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  1. "Perhaps the answer lies deeper within this tomb. Shall we carry on?"
  2. Happy birthday
  3. Dice for me. Generally I do better than I can with a standard point buy. As a DM I also have my players roll. If someone does horrible and can't make what they're looking to do, I'll roll a pair of d4's and let them add them to two scores.
  4. "Not sensing any strong magical auras"
  5. Since Grimm's been in town for a few months and has been hunting goblins in his spare time, can he figure out out what might have stirred up the goblins?
  6. Grayson casts Detect magic.
  7. Happy birthday
  8. Happy birthday
  9. Happy birthday.
  10. Yep I saw them. Nope they didn't scare me. Generally I feel that scary movies are what happens when you don't have proper situational awareness. I guess that what scares me is failing my family.
  11. Just traveling in Warhammer is dangerous. I had a dwarven rune messenger (something like that, it was a decade ago) and the campaign was just based on getting my guy safely to various areas. Also we were tasked with recovering magic items, which I recall were very rare.
  12. Thank you everyone. I did hear today that my daughter doesn't have my genetic disorder. That was the best gift I could have gotten.