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  1. Spooktalker

    Do warlord unit packs include Sergeant model?

    Thanks, ladystorm!
  2. Planning a purchase and would rather do it all in one go rather than two orders. Can someone tell me, do the unit packs come with their respective Sargeant mini or are they just the troops? My guess is just the troops but I don't want to buy sergeant models and wind up with duplicates in the event I'm wrong. Thanks!
  3. Spooktalker

    Warlord - the state of play

    Nice, thanks for the link! If it's your site or you are involved with the project, thanks very much for the effort! I actually hunted around in the top menu pages before finding the army builder lower down back on the front page, so please consider also putting links to it and the data cards reference in the Game Reference menu.
  4. Spooktalker

    Graveyard Golem (77526)

    Yeah, I second that, marvelous is right! I'm making a big cemetery and you may have convinced me I need this figure!
  5. Spooktalker

    Mordheim Undead Gang, including many from Reaper

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!
  6. Spooktalker

    AoW - Vignette Orc VS Barbarian

    A very nice scene with vivid colors and a strong sense of nature! I'm finishing up that same orc, as it happens.
  7. Hi all, I thought you might like to see the Mordheim gang I just finished, particularly because it features a bunch of Reaper figures. It's hard to believe I started this over ten years ago. They sat around for years with a good portion done, and lately I've had my old projects in my sites and am finishing them off. Mordheim Undead Gang I wrote about them and shared more pics in a blog post here: https://belchedfromthedepths.blogspot.com/2018/06/mordheim-undead-gang.html More pics of the reaper ones: Reaper Matthias the Twisted, Vampire I shared the vampire already here, so you may have seen him already. New backdrop with this pic for consistency. Reaper Gravedigger Reaper humans are too tall, IMO, to mix in generally with Mordheim figures, but the vampire and gravedigger are conscious exceptions as they fit right in towering over their fellows. There was no way I wasn't going to have this Reaper monkey in the crew. He's from a familiars pack. Reaper Ghouls and Ghast Reaper Hellhounds Last up are these Reaper hellhounds, or dire wolves, in Mordheim game terms. I was and am thinking of them as black dogs of yore like the barghest rather than wolves.
  8. Spooktalker

    02867: Matthias the Twisted, Vampire

    Thanks everyone for the kind feedback, I'm glad you like him!
  9. Spooktalker

    Lords of Changes

    Really lovely.
  10. Spooktalker

    Ral Partha Town Guard 01-021

    Nice. What project are the for.... rpg NPCs?
  11. Spooktalker

    FitzBones: Scythe Wraith

    The dirty high contrast works well and the rust is really good. I have some of these wraiths and like the sculpts a lot.
  12. Spooktalker

    FitzBones: 77041 Harpy

    Looks good, the colors work well.
  13. Spooktalker

    02867: Matthias the Twisted, Vampire

    Finished this Reaper figure recently and thought I would stop in to share. I think it's the first I've posted here but I may have some more in a bit. Started this ten years ago or more and it languished all this time in a WIP box. My hat off to Bobby Jackson on this one, it's one of my favorites from him. That scary, hideous face is awesome as are his knock-kneed gait and his little rat friends. A classic vampire of the nosferatu ilk, or "necrarch," in Warhammer Vampire Counts lore. I really took my time with this figure back then and it's up to my "competition standard." When coming back to finish it off I mainly had to just decide not to do a few bells and whistles I had originally intended like freehand on the red fringe, and do the metals. I take pleasure in the distressed ragged bottom of the cloak, the little green gem, the eyes, and the shading of his fingernails. He is the leader of an undead warband, BTW, and his minions are coming up soon. Three ghouls (Reaper Ben Siens ones) and two giant black dogs (Siens hell hounds) are already done and awaiting varnishing.
  14. Spooktalker

    77191 Reaper Bones Hydra

    It's wonderful, I would love to have it in my collection. Colors, eyes, base... so many great aspects to this.