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  1. Question for June 22nd - Do you have a spot to yourself at work - a desk, a locker, a cube, an office? How you personalize it? Are you allowed to personalize it?
  2. I get logged out from device A if I login from device B. It doesn't like there being two of me....??
  3. The last two questions were thought up by Morihalda. (Thanks Mori!) The next question is mostly Morihalda with some additions blended in from me. Between the questions Mori left me and some new ones I have nine remaining and nine calendar days, looking good. However, suggestions for interesting questions are always appreciated. (July Looms...) Please PM them to myself, Mori, or any of the previous Quisitioners.
  4. I fast at times. There is a diet fad[?] plan that involves periodic fasting. Something about 2 days fasting out of 7 in a week.
  5. So do they ever play on a field that is less than immaculate? Mud seems unlikely [?] Whst is that thing refs do with a spraycan that makes a temporary stripe? Is that different from a penalty kick?
  6. .... Have they said what the technical issue is that makes it unsafe? Lack of lift in the hot thin air, something to do with runway temperature and blown tires? Something else? The newstypes I can receive can't be bothered to dig up interesting facts...
  7. Today's Summer Solstice Google Doodle is just mean...stupid bluebird...
  8. Admitting the limitation, is itself an answer. *** tries to look wise and sage, ...fails ***
  9. If the thread is already created no sense in cropping up new names...I guess they could change the name...but, seems like there is already a winner. [?]
  10. I don't know enough about soccer to have an idea how much of the playing field will be included in a penalty kick. Is this/will it be a corner kick? Is Barca a pro-level team? Are penalty kicks always launched from some stripe? Will the diorama include the goal? Best guess is that different greens from mowing patterns and a white stripe are about all there can be to add interest to the field. Maybe some residual referee temporary marking spray foam?
  11. Get a can of bacon flavored SPAM to go with that...
  12. I may have already answered this.
  13. I like it. I keep picturing a red + green Christmas scarf under the skull's 'neck'. A Dr Who scarf would be funny.
  14. Question for June 21st - What is your favorite summer day food or drink?
  15. I would not bet against this. I freely admit to being culinarily challenged, and I have victims witnesses to back this up.