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  1. Live

    Lets see whats next
  2. Live

    Thank you milady Boot for your work.
  3. We're going to the Mt. Rodgers naturalist rally, baby depending.
  4. Planescape
  5. Grimm makes his first attack on goblin 2 (16+1+2+1+1=21) Damage (10+2+2=14). Then spins with a 5 foot step and attacks the warchanter with his maulaxe (12+1+2+1+1=17) Damage (4+1+2=7).
  6. Live

    In 2050 when I maybe finally finish bones 1,2, and 3 figures I'll probably paint up the Hut first.
  7. I can still quote most of this movie.
  8. Any goblins within melee range? If not, any within 20'?
  9. Reaper used to have a cool little diorama with this on display.
  10. I have a sweet tooth so hot chocolate or a sweet type of hot tea, preferably apple cinnamon. Of course my daily coffee has a fair amount of sweet in it, usually in the form of flavored creamer.
  11. Happy birthday
  12. Live

    Think I'll be getting one of those