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  1. Bacon Bowl Form? ...a kitchen gadget [?] meant to do what... #bacon #intrigued
  2. That one has me convinced I'd want to see it. I saw Private Ryan, seems like I should see both films somehow For today's question, I was hook line and sinkered on a piece of exercise equipment for one (further detail is getting filed under TMI); then there was the yet-to-be-opened gadget for cleaning the inside of the car's windshield (windscreen?). It is a micro mop/brush sort of thing meant to go after that weird layer of dust? stuff that forms on the inside of the glass, that sometimes causes glare if the sun is at just the wrong angle. .
  3. Shrimp de-veining knives, ...Ronco™ all-in-one folding whatsits, ... ...Anything Ronco™, whether it folded or not, ... ... ...If it was something medical: TMI principles apply. ... ... ... ...Amazing Zkitchen Gadgets, ... ... ... ... ...Copper infused anything. This ^ sort of ^ thing. And it Counts if the item was found and bought in a retail store, because some of them do make it to brick/mortar environments.
  4. Question for June 27th - Ever bought any gadgets from the "As Seen on TV" category?
  5. It's 9:51 Easternish Time. ****...crickets, chirping,...**** (Edit) Looks like DrowDaughter time was more important ... as it should be. Initiating shut down sequence to the lifepods.
  6. There is going to be a pirate faction this year. Pirates need ships. Ships have names. Maybe it it would be fun (or even useful) to generate a list of names for such vessels. Ground rules: Family friendly. Be original. Italicize ship's names if you can manage. Avoid names that exist in history or especially prior fiction. Examples: Queen Anne's Revenge, Dawn Treader, Black Pearl... Pun Names are encouraged. =====Start of the List==== Dawn Shredder Pope Bryan's Revenge Green Pearl Red Lion Lucy Alice
  7. Looks like there is cardboard terrain? Do both of these sets have Horrid, Squelshy, Malformed, Chaos marines? (opposed by Smurf Marines...?) If I had a ton of money** I would buy these sets and have someone paint all the regular marines bright metallic gold (like AoS Sigmarines) and I would buy all the AoS Sigmar boxes and have those painted UltraMarines Ultramarine Blue...just to see if I could make anyone's head explode. **a ton of spare money, I mean a lot.
  8. Question for June 26th- Have you seen any good movie trailers recently?
  9. I used to work with CATIA software (CAD/CAM) deployed on UNIX server farm network. 388475052482842970801320278964160171426121951256610654799120070705613530182445862582590623785872890159937874339918941 dividied by 7 ...wouldn't even make that system blink. (But try displaying all the parts in both Main Landing Gear Bays simultaneously and it would whimper...and probably crash.)
  10. Not even familiar with the car rim dip oil technique. Is this something scale modelers do on 1/32 or 1/43 scale model cars? or something done to full size (1:1 scale) cars?
  11. I did not see this thread until I am out. Location: flyover country International: wouldn't mind being the receive point. But not the outgoing. Starter: not so much
  12. . @Dr.Bedlam if you think beans in a hot dog bun is "..yeesh..", what do you make of this? O.o o.O
  13. I have had CCDs. Both home-made attempts and those offered by Sonic® Restaurants. You and Dr. Sheldon Cooper... I picked that picture because it was such a nice clearly labeled picture. I figured no research photo essay into Hot Dogs would be complete without the CCD. I have had them with beans. I used to go over to a friend's house on Labor Day and sometimes July 4th because he liked to grill hot dogs and even burgers on those days. But, at his house, his rules, ruled. That meant beanless chili was banned; unheard of; not cricket. (When in Rome and all that...) ______ It is 8am Monday in the English Channel and I will therefore ponder Monday's question. I have decided to ban further culinary least until July.
  14. Research The Chili** Cheese Dog appears additions like diced white onions, diced red onions, or assorted mustards are (regional?) options. **the blighters that made this photo apparently believe beans are an allowable inclusion in Chili — which is a whole other food debate all its own.
  15. Eeeeeuuwwwwwwww.
  16. Research The Reuben Dog
  17. What is a Cheese Dog? it merely a sad Chili Cheese Dog because for some reason there was a lack of chili ??
  18. Do we know the correct spelling? Val Vaul Vaal (I have used all three at one time or another...) I forgot one other factor: population explosion! In the face of a dwindling food supply. Vaal also limited their population by exerting control over when they "made replacements", but once that was eliminated... They were a managed population, in a giant Zoo exhibit, on a planetary scale, with an automated Zookeeper. The biggest question out of the episode was WHO BUILT THE EXHIBIT !?
  19. It is really easy to see that Harlan was being a bit of a dimwit on that one. Who does the dealer sell to? (...because the other 429 personnel aboard get regularly, medically scanned and if they ever happen to get beamed anywhere by the transporter it auto-detects illicit substances. Consider: The machine had the capability to not bother materializing weapons as an option.) A crewman found to be addicted to something would get an injection from McCoy which would break their addiction. StarFleet Med is that good. No more client base. And then: what does the posited drug dealer demand in exchange for product? Since there is no money? The only thing that exists is "credits". Whatever those are, ...all the transactions would be assessed and operated by a sub-routine operated by the ship's computer. No drug dealer could operate long if his finances were subject to routine scrutiny by Spock. Silly concept on Harlan's part. Breaks too many fundamental givens of the setting.
  20. @Dr.Bedlam, @Werkrobotwerk, @Reaperbryan, @Jordan Peacock, etal. I just wanted to say I am glad you guys are digging my show concept. Seriously. Even if you are all... nearly two years late to the party ...welcome aboard the USS Ranger, NCC-2015, (laid down November 2nd 2015, Randomness Awakens Shipyard :: second link mentions Kirk, Tracey, Yangs, Komms, Exeter, and the deadly bio-weapon Kirk just drove off and left. ) .
  21. Research Chicago versus New York, New York The New York Style Dog
  22. Research The Hawaiian Style Dog :: From what is probably the source. King's Hawaiian Sweetbread toasted bun Polish sausage Mango or Pineapple salsa/relish Sweet Mustard Spicey Garlic Lemon Hot sauce
  23. Research The Chicago Style Dog
  24. Which space hippies? (There were five looking for Planet Eden...) But if it was the Val worshippers, they were probably killed out by a combination of dangerous lightning strikes, tribal warfare, and starvation due to an inability to grow or gather enough food. The Val machine moderated that planet's weather, which in turn allowed their population to survive, which allowed them to gather minerals to keep Val running. A few thousand villages. Same number of feed-in points. Supported by mild weather = abundant food. But Kirk broke it.