS Vector gen 2 in 45 acp.
  12. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Not really
  13. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

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