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  1. Question, April 18: What is your most regretted/disappointing Hobby Purchase? (Could be: equipment, paint, software, supplies, models...)
  2. *** looks regal, griffinesque, and stern *** That’s what I’m here for...
  3. Question, April 16: Who here has their taxes done?
  4. How does one rent a cat?
  5. What, no facepalm smiley?
  6. So let me get this straight... There is a genetically modified, bio-enhanced Hooman, wearing an armored high tech battle suit, which is in turn strapped into a... giant mechanized armored two armed, two legged battle vehicle ...which carries stupidly huge, asymmetric, out of balance guns, and a hammer the size of a Volkswagen, while standing on a pair of three toed mechanical chicken feet. Am I missing anything..?
  7. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Just logged in? ...it’s 11:10 EST...
  8. There is even a band. Or two. This is the all girl one: Clearly, they are also operatives of M.E.O.W.
  9. *** Googles Scarlet Fever ***
  10. For purposes of this weekend question A Find is not necessarily an acquisition (...not sure it is still going but I think we had a thread for that...) A Find can be a pocket knife or a ring you thought was lost. A Find can be an old recipe or an old photo you didn’t know existed. A Find can be a new place to eat, or get coffee, or a new product you could buy... if only you had the money. A Find can be those old models you had misplaced or that blister of Skinks you did not know were hiding in with the Dark Elfs. (...but anything to do with taxes is right out..!)
  11. Snakes and Ladders reference...?
  12. Weekend Question, April 14-15: What has been your best find lately? Weekend Quest: post a picture..?..of the find, if you can manage such.
  13. The USAF wanted a voice that would get through to a pilot who was close to Red Out or Gray Out circumstances.
  14. This is not true for USAF jet aircraft. The Air Force came to the diametrically opposite conclusion. The voice that says really important stuff like, “Bingo Fuel!” or “Pull Up!” “Pull Up!” is female. They even narrowed it down to a specific voice range: somewhere around contralto—alto I think.
  15. Not this one. But who knows, maybe? I have never owned a cat of any color. (& Thanks for being my backup...)