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  1. Oh I see, fixings... I only ever get coffee from Dunkin Donuts (to go) and it is always a medium size Iced Coffee with Mocha (by which they mean some kind of chocolate add-in). Their official description is: "Iced Coffee Black with Mocha".
  2. Artist Trading Cards

    Artist Trading Cards Some of us are playing around creating hand-made Artist Trading Cards and swapping them via the mail. ATCs are hand drawn or painted cards using markers, pencil, chalk, ink etc, on standard playing card sized pieces of paper (or other materials sufficiently flat enough to fit into a card-sleeve). Technical details: Finished size is: 2.5" x 3.5" (64 mm × 89 mm) — this is the size of a standard playing card. This thread is for showing off the cards created for this exchange. Rules for this thread: The recipient should be the first one to see each card. Please post an image of the card only after the recipient has confirmed they have seen it. Senders, recipients, or both are encouraged to post pix of the cards. _________________ Participants in the first round: DogBL, Sirithiliel, Tarsemina, Morihalda, TGP, Pingo, Inarah, & Tarsemina Participants in the second round: Pcktlnt, Jay, djizomdjinn, Morihalda, TGP, Pcklnt, Inarah
  3. I remember liking the smell of Ozone. But, my nose barely functions anymore. I never pick up scents, perfumes, or colognes. There's just nuthin' there. Ditto for coffee.
  4. ...I'm stumped. ***Wanders off to check on Gilligandalf.***
  5. Warlord tournaments

    I wish I knew of some, any, but alas...
  6. There's the ornament bots.
  7. This... ^ In my lifetime I have only met 3 dogs** that instantly disliked me; I wish I could say that about people, sadly, the number is much higher. So: Dog it is. Happily you never met Prince. **Prince was one of the three, was allegedly a Doberman, disliked everyone, but was way too big to punt. Prince was no normal Doberman, he liked to rest his front paws on an eight foot wooden privacy fence because then he was tall enough to look over the top to find his next target. About 90 pounds of War Dog permanently in Kill All Humans mode, that was Prince. Black and Tan markings, Doberman body and features, the size of a Great Dane. But imma still going with dog. Cause most of 'em are like this little guy:
  8. IDK Forum friends approve obviously. But family...?? (They ask me no questions; I tell them no lies...) If acquaintances, retail staff, or strangers ask why I want raw material _X_ I will admit I have a hobby "like" model rail road building. People mostly like trains
  9. I would really like to have a lightsaber based hedge trimmer. Gilligandalf A mage stranded (marooned) by his peers on a tropical island ...for reasons.
  10. Congratulations to (Reaper)Bryan on his new job

    SecretBryan should be his login here when or if he is being spokesperson for SecretWeapon.
  11. I have heard of that title. Thanks for the info. The Miniver Cheevy Incident (from HS) taught me to steer well clear of what gets labeled "English Literature". (There is too much good Sci-Fi I have never read to be messing about with things like Brideshead Revisited. ) Right there with you. I hear news anchor types use odd sounding past tense forms terminating with "ed" and I have the same reaction. Every time. Colloquial us, I guess.
  12. Need help with IDing a ratman mini

    That is what the blog page I linked had. VELL5NH05 T'chik'chuk There is a better more detailed picture of both Minis along with a lot of others.
  13. Need help with IDing a ratman mini

    Blog page: http://pariedolia.weebly.com/nimh/a-rat-by-any-other-namepart-vii ...with too many pics.
  14. Need help with IDing a ratman mini

    A ratman that is not a Skaven™
  15. What do they put in coffee to make it Hipster Coffee? ...and, wait for it... What ingredient or toppings make a Pizza a Hipster Pizza? Never heard of her. To me she is unfamous rather than infamous. Does [she] write in a genre I have heard of? .
  16. @Crowley Meet Barney. Barney is a friend. Barney is everyone's friend. I visited a tiny local game comics store yesterday. (To see if they were still operational.) And while I was there, Barney wandered in with his people in tow. Barney made friends with everybody in the store, cause he's just that sort of Corgi, and that's how he rolls.
  17. Greetings forum things! Once again, I, the Griffin of Grumpiness snag the tattered robe of the Quisitor in my beak for this the ninth month of Old Rome's calendar and also the month all Turkeys Dread! Question for Thursday, Nov 1st: Halloween is behind us, how long will you tolerate the decorations thereof? When do yours (if you had some) get stowed away for next year?
  18. Congratulations to (Reaper)Bryan on his new job

    You gotta take a Bones conversion class...
  19. I made a list earlier today. All the responses were various ways of saying maybe-I-think-so-unless. Thes was the most enthused of that initial bunch. Right. Command decision time. @Cyradis you are it; @Thes Hunter you are Cyr's backstop. Look for a PM.
  20. Last Question for November, Thursday the 30th: Is your Xmas card list ready to go? Or have you abandoned the quaint notion of Christmas cards?
  21. Just leaving this here: https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/tech/russians-claim-ve-found-first-extraterrestrial-life-under-164508545.html So much hoping the Russians are wrong...