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  1. Live

    I see your point, especially about it being his last KS. But if I could pledge $45 get the stretch goal and a bunch of undead and maybe a few bed sets, mostly for the sleeping patrons, whih are far more likely to get used, I'd be happier.
  2. I didn't realize that the eggs were mean in the first place. But it's nice to hear they're working on being more friendly
  3. Cool, I enjoyed it back in the day
  4. Putting the finished model on the shelf
  5. Live

    Does anyone know if I back at the $45 dollar level do I have to get the cat people or can I use the $45 towards add-ons? I'd like to get some of those stretch goals but have zero use for cat people.
  6. $10.00! I'm glad I got mine when I was able to use swag points to pay.
  7. RIP I did initially think this was Rodger E Moore the editor from Dungeon and Dragon magazines though.
  8. It happens with mini purchases more often than anything else. That's what happens when you have many boxes of 20 minis in different places I'm afraid. Not too often for non mini stuff, mostly my wife will ask me to go to the store to get something and when I get home she'll inform me that nevermind she found it.
  9. happy birthday
  10. happy birthday
  11. Fulfilling

    Hmm, maybe I'll use the airbrush I bought 4 years ago and have yet to use
  12. I would say I'm a patient guy, probably around an 18. The only time I loose my patience is when I'm dealing with idiot drivers.
  13. happy birthday
  14. Happy birthday
  15. Fulfilling

    Meh, I can't see getting upset over some pieces of plastic. Unless of course they were part of non-lethal rounds you were being hit with. Then I would be upset. YMMV.