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  1. Yes Doc. Banks do that. ~ ~ Banks make allowances for, among other things, when the 60-something children become the 'parent' of the 80-something ancestors.
  2. I wonder if there are machine shops or cabinetry makers that could cast a replacement.
  3. OTTAWA Long Tall Sally 60 Queen Street Ottawa Ontario K1P 5Y7 Opening Hours: Monday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Friday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Saturday 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM Sunday 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM Telephone: 613 238 1407 It shows a map that puts it next to a Japanese Steakhouse...[?]
  4. I gave all incarnations of Alien Nation a miss. I had zero food during the daylight hours of Friday. No coffee. ...I drank some water. I wondered what happened to precipitate the new avatar variant.
  5. I thought I did. But I thought there were just four episodes of it. Then I looked it up. There there are 8.5 episodes, most of them part of DS9. This morning it hit me: Mirror Mirror Universe is a story arc that spans three different television series and at least 4 (or maybe 5?) decades. That has to be some kind of record.
  6. You forgot to account for the reversed polarities. It's all about the polarities.
  7. In the TOS universe Harry was a nogoodnik, an insignificant one, and a minor irritant. He was ingenious and a schemer (as somebody pointed out) and a flamboyant dresser. Hmmm. Make him a doogooder, Significant, and a major irritant. Keep him scheming, ingenious, and keep the wardrobe. That is the ingredients for... Mudd! The Pirate. A robin-hood like figure, commanding a rag-tag fleet of pirate ships who plague the Terran Empire sometimes aiding victims of the Empire. His command ship is crewed mostly by Orion females that he freed from slavery! His wife Stella is the kindliest soul ever and approves of whatever Harry gets up to. He is still a schemer and still dresses like a dime store pirate. Some things are constants and others are opposites.
  8. If the box is already stuffed I would vote not on the Aztecs — I could be convinced otherwise by pix (...who did Aztec Miniatures back in the lead era?)
  9. Weekend Questioning for July 21st & onward) What do you think Harry Mudd's fate was in the mirror universe? (Enjoy speculating...) 22nd) Do you have a clue what the mirror universe is? 23rd) Essay question: come up with a pitch for either a movie or an episodic series centered and based in the mirror universe.
  10. Given last 2-3 pages ...seems superfluous.
  11. Was Ultron a coined name? Sounds like one, but I am too pop-culturally challenged to know it's origin. Sheldor was derived by chopping off the back leg of the "n" from: Sheldon was a fictional World Of Warsmiting character, belonging to a fictional character (Dr. Cooper) from a TV show. Presumably, we have the writers to thank for that one. Eldrick is the actual name of a well known real life celebrity; it was coined by the parents and has the virtue of beginning with E and ending with K; matching the parent's initials which were E & K. James and Tiberius are ancient names but are associated with a fictional character played by an actor named William (also an ancient name). Here is a hint: ...for both the character and the weekender questions.
  12. Scale creep being what it is, has been, and will probably continue to be...I think you are onto something.
  13. Live

    If I was going to have dice made of an unusual or exotic wood I would choose Bois d'Arc. Maclura pomifera, Osage Orange, twice the tensile strength of white oak.
  14. @Thes Hunter these are called furniture plugs: One of the more common sizes is 1/4 inch. Available at any hardware store. Along with washers in various sizes. How big of a cake are you wanting to make? At 28mm (which being honest is really 30mm): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Actual size / Scale size 1 inch = 5 foot diameter cake 3/4 inch = 1 US penny 3/4 inch = 3 foot 8 inch cake 1/2 inch = 2 foot 6 inch cake 1/4 inch = 1 foot 4 inch cake (Metric) 5mm = 1 scale foot 10mm washer = 2 ft diameter cake. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's a really ^ useful size chart for scaling terrain and Dungeon dressing to Miniatures.
  15. I spotted some metal (wolf looking) hell hounds in Reaper's catalog which are priced at 2 dogs for $10. Does the army you are doing have both Chaos Hounds and these Flesh Hounds or is that two completely different Chaos armies? (And totally different creatures...)