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  1. I hear them mumbling about me from the other room.
  2. I find myself humming the little ditty "... When Cthon is cast down, and your cult has all gone, You can always go... to Drowntown...." ".. the deepmist is dark, And the ruins a lark, But all dreadmere goes to Drowntown..." Sorry.... returning to lurker status
  3. FroggyBox on its way to SparrowMarie. USPS claims it will be there Saturday. Enjoyed this adventure. Already anticipating for next round.
  4. FroggyBox received. So much goodness. Will hopefully have Box on its way by Thursday. Broonkah

    Alright along with the new Bryan in a jar, and following the theme for the 25th anniversary of re-vamping previous miniatures. I would suggest re-doing the formerly mentioned Bryan mini with current hairstyling. Or better yet Chibi Bryan. With hat, but not the hat only!!

    Oooo. So this time can we get a "Brian in a jar" or the dreaded Elvis Dragon
  7. Join: yes (first timer) Location: Texas International: prefer not Start box: not this go round as this will be first go round.
  8. I got one the other day as well. Was thinking along same line. Just haven't gotten to it yet. Good job.
  9. Ok. Here we go. Fantasy- halfling on war Bassett Hound, dragon men, catfolk, shark men, duck people, yetis, trolls, ant-men, elves, more hobgoblins, more thugs, civilians, and cavalry (lots different races and different mounts) Sci Fi- civilians, henchmen, mutants, aliens, robots, Hover skiff/barge Modern- civilians, generic henchman, generic soldiers, teenagers, thugee cultists Terrain- cart/wagon, siege weapons, ruined walls, boats, treasure piles, stone portal, a well, a fountain, and sections of wood planking (for use as piers, bridges, sidewalks,etc) Misc- spell effects, sprues of conversion pieces (hats, musical instruments, wings, heads, packs/bags, capes) Fairy Tale characters Elvis- were Elvis, troll Elvis, ogre Elvis, undead Elvis, an Elvis golem, even a dragon Elvis maybe even halfling Elvis on war Bassett Hound.
  10. Any chance of a 25th anniversary T-shirt or ball cap will be added to the store? Or x-large Reaper anniversary tankard?
  11. I wish they would bring back Man o War as a specialist game. Was always my favorite GW game. Would be great to have official rules for Undead fleets, maybe lizards on floating turtles.
  12. "Painting with psychic powers". Yesss. Sign me up. That would be mind-blending....
  13. I had thought to do a Flash Gordon ish game at the sci fi Reapercon. Staying just within the Reaper realm, I would suggest... 50122. P B Pugh. As Flash. Or maybe. 50331 50227. Dee Dee. As Dale. Or maybe 50150 60148. Sandru Vhiski. As Prince Barin. (Arboria) 59014. Mad scientist As Dr Zarkov 03267. Gladiator (wings added). As Prince Vultan (hawk men) 02785. Sabretooth tiger man. As Prince Thun (lion man leader) I liked 59028. Warlord King as Ming 50220. Empress Messalina As Princess Aura 60173. Vagorg. As Klytus 50246 Marie She bot. As Kala 50301. Jewel. Aquanaut. As the under sea princess/queen of Coralia These are just what I remember There are some other companies that do Flash Gordon ish minis. But I think these work pretty well. Hope that helps.
  14. Pre-launch

    I think the chicken legs would be a great match for a certain elder god .... Can anybody say... "Cluckthulhu "
  15. Bought: Pulp Alley resource deck and solo deck Played: CAV at CAVCON last weekend