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  1. Travel.
  2. I don't. (Unless sketchbooks count. Those I have a lot of.) But many people have notebooks, or some equivalent, where they record all the paint colors, usually by number, that were used on a miniature. And in what order, glaze or base coat, etc. Or they will have mixes and layering sequences for certain effects: Chainmail, Blonde hair, Redheads, or Tartans and Plaids. other words what hdclearman posted while I was typing this.
  3. Where / when was that?
  4. Pre-launch

    Does it still say Spring?
  5. Eeewghh. Those unholy things Burger King came up with...let us all fervently hope not.
  6. I have that one in metal. I called him Cobra Commander.
  7. Funnily enough I have been drawing a map...but I might just stop mine with the shorelines.
  8. Took a break from cataloging the sketchbook and drew a map: Double green stripes approximate the equator. Can't decide whether to add mountains...
  9. Looks a bit like the fried green beans I had at Five Guy's Burgers. They offer variety of sides apart from "French Fries" (aka Chips). Could be sweet potato fries (those are way better than normal fries).
  10. I love drawing maps by hand.
  11. :: The Griffin Idly wonders what wave his order is in ::
  12. Lucille Ball dressed as Xena... ...I fear to Google this.
  13. Frostgrave Warlord CAV: Combat Assault Vehicles Dystopian Wars Hordes of The Things Sky Galleons of Mars Chainmail Burrows & Badgers WH40K Song of Blades and Heroes DBA/DBM SAGA Warmachine—Hordes Bolt Action Shadow War: Armageddon Kings of War Battletech Rogue Stars Necromunda Battlefleet Gothic I would play any of those, particularly if someone was loaning me a fleet or army, for the ones I have not collected models for. The ones I am currently playing are tagged Red (or would be if there were any ) Cool. The list is exactly 20 long. I have models that could be used for 12 out of 20. But for some, like Warmahordes, I only have a handful of figures but no viable force. .
  14. No alt button on a mobile keyboard. There is a screenshot. But that will capture the menu buttons that are obscuring the town.