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  1. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I do not. I did adopt a pet rock once. Never did pick a name for it. It is still waiting patiently for me to do so. I have known some folk that named their cars. I’d like to think if I owned flew a fighter plane I would give it a name...
  2. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Yes... A pickup truck... 16 or 17.....? (Summer in-between school years.) Funny as in Surreal: I have driven to West Texas a few times. There is a place**** out there near a town called Snyder where one can get out of the car and look at flat horizons in every direction. AND all the way out to those horizons there are row upon row upon row of windmills literally as far as the eye can see, in every direction. (Don’t let anybody tell you Texas is not into clean energy...those wind farms are big enough to see from Orbit.) ****Place being a four lane blacktop major highway.
  3. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    They key was to admit nothing — deny everything.
  4. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Do you still have any of the books?!
  5. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Yes. When I was seven? (I think ) There was that time my brother ran into a tree... And that other time he ran into a parked car... Yes. 8? years Old. Not really...swimming is just not enough ( ) fun... for anything funny to happen.
  6. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Long gone because: —she got bored waiting for you? —she got scared you’d been washed out to sea? —she got washed out to sea? You could’ve written for Paul Harvey back in the day...
  7. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Well, The Spirit of the Forest ^ Dragon is pretty cool. I guess. I don’t have a picture (because I gave the item away) but one time I created a magical Elven Waystone. It was a terrain piece that would magically stand itself up, if it was toppled over. I also did a Fungal Forest that looks rather realistic.
  8. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Tonight it worked. I got to talk to George and ...[Kendall ?] I Just. Don’t. Get. It. It *works, it mysteriously **quits, it mysteriously ***works again. (*Sept., **Nov., ***March.) ### griffin flaps away in search of a meme of a confounded looking griffin ###
  9. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    You mentioned the number 3 ...make sure there are always threes. Three clues, three trolls, Three Hearts and Three Lions, three BBGs, Three Doors. ~~~~~~~ Taverns and inns with pictorial signage that makes some kind of a subtle pun. You could have two rival taverns The Three Hearts -or- The Three Lions in a town on opposite sides of a square. A minor conflict that could embroil or distract the PCs. The situation is called Three Hearts and Three Lions Which is also a book title listed as source material in the Old DMG. ~~~~~~~ Sky Galleons, Dragonships, Flying Frigates = spelljammers by other names.
  10. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Yes. More than twenty.
  11. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I bought some LED candles from last Xmas! For just this reason. Why would a closed road stop anyone?
  12. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    The former one did. Several subjects. Most of which was just blessed corporate idiocy (constant-never-ending-improvement-schemes) slogans, mantras, etal. (...who came up with the phrase “mission statement”? ...and how can they be punished?) There was one SUBJECT that proved rather important.
  13. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

  14. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    The Undiminished British Empire as it stood at the height of Victoria's tenure. ( @Beagle ) -Or- (if it is the other thing...) I will have whatever Q is having. So basically a Q ? Why be selective? If you were a Q you could just delete them by the shed load.
  15. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I am sure there is one I am not remembering...so Final Answer: SEVEN. Does Warlord count as Out-Of-Print...?