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  1. It is Bones plastic, if it exceeds 100mm you could just shave it off smooth..?..where it overhangs. Unless the gray plastic is a lot harder than the white.
  2. Tiniest Rhombus painted the 74025 base as a diorama. She posted views from several angles. It looks smaller than 100x200. I think it will be closest to the 100mm dimension. Here is the link: That casket looks like it is about the size of a cavalry base.
  3. 74025.... < goes to look >
  4. On prior occasions I have done better. In 1993 or so I put in a rock garden with a stone bench. (It was an initial success but, The Bermuda grass has won that situation....given full sun Bermuda grass will grow in gravel, no soil, no watering...just gravel ) _____ There was a time I knew nothing about unix shell scripts. The shell script that had the job of sending technical drawings to the laserprinter ceased functioning. I needed it to function. (I ended up creating my own copy. Went through the original one line at a time learning what the code on each line did until I found what was broken.) _____ There was another event where I wrote a script that made automated changes to about 5000 technical drawings. I had never written a script like that one from scratch before. Also, I had never written something to be unleashed on the entire drawing library before. (That one went off without a hitch. Mostly it was simple changes: like selecting all the data on layer 5 and changing it to layer 235. The old scheme of what layer was assigned to which color had to be chucked and replaced with a new, different scheme but the existing library of completed drawings had to be retroactively updated.) .
  5. I decided to take over trimming my own shrubbery. (My local version of Roger the Shrubber wanted $175 to do four large shrubs.) It has gone poorly. I am not much of a shrubber.
  6. .......... [As a pop-culturally challenged dude who plays a Griffon on the Internet I find myself immensely unqualified to answer this question. As bad as I am with pop-culture I am worse with fashion.]
  7. Kid: Jane and the Dragon, Martin Baynton. (finish the book/books; proceed to the videos) Teen: The Edge Chronicles (whole series) Adult: The Amber Chronicles, Zelazny (another series...I fully agree with hdclearman) .
  8. It/He/She originally aspired to be concept art for Kingdom Death but they decided: "insufficiently creepsational".
  9. I never have played any of these developing story games. Also, I detest the: •doesn't play unless connected to Internet... model. I am against software piracy but that is a Kludge-ish solution. I don't want some damned server somewhere logging and knowing exactly how many hours I devoted to a game.
  10. This is the ^ correct answer ^ to the weekend question.
  11. Seeing as I left for my home planet on Thursday, and further noting that the technicoloured wolf didn't "register a trademark", I suppose it's just the two of us sitting on a hilltop somewhere... ...looking down at your various prisons. After a month or so we'll get bored, go find my spaceship, and see what we can do about beaming you lot out of jail (if your own plans have failed). However, We will respect the wishes of those who objected to transporter technology on philosophical/matter scrambling grounds. Maybe Xherman can bake those unfortunates Stroopwaffels with files in them.
  12. And dwarves at that. We need more dwarves. There are not enough dwarves. @Pingo I have beaten my chellspecker into just autocorrected the mistyped "dearves" into dwarves.
  13. Hurray? Errrr. Which EE? There have been so many... Mr. Worf callled it "The Ancient West" that time they loaded it up in the holodeck. Oldest Image:
  14. ...what do they put in that bottle-blonde potion???
  15. Amuricans are geographically challenged.
  16. Fender Washers if one is too thin, they can be stacked. Available in both metric and inch-based sizes.
  17. One of you wiseacres needs to write a fake news story about how the SPCMA is planning to sue Starbucks because they are abusing mythical animals, specifically Unicorns, by first, rendering them ill, then harvesting their output without providing treatment or veterinary supervision.
  18. This is good advice: I will add two tips: —you will lose points at stop signs unless your car Really and Truly stops. (All the other drivers at the 3-4 way stop will make rolling stops.) You must brake until you feel the car's suspension spring back and gently rock. If the tester doesn't feel that, you'll get a failed-to-stop downcheck. —you will lose points for failure-to-look before turning. Turn. Your. Head. ...In an obvious and exaggerated manner. Because? Otherwise the examiner will cheerfully fail to see that you looked. (Glancing quickly and efficiently with your eyes is insufficient.) Same thing with lane changes. .
  19. I heard about that stuff on the TV news last night.... Apparently, a sick unicorn. Someone summon Hagrid... ...he takes care of unicorns.
  20. For the second time today on these forums... ...I am reminded that those girls from my High School who kept asking, "What planet are you from?" Were indeed onto something. <...takes wing, flaps away to another Internet forum...>
  21. I was on and remain on a... different planet.
  22. I really like this Griffin pose.
  23. Ouch... See real doctor soon ?? ...a better Ortho doc than last time.
  24. I crashed at about 7pm Eastern woke up an hour ago.