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  1. Runecaster

    Modified CAV and a medic

    This guy was modified for the game Gruntz 15mm. I hate split cocpits so I just made those blend into the armor. I put the cocpits where the current engine vents are now and re-did the barrels of the arm mounts to be projectile based, over energy based. He needs a little more love still, but I like where he's going. My Medic for CAV. I just really like this guy :)
  2. Runecaster

    Evil Empire has Evil Customer Service - Surprised?

    Feel your pain, I had to fight tooth and nail for a bloody Tau Drone sprue that was deformed (mold didn't fill). That said, only a few months before I emailed the company on a WD mag that had a rules set in it. He said he didn't have any and apologized. The next day he emailed me and said he found one in the office and would mail it to me free of charge. Idk... My money is going to CAV and Gruntz 15mm now. Screw those price hikes!
  3. I use human models (Gui'la) in replacement of Kroot Models in my Tau force, these Pike Drones replace Kroot Hounds. Just a profile image of the above "Ghost Crab" (Krootox replacement) concept Home made Sniper Drones. Ogre Kingdomes army standard, (old core book)
  4. Runecaster

    Bones You'd Like To See

    The CAV line would do well in Bones. Much easier to convert/kit-bash for custom mechs.