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  1. [Pathfinder] The Dragon's Demand

    "Right then". Bregan moves swiftly towards the other door but takes a moment to look for anything obviously out of place before opening it. Take 10 on perception for 17.
  2. [Pathfinder] The Dragon's Demand

    Yes Bregan was going to fill that role but has no problem letting the new guy shine. He starts to follow but stops short of entering the room when he hears the voice.
  3. Rise of the Runelords

    "Was the priest buried with any items of significance?"
  4. [Pathfinder] The Dragon's Demand

    Bregan will insert the dagger into the lock and turn it.
  5. [Pathfinder] The Dragon's Demand

    17+3=20. "I wonder if one of the unusual daggers we found earlier might be the key?" says Bregan as he brings them out of his pack.
  6. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    It depends on how my medical conditions are affecting me. But if I actually feel ok, I don't mind them.
  7. Happy Birthday Lady Tam !

    Happy birthday
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  13. Mythic Battles Pantheon

    Me neither
  14. [Pathfinder] The Dragon's Demand

    Bregan will just trudge through it
  15. Happy Birthday HornedTurtle !!!

    Happy birthday