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  1. I hate when I go in a store and it is a mirror image of one of its sister stores (that I am used to shopping in).
  2. I am watching the PBS News [hour?] ...which is only thirty minutes long. An hour from now I might have a window.
  3. Those last two sentences are a very curious version of a job description... ...does the activity associate with a paycheck? Hoping so.
  4. I am glad you are OK @Pingo I didn't have Migraines as a kid. But I think I had one of these non-headache things about two years ago. The visual effect I saw [?] was circular. Scintillating Scotoma... Migraine Aura... Occular Migraine... Are those three identical terms? If I can think of a way, I will try to draw what I saw...but how to draw a flicking blur ?
  5. @David Brawley congrats on the job. I didn't get it either pocket. It pegged my stupid meter and maxed out the nonsense filters before the humor detection subroutines could process it. #solidarity-with-the-platypod. Awww. Quiet, sneaky, job hunt? for sanity. I know where that is... Moooo... What do you want to know about it? 1:1 Scale Terrain Project! I would put the Fairy Door on the porch level to the left of the people door. Paint first, glue in place, as final step in process.
  6. I think it is worth a try. Wooden hoardings are your friend. The scale issues with the parapet areas and crenellations can be overcome by adding materials. Planking or even bricks. Hoardings and wooden shutters can disguise a low parapet height. Cereal box cardboard can be used to apply "masonry" to smooth walls.
  7. I have vices... But this brush thing has never been one of them. It has never occurred to me to do this.
  8. Not. At. All. Sky Galleons of Mars. Frostgrave. Miraculosity. .
  9. I actually know what's going on with cats (excepting Oneboot) when they do that. I would expound on it ...but: Rule 4
  10. Keeping Secrets. Rule 4: The best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself. Second best? Tell one other person - if you must. There is no third best.
  11. Dear @tiniest rhombus is there any chance you could measure the footprint of this exactly? Inquiring minds would like to know: The critical question is: would it fit inside a 100x200mm rectangle without hanging over the edges anyplace? (It would need to rattle inside that just a bit; it could rotate until it fitted inside the movement tray.) If metric is not your thing that is just a few hairs smaller than 4x8 inches. (Frex: 102x203mm is 4x8 inches.)
  12. On prior occasions I have done better. In 1993 or so I put in a rock garden with a stone bench. (It was an initial success but, The Bermuda grass has won that situation....given full sun Bermuda grass will grow in gravel, no soil, no watering...just gravel ) _____ There was a time I knew nothing about unix shell scripts. The shell script that had the job of sending technical drawings to the laserprinter ceased functioning. I needed it to function. (I ended up creating my own copy. Went through the original one line at a time learning what the code on each line did until I found what was broken.) _____ There was another event where I wrote a script that made automated changes to about 5000 technical drawings. I had never written a script like that one from scratch before. Also, I had never written something to be unleashed on the entire drawing library before. (That one went off without a hitch. Mostly it was simple changes: like selecting all the data on layer 5 and changing it to layer 235. The old scheme of what layer was assigned to which color had to be chucked and replaced with a new, different scheme but the existing library of completed drawings had to be retroactively updated.) .
  13. I decided to take over trimming my own shrubbery. (My local version of Roger the Shrubber wanted $175 to do four large shrubs.) It has gone poorly. I am not much of a shrubber.
  14. .......... [As a pop-culturally challenged dude who plays a Griffon on the Internet I find myself immensely unqualified to answer this question. As bad as I am with pop-culture I am worse with fashion.]
  15. Kid: Jane and the Dragon, Martin Baynton. (finish the book/books; proceed to the videos) Teen: The Edge Chronicles (whole series) Adult: The Amber Chronicles, Zelazny (another series...I fully agree with hdclearman) .