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  1. Can't really think of anything, although I'm so glad I'm in the mountains now where I can comfortably wear jeans and boots.
  2. Happy birthday
  3. "Well we can open it easy enough but I'm reluctant to be doin so until we know where that beastie went". Starts looking around for the creature. Perception 15+7=22.
  4. Fulfilling

    Well, mine has made it from Greece to Germany
  5. The Bible
  6. Fulfilling

    Mines supposed to be delivered today, but since DHL says it's still sitting in Greece, I think it unlikely.
  7. I think that the unicorn would just charm the gorilla
  8. Woot! Nat 20 on know (engineering) Total 28. Bregan turns back towards the table, "Lyin bestie, there ain't no... Wait, where'd it go?"
  9. i have at least 20 WH novels myself.
  10. I remember when 4e came out, the group I played with switched. Ours was a private game so we were in the back room at the game store. About 2 months (painful months I might add) of playing and a knock at the door saw a couple we didn't know poke their heads in to watch. The guy was trying to explain D&D to his wife. After a few minutes she looks at him and says "so it's just like WoW but not on the computer". As I had been saying the same thing for a few weeks I laughed and said to the others told you so.
  11. Bregan will head over to the secret door, inspect it and then head over to the table and see if anything looks like a suitable key.
  12. Just a tool we are.
  13. Fulfilling

    Mine is scheduled to get here on Mon. But I got my mammoths some time ago and like those, this will just get checked and put away.
  14. happy birthday