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  1. Live

    This is ridiculously expensive. But the LED options that can be stuck to the walls are pretty cool. I wonder how that's done?
  2. Buns (regular white is fine, wheat on brat), condiments (ketchup unless it's a brat, then mustard) meat (brat preferred, otherwise beef). Hot dogs are not on the diet right now sorry.
  3. And here I was thinking you were going to complain about certain aspects of the Auld Grump
  4. Beer. Couldn't stand it (I prefered wine) until I was 17.
  5. Very nice, thanks for sharing
  6. Also it wouls be cool if the effects already had a hand attached, that way you could just remove the hand from the existing mini and replace it. Although this would require both right and left hands of each.
  7. Ok to follow up on Bryan's suggestion, I might say a clear or tinted line, that could be used for the various ray spells, a clear or tinted cone, that could be used to represnt the various cone spells (color spray, buring hands, cone of cold, etc.) a clear or tinted thinner line with a larger mass at the end which could be used to represent spells such as magic missile or melf's acid arrow, a clear bent ray that could be used as a lightning bolt, and a somewhat curved clear sheet that could be used for various protective spells like shield and a clear orb for light effects. Also some type of clear sphere effect that would cover the hand and be used to reprent touch spells like shocking grasp.
  8. I second this. Also second the call for a sprue of spell effects in clear bonesium.
  9. Yes, I have a workshop on my property. Also there is the basement/gaming area.
  10. "There's the beastie!" yells Bregan as he draws a vial of ink from his belt pouch and throws it. Ranged attack 17+5 (-4 for improvised weapon?)= 22 (18). (Do you roll the miss chance Haldir?)
  11. So Haldir do you think it possible that Bregan could draw a vial of ink and attempt to splash it on the Imp? Much more expensive than the bag of flour trick, but is it reasonable?