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  1. Let's see what else is in the camera roll... Those horns may once have been connected to a Treeman seen further up the thread. This model might be one of Jack's, but I am not sure. He was not attached to that base, merely balanced on it for the photo. There were a number of attempts to take Sir Danel and make him whole. With all hands attached to the correct arms and so forth. That second one is my attempt.
  2. @Everyone :: Please feel free to share pix of creations from the Conversion Classes in this thread. I will **start: As a beginning exercise Gene Bobby and Jason had everyone pick a body, add one thing, and pass it to the right. That was repeated three times. These were the result. **Be warned I have moar pix...
  3. Here is another view of the Sword Wielding Forest Dragon: Eventually I will have to counter-weight her so she can stand on her[?] own. The wings are very heavy. Him[?]
  4. I was not when I posted that particular picture. On the other hand Dilvish's backpack appears in the background of this one: This is another of my creations, tentatively named Spirit of the Forest Dragon. It is like you are here in Spirit...
  5. This might be a dangerous thread for you. In other news here is another shot of Jack's Drider Mage and its architectural minions! least I think it is a mage.
  6. This batch was created by a fellow named Jack: The wizard in the bottom right corner is worth a Zoom In.
  7. Time for another picture: This was one of my creations. The Spirit of the Forest Treeman body is very versatile for converting. One of the Giant's Swords fits quite well on the stump of his right arm.
  8. Here is a more top-down view of the first eight: Each mini in this picture ^ was converted by three different people.
  9. Umm. I did get a flu-shot. I have been experimenting with pro-biotic tablets. (They were two bottles for $10; nice artificial orange flavor; chewable tablets.) No. No. Melt Table? ...if wallet dreading it can be described as looking forward... Lots of suggestions so far, but I didn't see a Nücleär Krïll plushie as an option. .
  10. Real life has been winning. Griffin losing. My front hall. I have not even opened it. Because I have not yet mailed it, looked at it, photo snapped anything... I see my plan to appear to be present by leaving tabs open to the forum has worked... ...mostly I have been AFK, with the ability to pop in and comment. I think I have fallen behind on the daily question even. I am a failure. (Summarized in four words.)
  11. What is the current link? ...they die periodically.
  12. 'Boot... Has anyone mentioned to you that both of them are featured in a BBC production called "SHERLOCK"..? Benedict is Holmes. Freeman is Dr. Watson, MD. The setting is contemporary London. Holmes with a cell phone, Watson writes up their cases as a blog... case nobody mentioned it earlier in the thread.
  13. In order: No. Obviously not. No.
  14. That was weird. Followed the backtrail of this subject to the Randomness Thread. Does that mean we need to look for the Weekend Question in TRT?
  15. I don't cook (much). There have been attempts. I have survived them? But I will share a small LifeHack. Only useful to anyone who likes commercially made pot pies but hates the way they stick to the pie tin you are supposed to cook them in. These: ...or other (lesser) brands. The hack is to add one step to the hearing heating instructions on the box: Cut a square piece of parchment paper big enough to fit the pie tin. Lift the frozen pie out of the tin. Put the parchment paper between the tin and the pie, mash back together... ...then bake or ...microwave per box instructions. With the parchment paper it is possible to lift the pie out and achieve a result similar to the box art above. (I hate when the crust sticks to the pie pan. I only bought parchment paper because I was considering constructing a wet palette for painting. This is a moment when I don't know whether to feel like a genius for employing parchment paper for its on-label use OR an idiot for not having figured this out ages ago.)
  16. Where does Freddy Kreugar fit in to the cards system? He is the one with long spikey metal fingers.. ?? ..or is that someonething different?
  17. Cthulhu Also: whatshisname, whathisname, whatshisname ... never say it three times. They all need to be kicked back down into the crypt ...except maybe the wolf.
  18. I had forgotten there was such an episode... ...happily my internet is 98% audio free. You lot go right ahead.
  19. More questions, very behind, am I. No and No. I did recently buy a nice dagger shaped garden implement though. I liked Kolchak, Buffy, and the animated Ghostbusters (but did someone tell me there were two opposed shows ? wyrde licensing shenanigans?) ...I liked the one I saw. Least favorite the was the one where only the "Duke brothers" could see (and hunt) the werewolves and things. Xfiles was fun when it did a monster hunt episode.
  20. Many questions for a Monday... This year: None of those things. Ever SLS: nope, nope, and nope. Plenty of iron implements scattered around. Kitchen is very well equipped against Ghosts and Fay....but woefully unprepared against the other threats. There is one very small container of Salt, it is more than a year old, and remains almost full.
  21. Given the green light for this... In PC terms... We let the FTR-MAGE-THF-HALF-ELF Chaotic Everywhere... "I always check walls-floors-&-ceilings for traps" ...multi-class character be the one to open the LID. (Otherwise it would have been a real pain to stop him.) One time we laughed when a single Stirge fell dead at his feet. Then we spent a full combat round debating exactly how we could, or if we would, peel the other 46 storages stirges off of him (without hitting him also).*** There was another time he teleported onto the back of a Dragon, so he could backstab it, for quadruple damage, with a bastard sword (because, as he argued, that was the size of weapon needed to backstab a Dragon). It was too bad, so sad, that the Dragon was a spell using Dragon; and the spell it had cast upon itself was a magic, fire-based spell that dealt DOUBLE damage in return. He rolled really, really well with that sword, had a couple of magic items that packed in some bonuses, it was all quadrupled (backstabbing) and then doubled back on him; 204 hit points as I recall.
  22. Couldn't think of any. I got nuthin'... I had to read other people's answers to become (re)acquainted with apt titles. I will try to watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown but I had to be reminded of that by Dilvish. I have never watched Army of Darkness or Nightmare Before Christmas. I did watch every episode of Buffy TVS back in the day but I don't remember any specific Halloween episodes. (I just remember something about the real vampires laying low that day...) #useless4halloween
  23. Don't. He will be sooooo much happier with having a clearly defined mission.