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  1. Weekend Question, Dec. 15th & 16th: What funny thing has happened this weekend, in your life?
  2. ....that feeling you’ve missed something important... Thanks @TaleSpinner
  3. Question Dec. 14th: Who here has ordered something from the Twelve Days of Reaper?
  4. TGP

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    My favorite post office has lots of stuff like that...dunno if any of it is small enough for your purpose. You want to stamp random Chinese characters on figure bases, walls, floors...?
  5. This year’s tree remains ^ a work in progress, but for the moment, a plastigilded [?] Star (n.b: no actual metals were harmed in the making of the Star).
  6. Question Dec. 13th: What is your tree topper? (If you can, show us with a snapshot.) If you are treeless, what would you choose for someone** else’s tree?
  7. To this day I will sometimes drag out an old DMG 1e, flip to the random dungeon tables, get some dice and graph paper, and then, roll dice — draw, roll dice — draw, roll dice — draw......... Someday I should try doing both at once. I have played in D&D games that were that slowly paced Not sure I phrased this very well. I was aiming for game titles that would fit the first blank in this sentence: "I would like to play ______________ but it would take too much _____ to _________ _________ ____ ______ "
  8. Question Dec. 12th: Has prepping for a game ever been more fun than the game itself? Or, which do you enjoy more? Is there a game that you do not play because the prep time-effort is too high?
  9. Quisitor not answering questions he posts...bad Quisitor, bad, naughty, feathered Quisitor. I do read some of them. (Hornblower, Conan-Doyle’s Medievals, Ivanhoe... among others) Thank you all, for the numerous suggestions for titles I was unaware of. I think it is D&D (back in the day) with Warhammer FB (before they asploded it...) in second place. I want to know more about SLURP. Ever thought of publishing it. Or, a guide to cobbling it together? (I am guessing it incorporates much published material from established companies) This is intriguing. @WhiteWulfe this problem: ...was-is endemic to Warhammer Fantasy also. Maybe this is some of the why???! behind age of skirmish. Although some of the humongous display piece size gaming models they create now...? bulk is still an issue.
  10. Question Dec. 11th: What game (computer, board, RPG, whatever) have you spent the most time prepping for?
  11. TGP

    Mori VS Ma'al

    This originally posted in the GTKY thread because Smartaleck Phone is a smartelf. Does the water-resin product generate enough heat as it cures to melt white Bonesium material? (Pick a sacrificial Bones Mini to become a statue standing knee deep in a fountain pool and find out... !! ...quest is worth 100xp )
  12. Yes definitely so. There is much I don’t know about the diplomacy-policy-intrigue side of it all. They did not exactly have any good means of communicating securely did they? Seconded. My brain was coming up with R names but all the wrong ones. Thanks @ttuckerman I Did Not Know That. (IDNKT) IDNKT And they had history and a grudge against the Russians. [ ! ] ...and the rest is history. IDNKT, either. I always thought ^ this. It makes this Griffon wonder about what would happen in an alternate setting... Two big Empires. They each have one end of a vast landmass. Do they attack outward, each crossing a different Ocean? (Fortress America: 1955 Version) Do they attack inward, agreeing to stop wherever they meet in the middle? (Consolidate Eurasia Scenario) One might be able to game these scenarios using Certain Milton Bradley board games with significant rules adjustments.
  13. TGP

    Mori VS Ma'al

    This is ^ the wise-mostest ^ bit of advice of all. The Dragon’s Base should be the 2nd or 3rd time you’ve tried the resin-as-water product. Maybe the 6th time. Just make some forest pools on 50mm rounds, or a little broken fountain terrain piece, ....learn how the stuff handles, get some XP with it.
  14. TGP

    Mori VS Ma'al

    Rock formation. Have a wellspring where the water burbles out of rocks, thence to a pool, the onward under the dragon. A ragged rocky edge backed up to the edge of the base. The water outflows from underneath a ledge of rock, and back into the base under the dragon.