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  1. I do have a good idea what is involved. In the SWAGuesstimates below "n" is a single digit number. Concept Art ..................... $n00 3D Electronic Sculpt ....... $n00 3D Print Prototype .......... $n0 to $n00 3D Sculpt Rework ........... $n0 to $n00 3D Print Master ............... $n00 3D Laser scanning, prototyping, rendering, and approval of digital file ... $n00 Casting and Machining two blocks of stainless steel from the approved digital file .... $n000 to $nn000 I do not know the real numbers but I have a good idea of their orders of magnitude. So all in, to get to the point where there are two blocks of stainless steel locked into a machine, my guess is around $11,200 US Dollars. At that point, eleven or twelve thousand bucks in the red, it is possible to crank out PVC Plastic figurines.
  2. They are all busy mining the raw Bonezite™ ore that will be needed to produce all these new Bonesium™ figures.
  3. All the Bones bears are polar bears until they get painted...
  4. Terrain I wanted to write a couple of words about something from the livestream video that is not going to happen. There was a big 6x6 inch [8x8?] plinth that was previously shown as a display base for a giant cobra. It won't appear in B4. I think this is wise. Because...any scratch terrain builder can whip those out easy-peasy. A novice at terrain building could follow a SBStep and turn one out as their first piece. It would be the simplest thing to try as a first piece. What would be an excellent idea (for terrain) is to grab the plinths from the Greek statues, the Zombie dragon's big plinth, the dragon turtle's base, maybe Kalydrax's Hill and offer them as a group add-on. I do realize there could be obstacles to this. Mainly that some of these items are planned to be in a steel two part mold along with whatever goes on top of them. But maybe now is the time to plan things out so that some of them can be cast separately? Find out if the new dies to be created can be built with valve kits[?] or parts so that it is possible to cast only the plinths. What if the digital model of Kaladrax Hill was reduced a little (maybe 75%) and it reappears this time as a stand alone terrain piece (leverage a pre-existing design FTW)?? What if the Greek statue bases were added around the edges, maybe at a second size (meant to fit any 28-30mm figure) plus the original and all that was a Terrain mold? Just spitballing some ideas. I think some British company is in the business of making highly detailed, incredibly expensive, plastic terrain features. They do manage to sell some. But the business of making highly detailed, reasonably priced, plastic terrain features looks wide open to me. The things to focus on would be very detailed, **conveniently dimensioned, structures that would be time-consuming for a scratch builder to create. A big plinth that could be slapped together out of two pieces of blue or pink EPS insulation foam...never mind. Good call going back to the drawing board on that. Instead Think Arcane Gates that lead to islands on ***The Sea Between the Worlds™ kitted out with steps that **perfectly fit 25-32mm figure bases, with lots of nice detail (friezes, heraldry, arcane runes)...just as a for instance. ***
  5. What wait? There is one? (I saw a huge Croc and a Dire Boar today...they said there was a third but I thought it was something un-Cat-like.)
  6. Yanno...that would be a nice addition to the Dire animals Set.
  7. This is one of the many reasons we like you... Try Purple and Teal. Yep. Didn't even have to be on the forums to hear it...
  8. Do I log into KS to see it? Just send a browser tab to the KS page without logging in? Have I got to tune into a YouTube channel? Will it be linked from Reaper's main page? I am aware that this event will happen but everyone that I have seen mention it has neglected the specifics of how to find it. So thanks everyone. #annoyedbytechnology Not ^ a real ^ hashtag.
  9. Wolf can haz Overtime? $$$$ Yes?
  10. Now my gadget is acting up....again
  11. I need to find some food and then I could pop on. Did you get your computer problem sorted?
  12. Focus on that last bit. Maybe that will help. A lost, lonely, injured, frightened little kitten that was facing a scary death in an engine compartment instead got an extra 3 weeks of TLC for its final days.
  13. Short answer: any Miniatures described as 25mm. (Rather than 28mm, 30mm, or Heroic 28mm) That said, Reaper's catalog should give numerous choices for Beornlings ( Beorn had a unit of Bearish battle brothers I think?) This would be a ^ good choice for Beorn transformed. Ogres and trolls abound in Reaper's catalog that would work well as extra large examples of their kind. Reaper's Orc's (any of them) would make outstanding Orc leader/champions. Lastly: Some Reaper catalog pix ^ like this one have subtle scale markers. Those triangles on the right hand edge are exactly half an inch (12.5mm) apart. They are from a small stand that was photographed with this mini. The stand was cropped and left out of frame except for the triangles. Also, the base that guy is on is a 3mm tall, 25mm square. The triangles are not in every catalog picture. This is because Bryan didn't think of adding them in the beginning. (This may be why they are nicknamed Bryangles™). Earlier pictures won't have them, but any picture showing a mini that comes with a separate base (like the bear) use the base as an indicator of scale. Reaper bases are a consistent 3mm thick.
  14. ~~~~~~ @Reaper Ron @Reaperbryan @OneBoot or @ReaperAnybody, On the Campaign tab in the Kickstarter page...there are two Dreadmere Graphics and each says "...this is all the minis available at this time." But they are different graphics; the second shows many additional models; the first ends with the raft. Intentional?