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  1. Rolling a 1 or a 2 is pretty insignificant in Frostgrave. Lets say you had a pretty tough fighter that had a modifier of +4 in combat and they rolled a 1 and lost to a soldier that had a +2 modifier who rolled say a 7. Even though that character lost by a 4 point margin (a 5 total to a 9 total), no damage will be dealt because the final total of the winning figure is below the base armor rating of 10. They would have scored a glancing blow and done no real damage. The losing figure would still be forced to back away of course. What is significant is rolling high. A very high roll means you will probably win the combat even with a skill disadvantage. So in the above example if the tough fighter rolled a 14 and the soldier rolled a 20 the margin would be again be 4 points (an 18 total vs a 22) But when you compare the final total of the winning figure to the armor rating of the fighter, its very likely that more than 10 points will go through and eliminate the fighter that round.
  2. I am partial to 'really old-school stuff'. And I am in Bonwirn's group buckyball
  3. We experimented with something in the last game. Instead of rolling a d20 for combat we used 2d10. This created more of a bell curve distribution. I am not sure it changed the game that much. There were still blow out rolls where someone rolled a 19 or 20 and destroyed the opposing figure in one round. buckyball
  4. The base troops are Eskimo that a friend I was playing against gave me like 8 years ago.
  5. Here are some photos of my Frostgrave warband from a game I played yesterday. Here are some photos of my current Frostgrave warband from a game I played yesterday. buckyball
  6. In keeping with my goals for the year my July goals are Paint a half elven bard D&D character | Paint a warriorishthing D&D |character Paint a |sci-fi figure for Fut ure Tales (finally) |Paint this month's mithril miniature. And I also hope to start in on my graveyard terrain from bone 3 but this is more of an ongoing thing > My 2017 goals are: To paint enough Sci-fi miniatures to play the game Future Tales. ( none so far) To paint the remaining figures to fill out my Frostgrave base forces. ( 10 so far) To paint character figures for the remaining characters in my Call of Cthulhu campaign. ( 7 so far) To paint mythos creatures for my Call of Cthulhu campaign. ( 7 so far) To paint the graveyard terrain from Reaper's Bones 3. ( Now that I have it ) To paint three entries for painting competitions this year. (There are only two now) To paint one Mithril figure each month. ( On track with 6) buckyball
  7. Here is my Mithril miniature for June He is also my character figure for a D&D game I recently joined. What I was going for here is haughty and arrogant. buckyball
  8. I would really like to see a Kitsune or fox-person in a tuxedo. I think there are plenty of werewolves which can be used in lots of different settings, but their Vulpine cousins are a bit under represented. So yes a Fox in a tux would be awesome. And it would save me the trouble of creating the conversion. buckyball
  9. It really depends on what you want your character to look like. Is she a very small dryad or a female version of baby Groot? If she is a dryad I would recommend a 10mm or even 6mm female elf and give it green skin . If she is more like an Ent I would start with a mushroom man or a saproline figure and try to scale it down to knee high. buckyball
  10. I would like to participate Location: New Mexico International: no Starter Box: I would if you really need it but I am not the best choice.
  11. Pre-launch

    You guys went to Origins? Did you hear anything about Bones 4 while you were up there? buckyball
  12. live

    I notice you use a Zia symbol in your logo, but you don't seem to have Zia tribal themed miniatures. You should consider including them. Kachinas are a Southwest native tradition and I believe the Zia would be included in that group. buckyball
  13. According to the website there is not a single participating FLGS in the entire state of New Mexico. bummer. buckyball
  14. I would be very interested in doing this. Perhaps after the last of the boxes reach their destinations we should start a box of bones round? buckyball
  15. Pre-launch

    I can honestly say that I think I bought the 'right' amount out of Bones 3. What I was most interested in was terrain. So I bought Bonehenge and the Graveyard set. I also picked up a few sets of fantasy miniatures. I am pretty sure all those figures will get painted pretty quickly now that my RPG group has decided to switch back to D&D. buckyball