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  1. Yes, at last! I have been saying this. And thinking it more times than I have said it. Go Red.
  2. The Wizard Jack built is mostly 77299's shield + 77054 Galladon. The staff is not stock. But I am not sure if it was a swap or simply trimmed. I agree the guy with the brimmed hat has the body/torso of Satheras 77040.
  3. In Bryan's Bones converting class translucent weapon sprues were available... That ^ mighty Chaos Warrior on the left there wants all and sundry to know that he wields the fearsome +10 Vorpal Sword of the High King of the Halflings.
  4. Let's see what else is in the camera roll... Those horns may once have been connected to a Treeman seen further up the thread. This model might be one of Jack's, but I am not sure. He was not attached to that base, merely balanced on it for the photo. There were a number of attempts to take Sir Danel and make him whole. With all hands attached to the correct arms and so forth. That second one is my attempt.
  5. Here is another view of the Sword Wielding Forest Dragon: Eventually I will have to counter-weight her so she can stand on her[?] own. The wings are very heavy. Him[?]
  6. I was not when I posted that particular picture. On the other hand Dilvish's backpack appears in the background of this one: This is another of my creations, tentatively named Spirit of the Forest Dragon. It is like you are here in Spirit...
  7. This might be a dangerous thread for you. In other news here is another shot of Jack's Drider Mage and its architectural minions! least I think it is a mage.
  8. This batch was created by a fellow named Jack: The wizard in the bottom right corner is worth a Zoom In.
  9. Time for another picture: This was one of my creations. The Spirit of the Forest Treeman body is very versatile for converting. One of the Giant's Swords fits quite well on the stump of his right arm.
  10. Here is a more top-down view of the first eight: Each mini in this picture ^ was converted by three different people.
  11. @Everyone :: Please feel free to share your pix of creations from the Bones Conversion Classes in this thread. I will **start: As a beginning exercise Gene Bobby and Jason had everyone pick a body, add one thing, and pass it to the right. That was repeated three times. These were the result. **Be warned I have moar pix...
  12. Umm. I did get a flu-shot. I have been experimenting with pro-biotic tablets. (They were two bottles for $10; nice artificial orange flavor; chewable tablets.) No. No. Melt Table? ...if wallet dreading it can be described as looking forward... Lots of suggestions so far, but I didn't see a Nücleär Krïll plushie as an option. .
  13. Real life has been winning. Griffin losing. My front hall. I have not even opened it. Because I have not yet mailed it, looked at it, photo snapped anything... I see my plan to appear to be present by leaving tabs open to the forum has worked... ...mostly I have been AFK, with the ability to pop in and comment. I think I have fallen behind on the daily question even. I am a failure. (Summarized in four words.)
  14. What is the current link? ...they die periodically.