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  1. Thoughts... *** shakes feathery head, waits for rattle noise, engages addlepation subroutines *** 1. Lizardfolk, reptiloids, snakemen...etc. (I bet a succession of such would be useful for FG:GA plus I have a whole unpainted Lizardman Army to pick from.) 2. Pick figures based on numerology. Sift through the Reaper catalog for any figure ending with "...18" FREX: 3018 61218 2918 2118 77018 (No idea if any of those exist, this thought was not that well thought out, 2018 does exist ((went to look)); it is the first familiar pack; a choice of six figures.)
  2. I don't dread them. I enjoy it when I can call any of them accomplished. I am just bad at all of them.
  3. I used to jump to the ground from the top of a six foot wooden fence (without losing any hit points). Pretty sure the falling damage would be fatal if I tried that now... ~~~~~ I liked that dog one. Because Dogs. ~~~~~
  4. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    WIsh I could join you... what mini is the mini of the month ?
  5. Oh I see, fixings... I only ever get coffee from Dunkin Donuts (to go) and it is always a medium size Iced Coffee with Mocha (by which they mean some kind of chocolate add-in). Their official description is: "Iced Coffee Black with Mocha".
  6. I remember liking the smell of Ozone. But, my nose barely functions anymore. I never pick up scents, perfumes, or colognes. There's just nuthin' there. Ditto for coffee.
  7. ...I'm stumped. ***Wanders off to check on Gilligandalf.***
  8. Warlord tournaments

    I wish I knew of some, any, but alas...
  9. There's the ornament bots.
  10. This... ^ In my lifetime I have only met 3 dogs** that instantly disliked me; I wish I could say that about people, sadly, the number is much higher. So: Dog it is. Happily you never met Prince. **Prince was one of the three, was allegedly a Doberman, disliked everyone, but was way too big to punt. Prince was no normal Doberman, he liked to rest his front paws on an eight foot wooden privacy fence because then he was tall enough to look over the top to find his next target. About 90 pounds of War Dog permanently in Kill All Humans mode, that was Prince. Black and Tan markings, Doberman body and features, the size of a Great Dane. But imma still going with dog. Cause most of 'em are like this little guy:
  11. IDK Forum friends approve obviously. But family...?? (They ask me no questions; I tell them no lies...) If acquaintances, retail staff, or strangers ask why I want raw material _X_ I will admit I have a hobby "like" model rail road building. People mostly like trains
  12. I would really like to have a lightsaber based hedge trimmer. Gilligandalf A mage stranded (marooned) by his peers on a tropical island ...for reasons.