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  1. That was weird. Saw a glimpse of CW...then it said call-ended.
  2. Does anybody have an idea who made this fellow? Axe, face, and hat could be somebody's idea of Saxon, Viking, or Norman. But the Gamebeson with Chainmail seems more 100 years War...English or French. Been hunting various places with no luck.
  3. Thanks will go looking.
  4. I guess it would be hot chocolate. At this point I am drinking coffee cold, tea cold, both over ice... (uncouth heathen barbarian gryphon creature that I am.) ...and how...? Whatever it says on the paper that. (Fully aware that ^ this is sad and lame.)
  5. In gaming terms probably both. I think in one version of D&D it was a Relic grade magic item (did Gygax use the word Artifact?) Baba Yaga is a folklore character from Russia much like Paul Bunyan is a larger than life folklore character of North America. PB had a giant Ox for a sidekick, BY had her mobile hut. (Someday I need to read some of the original tales of this witch.)
  6. Who says that boys get all the cool toys... ??
  7. Have there been add-ons announced yet consisting of subsets of the core? Extra goblins..? Extra guardsmen..? Extra Taureans..? Or for that matter useful subsets of the expansions? (Like the boat, raft, skiff, and punt —all the floating transport— from Dreadmere.) Maybe the Space Dinos from the Chronoscope...
  8. A uni-whatsit? Is that different from an Alicorn? But is that a saturated part of the market at this point? (...he asks, and not rhetorically, due to total lack of understanding regarding that demographic.) However, I don't think anyone makes... a Chibi Cat-Dragon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, not yet. And others have pointed out that the existing Reaper Catalog spoils us for choices.
  9. And it ...Began working again. No idea why.
  10. Dilvish can you see or hear me?
  11. Hangouts is a Google thing. Chrome is a Google thing. No excuse if they don't work together.
  12. Paragons of virtue compared to the Crowley from that old album...
  13. Chrome on an IPad. It worked last week.
  14. I clicked the link. That created a new tab. The new new tab is solid black. There is no sound. i can hear nothing. i see no picture from anybody. The usual google Hangout buttons are missing except for three at the bottom center of screen. (Microphone.Hangup.Camera) Tapping them produces no result of any kind.
  15. I will give it a whirl. But I believe they broke it. And it is no longer functioning.
  16. This is me. I last ate something.... ***does maths---scent of wood burning*** ...18 hours, 28 minutes ago. By typing this I have at last achieved a sensation of hunger, very mild, really quite ignorable.
  17. But now you must paint them... ...alternately send them to Froggy to be... incorporated. Unless a BoGW is headed your way.
  18. Is that the Crowley the Haminister chose for his new handle? I llooked up Crowley... That led to some Ozzy Osborne lyrics... And that led to ...
  19. Been wondering what was **up with you... **for relative value of up, considering that you are down..?
  20. Stealthy like the wolf...
  21. That might be a bit of an infringe on the Warcraft franchise....Gobbo Zeppelins have blighted those skies since Warcraft II. Honestly, some of us scratch builder types would do fine with just a kit of the more fiddly details. A selection of nose cones would be nice...FREX. Swivel, organ, and Gatling gun mounts... Motors, rotors, blisks, engines, boilers, walking beam gearing... Some decent railing segments! Amirite @Froggy the Great ??
  22. Also..... If they are glued then all parts present and accounted for is the most likely packaging outcome. Loose parts invites a certain error rate. (Horse w/o rider...etc.)
  23. Maybe. [?] But hard is brittle. Brittle enough and thin ankle/hoofs break easily. And I want the Riders the softer grade because they pop on/off easier and would be easier to convert.
  24. I was able to remove mine. It was very hard. The adhesive totally worked on mine. The problem with horse cavalry in this plastic material is: ankles. Horse hoofs and ankles are just not meant for this plastic Bones material. It is too thin and bendy to hold the mass of the horse torso and whatever rider it might have. ATM can't think of a solution.
  25. Two hours spent tops. It looks OK from 100cm away. Jen Haley, ...Marike, ...Schubert ( ) (Can't really describe something I can't do...must consider the phrase "magical people")